Escape The Cages of Hell

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  1. The supernatural...the paranormal...they're all classified as "different". They're not like us. They are another race. Some from other planets, other galaxies! And some from good old planet earth. Some sneak right under our noses, and some are hidden in a lot of different places, and they've been successful with that, but recently they've been discovered. Since then they've been put down. Sent to a high security prison where they are experimented on, dissected, treated like animals...sometimes even worse. But now it's time to escape. You have no plan yet, but you will soon, because you all know you are fed up. You could be insane by now, being locked up for so long. You could be pure evil and dark, or you could have taken a good leaf and could be a's your choice my friend, but all I'm asking of you right now, is to get the hell out! Escape the Cages of Hell!

    You're character has no limits power and race wise, however I can't have you god-modding.

    If you have seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes, then you'll understand that where you're being held is a place just like that. With the play yard and everything. If you haven't see planet of the apes, just imagine cages reinforced with topnotch technology to keep even the most powerful beings locked in, with a huge play yard, where pretty much anything could happen. (That includes fights. I'm not the kind of guy that says "Take it to PM's" so I encourage you to go full out)

    They way you all escape is completely up to you. Anything is possible in the rp. However things like simply teleporting out will not be allowed.

    I'll be joining once I get some sleep and finally get my thoughts together. That's actually a good reason I didn't do a goodjob of putting this together...lack of sleep. Bleh >.<

    PM me if you have any questions!

    Have fun! (No chars needed)
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    Korsyl sat in a big yard on a chair. "Well... at least I get to choose my own clothes..." He muttered to himself, remembering yesterday's experimentation. He didn't understand how people Could be so cruel. Sure, he was different, but did he deserve this?

    Well, thinking about it, maybe he did.
  3. Finally they let me out I thought. Not eating shouldn't give 30 days in the whole . The whole is exactly what the name saaays a whole where they throw us differents when we do something they didn't like . Walking out to the yard I just had one thing on my mind . where the hell is this place . What if we break out of this facility and its a planet full and we get re captured .. I just stopped looking around I saw a few people beings I knew and needed payback with but that could wait .. I walked to the guy in a big chair ...
    "Are you new here "I asked a small energy field of a blue color is seen building around my body.
  4. He was pulled from his thoughts to someone with a strange blue glow. "Well, If a week is new to you, then yes." He chuckled slightly, before going back to his sadish state. His eyes changed color a bit when the person came, but only slightly. A deep blue to a lighter blue.
  5. In the corner of the yard, back to the high, concrete wall, a small figure rocked back and forth, sucking on it's arm. It let go, revealing holes in its arm, and a set of needle like teeth. It had an elongated head and thin muscles covered in red skin. Bright, feral-looking orange eyes glowed lightly in the shadows. The creature back flipped and began to crawl along the walls of the yard with it's long claws, three on each hand, four on each foot. It looked like some kind of demon without the horns. "Sanji need blood... Sanji so hungry... Sanji hate stupid scientists, always poking and prodding, they starve Sanji of food... Sanji want kill scientists... Drink scientists' blood... Yes, Sanji like that idea..." It crawled slowly along the walls as it spoke to itself, looking up to see two other inmates. It crwled off the wall and hobbled over to the others. "Does kind friends have spare blood for Sanji to drink? Sanji starving..." it asked the two, practically begging.
  6. Slade laughed. "The kind of blood I have just might kill you if you consume it brother," he said. Slade was thought to be a human, for decades. It wasn't until he committed a murder. The victim's body was thrown over the Atlantic onto the Sahara desert from New York. Slade even confessed once they found him out. He just didn't think he'd end up in this shit hole. A loud buzzer went off and a collar that everyone wore was beeping. It was time to head back to the cages. Slade's teleporting powers were taken away from him, because of that collar of his, but he still managed to make his way back to his cage the old fashioned way. He jumped up to a ladder which led to a pipe-like system that led to everyone's cage. He walked toward the farthest and darkest corner which was where he resided. He dropped through a hole and landed on a cold stone floor. He sat down on his bed and took a deep breath. It was time for meditation. He did this pretty much every day, clearing his thoughts and focusing on one thing etc, but the one thing he focused on today was getting the hell out of there. He closed his eyes, and began to breath in through his nose and out through his mouth.
  7. Korsyl looked to Senji. He had seen him before, behind rooms with scientists and bullet-proof glass and equipment (or rather, torturing devices). Practically begging for blood, Korsyl felt a little sorry. Not much he could do, he had been fainting by lack of blood from all them blood samples taken. He didn't know what to say, So he looked to the guy with a blue aura.
  8. The small creature drooped it's head, frowning. "It alright, Sanji knows we all a little low on blood. Sanji will look elsewhere. Bye-bye." Sanji walked off and climbed up into the tube that lead to the cells. He dropped down into his and sat on the bed. He would get his revenge on the scientists, but for now he would have to focus on feeding. He sniffed the air, picking up a scent. "Piggy..." he moaned. He was getting hungrier by the minute. No sooner had he thought that had the pig been forced through the little tunnel Sanji's food came from. He quickly pounced on the pig and sank his razor teeth and claws into the animals throat. After having drained the body, he began to tear the flesh off the bones, eating that as well. Already he began to feel better. With the pig mow in his stomach, he looked up and noticed the scientists had been taking notes. He scowled at them as he retreated to the far corner of he room.
  9. Slade shook his head once he saw the whole scene with Sanji. His focus shifted to the scientist's that were at his door.

    "Testing time again huh?" he asked, obviously already knowing the answer.

    Slade willingly walked towards the his cell door and let them strap him up before literally dragging him through double doors where all the torture and experiment shit went down. Slade was immediately held down and tied down with a certain kind of electrical magnetic substance.

    He sighed before they drilled through his left eye. Slade was so used to this kind of pain that all he did was flinch a little. Well, I guess I'm living the rest of this life with out an eye, he said he thought to himself. He clenched his fist as he bared the pain of them poking around in his eye socket.
  10. Just before I could offer my blood he was gone I guess not the defensive aura left once I was sure I was safe from other beings for now .. being here 3 years I knew the inns and outs.. I was called the quiet storm cause ii didn't speak much but I brought a mean fight. I swippped my arm a clear filed left my arm my body was swung into a ladder I grabbed it and crawled in .. it turns out ii was next to the fellow with the mask who they called slade on earth.. I looked at him for a while then begin to to my brain exercise s and push ups grunts are herd coming frorm my mouth.
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  14. Screams of protest echoed through the building as Keziah was dragged through the hallway. She was newly caught and had just woken up from the tons of sedatives they put in her to get her there. Her first instinct was to use her powers. She transformed into a wolf making the men loose their grip on her. She turned on them, growling. Her eyes darted around as she desperately searched for a way to escape. 'Maybe if I get up high,' she thought and started running away from the men. She transformed into a hawk mid-jump. Before she could get any higher, however, her wings gave way and she fell to the ground. 'Crap, I still need to work on that one,' she thought as she transformed back into her human form. She didn't even have time to push herself off the floor before the guards were on top of her, choking her with a collar. They lifted her off the ground and continued to drag her down the hallway past rows of cages. She felt drained and couldn't use her powers no matter how hard she tried. 'It must be this stupid collar,' she thought. She heard the opening of a door and felt her body hit the cold floor of the cage when they threw her in. A man in a lab coat stared at her from the other side of the cage. Her eyes locked with his as he said, "Oh, what a pretty face. I can't wait to start dissecting it." He laughed evilly and walked away. Keziah didn't bother to get off the ground. She just laid there silently as tears began to flow down her face.
  15. Sanji watched the scene unfold through the bullet-proof glass that was his cell. "Newbie, eh? She pretty... She like us, different from them..." the small red creature said to its self, crawling around the room. He hissed at a few of the scientist as they observed his movements, taking notes and talking low. "Stupid humans and their cursed curiosity. It will get them killed..." He smiled devilishly and chuckled at the thought of all the people who worked here dying horrible, slow deaths.
  16. after about 200 pushups I stop .. looking to slade I knew his name but was never introduced. "hey you whats your name " I stand and walk to the glass separating us . looking past him at the creature who asked for blood earlier.
  17. Slade was taken back through the double cages, now wearing nothing but a pair of black ripped up jeans and an eye patch. Certain parts of his spine seemed to spike out through his skin. His teeth now sharper than a sharks, and his nails sharper than a tiger's claws.

    He was in a lot of pain at the moment. Once he was thrown onto his cold stone floor back first he screamed loudly. Once the pain subsided he heard a voice from a cell next to his.

    "My name's Slade...what's your brother?" he asked not making eye contact with him.

    He noticed a new face. A face that was in tears. Noticing the beautiful girl's face in tears made him snap. He growled and snarled lowly. He then turned his head to the right to notice the guy that was asking him for his name.

    "Listen brother...we need to bust out of here...soon! You look like a pretty smart guy. Let's come up with a plan and get the hell out of here!"
  18. "im artemis. I was thinking the same." down in the whole I saw a whole but I don't know where it leads to .. ive been around a while I know this building is only 5 miles in all directions. except down " so yes getting out sounds nice .. where you from ... not getting eye to eye was a sign of disrespect but he didn't mind they were both being disrespected. .. I pulled up my sleeve revealing a blade smuggled in from a gaurds hip on my way from the whole.
  19. Sanji managed to overhear the conversation. Having fed, it returned to some form of civility, now walking upright and capable of rational speaking, though still referred to itself in the third person. Upon standing, though no genitalia were visible, it became clear the creature was male, and extremely intelligent. "Escape? You speak of escape? To attempt escape is folly, my friends. Sanji has tried to escape this prison on many an occasion, but each time Sanji has failed. Of course, Sanji did try to do it alone... Continue speaking, Sanji wishes to learn of your plans and help." he said, facing the glass wall, hands clasped behind his back.
  20. Keziah ears perked as she heard voices. She sat up in her cage a wiped her eyes. Looking toward the sound, she saw the three men talking. "Maybe if we can get these collars off we can use our abilities to escape," she chimed in hoping to be some help. She was terrified of the scientist and wanted to get out of here before he did anything to her. Looking at Slade, she noticed what terrible shape he was in and cringed. She felt trapped and helpless in this cell. She almost couldn't handle the enclosed space and felt herself becoming clastrafobic. 'Please, I have to get out of here,' she thought as she closed her eyes and struggled to control her breathing.