Escape from Jekax

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  1. Midst of night, the rain poured heavily like a newly forming waterfall over a small cliff. The clouds were too thick to even let a single star or a ray of light from the moon to shine through. The only light that was available was produced from the city and even then it wasn't enough. The noise that the city sung was undefined voices, machines, and cries from children at night who were either lost, scared or about to die. Nothing about this era was easy for children especially those with magic capabilities. People even began to blame those with those capabilities because innocent children were being killed. But there was no time to dwell on the loses, most of them had to escape in hopes to survive. But no one was able to prove of a safe area outside yet. Those who didn't have a choice to escape or wanted to, stayed back to help other's to escape in such a dark era.

    Lyrin’s footsteps avoided every puddle there was even though it was near impossible, but she didn’t want to get her forged shoes rusty. She had special shoes that were specifically forged by an old friend of her’s before he got killed to help her store and balance enough energy to let her power jump from spot to spot. But tonight wasn’t the best night to use them with the rain. Lyrin was coming back with a handful of food that she stole from a small shop. It wasn’t what she liked to do, but since her head was a huge target and was the leader of the Heilige Support Group, she had to feed her people some how. Following right beside her was her right hand man Qui, and further behind was a lower class officer yelling at them to halt. She knew Qui since the day she found him right outside of Heilige Support Group HeadQuarters awhile ago, and since then they had formed a close bond. The officer ran as fast as he could as he tried to catch up with the two children.

    “Hey Qui?! Ever play catch!?”

    Lyrin grinned and threw the food she was able to carry up in the air which included apples, potatoes and some other fruits since she was so picky that all she stole was fruits at times. She halted and flung around skidding back, detaching her staff from her back with a wicked grin.

    “Let thy energy go Hamma Bang!”

    Her staff’s injectors started to blow steam as the began to sound like an angry train. Bright, yellow energy started to shape into a rather huge hammer at the tip of the staff. With a swift swing, Lyrin slammed it down to the ground causing the earth to break and fly up. A force heading straight to the officer between a narrow road breaking the ground as it shot forward.

    “Ka’Bang! No one is gonna stop me!”

    She chuckled and turned back around catching up with Qui.

    The Alliances
    "Lyrin Fenta", age 16 - played by Rita ArchFena
    "Julie Rune", age 6 - played by Rita ArchFena
    "Kokierra Oza", age 19 - played by Kokierra
    "Qui Evocat ", age 17 - played by Kokierra
    "Boris Frenzy", age 16 - played by Goran
    "Etrius Toma", age 16 - played by TheAvenger
    "Caspian Grey ", age 18 - played by Bashington (A)
    "Ichirou Katsu ", age 25 - played by Kokierra (O)
    "Celeste Amaris", age 18 - played by destiny_921 (A)
    "Eric Anhale", age 27 - played by Akuma (O)
    Updated when New Players arrive. NPC not included.
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  2. Qui sighed and took a running start before he leapt into the air, effectively catching each and every fruit that Lyrin had thrown. He landed and just kept walking, even as Lyrin attacked and defeated the officer that seemed to come out of nowhere. " Must everything be solved with a bang?" Qui joked as Lyrin caught up with him. " Why can't you let me solve it with fire?" He mock winged as the two of them kept walking
  3. Lyrin looked at Qui glum as she slowed down to his pace, then looked ahead hooking her still hot staff to her back. Yeesh you must be jelly. She thought to herself.

    "I think solving things with a bang is much better then setting thing's on fire as a bang is rather small compared to your wildfire eh?"

    Lyrin laughed keeping the joke alive while they walked back to HeadQuarters. Seeing her favorite golden apple, she took it from the pile Qui held and threw it up in the air. Lyrin spun around almost joyfully then jumped catching the apple in her mouth. Her steel boots made a loud clunking noise when she hit the ground.

    "Bet you couldn't do that!" She enjoyed herself during the walk back. Too bad it was raining.
  4. Qui laughed at her antics. "No, but i bet Kokierra could." He said jokingly. "And my wildfire makes it all clean when its all reduced to ashes!" He sid with some hearty laughter. "But my fire wouldnt workto well right now, ya know?" He said with a grin.
  5. "Kokierra...."
    Lyrin had nothing against Kokierra, she was actually more curious about him then anything. She dozed off while the apple was in her mouth and wondered when this era would be over. Children dying all the time in front of her was getting to be too much for her. In a moments noticed Lyrin halted and jerked Qui back from his shirt as she slowly stepped behind him.
    "Qui, did you hear that? It was coming from that ally..."
    She didn't know why she stepped behind him, she was suppose to be the leader. But she was so lost in thought, she almost forgot.
  6. Qui instinctively moved to block Lyrin, ready to do anything to protect his leader. "Stay here." He said, handing her the food as he took out his lighter and made his way cautiously into the alley.
  7. Etrius had been wandering the streets for days, only stealing bits of food to complete his meal for the day. He was still starving, but he could handle it better. He was used to it, what child wasn't? He was skinny but still worked out when he had time. Of course wandering around the city allowed him much time to work on running. His stamina must have been keen by now and so has his power training. He walked up to the end of the alley and backed up to a wall, where he wasn't visible. The darkness had made him hidden.

    Etrius looked around the corner slowly, seeing a boy come near the alley. It seemed like he was trying to protect the girl in the back. Hm, what a relationship she must have been hiding while he risked his life to fight as if he was fighting an officer. He sighed and reached out towards cans, near each other. There were about 3. He bended them into a larger dagger and stood up a bit more, slightly having his back bended to crouch immediately if he needed to duck and make a body attack.
  8. Qui halted and opened his lighter when he heard the sound of cans rattling. instead of the fire burning out like it should have, it insured grew into a ball of bright blue fire under his hand. "who's there?" Qui asked cautiously. " if you are one of the children,I mean you no harm." Qui said calmly.
  9. This color for Celeste (assassin)
    This color for Rosanne (child)

    -Edited post-
    = = = = = = = = = = =

    She could hear voices.

    The injured Child hid a wince as she slowly readied her staff and positioned herself defensively near the corner. She would have healed herself, but she was tired, having exhausted almost all her energy defending herself and running away from the assassin.

    Half an hour before...

    "Darn it!" Rosanne Vasquez nee Curtis - the disowned heiress of the prestigious Curtis family cursed under her breath as she ran as quickly as she could, making a quick dash to the left.

    "You cannot escape," An indifferent voice called out.

    The lack of emotion in the tone of the person after her sent a shudder down the Child's spine. It was far more intimidating than a voice full of glee. The coolness of the voice, with a subtle inflection of conviction was just...

    A throwing knife whizzed by her, grazing the healer's shoulder as she yelped.

    Damn...if this continues...

    She quickly scanned her surroundings and chose to take a right, barely missing another blade.


    It was a dead-end.

    The pink-haired girl whirled around to see the slowly approaching assassin with a still emotionless facade.

    A hint of a smirk curled up upon the female assassin's lips.

    "I told you so."

    Think, think, think!

    Rosanne took a deep breath, gathering her magic - ignoring the soreness of her legs and aching of her body as well as her injuries.

    Let it work, she prayed. Please.

    And then the spell was released.


    Everything flashed white.

    And it had been such a good day, too.

    Blue skies, good meals, good rest and great training.

    The brunette then received a mission though - to track and kill off a pink-haired Child. Reading the dossier given to her, she merely thought it would be just the same - as easy as usual.

    How wrong she had been..

    When the light finally faded away, Celeste Amaris uncovered her eyes - despite knowing what had happened.

    The Child was gone.

    Her expression tightened a bit, though for once - she was amused.

    "Let the game, begin, Child."

    Back to the present...

    Rosanne's grip tightened on her staff as she had an internal debate. Should she or should she not take the risk to glance at the scene?

    Warily, she snuck a glimpse from her position. There was a blonde-haired girl behind a black-haired boy, and another boy with dark brown hair.

    It appeared they were in confrontation.
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  10. Etrius sighed and turned the corner. He bit his lip and held out his weapon ready for attack. I am no fool, what if I cannot trust you. He looked at the boy realizing he too was a kid. Etrius shook his head and stepped out of hiding. Nevermind, you too are a child. Who is that girl? He peeked over the boy's shoulder and looked to the girl. Hm, there were more kids and Etrius started to have hope in getting some friends. Who was he kidding he wasn't social enough. Who are you? Etrius raised an eyebrow and looked around cautiously. Force of habit for him. His stance straightened out slightly and he stood above the boy.
  11. "I am Que Evocate." Qui introduced himself. "If you wish to know her name, you may ask her yourself." He said as he clipped his lighter closed and put it back in his pocket. He walked away from Etrius and back to Lyrin and took the supplies back from her. "Well, come on. Don't be shy. Come out and meet us." Qui said to the boy in the dark alley. "We would like to help you."
  12. Inside Jekax City, yet rather far from the gathering of children rescuers, a dark-haired young girl carried out a mission. A mission of stealth and reconnaissance.

    Mina was dangerously close to the headquarters of assassins and officers alike. Magical children like herself rarely ever ventured in this part of the city because of the obvious threats, but she had been doing this for well over a week now. Everyday she would go to a tower near the headquarters and watch the building, making note of each officer and assassin she saw. Even if she didn't know their name - which usually she did not - she would nickname them something or do a simple drawing to remember them by. She needed this information if she ever wanted to successfully infiltrate that structure without getting caught.

    Mina was starting to give up hope, though. Timing was only one component of what it would take. The other component was her magic. That's why today, instead of watching the building, she was trying to figure out how to freeze time for a larger area than just what she could hit with her makeshift arrows.

    Currently, she was stood on the tower and looking at the clouds. They were moving, like every other day, and she drew back the string of her long bow. A purple energy started to form the shape of an arrow as she drew back, and she aimed carefully at the sky. It had been a sudden idea to try and halt the movement of the sky for a second or two. She waited a moment, concentrating her energy and allowing the arrow to grow brighter and brighter. Finally, she released the arrow and it flew across the sky. The purple streak was more noticeable than she had thought, and she started to rethink how smart it was to have done this in such a public place. Still, she watched to see what would happen...

    Nothing. The arrow dissipated after passing straight through one of the clouds.

    Mina sighed, disappointed. She'd done this for nothing. She looked down into a nearby alley, and suddenly her eyes widened. There was a man looking straight at her. She recognized him - he was an officer with a humongous, intimidating sword. [Eric Anhale] And he'd seen her failed display of magic. Panicked, Mina drew her bow once more and aimed it down at the man. Before she could concentrate and focus her magic into the form of an arrow, he made a move.
  13. Etrius looked carefully at the boy scanning him up and down. He came out of hiding eventually and walked towards them, weapon tightly held in his hands. His nervousness was so extreme that his knuckles were white from squeezing the weapon too hard. He looked at the two hesitantly and finally steps near them.
    I am Etrius. I have the power to shift any object or anything into a weapon.
    He gives a fake smile to tell them he is happy in their presence when he really couldn't give half a shit. He shifts his weight to his left side and slowly slips his glove on from his back pocket. Why did he even take it off, it was stupid of him.
  14. "I'm Qui. And there is no reason for you to be so nervous. We do mean you no harm, unless, of course, if you decide to turn hostile, then I'd have to deal with you myself." Qui said matter-of-factly as he stared at the obviously nervous boy in front of him.
  15. Etrius laughed. No need to get tough Qui. Who is the lady? Etrius looked over to her and moved his hair aside with his free hand lightly. He shook his head to the boy. Oh, how old are you? I um. I am not nervous towards you. I am nervous because I think there are....Enemies around. Etrius looked around cautiously, clearly nervous of his surroundings. He always was. He had his tough boy side, but these people were together. Why would he be an asshole to kids who looked like they would do some serious shit to protect each other? What are your powers, Qui?
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  16. They were..talking?

    Slightly confused but relieved, Rosanne observed them quietly for awhile, ignoring the cuts and bruises on her body. She could feel a bit of her energy returning, but it wasn't enough. Not yet. The pink-haired girl needed a bit more time if she needed to cast low-level healing spells on herself. As for the stronger ones... she'd need more rest. Her energy levels were not exactly at an all-time high. This led her to another internal debate - should she reveal herself?

    Time was running out. The blue-eyed Child could feel the outcome of the battle getting to her, before she lost consciousness. It seemed that she would have to take a risk, a gamble.

    "Who...are you people?"

    Hesitantly, the injured healer called out - staff gripped warily in her hand.
  17. Traveling through out the city on a search for what his sword thirst's, the blade humming as it picks up on odd magic. His hood up and his face masked by the shadows he moved quickly yet silently, which was odd for an officer and one of such stature. His sword began to hum like a savage and thats when he witnessed a arrow of purple? shot into the sky by some kid. And that was when he was now fulfilling his mission, He walked into an alleyway and watched making sure it was this kid who shot the arrow. And it had to be, because there was an arrow heading his way. He moved swiftly and as small as he could in this tight alleyway, he brought his shoulder down and ducked out of the way of the arrow and moved with tremendous ground breaking speed towards the child. His eyes seeming to glow red themselves as he neared the child.
  18. " this is Lyrin. the Heilige Support Groups leader. I am seventeenmyself. and I have the power to summon a familiar to fight for me." Qui stated.
  19. Etrius nodded and looked at her, smiling as a hello. He was trying to come off nice even though he really didn't want to be. I see that is interesting. Etrius grinned lightly and turned to look around again. He felt constantly curious as to who everyone was. He wish he had a secret sense, telling him if he should be cautious about something or not. Is this area safe? Etrius stood up, finally deciding to put his weapon away and keep it until he needed it again.
  20. Qui nodded. "Yea, it normally is but there is the occasional Officer or those damned metal-beast things that tend to get melted by none other than me." He said with a grin. "You can feel free to come with us. We make it our duty to help other children escape the city, or they can join us to take part of the rebellion we've created. There is one person we have been trying to recruit, but he is refusing every offer. But he is still an amazing fighter who helps us from time to time." Lyrin would know that he was talking about Kokierra.