Escape From Madness {Interest Check}

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  1. [​IMG]
    E S C A P E F R O M M A D N E S S

    Based off of American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns


    Trepanation Asylum, 1947, 10 patients selected to undergo vigorous mental stimulation tests in hopes of technological advances in medical science. Unknown to political eyes, these immoral tests were being forced upon 10 unlucky patients of Trepanation Asylum. The premise behind these tests were to advance a rotting mind back to it's once former glory, to see if someone who had gone mad, could return to normal. This was of course, only an idea.


    [​IMG]Every character (aside from Londerland's residents) is one of Trepanation Asylums patients.
    [​IMG]The Doctors of the asylum figure it's their right to mess with the minds of the patients, seeing as they cannot think for themselves anymore.
    [​IMG]These doctors begin the "Rutledge" Experiment where they hook a select few promising individuals up to a new aged contraption (for the time - 1940's) in hopes it will be able to cure them and give the doctors the ability to "see" what is happening inside their patients minds.
    [​IMG]The technology doesn't quite work out how the doctors had expected, locking the minds of their patients into a "dream world", which equally reacts to their real selves. (A.K.A - Whatever happens in Londerland, happens to the patients real bodies)
    [​IMG]The doctors on the outside are able to "tweak" the dream world, but only to a certain extent.
    [​IMG]The patients on the inside are able to drastically alter Londerland. Their dream world directly relates to their consciousness, meaning - the more insane you are, the worse Londerland is for you; and the more dangerous.
    [​IMG]Whatever happens to a patients body inside Londerland, happens to them in the outside world. (A.K.A - You get scratched in-dream? You get scratched in the real world)
    [​IMG]The technology only worked with 10+ people connected at once, meaning, everyone who is trapped in Londerland, has the ability to meet one another.
    [​IMG]The world itself reacts to a patients mental stability - if you're character is close to being cured, Londerland will be a breeze for them, and it won't take much to escape. But if you're absolutely bat-s*** insane, it definitely won't be that easy.


    This is really just a rough draft of my idea. If I get enough people interested (and I'm hoping I do) I can develop it more with you guys!
    I don't want this to have a set story line in any sense of the word, the only thing that DOES need to happen, would be the patients to be selected and sent into "Londerland", through the doctors new aged technology.

    One thing I require all people interested in this to know is that you'd need to play two (2) characters :)
    --> I'd like the RP to have a flow of interest to it, and not just get boring, so if you're interested, please know, I'd like you to have a Trepanation Asylum patient as one (1) character, and someone from "Londerland" (A.K.A - A Londerland Resident) as a second character, or character number two (2).

    **Dibs Cheshire Cat, btw hehe**
    Also, there will be NO magic in this RP. Fantasy, be it may, there is no magic in AMR, so there will be no magic in EFM. Sorrynotsorry~ ♥


    Here are the side characters down below :) Think on which one you'd like and if you're still interested in this RP, dibs it down below!

    **Alice Liddell will NOT be available to play**

    [​IMG]Queen of Hearts - Available
    [​IMG] King of Hearts - Available
    [​IMG]Cheshire Cat - Taken
    [​IMG]Mad Hatter - Taken
    [​IMG]Dollmaker - Taken
    [​IMG]A(n) insane child - Available
    [​IMG]March Hare - Available
    [​IMG]Dormouse - Available
    [​IMG]Duchess - Available
    [​IMG]White Queen - Available
    [​IMG]White Rabbit - Taken
    [​IMG]Tweedledee and Tweedledum - Available
    [​IMG]The White King - Available
    [​IMG]Caterpillar - Available
    [​IMG]Mock Turtle - Available
    [​IMG]Carpenter - Available
    [​IMG]Walrus - Available

    The requirement is two (2) characters, but you're more than welcome to "dibs" 2 or even 4, so long as you think you can keep up ^-^ (Max 4)
    Side Note: If you're going to "dibs" more then two (2) try a take a couple smaller-part characters, to give others a chance to not just have their asylum patient as a /main/ character.

    Alright! That's pretty much the idea~ If you enjoy it, and would like to start this roleplay with me, let me know below! Also, if you're interested, don't forget to "dibs" a secondary character~ Cheshire Cat is mine so don't even think about it *insert evil glare here*


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  2. Ah, I'm really interested already! I haven't watched Alice: Madness Returns, but I'd like to try this! Dibs on the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter!
  3. Hehe~ Kinda' impossible to "watch" since it's a video game, but I'm glad you're interested ♥
    Edit - Just to confirm you understood what I wrote above, that gives you three (3) characters, right :)? An asylum patient (required) the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit ^-^??
  4. Okay! I think I can handle three....
  5. No problem if you back out of one before I actually get this thing up and running with a bit more interest ^-^ I just wanted to be sure you knew what you had "dibs'd" heh~
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