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    Escape From Wonderland (IN-CHARACTER)


    Chapter 1 (open)

    Chapter 1
    Enter Wonderland...


    Your days are bleak and meaningless. Each moment passing by as you watch the colorless analog clock tick relentlessly on the wall to your left. Tick. Tick. Tick.
    Once more around goes the small red hand, indicating seconds, and you could almost swear if you looked close enough and kept your eyes open for more than a few fleeting seconds, you could see the hour arm move just a tiny inch.
    Drifting from reality made an excellent escape. Your hands began to fidget without just-cause, falling in line with the ticks of the clock and time went by. And so much time did. Years had passed, your time in Whittingham seeming like the only life you ever lived. As if hit over the head by a boulder, your delusion and thoughts were shattered by loud voices, rushing into your small room. Your attention shifted to the large white-laden men before you, eyes opened wide in shock and horror. This didn't seem right.
    Strong arms were around your tiny frail body in a moments notice, lifting you into the air with grips of steel. Though you remained still and scared in your head, your body thrashed against their burly grips, failing in any attempts of escape.
    Where were you being taken? What was this? Why were these men so silent to your screams and pleads of questions?
    Your mind began to dim into it's own personal hide-out, a place where you couldn't be disturbed. It felt like hours were passing, your near limp and lifeless body being dragged through many dark and deserted hallways, following aimlessly down stairways and different passages. After about the 60th time you had asked where you were being taken - you figured no answer was coming.
    Where ever you were now smelt horrible, like sulfur and Buckley's medicine; a horrible mixture. Drips of strange creamy white liquid fell from cracks in the ceiling of this hallway, and before you could even take a second to guess what it might be, you were blinded.
    Utter blackness filled your field of vision and you were pretty sure if you had access to your hands - reaching up to your face would warrant the feeling of some type of fabric directly over your eyes. Each second of this silent capture was getting stranger and stranger, until finally, you hear some soft side-conversation. The beautiful thing that was sound once again reaching your ears, it was a comfort to know you weren't being taken to a dark ally way to be raped and murdered.
    It seemed as if you being dragged on forever, at this point in time, your feet had stopped working and your body had gone almost completely limp. Each passing second, different conversation fell into your ears, and one word kept ringing through them: "Underground".
    What was that?
    A few minutes passed and you could once again feel your body being hoisted into the air. Then the cold, harsh feeling of chilled steel hit your back, There was a crinkling, a couple tearing noises, and some soft chatter around you, accompanied by the beeps of many unknown machines. After being in a tech-less institute for so many years, these sounds were foreign, and strange. Thoughts came faster then reactions as your arms were pinned to the table bellow you by means of leather straps - followed by your legs.
    Slowly and painfully, 20-some needles were inserted into different areas of your head, causing you to burst out screaming in pain, as each needle found it's way to it's destination. One of the people around you, most likely one of them that carried you to this place, quickly shoved a piece of soft cloth into your gaping mouth, ceasing the insentient screams.
    Your muffled cries now muted, eyesight taken away and with pain throbbing through your head in every single area, it felt like a complete defeat.
    "Alright...Initiate Project: Wonderland..."
    A cold feeling ran it's way through your entire body, jolting every single nerve ending you ever knew you had. Your body involuntarily struggled underneath it's binds, trying to lash free of the pain and visions you were feeling and seeing. Drips and swirls of light filled your blinded vision, rushing through your mind in a torrent of flashes, different memories, the incident...
    You tried to scream, tried to fight, but before you knew it, you were no longer in darkness, instead, before you a new world presented itself, a Wonderland...

    Chapter 2 (open)

    Chapter 2
    Doctor Archibald Jr.

    Everything that surrounded you was shaded with impeccable beauty. The leaves that hung from the bizarre and foreign trees, the flowers that sprouted from the soft and lush grass, even the cogs and cards that roamed free in the sky seemed to hold an enchanting air of mystery. Each thing its own, belonging everywhere, and nowhere, this… was Wonderland.
    A sense of overwhelming joy began to cascade through your body, warming it from the very core of your being. And just as soon as this beautiful feeling had come, it dispersed, leaving you cold, rigid and in pain. Falling to the ground, you held your head in pain, squeezing your eyes shut with exasperated breaths. What was happening?
    Dr. Archibald Jr. entered the facility slowly, careening around different doctors and nurses alike. His one and only thought on the Project: Wonderland room. The odd individual skulked his way to the end of the hall, eyes landing on a large, metal door reading “Authorized Personal Only”, his ticket to project wonderland. Managing to get his hands on a security pass earlier, Dr. Archibald Jr. quietly pushed open the doors, stepping inside the round, white room.
    He first found himself drawn to the heart rate and brain function monitors – then his direction found what he was searching for; the largest screen in the room, most likely 70 to 80 inches wide, was the internal projection monitor. Its screen split up into numerous little squares, showcasing what was happening inside the minds of each and every limp body of the patients before him, strapped to the table, bound and restrained from moving.
    IV’s injected into their arms, oxygen masks over their faces – Dr. Archibald snickered silently to himself, removing a small clear bag from an inside pocket of his doctors coat.
    “Sir, may I see your badge?" Un-welcoming and rather harsh tone echoed throughout the obscure doctors ears. He turned to face the man standing beside him, clad in a security outfit, hand placed haphazardly on his belt.
    Dr. Archibald stuttered for a moment before slowly reaching into his jacket, pulling a large black 20mm pistol from the inside pocket. He pointed it at the officer, shooting in an instant, before turning on the other 5 in the room, taking their lives as well.
    The doctor snickered, rushing up to the double metal doors, securing them tightly with some binding he had found throughout the room.
    He slowly walked up to one of the patients in the room, circling around each body he saw, eyeing them with malice and intent. He reached down to a soft cheek, running his calloused and dry fingers along the skin, smirking. He positioned himself in front of the 80 inch screen, observing each inmates different Wonderland. It was joyous to see his father’s work put to the test and now, William Archibald Jr would succeed his father and finish what he started so many years ago.
    He removed a vile from his coat, linking it swiftly with the multi-intervenes of each patient, lacing the hallucinogenic and mental stimulants into their blood streams. Now the true Project: Wonderland would commence.
    As the drugs coursed through your body in the real world, your vision began to blur in wonderland. Images of rotting foliage, bloody rivers, demented creatures and gooey black sludge ran rampant. The pain momentarily began to subside as you opened your eyes, enveloping the new wonderland into your senses and consciousness.
    In the distance you could hear spitting and screeching, buzzing and roaring – sounds of anger and malice waiting to rip into your mind. What was happening?!


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    The Hatters' Domain

    Thankful and Confused

    The screams went on forever. In one ear, out the other, and repeat. These screams weren't the natural ones Bree was used to hearing from other patients across the hall from her room, no, these screams were louder; scared, and nearly reeked of murder. They were her own, tear from her lips. If you've ever had 20 needles simultaneously shoved into your head, through the skin, and then the skull with no anesthesia, it's a normal reaction to scream - let alone pass out from the pain; which is what Bree had assumed had happened once the bright flickers of lights faded from her eyes. She found herself in a frequented place, a dream land of sorts, one she had visited a few times before when on different medication.

    "Oddly familiar.. yet, somehow different -- what are you talking about? This place is foreign to us."

    Bree began mumbling under her breath, harsh tones to everything and nothing. She blinked a few times, adjusting to the lighting around her. Lighting which she wasn't 100% sure; was fake or real. She stood on a platform suspended in the sky, one made of a large rusting gear. She looked down to her feet, lifting each one, and placing it back down to test the structure she was standing on - in hopes it would support her. She looked to her left, and was met with a large cathedral type structure. The windows were near opaque, glowing with a dull red light that seemed to overpower the rest of the world around it; it blended well with the purple sky surrounding and clouding her vision. She cautiously walked up to the edge of the gear head, glancing over the edge, observing nothing - utter oblivion.

    "Let's jump!" -- "Let's not and say we did..."

    Bree could feel her own body turn against itself for a moment, dangling what little amount of weight she possessed off the edge of the gear - before she pulled back, walking slowly back to the center of the platform. Her eyes found their attention to her right side now, a simplistic and oddly similar building was filling her gaze, yet what she had taken into account before; was the large infrastructures ability to hang in mid-air, defying all laws of physics Bree knew to be. This clearly wasn't real, it couldn't be, it had to be some type of illusion forced upon her by drugs, or maybe this whole ordeal was her dream? That would be lovely. Bree spun around on her toe, a gleeful attitude overtaking her rather somber one moments earlier. She smiled, light-heartlessly skipping towards the edge of the gear. A crazy thought passed through the young girls mind, and before one of her more rational personalities could attempt to put a stop to the thought, she found herself jumping from the ledge of the gear, out into the open dark purple air. Panic stunned her body as she shut her eyes, expecting death, expecting to be awoke from her dream - panting and screaming, however this wasn't the case. She cracked a single eye open; just slightly - attempting to see what was around her, if she had indeed been killed by her own stupid stunt. What met her eye was another gear, smaller than the last, yet supporting her just as the one before had. She thanked the Gods at that moment; realizing this world around her reacted to her insanity. She took a deep breath and jumped forward once more, meeting another gear.
    Moments later she found herself on a platform that was connected to a set of stairs. She walked slowly to the top, careful not to actually fall to her doom (sure enough the world reacted to her, she didn't want to surpass the bounds that were so kindly given to her).

    "Smelling and Regurgitating...ew..."

    All of her personalities could agree that those two words put together were disgusting in themselves, when paired, even worse. The petite mocha haired female climbed to the top of the stairs, eyes glistening in the dark purple light around her. She glared intensely at the red windows, feeling drawn to their call. A smile crept up onto the teens face as she noticed a small railroad track before her, seeming to lead to exactly where she wanted to go. Realizing she was going to get in the strange teacup-like cart eventually, she strode forward, all fear leaving her on the former cog.

    "Alright Bree... no time like the present." -- "THIS IS GOING TO BE FUCKING SWEET!!"

    With that, the blue eyed girl climbed up into the cup, nudging her body forward in order to get the thing moving, and with no way back, she let loose a loud and thrilling scream as the cup plummeted into the thick, hazy, purple sky; direction intended: Smelling and Regurgitating.
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    >>> Vale of Tears <<<
    Elated and Relaxed

    He could feel it.
    The rush of relaxation that rolled itself through his body, coursing through each and every vein; he was asleep, finally. Rarely did Alex experience sleep, it was a gift from the Gods to him when he did get the chance to experience it. Being born with Narcolepsy wasn't one of those "both a blessing and curse" shindigs. No, it was a full on, un-tradeable and non-returnable curse. He could feel his chest rise and fall - or at least, his brain registered this normal function of his body. He took many deep, slow breaths, letting each come and go as it pleased, simply enjoying the fact that he was at peace, for the moment. But how was it he had fallen asleep?
    There was no memory of lying down and closing his eyes...
    No memory of being awake long enough to warrant this blissful time. If fact, Alex didn't have much memory of the past 24 hours. He tried to think back, focusing on what he had been doing moments before this lapse of rest, but nothing came into the clear, he came to terms with a few simple images; ones of a white room, a bed, and a leather journal - one that had been torn to near shreds on the inside by a mass amount of pencil and pen markings, depicting the things he saw whenever his sleep-depraved mind and body got to him.
    He internally sighed, mentally blowing a strand of hair out of his face that wasn't actually there. It was only then, the image he saw came into focus, but this was no mere image. What lay before Alex's eyes was a fully constructed world, one in which he had only now realized he stood in, or more specifically - lay.
    He was laying down, back flat against the soft grass below him, looking up into the clear blue sky, watching the oddest sight - playing cards flew like birds above him.

    "What the..."
    He turned to his right, cobalt blue hair falling in front of his eyes, causing him to push the strands out of his face as he slowly brought his body upwards, supporting himself on one arm. What he saw above the tall grass took his breath away. Flowers, and none of the ordinary kind either. There were colours of all different kinds, some he couldn't even decipher or explain, and the breeds; they seemed so extravagant. Every new direction he looked, something caught his eye. Landscape as far and wide as the eye could see, jutting up in different positions, curving at different angles. A glistening clear blue stream ran directly through the center of this land, Alex being rather close to it at the moment; the streams rushing torrents giving off the loudest sound he had ever heard in such a close vicinity.
    Alex got to his feet, and instantly felt a dizzy spell; this was soon accompanied by the pain of a thousand small bee stings, but in his head. He gripped both sides of his pounding skull, crouching down, moaning like a gutter animal under the pain, and as quick as it had come, the pain left him. He opened his eyes that had seemed to find themselves clasped shut during the pain; watching his surroundings swirl.

    "What in the world was that?"
    Nausea filled his senses and before he could stop himself, he bent over to his side, puking out practically his entire stomach contents; this including something he had never imagined would come from inside him: Butterflies. Small, tiny, colorful creatures fluttered from his mouth, taking off into the air. Stunned, Alex jumped back, spitting out nothing and everything in his mouth. Alright, this was just getting stranger and stranger with every single minute. He shuffled to his feat, shaking his head of the weirdness. Alex White was used to illusions, delusions, and odd visions - these were all a side effect of his narcolepsy, and the very thing that got him stuck in Whittingham originally.


    Alex's mind flashed to a few days back, what he saw was blurry and indistinguishable, yet the familiarity of the place he was vaguely seeing seemed to ring some bells in his head. What he saw was Whittingham, his room, and a nurse who frequented his little confines. Her name was Rose. She had always had a thing for Alex, whether it just be out of the kindness of her own heart to try and appease each and every patient, or if she really did like Alex, he wasn't concerned with either. She walked into his room, handing him his regular pills, telling him breakfast had made it's way to his corridor's mess hall.
    Alex looked down into the small paper cup like he always did, checking out the same thing he did everyday. Two small blue pills that were to help him sleep, one large white horse-pill that was supposed to curb the hallucinations, and a few grainy textured pills that were his daily vitamins. He saw a sharp yellow circle, out of focus like the rest, but before he could tell himself to stop, the Alex his his vision popped the pills like it was no big deal, laying himself back down on his bed, in the attempts to sleep, of course, no such luck.

    Was that little yellow pill what had ended him up here? Where ever "here" was...
    For now, that was Alex's best explanation. He sighed, standing up from his crouched down position before he walked directly over to the edge of the river that separated him and the other side of this weird land. Looking down, he saw his trait blue hair, signature lips, jaw line, oceanic blue eyes and teeth. Something seemed different though, and from what he could see, that difference was his clothing. Instead of his regular jeans and T-shirt, Alex found the reflection playing off a rather fancy navy blue, pinstripe suit. He had on trousers, a rather 'frilly' type undershirt, and a white vest. He looked down, noticing a small gold chain falling from the left pocket. Carefully he reached down, pulling whatever was attached to the chain out from inside it's confines. What revealed itself was a tiny, ironwork gold pocket watched. Alex played with it in his hands for a moment, flipping it around and maneuvering it through his fingers as if it was a foreign object - which to him it was indeed. He clicked the small embellished button on the top of the beautifully jeweled piece, opening it to find a worn out white background with classic English century clock hands, still as a statue. Alex huffed to himself, closing the trinket and placing it back in his pocket. He looked down at his feet, now noticing he that he was wearing fancy, tailored shoes as well. A small smirk rose on his cheek, sometimes these hallucinations could be so strange.
    All he needed now was a top hat to complete the look.

    "A top hat doesn't need to be on your main priority list right now. Perhaps a map, or even an ally."
    Alex whirled around to the deep somber voice, coming face to face with a tattered cat. One that looked like it had gone through hell and back. It was eerie, and the large grin that captured it's face only seemed to make the feeling worse. The thing was lanky and poorly coloured - shaming all the beautiful scenery around it however, it's eyes seemed to outshine everything around it; their glow mesmerizing.
    "And who might you be?" Alex asked, curious to know who this creature that had come to him was.
    "A friend, an enemy. I am whatever you make me, Alex White."
    The aqua haired boy stood his ground, more curious than anything now.
    "And does this frenemy have a name?" He asked in a rather sassy tone, eyeing the cat down, trying not to get lost in it's glowing golden eyes.

    "Puuuurrrfect. Right to the details. I am Cheshire. The Cheshire Cat." It responded with a low tone, arching it's back, eyeing Alex down in return. This cat didn't fit in with it's beautiful surroundings, everything seemed so peaceful and.. gentle. Yet this cat seemed like he had seen the true face of wherever Alex had landed. "Find a way out, before it's too late." and with that, The Cheshire Cat disappeared, fading out of existence, where it stood landed a soft, velvet top hat with a large cut out grin smack-dab in the center.
    Alex scoffed, picking the hat up swiftly, giving it a once over in his hands before placing it atop his head.
    "Well, it's good to know I'm not alone in this."
    Alex moved back from the stream, surveying the land around him once more, before a shrill scream caught his ear. He snapped to attention, running after the sound in an instant. His senses were heightened in that moment, no one screamed that loud and shrill for no reason - except maybe insane people, or little children. He came up to an entirely similar patch of flowers just as the screaming had ceased. There were different juts of land everywhere, a large statue of a crying female where the river seemed to get it's source from, and the area was scattered with many flowers.
    "Damn.. who was that...HELLO!!" Alex shouted, moving around slowly as to try and get the attention of whoever or what ever gave off that crazy scream.
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    Dark of Heartness
    Ecstatic and Curious

    Thwam. Thwam. Thwam.

    That was the very first sound that she heard ringing heavy in her ear's. Airetta stretched against the rough yet broken stone that laid beneath her. Before she knew it her eyes flashed open against the blinding light that held lit to the sky above. Her breath fell quick as she shot up from her current position. She was blinking rapidly as her head filled with a blinding occurrence of what could be seen as shattered and broken memories... She did love a good puzzling game.. She shook her head quick as her gaze flickered across the landscape and what little light could be found shining. Darkness and chaos seemed to be split across the land. Towering buildings surrounded the area. Some were crumbling whilst others still stood tall against the day. Where was she...? Did she escape the bloody asylum? This place though... This place... Was what she in her mind saw as utter perfection and wonderous... Oh yes... This seemed like a fun place to be free about in. Her smile lit brightly against her features as she stood tall against the ground.

    She was about to draw her hand downwards to brush off her usual purple dress only to discover it replaced entirely... She ran quickly as her heels clattered against the ground below to an utterly destroyed fountain as she heaved her hands quick to hold to the stone rubble. Her pale eyes lit widely at the sight of her transformation to be found. There she stood wearing an above knee length dress patterned in red and black as if they were playing cards. Her hands were covered in silken black fingerless gloves that trailed to her elbows. Many a silver chain clung to her belt as she stepped back with a clatter of her heeled boots. If this was heaven she was perfectly and utterly taken with it. It was only than she stopped dead in her tracks with a sway held against her step.

    "Dollie! Dollie! Where are you my pretty?! "

    Her voice echoed with a silken innocent tone mixed by what other's would describe a form of maddening madness at work. She broke into a ran as she searched with panic for Dollie... Oh Dollie! She always ran off without telling her a single word... Naughty , naughty dollie.. It was only than she came to a skidding stop as a pale white doll held grasped against one of the towering shrubs. She nearly squealed in happiness as she broke dollie free from the small branches. She clutched her in closely against her chest as she stroked her soft blue hair with the up most care.

    " Dollie... You must always tell me when you run off! Because making me angry is very naughty..

    Her eyes merely darkened as her grip about Dolle's neck only tightened and tightened.. Nobody ever listened and yet when they didn't she always made sure they would learn to. Airetta suddenly bursted out laughing a cheery yet terrifying set of giggles.

    " Oh Dollie... Your forgiven for now... Now.... I think we should go find ourselves some playmates.. Don't you think?"

    Dollie's head drifted off to hang to the side as Airetta gave a handful of quickened claps. With that she chained Dollie to her belt as the wind whipped quick against her hair. This was her playground... So dark and inviting... Who wouldn't want to come play with her here? Though... Her mind skipped about in remembrance of always needing a good toy to share with all. Something shiny... Something that would look pretty red... Oh yes.. Her gaze filled with a ever growing sense of madness which to her was but normality.. She did have moments in which people said she was briefly normal... Who needed those anymore? Not dollie and her.. Her features suddenly shifted as her face feigned a wonderful act of innocence and confusion.. She'd have to find those things and she had learned well how to fool all. With that she skipped quite happily with a clicking against the stone as she went in search of some fun to be had.

    " Let's go see what other prettie's are about , dollie.."
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    >>> Vale of Tears <<<
    Worried & Elated

    "Jesus Christ that was a close call." Alex started forward, watching the woman in front of him with eyes intent on protection - the slightest move towards the edge and he'd intervene.
    She was a short girl, with oddly bountiful hair - hair that reminded Alex of a freshly blow dried poodle; he inwardly laughed at the comparison, resting his oceanic blue eyes in her general direction. 99% sure that this woman was no a hallucination, Alex stepped forward cautiously, surveying his surroundings, still trying to get a feel for where he was, more confused as ever that he wasn't - in fact, alone.
    "Hi..." He replied, shakily. An expected reaction for nearly watching a girl jump to her death. "I hope this doesn't sound rude--" he started, pulling the top hat from his head, holding it to his side in attempts to get a clear vision of what was above him, "--but were you trying to kill yourself? I'm pretty sure only crazy people run full speed at cliffs...I've been around enough to know." Alex bit down on his lip, chewing on the possibility that this girl was in fact another nutter'. It was a very likely circumstance that this was the case.
    "Um..." Alex stuttered, not exactly sure what to say if in fact this girl was in a fragile state of mind; he couldn't outright spout trivialities of hope and care towards her, he didn't even know her.
    He stepped forward, leaning cautiously over the edge where she had so previously tried to leap from. His eyes widened as they were met with islands - all different - all very far away.
    He concluded she was insane.
    Looking back at the girl, a tight, worried smile wound it's way onto his thin lips.
    "My names Alex, it's nice to meet cha', cliff jumper."


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    Vale of Tears
    Confused and Curious
    Flynn woke up in bushes, hearing voices mutter almost in the distance. He sat up quickly with a small gasp.

    Did the spies finally find him? Did they plan to-wait why was he in bushes and not back at that Whittingham place? And why was he in pain?

    He took in his surroundings as he stood from the bushes and got any twigs off of him and out of his hair. The redhead noticed the two other teens and the first thought that came to his head?

    'They're attractive.'

    But one of the voices whispered back quietly, causing the redhead to frown and his brows to furrow as he muttered a snarky reply back.

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  7. [​IMG]
    Vale of Tears
    Startled & Confused

    When he first awoke, he wasn't sure what exactly was happening. His head was fuzzy and pounding. Ringing and throbbing. Awful and full of flies. Flies.


    Buzzing in his head, filling it with lead and lies. Heedless of his tears and cries. Just like the doctors. The doctors? The doctors. Doctors? Doctors. Something happened with the doctors something bad and wrong and completely rude.

    The memories come flooding in, beating back the flies, and lies, and everything else to be perfectly frank. He remembers the hands grabbing a bruising. Dragging him along. Paying him no mind at the time as he shrieked and pleaded. Where were they going, where will they be? What was their destination, unseen? His throat had gone rough and dry, with his pain filled cries. Bruises covering his skin, and his feet dragging along. The injustice, the madness! It was utterly wrong. How dare they! How could they! Snatching him up without so much as a how do you do? He was scared, he remembers, he was so scared. What when they do when ever they were there?

    Oh but that wasn't all, he remembers. That wasn't worst! How dare they! They had no right! The needles, the pain! Why, why, why? And then nothing, he notes, just blackness. Blackness darker then night. But now he had woken, now he was awake. Time to open his eyes and face his own fate.
    He groaned softly lifting a hand to his temple as he rolled from his side onto his back, "Ah...shit..." The hand lifted to shield his eyes as they cracked open. It was to bright... ​
    He jerked up so fast he gave himself a head rush. He barely even pauses though. He instead he hisses and forces himself to crack open his eyes, taking in the bright expanses of color and sun light. The excitement set off one of his ticks, causing him to make an odd swallowed whimper sound three times, while jerking his head to the left each time. The second he was free from his ticks he shifted to his knees and gripped the grass below him between his fingers. Was this outside? It had to be. But, it wasn't like he remember. So bright, So colorful. So....so....he didn't really know or care. His eyes drifted to follow a...a cow fly? The whimpering tick happened again, following it he climbed to his feet.​
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  8. [​IMG]
    ◊ Vale of Tears. ◊
    ◊ Curious & Excited. ◊

    The pain was filling her head like a rush of water, continuously increasing with each passing second. If only she was a fisherman who died because he pitched a line and went fishing for concrete, fishing for pain. Then, and only then would she feel at ease. When Marie opened her eyes she was greeted with terrible things all at once. First, the white and blinding light that stole all the breath from her lungs in an instant. Or perhaps her shortness of breath was due to the wailing of her own voice retaliating against the throbbing pain that remained in her head. Whichever it was, it wasn't pleasant, and what is not pleasant she didn't particularly enjoy. Marie's head went into a frenzy, shaking left and right in disagreement to the pain as she continued to scream her lungs out. There wasn't any air to begin with so her sounds faded until it was just a whistle of air that escaped her vocal chords. When her voice stopped completely she just sat there, oblivious as to what just happened as a new world appeared before her eyes. She inhaled and created a gasp of wonder and excitement. She hasn't seen anything like this before. This was definitely not Whittingham, nor was it home, and it most certainly was not Kansas. Or was it? Perhaps, this is Oz? Nonsense, that couldn't be, this place was much nicer than Oz. Look at it! So full of nature and water. Marie got up on her own two feet, stumbling as she tried to stay upright. She fell to the ground and her head started to fill up again with a rush of pain.
    Alright, let us try a second time! As W.E. Hickson always said! "If at first you don't succeed, try try try again." Even though this was her second attempt, it was nice to recall a piece of memory from her books. Marie furrowed her brows in extreme concentration. Alright. Let's do this Marie, you got this. First, taking your... Hmm.. Eenie meenie miney.. Right leg, bend your knee.. Then immediately your left.. There you go!

    After a few minutes of unnecessary teaching on how to get up from a ground, she stood up on her own two feet, she smiled and laughed. "By George you've done it this time Marie! A very well conceived, perfect lesson. Why, I'd say you could be an amazin' teacher if I do say so myself!" She clapped her hands together as a little high five to herself, giggling like a child as she enjoyed a little moment of coordination success. Now, it was time to get serious. What was this place and how on cheesecake earth did she even get here? She had no recollection of what happened the past few days so her body took her around in a small personal circle as her head turned in many different directions and angles, observing the place with a curious look. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but, let us hope that satisfaction will bring it back shall we? After a few minutes of questioning the magical surrounding area, it came to her. Wittingham Asylum, she hated the place like hell and all Montagues. Did the monsters in the white cloak take her here? She wasn't one to raise judgement so quickly but, if her hypothesis was correct, she would have to thank them later for bringing her into her own little wonderland. This place was sweet and it gave quite gentle and safe feeling. Marie was going to like it here. She was going to like it very much.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Vale of tears
    Cautious and Scared

    He heard more people. So what did he do you ask?

    He hid in the same bushes he woke up in not even five minutes ago. His mind began to fill with multiple voices at once suddenly, loud whispers trying to speak over the other at once.


    They're coming for you.

    You're never safe, not even here.

    It's the spies! The spies! The spies!!



    Flynn whined as a headache began to form. He really wished the voices would shut up! After a moment or two of the teen nearly messing up his red locks and possibly tearing some of it out the voices suddenly....stopped. He gave a relieved sigh. Though, he knew that they stopped only temporarily he was glad they just stopped. He had almost teared up for a moment after realizing that the woman they were referring to was his own mother of all people.

    "You need to calm down Flynn...y-you gotta...you gotta...um..you have to get up off the ground first silly." He muttered to himself with a small laugh as he stood and dusted off his clothes. He didn't pay no mind to what he wore it seemed.

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  10. [​IMG]
    • The Hatter's Domain | Smelling and Regurgitating •
    ♦ Excited and Sadistic ♦

    A horrible screeching rang through the brunette's head, akin to that of nails scratching a chalkboard, or metal grinding on metal. The teacup cart had come to the stop after a mind-blowing descent into what Bree now assumed was the building labeled "Smelling and Regurgitating". She vaulted herself out of the carriage, landing squarely on a wrought iron floor. Her head perked up, taking in the area around her, judging just where it was she had found herself; before she could catch a glimpse a strangely familiar sense and smell over took her, the sense of panic and the smell of blood.
    The building surrounding Bree shook violently for a moment in time, clattering loose metal shards to the floor, creating that jaw-clenching sound from before. Bree brought her hands to her ears, grinding her teeth together in hopes of blocking out the screeching with something less irritating. Suddenly, her head flooded with a stinging heat that she had never felt before, even moments before when she had found herself bound on a metal table; needles invading her personal space and flesh. "Fucking...STOP!" And just as Bree had screamed that final word to the sky, the pain came to a closure, letting her hands fall to her sides and for Bree to take a deep breath of relaxation. She opened her eyes, which she wasn't aware she had clenched shut and looked to the scenery around her. Everything looked as she had imagined. Dark rustic iron made up the inside of this oddly named building. There were a few coloured materials here and there, but nothing that stood out to such an extent it demanded the girls interest. She looked down for a moment, shocked to see her outfit from before, gone. When had she changed? A recollection of previous memory served no assistance in her endeavor to figure out when she had swapped outfits, thought it could be explained by one simple word: "Wonderland". Her outfit consisted of items she would never see herself wearing on a typical day, mostly because she wasn't allowed to wear anything akin to beautiful. A large, free flowing dress encased her lithe body, wrapping around her with gusts of warm air that seemed to be coming from up-ahead. The dress itself was a light blue, decorated in odd key-like symbols, one she recognized as being the symbol of Mercury. She found her hairs braid was undone, and her hair was freely flowing past her shoulders and rather close to her waist. Her arms were bound in what seemed to be loose ribbon, with a colour that matched her dress; and her shoes - well, they were another story entirely. Encasing her feet were boots 3 sizes too large for her small legs, they were black, grey, and the same colour blue of her dress all mixed into two different shoes, the designs different on each. The boots were spiked around the sole and graced with different straps of leather, each containing odd little dangling jewels that shook whenever Bree walked. She found herself staring into a piece of broken glass off to the side; her reflection showed two triangle marks just below her ice blue eyes. Finally, she found her neck encased in a large white-gold chain, wrapped around her neck haphazardly, at least 4 times seeing as the chain was so long, only one thing hung from it and that was a beautifully intricate pocket watch, it's colours matching the chain itself; quite a fitting outfit for Wonderland. That's what Bree had always called this place in her dreams, anyways. Before, in Whittingham, when her doctors had asked about her sleeping habits, she always seemed to find herself explaining the vivid dreams of Wonderland. Most doctors were polite and listened, that was, until she was moved into the basement wing of Whittingham Asylum. All the doctors down there were cold, unfriendly, un-caring, and straight up assholes at some times. She remember once asking to be given an extra blanket, seeing as the odd new place she had found herself in was rather cold, constantly air conditioned. She was taken by the hair abruptly by a rather brutish woman and yelled at for thinking she "deserved special treatment". It was an awful experience, and Bree was still rather surprised she had taken such insults from that woman - though, in Whittingham, Bree Archer was a patient in which always needed to be sedated, lest' one of her personalities suddenly decided to go on a killing spree. It was lovely, in fact, to be able to move freely, her sluggish mannerisms and thought-process seemingly obsolete in wonderland. She was free to explore, venture, and if need be, fight back; something she sorely lacked in Whittingham.

    "Alright... what's a girl to do in a place like this? --- We could go find something to kill..--" hissed a rather malevolent and distorted voice from Bree's lips "--Oh, oh, I know! We can go and find ourselves a partner!--" came another gleefully altered voice, "--How about you all shut up, and let me decided what we're going to do?" Silence followed, and Bree smiled, though she was glad she wasn't alone, in a sense, her other selves' got rather annoying; at least they were leaving her body alone, allowing her to control it this time.

    Bree started forward, bounding up a set of intricately carved steps, keeping a close eye on her surroundings. Though nothing seemed off, Bree had a gut feeling that random lashing of pain wasn't all for nothing, and there was something she couldn't physically see, happening in this twisted world she was currently trapped in. Yes, Bree had deduced she was trapped, by what means you ask? She hated this dream world, and would never willingly go back to it, it disturbed her, and she disturbs it; more-so the balance of it. Bree came to a large and old iron door, slightly opened at the bottom, wide enough to fit a rather small individual. She looked to her left and right, trying to see if there was another way to get in or out of whatever lay beyond the door, unfortunately, it looked like Bree had some squeezing to do. She got down on all fours, pressing her stomach to the oddly warm metal ground; knees finding themselves in the same position. She pushed herself forward, the soft and mailable fabric of her dress, dripping to the floor almost like liquid. She used the spike-studded tips of her boots to gain leverage in the ground, and jut her body forwards and underneath the door. Her ears began ringing with an annoying tone almost instantly--



    Bree looked up to the speaker above her head, removing herself from the ground, dusting off her seemingly silk dress, letting her arms rest by her sides and the necklace around her neck stop swishing back and fourth. She found this voice coming through the speaker shrill, annoying, and worth murder... oh she would love to shove her entire arm down whomsoevers throat this voice belonged too. Before her she noticed the drought and bleak scenery was graced by bright, vivid natural lights, this glow and aura coming from what seemed to be magma; hot, brightly-burning and very dangerous magma. Bree's eyes widened in excitement, knowing that whatever was behind that door was so worth it; she patted herself on the back internally, gauging the area around her and where to go.
    Before her, she noticed platforms, rising and descending in their own tune of accordance, it was almost like a death-ridden song and dance and whomever decided to participate be aware of the deathly liquid below them. She sprung forward, taking off at a breakneck pace, excitement coursing through her veins and a delirious sense of insanity clouding her head - though, that wasn't new. Before she knew it, the song and dance had been completed and Bree found herself on a rather large and steady center platform, still surrounded by the oddly inciting magma. She took a deep breath, thanking the Lord above that she was alright; it was an odd self-reflection seeing as Bree Archer did not believe in a God, if he, or she...or...it, was real, wouldn't they have helped her out along time ago? When she was going mad? Before she had been put in Whittingham? A disgusting lurching noise rattled Bree from her thoughts, and before her, she found a rather odd looking creature. It wasn't too much bigger than her, however, it did look menacing and grotesquely icky. It gurgled and inched forward, moving almost like it's feet - if it even had any - weren't touching the floor. Bree took a defensive stance, unaware of what exactly it was that was inching towards her. Before she was aware of it's movements, the creature screeched, lunging forwards towards Bree and attempting to swipe at her with a very evident and large, serrated claw. Clearly this thing meant to hurt her, and that's all Bree needed to take defensive actions. She jolted to the left, running down a large, open-holed ramp that looked down into the magma, she sprinted across the large area, her massive boots causing a ruckus, mixed with the ever president and annoying sound of that repetitive message coming from the multiple speakers in this place. She could sense the creature running behind her, trying to catch it's prey - her hopefulness of out running the creature was instantly crushed as a large enemy, much different from the one closing in behind her dropped from a massive, chain-link just above her head. This enemy was cast in gold, and shaped like a teapot, it hissed vehemently towards Bree, it's large red eye in-humanly assessing her; she backed away, only to be met with another swipe from the creature behind her.
    "Back off...I'm warning you." She said shakily, her body betraying her mentality. She knew if these creatures got one hit on her, she'd be down and doomed, it was only a matter of seconds... and that's when she caught it; out of the corner of her eye, Bree spotted a glistening and rather large looking item. She wasn't sure what it was from this distance, however, she knew she could make a last ditch effort in her current position and attempt to get it, hopefully, whatever it was, it would aid her escape.

    Bree lunged forwards towards the teapot who's top seemed to be bubbling in preparation for some type of projectile shot, it's lid clattering due to the steam coming from it's top opening. Bree's body feel to the warm floor, her silk dress aiding in her ability to slide over the floor and under the eyepots body, she didn't have time to congratulate herself on the feat, only to get up and run. Finding herself next to the object that caught her eye, Bree registered it as some type of children's toy, however, it's appearance was very child-retardant. In that moment, it didn't matter if it were a metal pole or a gun, she would use whatever she was given; her hand wrapped around the long staff, not instantly registering the matter this thing was made of, she however found it easy to hold. It's shell was a glistening silver, and if she were to describe what it reminded her of, she would only give one word: a hobby horse; a toy which most every child who was raised well would remember. Bree was lucky enough to have one of these as a kid, and she had cried the day her mother had sold it at a garage sale. The top of this hobby horse had a large Pegasus head, it's eyes glistening and glowing in a vengeful furry. Bree smiled, taking the weapon in both her hands and spinning around on the ball of her boot-clad heel to face the enemies behind her. Her smiled stretched into a rather sadistic look, the chains hanging from her newly found weapon clattering onto the thick outer shell of the horses head and stick like body. She craned her head back, a murderous personality overtaking her own natural one. She giggled shrill and high, cackling as she came forwards in a B-line, intent on murdering the things before her.

    ♦ Vale of Tears ♦
    •Interested and Wistful•

    This girl was mad. Absolutely and undeniably mad. Alex smiled, because even though she were insane, in her own right, watching the girls excitement as she glided from platform to platform was warming to his frightened heart. He almost wished he had the guts to do what she was doing, however he knew, the moment his feet came even 5 meters from the edge of the current island he was standing on, he would come to an abrupt halt, and concede defeat; accepting the only ones brave enough to jump into mid air, were the crazy ones. He watched as the girl who had identified herself as Nikki, wistfully bounded from the first island to the second, landing in a fog of her own excitement - most likely clouding her judgement. He was shocked to see the girls ability to glide, though no more surprised about the odd physics this world possessed than the shock his own hallucinations gave him.
    He found Nikki beside him once more, a smile gracing his adventitiously handsome face at the glee this woman had acquired; he only wished he was able to experience such emotions at at time like this - when he had just nearly witnessed someones death. Suddenly, the world before him started to alter, everything around him in the sense of beauty and greenery morphing into something he would see in a nightmare. He recognized immediately this was no hallucination as Nikki's words rung through his ears - she was equally as confused and witnessing the same thing. And just as soon as it had happened, the odd shifting of the world around the two had ceased. Alex looked to his left and right, judging and assessing what had just happened, most everything he could currently see, seemed different, and the odd mirage like shimmering of the world itself had come to a standstill.
    "What in the world was that? Nikki, are you alright?"

    He looked over to the obviously shaken girl, placing a palm on her back in attempts to comfort her. He bent down, retrieving his hat he had so carelessly dropped to the floor, before placing it back on the top of his head.
    "That was very strange, and I've seen quite the amount of strange things in my life." He was more-so talking to himself now as his hand fell from Nikki's back. Alex walked to the edge of the platform the two were on, gauging the distance of the next one, there was no way in hell he'd make that jump, Nikki would, with her strange ability to glide, but Alex was doomed. Perhaps, if he could find a way to contact that weird cat again, he'd be able to offer some helpful advice on the laws and physics of Wonderland.

    Alex cupped his hands around his mouth, in attempts to amplify his voice.
    "HEY! CAT! I COULD REALLY USE YOUR ADVICE RIGHT NOW!" Alex walked around in a couple circles, catching Nikki's oddly gleeful and confused glances as she recovered from the shaken world around them.


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  11. [​IMG]

    Confused and in Pain

    "Owww. Why so loud? Where's the fire, cutie?" Flyn huffed as he walked over to where Alex and Nikki were. His head was already hurting from those stupid voices and now this extremely handsome guy was making it worse by yelling. Get ready for possible flirting fails later folks. The teen didn't seem to affected by the scenery around them at the moment. His outfit consisted of a white button up shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows at the moment. A black vest over the dressy shirt with gray diamonds designed into it. Black slacks, and brown knee high leather boots. He even had a black tie with red stripes on it. The blue eyed boy seemed to finally notice his attire.

    'Ooh, I like these!' He thought, even though he also liked the attire he had on before waking up in this place full of cuties.

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  12. [​IMG]
    ♦ Vale of Tears ♦
    .Surprised and Annoyed.

    "HE--, hmm..?" Alex looked to his left, eyes coming to find themselves staring at a new person entirely. He bit his bottom lip, eyeing the Wonderland clad boy up and down who seemed to now be fascinated with his own newly changed attire. Oddly cute, a passive thought that came and went from Alex's mind. He had more important things to do than flirt with this newest addition to the random commodities of his strange world.
    "I'm not sure what you mean, man, but if you wouldn't mind helping me out... there's this cat, he knows about this place, and I need to get a hold of him."
    Alex slowly approached the man before him, coming uncomfortably close to judge the person before him. He seemed kind and rather ditzy to be honest - though Alex couldn't concern himself with that fact right now, he locked his eyes momentarily with the red heads, before spinning around to continue his yelling spree. Where was that damnable cat?
    Alex gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. Normally he wasn't thing easy to anger, but the fact the cat from before was blatantly ignoring his calls, pissed him off.

    "Anger is an ugly identifier for your person, Alex White. A calm and clear head is the only way to escape Wonderland in one piece, those previously insane may not have as good a chance."
    Alex whipped around to find the cat from before, sitting haphazardly on a rock not to far from him and the others. The cat still seemed mangled as ever and now had fresh blood dripping from it's mouth, it definitely unnerved the bluenette.
    "Explain this world, Cat." Alex demanded in a rather unfriendly tone not like himself on a regular day, he was always nice and caring of others, whether they seemed or looked strange.

    "Explanation is futile, survival is necessary, though a jump of those edges won't end you, it will definitely give you quite the scare."The cat glowered maliciously before evaporating into thin air, leaving nothing more than a shimmer of it's persona behind. The blue haired boy turned around to face the others, running a hand through his hair with exasperated annoyance.
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  13. [​IMG]
    ◊ Vale of Tears. ◊
    ◊ Adventurous and Perplexed. ◊

    It was time to get a move on. Marie took in a deep breath and for some reason, she smelled nothing. That was quite peculiar. She began to walk, thinking that because of her little fall a few moments ago she wouldn't know how to walk either. So she began teaching herself how to walk, mumbling to herself as she did so. As George Watsky always said! "When you take a punch don't you ever forget why you get up and you put one foot in front of the next." When she was teaching herself more coordination skills she noticed that her attire was different. "Well what is this? New clothing? How intriguing." When did she ever change clothes? The thought of a clothes change stopped her in her tracks. She moved around, twirling aimlessly to notice the frilly mint green dress that spun as she moved. The dress had puffy short sleeves that stopped right at her shoulders, the hem of the dress sleeve were the color of white. She cocked her head straight downwards to notice that the dress had a white peter pan collar with a thin royal purple ribbon laced in between it. There were also small heart-shaped buttons with the color to match the ribbon. They were sewn into the dress, the four buttons stopping right at her solar plexus. Marie gave another look at her outfit and noticed another dark purple ribbon, this time its string length was huge, as it was wrapped around her waist, making the dress appear more fitting. She assumed that the bow was behind her back since she couldn't see it up front. Go figure for logic. The mint green dress faded into a whole bunch of see-through fabric which was probably how the dress was so poofy. The colors of the fabric were differentiating from mint green to dark purple and white until it stopped right at her mid-thighs. Then, she looked down at her legs and saw very petite ankle high boots, shoelaces running to the top of them. They were black in color and strangely fit her very well. There was also black and white striped socks, no, leggings, which, in her opinion ruined the outfit completely, making it more wacky and whimsical than it already is. Meh, what's not to love? This was much better than skinny jeans and long sleeved shirts. To make sure she didn't miss anything more about her appearance she lifted every limb up into the air. Ah, missed one. She wore a dark purple undershirt beneath the dress, the shirt sleeves stopping right at her arm. Then, her hair. She couldn't see it lying on her shoulders so she reached up to touch her head. Her hair was tied up in a very messy, and very high ponytail. She looked down again. "Gah, stupid bangs. Remove yourself from my face please!" She grumbled at herself as her fingers moved up to brush the blonde bangs and messed up hair strands out of her face.
    "Now. Time to explore." Marie smirked to herself. She was very much ready to explore the land and what it had in store for her. But, immediately she was faced with a dilemma. Which way to go? She covered her eyes with her hand and extended a finger out, spinning around gently and humming to herself before she stopped at random. She opened her eyes and much to her amazement, she picked a small little trail. With a little giggle, she skipped along the path, noticing something that wasn't in this world before. What was going on? Her skips skidded into a slow walk, she noticed that the rivers were turning into a dark crimson red, the color moving onto the shore, almost like blood splatter across the land. Marie came across a large statue of a woman with her hands to her face, the same liquid flowed from her eyes, trickling down her body like she was crying out blood. Marie didn't like this anymore. Not one little bit. Was she scared? Confused? She didn't know. She couldn't really think due to her surrounding area. With a concerned look on her face, she looked around for something to bring her comfort. She came across a small little pool, its color different from all the other bodies of water she has seen today. Atop the small little pool was a large vial though it was too far up to know what it read, or what it contained. The liquid was coming from the vial, the color of purple. She looked down to see her liquidy purple reflection, and she was shocked to see herself. She was a mess. She had bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep, and her hair was quite messy. She heard from someone that it was a trend somewhere so she didn't mind the new do She looked closer to see a diamond on her cheek, like a little tear. Then she heard a voice, a manly and wispy one. It gave her a fright so she jumped up and yelped, looking around for the source of the sound. Her eyes met upon a large and scary cat, its ears at a large point and its bones were shown through its fur. But what really scared her was his obscenely large and mischievous smile, his eyes were the color of an orange tree, but the feel they gave off were the same. Could she trust him?

    "Well don't you just look absolutely exhausted," he stated, his smiling never dropping. It was like he had invisible fishhooks attached to the corner of his mouth. "You could use a little dip in the pool, don't you agree?" Well, that was a bit brutal. His honesty made Marie snap, as she looked at him with a slight glare.
    "Well, you could use a little more food, don't you agree?" The cat merely flicked his tail, and the smile was irking her greatly. "My, your exhaustion even put a damper on your mood. You could most definitely use a little face wash." Maybe the cat was right. She shouldn't be so rude to a stranger. Though his smile was overbearing she nodded, stepping into the pool. She starting growing smaller in size and she looked at him, questioning just who was this cat and what did he do to me. After a few seconds of being as small as an ant, she returned to her normal height, in silence and shock as to what just happened. "There you are. Much better. You will see many new things along your journey that your main self will not." And with that, the cat simply vanished before she could ask a question, leaving his wretched smile in place for a mere moment before it vanished as well. Marie stepped out of the pool and just stared at it. "I've always been treated like an ant anyways." Once again, she shrunk in size, and a new and different world was in front of her. Ready to be explored.

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  14. vzh5lk.png
    Vale of Tears
    Excited, Scared, and Confused.
    Frightened and Intrigued.

    We can all be born to be normal, but it takes a special spark to create something so different…something so mad. However, for Jack and Jill, the spark was always there. From the time they swam in the womb, to the time they walked and talked. They were different. And different gets noticed, on occasion from the wrong people.
    Screams. That is what they heard, screams upon screams. Hand in hand, screaming as the pain knocked their limp bodies unconscious. The bond of their hands had not broke apart, and they drifted into the darkness of a place called Wonderland.

    Jill had awoke with the sense of freedom and peace, but little did she know she had obtained neither. Wonderland was an amazing place, but was a dark, vast, wasteland with danger at every turn. Jill prompted herself up on her elbows, using one hand to rub her eye. Where was she? This wasn’t Whittingham, but then again anything was better than that place. Or was it? She yawned and sat up. Was she alone? Probably not, there was no way a place like this contain no one, but her.
    Jack is nothing without Jill, but where is Jack?” Her question seemed to float in her atmosphere for a while, before she stood up and found herself walking along a path full of brightly colored plants. This place was intriguing, and Jill could get used to it.
    Follow, Follow, Follow the road, find the one you call home.” She spoke softly to herself. Jack was home to her, anywhere he was she was, and anywhere she was he was, but not now. God this frightened Jill, but was there even a God in this place. Maybe. Sighing she continued down the road.

    Jack found himself asleep in a tree. This tree was bright, and tall and full of its own personality. Though as Jack awoke, he felt the smallest ting of a mysterious place. Blinking back his shock, he noticed this was a place far from home. Jill was home, but so was Whittingham, it had been that why since his arrival upon the godforsaken grounds of the asylum.
    Jack and Jill must reunite, before Chadwick joins the fight.” The warning circled around his mind. Jill. Jill? Where was Jill? Where was Jack? He had no clue, but this place was bright and colorful, so he figured Jill was here, she loved bright and colorful.
    Jack decided to descend the tree, in hopes to spot the one he so very much sought after. This place was full of life, or was it hiding the beast inside? Jack smiled, maybe this place and him were one in the same, both hiding a secret waiting to burst free, to engulf the unexpected and trap them inside. Maybe, this was his new home.
    Planting both feet on the ground, Jack looked around. Though what he found was of interest. Blood. The River had just been water, but then it was blood. Walking towards it, the corners of Jack’s mouth turned up. He could smell the iron enriched liquid as he watched it flow down a stream. Oh, how blood made the inner personality lust for itself to surface and become light. He couldn’t go a day without thinking that Chadwick would one day take him over completely and Jack would become the other side that rarely showed. Though the key to keeping him here, to keeping him Jack was Jill. Where was Jill?
    Jack’s head popped up as he heard the familiar sound of his sister’s voice ranting on about colors and brightness. Sneaking up to where Jill walked, he crept behind her small body.
    Such a bright and cheery day, how I feel somebody will waste it away.

    Jill had uttered phrases as she walked along the path, not taking notice in her brother. The place was just so…colorful. It reflected her perfectly. Bright and colorful with bits of amazement, but at the same time it was dark and drab.
    My lady may I ask, where are you going without Jack?” Jack whispered in her ear, and he turned her around to face him.
    Jill squealed at the sound of Jack’s voice. “Jill found home!” She screamed with glee.
    Jack chuckled and hugged her. They found each other at last. “I found you, my dear Jill.” He spoke. Jack began to wonder if she knew where they were? “Jill may I ask, where have we come to?” He questioned her.
    Jack, I don’t know! I feel…bug!” Jill screamed and ran away from Jack towards the small bug on a plant. It was so tiny and beautiful, oh how life was beautiful. Jill reached out her hand, and let it crawl into it. As she did so, a small cat came into the light in front of her eyes. Jill smiled at him, as he did to her.
    Kitty! Such a beautiful, adventurous one. So Perfect!” She chimed, examining the cat’s perplexing smile.
    Hello my dear, I think it’s time to introduce yourself to the.” The cat purred, as he floated forward towards the girl.
    I’m Jill and this is Jack, where have we come to, may I ask?” Jill stood and walked over to her brother. The cat floating behind her.
    Aw, well girl you’ve asked a question that I can answer! But, you are still in Whittingham, but not.” The Cat purred again in her ear. “I am Cheshire, and this is a Wonderland. A place full of magic and glorious horror. A place where you both should watch your backs.” He answered her question.
    Jack looked over to the cat, was he floating. At that moment Jack clued into how unreal this place was. Blood Rivers? Oddly bright colored plants? This place was of dreams, or maybe even Nightmares, but how could Jill be in his dream? “This is not a dream, is it?” Jack asked.
    Cheshire smiled again, before fading, but just as he did, he spoke softly. “No, dear Jack it is not, but watch your back it’s as real as you and me.” He said, chuckling semi-evilly.
    Jack sighed. What did that even mean? “Come now, Jill. Let us go.” He said. Hoping he could keep Jill’s attention long enough to get her to stay on the trail, and not run off.

    As the two ventured down a path, they didn’t know where they were. Was there anything that would point them in the right direction? Nether was sure. They walked hand in hand. The bound couldn’t be broken, even here. However, Jack looked around him and spotted things in the distance, that wasn’t at all what he thought them to be.
    All of a sudden, the two felt a jolt hit them and they in turn hit the ground. Hand still in Hand. They screamed each other’s name in agony. The connection was assisting the pain, and well twice the pain was worse than anything; however, the twins endured it, feeling like they were closer together. They felt as if they were back to go again. As quick as the pain came, the pain left, leaving the two there breathless.
    Jack opened his eyes, the place was warped and turned into something darker than it was before. “Jill, I don’t think we are where we were.” He said as he looked around. The two stood, and glanced around. Jack gulped, as he notice something moving to the right of him, twenty feet out. “I don’t think that is the cat again.” He spoke to Jill in a whisper tone.
    Jill followed his gaze, and saw a floating black thing with doll parts. “I don’t think so, Jack. Run, Run, we must run!” She said, as she pulled on Jack’s hand. The pair began to run away along a path, down towards some pools.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Vale of tears
    Curious and Confused

    Flynn was a bit caught off guard when the other man got rather close before going back to trying to get the cat to appear. The longer he had tried the more annoyed he had seemed, so Flynn helped just a bit before the strange cat did appear. The mangled looking creature seemed almost, cryptic to the redhead. He had pondered the cats words for a moment, trying to put the puzzle pieces together. So, jumping whatever edges the cat mentioned wouldn't cause death, just a scare? Hm. Interesting.

    [What the hell does that stupid flee bag mean?] One of the voices grumbled.

    {Who knows? That cat is very interesting though. Anyway Flynn-} a second voice spoke up.

    'Shut up.' Flynn thought. On the outside he seemed to be in thought.
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  16. [​IMG]
    The Hatter's Domain | The Clock Tower
    Confused & Thankful

    Screams and Pain. That's all Kamryn could remember before the darkness took her. Though, it was natural for anyone to scream under such circumstances. Wouldn't you if you were just stabbed with 20 needles all at the same time directly into your skull? I would certainly assume so and it was no different for Kam. The silent bliss that came afterward felt incredible. How long had it been since she had heard true silence? Even when she was in isolation, the voices were still there, edging her further and further towards true madness.

    Then consciousness began to edge its way through the blackness. "No, not yet ..." Kamryn would think to herself as the smell of metal and blood began to pull her further into consciousness. "Yes, Kamryn. It is time to wake up. You're home now ..." A familiar voice would trickle passed her senses, making her hazel eyes shoot open. What an odd looking place. It was dark, grimy, and various tea based items scattered about. Cups, kettles, saucers. "Well, it is about time you woke up Kam! You almost missed tea!" The March Hare called before cackling madly as he launched an innocent tea cup into the air, it soon shattering against the wall.

    Groaning, the blond would sit up slowly, her fingers instinctively running through the wavy, unkempt mass. "Wha ...?" Kamryn would muse. A gloved hand would soon make its way to the back of the Hare's head, silencing his cackling. "Shut it or you'll scare her off before we even have a chance to say a proper hello. Idiot. Go check on Dormouse ..." A tall figure with an even taller hat, a straight jacket, and a gear sticking out his back would say before he turned his dark gaze to Kamryn.

    She was thankful to be away from Whittingham, that was certain, but she was thoroughly confused. Where the hell was she? "Who was that? And who the hell are you? And how do you know me?" Kamryn finally asked. His voice certainly sounded familiar. Was this a face to one of the voices finally after all of these years? She quickly pushed the idea aside. Absurd ... Wasn't it? "Ah, yes. That was March Hare, missing more than a few bolts ... And I'm Hatter. The Mad Hatter to be precise, Kamryn ... We all know you. We of Wonderland know each and every one of you. At least by name ..." Hatter would muse as he reached for the only intact teapot.

    Kamryn blinked her hazel hues gently. Did that mean there were other inmates here? How? Why? For what purpose? "All you're doing is making more questions ..." Kam would muse, ignoring the mass of giggles that exploded into her head. Hatter would cackle with a shake of his head. "All in due time. But now, it's time for tea. Tea now, weapon, answers, and more questions later ..." He would say with a wide grin as Kam pushed herself off the ground. It was then that she noticed she wasn't in the rags that were her inmate uniform, but a rather elegant short sleeved black dress that hit about her mid-thigh. Her arms were covered by smooth, fingerless black gloves that were held in place by various leather buckles. Her legs were hidden from view thanks to a pair of black and white stripped stockings. A leather corset and apron accentuated her tiny waist and black knee high boots finished her look. So many questions, so little time. "Tea, Kam ... Yes, time for Tea Kamryn ... Join us for tea." With a sigh, Kamryn would reluctantly given in. "Fine, just a cup. Then you will be answering my questions Hatter."
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  17. [​IMG]
    • The Hatter's Domain | Smelling and Regurgitating •
    ♦ Angry & Hurt ♦

    "AAARRRGGHHHHH!" Bree swept her newest weapon forward, smashing down onto the top of the strange black masses head. A shrill wail escaped the creature, indicating that that blow had indeed hurt it. Though to what extent? How many hits could this thing take and still fight back? Well, there is truly only one way to know, and that would be to keep hitting it until it dropped.
    Bree spun right, swinging the hobby horse in her hands with a brute strength she wasn't aware she possessed, to be honest, however, it wasn't Bree doing the hitting. She was merely a bi-standard in this spectacle, having been overtaken by one of her internal personalities; one of the more sadistic and hateful ones.
    The hobby horses' head made contact once more to the black creatures right hand side, causing it to topple over, screaming in a foreign pitch.
    Bree noted that this 'thing' had taken quite the beating since she had lost control over her body; this personality currently in control of her much more sadistic, relentless and hateful then the normal Bree would ever be.
    She watched through her own eyes, this black mass laying on the ground, struggling to get back up with nothing to turn to for support. Bree's arms came down in a slicing fashion with the hobby horse in tow, and the next thing she knew, before her she saw a black-bloodied mass of dead creature, a creature which she didn't even know the name of.
    The threat wasn't near over yet, as the secondary enemy who had been firing boiling bubbles of tea from a distance all this time, finally crept up to close range to try and attack Bree. She had a pretty good idea of this things fighting style - distance shots were it's ally's, however nothing could prepare Bree's overtaken body and newest personal host for the eye-pots potential smack down on the brunette's back.
    She had turned around just a little too late, to have the creatures metallic legs slam her into the floor, causing her to scream in agony for there were now two large and openly bleeding gashes on her back. Bree tried pushing herself up from the ground to retaliate with her own hit, to try and get an upper hand on the impending doom she was about to face. She watched as the creature once again lifted it's body to bore down on the petite female, at least in comparison to this odd "eye-pot", as Bree had started calling it. The pain in her back was intense, and all she managed to do to get out of the way was roll to her side, narrowly avoiding the hit that had just smacked down into the ground beside her. She screamed when her own body weight was put upon the gashes in her back, and as she rolled freely to the side, she noticed the blood trail following her body - great, she was bleeding and outmatched.
    Bree looked up to the creature, it's last hit momentarily confusing itself spacial recognition, this was the only chance Bree had.
    She arched her body up onto the palms of her hands, elbows bent and torso twisted sideways so she was facing the looming eye-pot. With a swing of her combat-clad boot, she hit one of the gold-encrusted legs that was attached to the teapots body, disabling the use of that leg for the creature. Her eyes widened as the thing toppled to the left, caught off guard by Bree's attack. She felt her sanity rushing back and without hesitation, she propped herself up, albeit the pain, gripping the shaft of her hobby horse and taking off in the opposite direction. She came to a large door at the other end of the platform she was on, and took it as an option to hide and hopefully avoid the creature; she was currently in no condition to fight - what so ever.
    Bree pressed her lower back up against the thick and hot metal wall to her backside, she wanted to scream as loud as possible - the pain in her back finally hitting her at full force, however, she silenced herself in the hopes of throwing the eye-pot off her trail.
    Bree listened intently to the scuttering of the things legs down the grated platform, and began to thank her gods as she heard the metal bodied beast scurry off in the opposite direction. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding, the pain in her back searing like someone had poured hot lava directly onto her back. She knew she was in trouble if she didn't find some way to heal herself, or at least to close up the wounds.
    With more effort than it should have taken to push herself off a wall, Bree started forward down a long and relatively deserted hallway, her hobby horse in hand; it's eyes flashing wild flames of green.
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  18. Imgur

    Vale of Tears
    //♦-Sweet Dreams-♦\\

    Taking in a deep breath and letting out a sigh of happiness, the small girl stood on the grassy ground of the forest. This was a simple child, in not so simple world. Bare toes touched the soil between the grass that she was standing on. Maddix couldn't help but to let out a small little laugh. This place was so... so free! Free from the darkness of the empty white cells, of the cruel hands that hit, the painfully sharp needles that poked into her skin, and most of all, the dreaded restraints to restrict her very movement. Ah... she could never stop looking around in wonderment at this beautiful land.
    Maddix slowly lifted her small right hand, placing it over the bangs of her white blonde hair that sort of needed brushing to shade her gaze from the sunlight streaming through the trees above her. She wore a white knit dress that came all the way down to her knees. Her pale skin in addition to this, made her seem almost ghastly, like a doll. In fact, she probably looked something like a human doll due to her petite frame and charming little face. Said girl began to walk forward at a measured pace, holding a small grey-blue marble in her hand she had found here. "Mommy can't stop me, cause I'm just dreaming~" It was almost sad. Out of all her experiences, Maddix feared her childhood with her mother the most. She was enjoying this Wonderland dream greatly, though she hadn't really met anyone of significance so far. Such blessed solitude.
    She began to toss the marble into the air and catch it. "Two little beasties walking in the forest. One got lost and one lost his way. Both little beasties ran into the hunter, both little beasties didn't get to live~" The little girl was singing a dark tune to the pace of her dropping the marble into her hand. She was repeating the song one of her previous roommates had been known to sing. Maddix briefly wondered what may have happened to Cheryl anyway. "I guess she's not in Wonderland with me." Maddix blurted aloud, not even aware that anyone could possibly hear the mad child speaking to herself. "That's okay~ She wasn't nice anyway." But Maddix caught the marble and held it a moment. Though she liked being alone... she was also afraid of it, and her smile vanished at the thought.
    "I'm lonely. What am I gonna do? Maybe I should get some friends like Cheryl and Susie." Maddix never forgot the names of her previous roommates, they had been her precious companions after all, until they made her angry. Then they didn't get to live anymore. "Oh my new friend~ Where are youuu~?" Maddix called out into the forest's damp air as a smile crossed her visage. Soon she would have a new friend to play with... who might actually be like her Daddy and be kind.
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  19. [​IMG]
    The Hatter's Domain | The Clock Tower

    As she sat across the table from Hatter, Kamyrn couldn't help but look at him with a quizzical look dancing across her features. She still knew very little about what was going on or what she was doing here. How had she gotten here in the first place? Was this really the state of her mind? If it was, then she understood why she had been thrown into a mental institution in the first place. Kam was tugged from her thoughts when a teacup was slid to her, sloshing over the rim as she caught it just before it would have slid off the edge. "Nice catch ..." Hatter mused as he lifted his own cup to his lips. He seemed more machine than man, but Kamryn didn't mention it. Instead, her hazel hues danced about the room once more. Her gaze soon paused on what appeared to be a large clock face, only backwards. "Are we inside some sort of clock, Hatter?" Kamryn found herself asking, receiving only a cackle and a nod. "Obviously, my dear Kam. Took you long enough to notice ..." He teased with another cackle.

    Kamryn scrunched her brow as she glared at the tall mad man. "No need to be so rude about it ... I only just arrived and far more pressing questions surfaced originally ..." Kamryn would say as she sipped her tea. "Now, I am having my tea Hatter. It is only fair that you answer my question." She would say over her cup, receiving muttered, nonsensical ramblings from Hatter at first. She couldn't help but think he was rightfully called the Mad Hatter. "Come now, Hatter. You agreed. What is going on?" She asked more sternly, bringing Hatter back from his mad train of ramblings. "Right ... Right. That I cannot answer. You're still in Whittingham. Well. Your body is. Your mind is here. Connected with the other inmates. You'll stumble upon your friends as time passes, I'm sure." Hatter mused as he set down his cup, his hands folding together. This did little to ease Kam's concerns or confusion. "But what is this place? Right here, where I am currently sitting." Kamryn asked as she threw down her cup. "You are in my domain, darling. Hatter's Domain. My clock tower, to be precious. The rest of the factory is down below. We are part of Wonderland, but not under the Red Queen's rule. I rule my own. I refuse to be under her thumb ..." He would say, nearly going on another of his ramblings before March Hare returned.

    "Yes, what is it?" Hatter asked, drawing March Hare back to the present. "Dormouse is fine, everything is running as it should be, but there is another girl here. Bree, he thinks. Wandering around Smelling and Regurgitating. She looks to be lost, and hurt." Bree? Where had she heard that name. Then it dawned on her, Bree was an inmate next door to her room to be exact. So she was here too? "Can you bring her here, Hare? Please. We need to help her, maybe she knows more about what is going on. Please Hatter? This is important. I need to see her." She had completely forgotten about her half drank tea or any of the questions she had just moments ago. All she could think about was Bree. Her one tie to the outside world at the moment. Who knew who else was here, but together and with a bit of direction from Hatter, surely they could find out. Looking to Hatter with a pleading look, he would frown and wave a hand to the March Hare. "Alright, alright, alright. Have Dormouse get her and bring her here. And try to do so without scaring her to much more and in one piece." Hatter would yell after Hare as he hurried off.

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  20. [​IMG]
    Vale of Tears
    Confused, Interested and Curious

    Flynn wasn't sure what to do next, though he could have sworn he heard the voice of a girl somewhere close by. He figured that it was either another patient or that it was a voice in his head. He looked over his shoulder momentarily before looking back to Alex.

    "So, Alex right? You have a plan or something?" He asked the older male, placing a hand on his hip as his blue eyes had a glint of curiosity. He wondered if Alex would let him tag along for at least a bit, apparently Flynn's interest has been caught. But it also seemed that something else had caught his eye. There was something that was in a couple bushes it seemed and upon further inspection it was a type of blade. And a rather beautiful one in Flynn's opinion as he picked it up and inspected it.

    [Well well, what do we have here? Y'know, this blade would probably look better coated in blood...] One of the voices chuckled darkly. Another voice merely scoffed.

    {Ugh, shut up. Now isn't the time for that, alright?}

    [Quit being a conscience already! The last thing Flynn needs is one of those.] The first voice that spoke up growled. Flynn simply ignored the voices and shook his head as if snapping out of a trance and putting the blade away somewhere on his person. How? Who knows. Flynn is full of tricks and such sometimes.

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