Escape from World War Z (Darkest Assassin and I)

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  1. Name: Ana Leanne Jones
    Age: 17

    Ana sat at her computer desk, wondering what to do now. The sun shone through the window, casting a glare on the computer screen. Her brown hair, falling past her shoulders and in front of her face. Brushing it aside, she sighed. Trent, Max, and their father had went shopping an hour ago. Did it really take that long to find a gift for her? It was her birthday, today. She didn't wish to celebrate. Growing older frustrated her. It meant she would be expected to get a job next year, graduate high school, move out of the house, and go into massive debt. Her father always encouraged her she could do better than he or Trent. Trent, who had stayed home from college to help with bills once their mother passed. He had sacrificed his life to make hers better. It's not that she wasn't grateful. Oh, she was. However, it also put a lot of pressure on her to do great. Leaving no room for failure.

    Jarred from thought by sirens in the background, Ana decided to grab something to drink from the kitchen. Standing, she walked the few paces it took to the fridge, pulling out a sweet tea when she arrived. Chucking back her head, she downed the sugar-filled tea. Gasping with relief, she set the half-empty bottle on the counter before glancing outside. It had begun to sound noisy. The normal sound of traffic seemed to have become louder, more aggressive. Honking horns, a few tires squealing. Perhaps there was a traffic jam at the intersection in the next block.

    Strange as it was, she saw the birds on the tree outside fleeing their nest. A squirrel bounded down a tree and into the thin woodland. Then she began to hear something quite disturbing. Screaming. One by one, the screams escalated. What one earth was going on? Tiptoeing to the front door in the living room, past her computer, she cracked the door open. Instantly, she regretted it. The sight she saw took her breath away. Fear gripping her, wonder entrancing her.

    Outside, people were beginning to run by her house, screaming. The reason was the people chasing them. People with sunken eyes and grayed skin. They were fast. Not fast as in an athlete who knows how to use speed to their advantage. No. Fast as inhumanly fast. One caught up with a blonde woman in heels. It tackled her, pinning her to the ground as his teeth ripped into her shoulder. Her screams were muted by the other runners being attacked. One of the children who had been playing outside was staring in horror, still holding the basketball he had been playing with.

    Ana took a step outside the door, eager to grab the child from three doors down and across the street. Her hesitation may have taken his life. One of the fast runners jumped on him, biting the child's neck. Blood spewed across the pavement he lay upon. Stifling a scream, Ana slammed the door and latched it shut. She had to get out of there, but she didn't know how without attracting their attention.

    A thought dawned on her. Grabbing the set of keys next to the garage door, she jumped into the Lexus and turned the engine on. Raising the garage door, she saw the fast runners glance toward her, beginning to head her way. Instead of waiting for the door to fully open, she slammed on the gas pedal and right through the door. It fell onto the Lexus with a loud thud before slamming into the runners as the car flew through them. The door fell from the vehicle, and now she was on an empty road, flying through the neighborhood toward downtown. It wasn't the smartest idea, but she had to find her family.

    As she neared downtown, she saw the fast runners in the distance. A good few dozen of them. Not paying attention to the road, the Lexus didn't make the curve in time. The car barreled into the median, Ana's head smashing into the steering wheel. Blood trickled down her head. She fumbled with the door handle in a daze. It rushed open, and she came tumbling out. The car was totaled, and she knew she had to get somewhere safe. A few people ran past her, ignoring her. She called out, asking for help. Her vision was blurred and her balance was off. Head throbbing, she began to crawl in the opposite direction of the runners.
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  2. Name: Connor syndicate
    Appearance: Anime_Emo_Boy_2-1.jpg

    Connor ran through the street and took cover behind a car. He slowed his breathing and listened for any sign of zombies. He thought he heard someone calling out. He risked looking out from the car to find who was calling. At first he couldn't find the source, but then he could hear thr voice coming from a wrecked car down the street.

    Connor began moving silently down the street toward the wreckage, listening for anything that could be a zombie. He checked that the coast was clear before he ran across the street to the damaged car.

    He found a girl not much younger than he was laying on the ground bleeding. "Hey, can you hear me?" He asked giving her a light shake. He peaked out from the cover of the car and could see three zombies further down the street. He knew that the crash must have gotten the attention of allot of them and he had to act fast
  3. She felt hands on her shoulders, then nodded. "Yes." The guy looked around her age. If it had been any other situation, she might even call him cute. She was grateful he had stopped to help, but terrified she may have attracted the zombies - no, runners. Zombies did not exist. She couldn't come to terms with it yet. Using his hand for strength, her body pushed against the vehicle behind her and she stood. "We have to go," her vision was all ready clearing from the initial shock, and the dizziness was subsiding. The runners were close, she could see.
  4. Connor looked out from behind the car and could see that the zombies were getting closer. He didn't see how they would get out of this without getting their attention. His thoughts swarmed as he searched for a solution, then he finally thought of one. He pulled a small knife from his belt and threw it at a car across the street setting off the alarm. He checked to make sure that their attention was on the alarm before pulling the girl's arm over his shoulder and quickly moving down an alley
  5. Once they managed to get into the alley, the zombies began roaming by them, taking no notice for now. Though Ana wanted to thank the boy for saving her life, she was too afraid they would hear her. Thankfully, her strength was all ready returning and she stood up cautiously, though kept beside a dumpster. Hopefully, they were out of view of the zombies. She knew they would need to keep moving, especially from the screams coming from the street they had just left.
  6. Connor let the girl stand on her own and kept watch at the end of the alley. He had a full sized combat knife, but he could only kill about three of them before he would be over taken. Fighting them head on was not the answer.

    He pulled her close and spoke softly. "We have to keep moving, they'll swarm this area in minutes" He said looking at her face. She was a beautiful girl but they did not have time for that now.

    He motioned for her to follow him as he moved swiftly and silently down the alley toward the cities back streets
  7. As the boy pulled her close, his breath whispering on her skin, she nodded while goosebumps formed along her neck and arms. Despite his chilling words, she couldn't help but stare at his back as he headed toward the other end of the alley. He was definitely cute, Ana thought as she followed him as quietly as she could. Leaning slightly against the side of the alley, she watched the boy from behind, wondering what their next move would be.
  8. Connor waited for her to join his side before moving toward the back streets. There were less zombies here but he didn't let his guard down. He watched two helicopters fly over them toward the heart of the city.

    He turned to the girl and handed her his knife. "Wait here, I'm going to get a better look" he said as he began to climb the side of a building. He got to the top of the building around two minutes later. He looked out over the city. Shock overtook him as he realized that the place he used to call home had been reduced to ashes in only a matter of 20 minutes.
  9. Ana watched as the boy climbed the building. Once he was up, she was constantly peaking around the corners of the alley, keeping watch for anything or anyone who might make their way toward them. She was grateful this boy seemed willing to help her. It seemed Ana was still in too much shock to really be able to think straight. Granted, she was certain she wasn't completely useless. A minute passed and she decided to climb halfway up before shouting as quietly as possible, "What do you see?"
  10. At first Connor was silent; he was transfixed by the chaos that surrounded the place that used to be home. He then reluctantly pulled himself away from the scene. "Nothing" he said. "Absolutely nothing."

    He walked over and helped the girl up onto the building. He sat down for a moment trying to make sense of it all and think of what to do next. "We are going to need weapons." He said looking up at the girl. He moved his hair out of his face showing her his face
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