Escape from Jekax City

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  1. [​IMG]
    Recently in a world where SteamPunk has been a lasting impression on the buildings
    and people alike, magic is becoming more of a trend. But even though wizardry is becoming popular, it is not a common gift one just possesses. Those who have practiced this skill can only cast spark or light from their
    fingertips, or even send a cold shiver. Recently, children and teens have been found highly gifted with
    capabilities far beyond imagination. Older practitioners are amazed by a child's skill but they are also highly
    jealous. Adults who have been practicing wizardry and are jealous are turning their backs
    on the children and reporting to the tyrannical government of theirs. With reports
    of these special children, the government have decided to send assassins, mechanical beasts, officers, and your own parents to wipe you out. In order to escape your death, you must scramble across Jekax, and the
    rest of the world to find freedom and justice.
    Where You Start:
    You are a young child or a teenager in the city of Jekax. Recently you have heard on the media that children
    with high magical skills have been reported and that anyone to see a child using magic must be killed or brought in. You are stuck with a choice, you can hideout in Jakex as long as you can or pack up and get out of the city as soon as you can. But keep in mind (1) you are not the only person being targeted and (2) anyone can be your enemy. Don't think escaping is easy though. Cameras have been placed all around the city, Mechanical Beast are sniffing the streets for an Magical Aura, Officers are looking for anyone suspicious and assassins are stalking the alleyways. Even once you do escape, there is even more enemies waiting outside.
    Unlike adults you have been gifted with incredible power.
    But keep in mind you are only a Child-Teen.
    Some of your options include;
    * Summoning a Familiar to Aid you
    * Basic Elemental Skills
    * Telepathy
    * Transformation
    And More... Be creative without being a God.
    Your Biggest Allies:
    With Enemies there is Allies.
    They are;
    Heilige Support Group- A group of magical children and teens that decided to stay in Jekax to help others escape. They fight against enemies and have committed themselves to others. Not all get to survive in Heilige though.
    Beat Down Beasties- A group of boys who took the physical way off fighting of Metal Beasts and Officers. Though they focus more on beating down the enemies and not aiding in escaping. Their fighting style varies from karate to boxing and anything else.
    Dead Raven's Shadow- This group is do not fight at all and do not show their faces to anyone. Their main goal is to aid others in escaping. Those in DRS are not confirmed to be even human but are highly intelligent.
    (Support Groups are Limited Till Rise in Children. 3 Max per Group Including Leader Availability
    to BDB and DRS)
    Your Enemies:
    Your enemies can be anyone and everyone. Enemies rarely know magic and if they do, it isn't the same extent as childrens.
    Here are some of the playable characters for enemies:
    Assassin- (CLOSED: Due to Lack Of Child RPers)

    Assassins are being secretly hired to kill children specifically. They can look like anyone or thing, hide anywhere and be sneakier than a rat. They have various of weapons and skills.

    Metal Beast- *Will prove difficult to play* (One Available due to Lack of Child RPers)

    Metal Beast is a robotic animal of any form with the intelligence of a human then some. The are extremely dangerous and will chase after a child till caught. Depending on the animal will depend on it's keen senses. Some Metal Beasts have weapons attached to them and can be paired up with an Officer.

    Officers- (CLOSED: Due to Lack of Child RPers)

    Officers are uniformed men and woman (Uniforms Not Specified) with any range of weapons from guns to swords. But they are not skilled in tracking their targets making it easy for the targets to escape. Due to this issue some have paired of with Metal Beasts.

    Lone Wolf or Groupie?
    How you play is up to you. If you prefer to escape without thinking about others, you may do so.
    If you are one who likes to gather a group of people to escape or even attempt to fight back,
    you may do so as well.
    If you leave Jekax, your environment is free to your imagination.
    In Jekax: It is dark a muggy, Stone and metal buildings short and tall, busy streets day and night,
    dark allyways, apocalyptic feel.
    Outside of Jekax: Just keep in mind the apocalyptic feel.
    If you are interested this is what I have down so far. If you have any ideas I will be glad to hear them.
    If you are ready to play here is your Character Sheet:

    Enemy or Child? If Enemy Which Enemy?
    Type of Magic (Children Only)
    In an Allie Support Group?
    Carry Anything Special?
    Additional Information:
    If you already know if you are going to be a lone wolf or a groupie, you should probably let others know...Or not.
    **Two Character Limit​
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Lyrin Fenta
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Type Of Magic: Energy Manipulation
    Creator of Heilige Support Group
    History: Lyrin was forced out by her parents when they learned of her magical capabilities. She was lucky they didn't go straight to the government,
    but she knew someone else did. Her brother. Hiding out on the streets, Lyrin watched many children get caught, die, or harmed thus dimmed her will to leave. Instead
    she has decided to help others escape, those that were younger than her or weaker, and that she created the Heilige Support Group. But it wasn't easy and still isn't,
    sometimes she gets confused to know where to go to next.. Lyrin can be very tactical and though she is powerful she doesn't go straight to the front lines and instead plans things out when
    things seem easy for others to do their duty.
    Personality: Lyrin is very stubborn and strong willed. She will put others before herself, and make sure who ever needs to escape, escapes. At times she can be a bit bitter and cold but generally is kind.
    Special Item: She carries a long staff that she can channel her energy magic to make it take shape of an Axe, Scythe or Hammer. Her endings always end in a Bang!
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  3. [​IMG]Name: Caspian grey
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    History: Casper grew up on the streets with his sister where he learned to live in the shadows and to take out targets silently. He took the advice of his sister and he became an assassin after a few years of getting low pay for taking out targets he finally got a large amount of money to take out a group of children he is now a well known assassin and will stop at nothing to get his money
    Casper can be very sly and he spends most of his time in the shadows
    .Personality: Casper has a short temper and is sarcastic. He is the only person he cares about after finding out his sister was one of the children he was supposed to he hunting.
    Special Item: He uses poison dipped throwing knifes and a bow
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  4. [MENTION=5946]Bashington[/MENTION]
    Thank you for showing interest. You been approved. Hopefully more will join so we can begin.
  5. This sounds really interesting! Ill get to work on my teenager!
  6. [MENTION=5107]Kokierra[/MENTION] Can't wait to see it!
  7. Name: Kokierra Oza
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Robe-[​IMG]
    Regular Clothing (No one has seen him like this, just putting it here)-[​IMG]
    Not completely connected to any Allie Groups
    History: Being one of the children with magical abilities, Kokierra spent most of his life alone and on the run since he was a young child. His parents were killed by the government as they tried to protect him. His parents, despite his odd abilities, loved him unconditionally and always wanted what was best for him, as any parents should. When he had to fend for himself, he learned to stay away from everyone and trust even less. He wears the cloak because he feels that if people see his face, that he will make some unneeded and unwanted bonds with people because he never stays in one place for to long. He has been known to be hired by some of the Allie Groups to help some children escape, or to help with some of their missions, but he has never been stuck with one for an extended amount of time.
    His one and only weapon that he uses is his trusty Gunblade, which he can channel his magical power to swap it from one form to another. It's only speculation, but it is believed that the bullets he shoots out of his guns are bullets made of fire that he creates himself, so he never runs out.
    Pic: [​IMG]
    Additional Information: He is a quiet and very smart and helpful young man. He is known to seemingly disappear after he has successfully helped someone escape, or helped and Allie Group with a mission. He is called on by Lyrin occasionally because of his speed, his combat abilities, his reliability and his almost GPS-like brain about the layout of the city. He seems to know where almost everything is anywhere in the city, due to his constant movement and helpfulness.
    In battle, he is known to swap his weapon between gun and blade and still land hits without missing a beat.
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    Amazing Kokierra! Can't wait to work with you. Approved~
  9. Thank you! This seems like a really interesting RP and I can't wait to get it started!!
  10. Me neither. It will be exciting to see all the participants. If you want to make one more character you may. I was gonna edit a bit with these changes:

    2 Character Limit because I notice a lot of people ask if they can make another.

    Leader of Beat Down Beasties and DRS available and must be linked to Lyrin communicative. Meaning the leaders are aware of each other and work together in big events.
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  11. Cool! So, you wouldn't mind if I made an Officer?
  12. No please go ahead! Go and have fun with it haha. I am just making some additional changes, nothing will affect your character though. Unless you want to add type of magic.
  13. Okay, I'll add a type of magic to Kokie and then I'll get to work on my Officer!!
  14. Name: Ichirou Kastu
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Enemy: Officer
    History: Ichirou had always grown up as somewhat of a hard-ass and a get-to-the-point-or-I-will-kill-you type of guy. He had learned from an early age to detest and destroy all of the children with the advanced magical abilities. He grew up learning how to use a sword and eventually worked his way up high into the ranks of the higher-ups in the City of Jekax as a powerful, well-respected and feared Officer.
    His huge great sword which was a gift when he attained the title of Officer is in his Appearance Pic.
    Additional Information: He is a very monotone, sadistic and rude person who will do whatever it takes to get rid of the "Magical Menace" as he calls the children. He swings his huge great sword with such ease and speed, it seems like he's just swinging around some little stick. He is only average speed on his feet, but if he hits you, don't expect to get away with your life. The only person that has ever been hit by his weapon and got away was Kokierra. He doesn't know the young man's name, but he is hell-bent on finding that boy and killing him.
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    Wow I am amazed at your characters. Great job Kokierra. Approved~
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  16. Well, thank you!!! I do try to make some good characters. :D
  17. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Name: Boris Frenzy
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Type Of Magic: Shape Shifting/animal transformation
    History: Boris lived with both his mother and father until the age of 8 when the both of them died tragically at the hands of what they thought was a family friend, instead was an assassin sent to kill him. He has fended for himself since that point, discovering his ability when he was cornered in an dark alley one night by a group of officers, whereupon he transformed into a wolf, killing the officers in short order, leaving him to deal with what he had done in the morning.
    Personality: Boris is very strong willed and very much a loner. Distrusts most people, always questioning their motives.
    Additional information: His wolf form requires an immense amount of energy, draining his available energy at twice the normal rate.
    After a transformation he is left in a weakened state until such time that his energy is restored. Primarily a lone wolf that does his own thing, but will work with others if trust is earned.
    Group: not really part of one at present, that can change with time.
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    Approved my personal loviee. I'll be expecting better in time through the story~
  19. [MENTION=5963]Rita ArchFena[/MENTION] it should, there's a lot of development that can be done here.
  20. Name: Celeste Amaris
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Shoulder-length brunette with blue eyes with a lithe, toned build of 5'6.​

    She had always been the perfect girl.
    Intelligent and obedient, kind and forgiving.​
    Until she snapped.​
    Despite growing up in a dysfunctional household, Celeste had always been remarkably intelligent.​
    At the age of four, she was coordinating her own clothing. By the tender age of nine, she was reading books far beyond what she should have been. Her teachers were surprised, but wary of her unusual intelligence. Jealousy was rampant among her schoolmates, leading to her being regularly bullied - and coupled with the abuse from her home , she finally snapped.​
    One day, as she was approached by a couple of her usual bullies and taunted - her gaze drastically altered, as did her bearing and posture. And calmly, with a piercing gaze upon the bullies, she stepped towards the leader and snapped his wrist. In half. With no hint of emotion in her eyes, and an indifferent, cool smirk upon her face - a smirk that should not have been upon delicate features and innocent face.​
    Ever since then, she was left alone. The Ice Queen, they called her. Some even called her "Her Highness", in fear of invoking her wrath if they called her by name. All too soon, however, she found everything a bore. Everyone around her was a bore. It was, in her opinion, amusing but pathetic that they all avoided her like the plague and yet treat her like a princess at the same time.​
    And so she left. Dropped out of school at the age of nine and a half. It was then she started to live on the streets - picking up various things and forms of knowledge. Not to mention, she found breaking into places quite a thrill. It was a rush, really.​
    Later, she found out that her bullies - the ones who had made her life hell in school were magical.​
    From that day on, she vowed vengeance. Vengeance against children with magic.​
    ::Carry Anything Special?::
    Dual daggers and various small blades​
    :Additional Information::
    Celeste is sarcastic, calculating and perceptive. However, this does not mean that​
    she does not know how to charm and be amicable (or even downright friendly)​
    if need be. However, she is a loner most of the time.​
    Her...unconventional living (and boredom) has gained her access to various forms of knowledge.​
    Poison-making, trap-making and even making weaponry and armor reparations - she can do it. Of course, this does not mean that she'll stop there...​
    Besides that, however, she has a firmly established reputation in the world of assassination. Though,​
    no one knows her true identity. They only know her as Viper. And that was how it would remain. Or would it?​
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