Escape of the Elements

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    The Sun and the Moon; the Air and the Water; the Fire and the Earth. All of these elements are paired with their opposites, drawn to one another by an invisible thread, as soul-mates, while all of the elements are drawn to each other in friendship to protect the balance of nature and mankind.

    But the elements have been oppressed, forced into slavery to never see the full potential of their element. The Sun is never allowed outside during daylight hours, just as the Moon is not allowed outside at night. Water has been held captive in a tower, only being hydrated from juicy fruits. They are slaves along with other humans and anthros, of all kinds.

    Fire, Air, Earth, Void, and Sound serve the King as slaves of his military and guard. He keeps tight control of their abilities by making his scientists build devices directly related to their talents. For instance, Sound has a special headset that will regulate its powers as the King sees fit.

    All of the elements have been held in slavery by the King, power hungry and wanting to rule everything that he can. He has never let the elements see each other, for fear that they would retaliate against him. But as the elements grow, and the ones outside of the King's direct line of control realize they have inhuman abilities, they escape their masters and follow their instincts to an abandoned temple that had been built to please the elemental spirits. Long forgotten, it sits in the center of ruins, crumbling and covered in vines and foliage.

    Our story begins with the slaves making their escape and beginning their journey though the thick forests that never seem to end, up the high mountains that border the King's lands, and down to the valley where the ancient temple resides. Here, they will gather and the outcome of the land, and the King, rests upon this meeting.


    - I don't have an idea for the specific powers of each element, but their "natures" become their strongest with their perspective pieces of nature.
    - This can be a mixture of straight, gay, and lesbian. If you aren't comfortable being part of a gay couple, talk with your partner element to see if they'll change the gender.
    - No god-modding
    - The elements are slaves - they can be any kind of slaves, but cannot have access to their element (unless they are slaves of the King)
    - The elements are all friends, but friends fight sometimes. Don't be afraid to get angry at another slave
    - More elements can be added, these are all I thought of [i.e. man-made elements such as metal, electricity, or other planets like Venus and Mars]
    - To help keep the characters straight, please post a picture of your character in every post [I am not used to group roleplays, but I will do my best]
    - Take turns posting, so everyone gets a chance to post
    - If you're going to leave the roleplay, let me know
    - Feel free to ask questions!!!

    Sun: Jean Kyn
    Moon: Malkuthe Highwind

    Air: Jovian
    Water: Zen

    Earth: ObsidianDragon
    Fire: Kronas17

    Electricity: Gicofokami
    Void: Trackerofthenorth

    Sound: Dawn
    Silence: Dottore Nito

    Gravity: Theory
    Levity: Tribs

    Character Skeleton: [you may add as you wish]
    Name / Age / Role
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Allison "Hoi" Wisteria
    Age: 20
    Role: Water
    Occupation: Healer/Mid Wife
    Personality: Unpredictable at times, much like the water that she represents. Hoi can be calm, and collected, other times ruthless and uncaring. However, she is always compassionate towards those that are wounded or young. It's as if she feels compelled to help them out. She yearns for change but much like water itself, if Hoi finds that her new environment doesn't sustain her very well, she will make it suit her. This is her mentality about her enslavement.
    Biography: Her mother was taken captive before Hoi was born, so she was born into this life of slavery. She however knows that there is something more to her world than monotony and torture. For years she dreamed of what another life would be like but fear is holding her back. It isn't until she meets some new faces does she get a taste for this new world.

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  4. Intrested Reserved ( Fire)
  5. *Runs in at the mention of electricity being a added element*
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    Hmm, what would be a good element to pair with that...?
  7. Character sheet has been made, lemme know if it's up to snuff.
  8. Good question Jean, good question.
  9. Zen: Yes, it's great :D

    Gicofokami: Let's see... the opposite of electricity would be... the only man-made thing I can think of is metal, but those two go hand-in-hand. Unless they're the only ones who bend that particular rule.
    Oh, there's also glass. Or plastic.


    Anyone else? Plenty of slots left open! :D
  10. What about Void as an opposite to Electricity. Electricity is energy, it makes things move. Void is motionless, nothing. When you get down to the basic building blocks of everything, atoms, electricity is there in the form of electrons, so you could say Electricity runs though everything. Void is the absence of everything.

    Also from like a scientific standpoint, the flow of Electricity is the movement of electrons from one atom to another (I think, don't quote me on this guys...). So when the electrons move to the new atom, they're leaving behind an empty space in the other, hence Void.
  11. That is excellent, Annell!! Would you like to play Void?
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    Name: Allen "No. 6" Seiei / Age: 20 / Role: Electricity
    Occupation: Shadow Operatives, Tatictian
    Personality: A Calm and collected tatictian, but will show no mercy if pushed to the limits of his anger. He cares deeply about his allies,and will lay down his life to see that they are allright.
    Biography: As a member of of the Shadow Operatives, he was exopsed to fighting for his life during his teen years. Though, he seemed that he left all that stuff behind back in his preivious years. At first, he was offered a higher number but denied it outright. In essence, electricity was his element since he awakened to the power of his inner voice: Persona. Despite possesing a rare power, he's still human and has his weakness.

    Huh. never thought of it taht way. Plus i be working on a picture for Allen. Since he's a new character of mine, its hard to get a good one. If any explainations are needed, let me know.
  13. Name: Eden Rihnnah

    Age: 18

    Role: Void

    Occupation: The King's Guillotine

    Personality: Being of high nobility, Eden is well-spoken and respectful. Her demeanor is dark and cold. She rarely shows emotion. Eden cannot handle defeat and hates having her family mentioned. She runs off of revenge and justice. Eden hates religion.

    Bio: When Eden was seven, she was sent to a monastery. Everyone else in her family was struck by the plague. Eden found out about her family's death and went insane. The monks thought she was possessed and preformed cruel exorcisms on her. She escaped and took over her family business of being a bounty hunter.

    Appearance: Anjo0420.jpg
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  15. Name: "Beauty" Jericho.jpg
    Age: 20
    Role: Moon
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Servant(day)/Sex Slave(night)


    He is shy and withdrawn most of the time, mostly because of the rough violations he has to go through every night. He rarely lets it on however, and would rather not talk about it at all. He gets attached fairly quickly to people who show him kindness, but they often do so for "favors."

    Sometimes he just wants to get away from it all. He used to be inquisitive, but years of labor and eventually, nights of crying in the corner of his bed right after being used roughly has beaten it out of him.

    Deep inside, he wants a name.

    "Beauty" remembers nothing of his past. He was sold into slavery as an infant, having been an accidental child to two incapable parents. He was given to one of the harshest slave drivers in the land.

    Early on in his life he learned a very basic education from his Master. It was only in speech and housework. He remains, to this day, illiterate.

    By morning he would work menial tasks in the home. He is given no respite, none at all. He would wash the floors, clean the rooms and scrub the cauldrons in the kitchen. At night he would be locked up in a windowless room with only the bare essentials. This was all he did for the first thirteen years of his life.

    The name "Beauty" was something that fellow servants and his master called him because of his looks. His master made it clear that "Beauty" was not his real name and that he would have no name unlike anyone else. "Beauty" resented it. Many of the other servants used it with a sneer and usually with something harder for him to do. Only one or two servants actually showed him kindness, but even then, only when no one else was looking.

    On the day of his thirteenth year, he was put to work far harder than ever before. He ended up utterly exhausted. He was unable to resist the master and his friends that came into his bedroom that night and forcefully took him, he was far too tired to do anything but sob as he was brutally used. To this day he is brutally used every night. He stays up crying before exhaustion lulls him to sleep.
  16. Excellent!! And I've reserved my slot for Sun.

    Character Name: Joseph Galvan
    Gender: Male
    Role: Sun
    Age: 21
    Current Goal/Purpose: Escape his master, discover the extent of his powers, and find his true purpose.
    General Personality: [will finish later]
    General History: His family lived in the high mountains to the North, but didn't have much money, let alone enough to pay off their debt. Their only child, four years old at the time, was taken to work off their debt, though the government had not kept track of how much the boy had made. So, all these years later, he is still a slave to his master, though he had probably worked off the entire thing two years ago. He doesn't remember his family, hardly at all.

    TWO SLOTS LEFT OPEN, who's takin' 'em?

    Characters still needed:
  17. I'd like to play the element of Sound. Application to follow :)
  18. Zephyr / 24 / Air

    Occupation : Tormentor

    Personality : Bound to slavery and desiring freedom, he is depressed and borderline unstable mentally if pushed too far. Other times, he is a quiet soul who merely dreams of flying.

    Biography : Having always sought freedom, it was easy to convince him as a child to work with the King, as it was as close to it as he could get. Shortly after working with the King's handler, his master, and realizing he'd be kept under someone else's control, he became outraged, and ultimately unstable. In the end, he had to be drugged to keep calm and compliant. It wasn't until his late teens and early twenties that he realized his only chance of freedom was to be compliant without the drugs and they eventually eased off until he wasn't drugged. Now, he was just biding time before he could find a way to get away from this prison.

    Due to his power, he has been placed in charge of punishment and torture. He can remove air, make air heavier, and just make a person generally uncomforable. These skills have made him invaluable for torment, despite his opposing beliefs.

    Appearance :
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  20. [​IMG]
    Name: Resonance aka "Ress"

    Age: Nineteen.

    Role: Sound Element.

    Race: Elemental.

    Occupation: Slave to the King, an unwilling pawn.

    Personality: Unstable and unpredictable. He could be calm and gentle like a mother's soothing lullabye. He could be violent and wild like the roar of a battlefield. You see, Ress feeds on sound; sound effects him on a terrifying scale. It all depends on the type of sounds around him and it is because of this that the King had special headgear created for the soul purpose of controlling the boy, of making him a very deadly puppet. Because most of the time his headgear blocks off any sound, Ress is normally a very calm, docile person to the point that he's often mistaken for naught but a shell of a being with no real sentient life inside, a drone, a zombie. In reality he is simply brainwashed, conditioned. He doesn't speak much because he can not hear himself, although he is very good at reading lips.

    History: He doesn't remember where he came from, or even his real name. Resonance was given to him by his master whom has stood watch over him since he was a very small child. The tasks given to him by the King over the years of his adolescence often haunt his dreams although sometimes... Sometimes a peaceful dream visits him and he's awarded a glimpse of his life before his imprisonment, a sliver of the memories buried deep in his subconscious.

    Appearance: Blonde hair. Five feet, six inches. Green eyes. A little pale. Weak build.


    1) To gain freedom by any means.
    2) To hear! To hear something other than mind-numbing muffles or rage-inducing noise. Birds singing would be nice.
    3) To control his power instead of it controlling him.
    4) To further his elemental abilities.

    Ress can control the volume of sounds and he can also use soundwaves to cause damage, but at the moment he can only do this when he's in rage mode.​