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    Think you've got what it takes to Escape From Wonderland?...


    The Basics

    You are a patient of a prestigious mental asylum kept standing after many years of medical and technical advances. A long time project - Project: Wonderland, has been re-activated and against your will, you've been chosen to participate.
    Put under, you experience Wonderland whilst interconnected with other Whittingham Asylum patients. However, during the procedure, the son of an obsessed doctor (long dead) breaks into the high security facility, injecting your mind with hallucinogenics and other dangerous drugs, causing your wonderland to shift and warp.
    Will you be able to escape before you go mad?


    Posting Level: Adept
    Posts per week: 2 or more
    Grammar and Spelling: Adept/Advanced (Spell check is there for a reason)
    World Physics: Otherworldly (ex. gliding and breathing underwater)



    Questions or comments? Ask away!

    ♥Click here to enter Project: Wonderland♥
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.