Escape from Planet Sirat

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  1. Erik the Lanlord
    Your paranoid landlord: he's kooky to the point of being disconcerting. He says the world's going to end coz' of the Empire's big blockade, that all the drones they sent up there could "reign doom like an apocalyptic meteor shower" if made to fall on the planet. Of course, you believe him (or at least are willing to go with his plan), which kinda makes you about twice as mad as he is.

    Emperor Zahn Fenkelburger
    He's the guy who started this whole mess, being the master and commander of the space drone fleet blackening your skies. No one really knows why he's doing this, though most people suspect that it's coz' of the Spice embargo set by Sirat on the Empire a few years ago. Ah, but who cares what his cause his: right now, he's holding a gun on your backs, and all you want to do is to get out of there alive. Plus, he doesn't even appear in this role-play!

    Yer home, the third loveliest planet (and only inhabitable planet) in star system Alpha Betauri. It's kind of like Earth, only it's got much more futuristic-y things going on in it, such as holo-viewers, nano-cookers (nanobots that are poured into foods and drinks to cook them), cellular super-regeneration technology, and a one-world government. Everyone still uses guns and land-cars, though, as they're generally more practical.

    Note that since Sirat is a very futuristic-y world, many of its common citizens don't know the simplest of things, like starting a fire, cooking some food, or treating flesh wounds. Good source of story-based candy (and also comedy gold).

    The Assembly
    An assembly of nations and planets with a common goal of improving each other's worlds one fumble at a time. A terribly impotent organization that, to its members, has only caused more harm than good. Sirat is a part of this assembly, while the Empire is only an observer.

    The Empire
    An interstellar empire ruled by the Fenkelburger family. Originally, this started out as a big corporation (The Fenkelburger Machine), but when the governments of the planets it exploited collapsed into an incurable case of Impossible Debts, the machine decided to turn itself into a full-blown statehood. It's got a lot of power, money, and brains at its hands, an so it's an impossible enemy to defeat. Its current ruler is, as stated, Emperor Zahn Fenkelburger.

    They're little (compared to other space battleships; in fact, each war-drone is about the size of a football stadium) remotely-manned space-faring battleships designed with "minimum cost, mediocre firepower" in mind, as is usual in most Fenkelburger products. Their numbers, however, more than make up for their weaknesses: there are over a ---- of them surrounding Sirat's atmosphere, enough to have an effect on Sirat's climate (albeit a fairly subtle one).

    More tidbits of info coming soon!
  2. Erikhalle
    The name of your building. No, it's not named after Erik the current landlord: it's named after his aunt.

    The name of your town, which actually happens to be the size of a modern Mega-City. Yeah, most 'towns' in Sirat are like that: actual 'cities' can be even bigger. Portsmouth, the capital of the Sirati Planetary Council (commonly referred to as simply "The Congress") is a 'mega-city'--a city as big as, say, about the whole of New York State.

    The Metro
    Every village (which happens to be the size of a small city), town, city, and mega-city in Sirat has a transportation system called a "Metro". For villages and towns, Metros are basically Maglev trains, but with cooler looking carriages and more efficient electromagnetic systems. Cities and mega-cities, meanwhile, have for their Metros special "burrow-trains": these are trains that "burrow" through space and time in order to allow for faster-than-light travel. These burrow trains have carriages that are the size of Airbus A380 fuselages, and rails that completely enclose the carriages, and have a strong enough inter-dimensionary material composition to protect the outside world from all the space-time warping.

    I'll edit in other info in here later.
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