Escape from Gravity City

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  1. Synopsis: A world in which magic and steampunk collide. Wizardry is a common art, and, although not many possess the gift, the ones that do don’t have much power at all. They can cast a few illumination spells or cause a spark at their fingertips, but that’s it. A few children, however, are particularly gifted, and the tyrannical government has gotten wind of them. In order to escape the grasp of the assassins dispatched to wipe them out, the kids must scramble across a steampunk, post-apocalyptic world in search for freedom, liberty, and justice.


    The day had started normally enough. Auberon had woken up early, and had taken a bath before he decided to leave his father's house. He walked to the small shop he worked at that was situated at one of Gravity City's many air docks, and got to work. The shop he worked at was an airship repair shop, and, while he couldn't exactly use his powers there, the pay was decent and he was able to get out of his father's house.

    That dark place was one that Auberon hated staying in. Work was much better.

    His father...didn't understand his powers. They had developed soon after his mother died, when he was seven, but he hadn't really known what to do with them until he turned thirteen. He could manipulate electricity, bend it to his will. He could take the electricity out of anything powered by it and become a sort of battery for unpowered objects. It was a great power, as long as he didn't use it near the dirigibles. That normally would cause an explosion, and dirigibles weren't cheap, so he had to repress his powers as much as he could when he was working at the shop. When his father learned of his powers, he nearly kicked him out. He didn't trust magic, least of all those special few that were able to do more than light their finger on fire.

    As Auberon walked to the shop, he couldn't help but feel that something was wrong, like there were unseen eyes watching him. It made him nervous, and he wanted to turn back and go home. Still, he refused to let a feeling take him away from his paycheck. Brushing back his long dark hair, he forced himself to keep walking, his boots making soft noises against the pavement.

    Soon, he came upon a familiar alley that he would have to walk through in order to get to the shop. A bit worried about going through it given the feeling he had, he made a face before he walked into it, his shoulders tensed and his body prepared for anything.

    Then, he heard footsteps from behind. Before he could turn to face it, he was grabbed from behind and thrown against the wall. Momentarily stunned, he blinked at the assailant, a scream rising in his throat. A knife was swiftly pressed against his throat, and the scream died, leaving Auberon staring wide-eyed at the man. Before the knife could be pressed into the soft skin of his throat, he took a deep breath and let his electricity course through him. It flowed from his fingertips and into the man, who collapsed to the ground, the knife clattering against the pavement.

    Moving away from the wall, Auberon gazed down at the man, who was slowly but steadily getting to his feet. Cursing, he saw a familiar insignia on the man's shirt: a triangle inscribed in a circle with GC in the middle. This man worked for the government. Confusion immediately filled him, and Auberon nervously stepped forward as he let his power flow through him and into his fingertips once again. Biting his bottom lip, he placed his hand firmly against the man's back, and let electricity flow into him. The man collapsed once more and Auberon took his hand away, taking a deep breath. He reached down and placed a couple fingers at the man's neck. There was a steady pulse there. Letting out a heavy sigh of relief, Auberon turned and ran into the streets, suddenly terrified.

    If the government was sending out assassins, then he had to run, get himself safe.

    Once Auberon was on the streets again, he ran for the shop, taking the long way there. Maybe, he could grab some supplies there, or even 'borrow' a dirigible. At least, he decided, he would be safe for a little while.


    PICS (open)

    Rae had a similar problem. She could control the mind, or read it. She worked this out the second she could speak, repeating thoughts of the people around her. This ruined her parent's social life, and she was left to die. She wasn't worried about that.

    We have to be careful with the mind freak.
    Oh look, there's that girl who's mental.
    I bet she reads everyday and knows gossip. I better avoid her.
    I hope there's still doughnuts available.

    She wondered what the point was of having a power if nobody was going to spectate. Nobody could see it happened, but people knew it happened.

    I'm going to kill all those terrible little wierdos.

    Rae ran the second she saw the government, the logo terrified her. They wanted her dead, but she didn't deserve it. She ran into a shop. Maybe she could feel a bit safer. She'd passed a passed-out assassin on the ground. 'Why do they want to kill me?' she thought, 'I'm not a danger...' She noticed a young man doing a supply run. She watched him. For once, she wanted an answer.
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  3. He was being watched.

    That much Sander knew as he walked through the market area. The back of his neck prickled as he kept his gaze straight on. He hated that, being stared at. It was probably why he easily noticed someone watching him; like a niggling itch or a pestering fly.

    With his auburn hair and plain clothing, most people thought him to be merely an errand boy. Which wasn't really far from the truth. He was on an errand today after all. Passing the alleyway, he noticed something glinting a bit and catching his eye. Again, that odd feeling of being watched niggled at him but he chose to ignore it. It could be nothing worth worrying about. The male walked over to the alleyway and crouched down to find a knife. Interesting. It wasn't an ordinary knife either. At least, not the type of knife he would see in the kitchen or the Butchers'. Picking it up, he studied it closer. He could faintly see a small triangle inscribed on the hilt but he couldn't read what was written on it. Unreadable it may be, he still recognized it as he saw it on a regular basis. This made him frown a little. What would a knife with the government's seal be doing here? Shaking his head, he put the knife back down and went on his way. Who knows when would someone return for it and find it gone?

    Going on his way, Sander went to the airship repair shop and went to the counter. "Excuse me. I'm here to inquire about the state of the governor's dirigible," he asked the dark haired male working in front of him.
  4. Auberon raced into the shop, glad that none of his coworkers had arrived yet. Jumping over the counter, he got down on his knees and dug out an old, ratty satchel Mr Astor, his boss, had used during the Rogue Wars twenty years ago. It was falling apart, but it was the only thing Auberon knew could hold stuff. Setting it on the counter, he glanced at the lockbox beneath the counter, and bit his bottom lip.

    Mr Astor usually kept about one hundred imperial credits in it at any given time. Auberon would feel bad about taking from the aging veteran, but...well, this was an emergency. Deciding that he would write a note to Mr Astor explaining to him the situation, he grabbed his keys and opened the lockbox, glad that Mr Astor hadn't yet upgraded to a new, password-coded lockbox that most other businesses had.

    Taking out all the money, Auberon stuffed it into his pockets before the little bell above the door jingled, signalling a customer. "W-we're closed," he said, glancing up at the girl that had entered.

    Before he could begin searching for more supplies, the bell rang again. "We're closed," he had been about to say, before he recognized the person standing at the counter.

    "R-right, the governor," he said, suddenly straightening. If the governor wanted to, he could have Auberon thrown into prison, no questions asked. And if the government was sending assassins after him, then he would be a sitting duck.

    "Right this way, sir," he said, trying to keep the panic out of his eyes. He led the other male through the door that went into the docking bay, calling to the girl, "I-I'll be right with you, madam." Once they were in the docking bay, Auberon led the man to the governor's dirigible, which was almost too big to fit in the small shop's dock, and said, "It's nearly finished, sir. The loose cables and the rudder are done, but there has been some troubles regarding the suspension ties and the tear in the balloon...The tear cannot be fixed, and the balloon must be replaced, and the suspension ties will also need to be replaced in order for it to be in working condition again. The balloon will have to be ordered from out of town, but the suspension ties can be bought in Gravity City...i-if you come back in a couple hours, then...then my boss Mr Astor will be here to put in the orders."

    Auberon glanced at the man nervously, hoping that he would leave now and he could make his escape.
  5. He's one of us. I wish I could communicate with him without the Governor's assistant knowing. I bet he sent the government to kill us. Old geezer, Rae thought. She followed the two men outside, not saying a word, watching for a thing that gave her a signal. She stared right through them, for a thought. One wanted to escape. Escape? Rae wanted to tag along. She was also slightly annoyed that suddenly he was closed, then serving, but she let it slip...something she didn't normally do. "Umm...excuse me, it's really important and I don't have much time. Also, I was kinda here first," she needed to talk to this person, even if it meant the Governor on her tail.
  6. "I see. How soon do you think everything could be replaced?" Aleksander inquired after he listened to the young man's report. The Governor would definitely be a bit mad at him, he inwardly grimaced at the reason why it got to that state in the first place. More like who brought it to that state. But it was a good thing that the technicians gave it off as a gas leak. Knowing how the government hated people with powers, I could have been sent away to prison.

    Too caught up in his thoughts, he didn't notice the girl until she spoke up. "I apologize, miss. You can have his attention now," he said with a small shrug before turning back to the other. "If that's all, then I best be on my way." He, no, they, were being watched. But he pretended not to notice so as to not alarm the other two. Both of them seem awfully tense already after all.
  7. Rae read his thoughts quietly, Knowing how the government hated people with powers, I could've been sent to prison.

    Stop. I think this affects all of us...but not here," she noticed that anyone could be anywhere, "In the shop. Please." Rae didn't want to have to leave alone. She didn't want to die alone either. The government had got in the way of her future. Do they know what I mean?

    She always carried a small red rucksack, and she brought out a notebook, and pen.

    How do you explain you steal privacy and read their minds? How do you explain you're an assassin's target? How do you ask someone to escape with you, so you aren't alone?

    She wrote, 'assassins kill powers' and passed the page to the one who owned the shop. 'I have powers' she passed to the other male. Rae waited, for them to swop over and process what she was trying to say. She was slightly worried, that she'd read their minds wrong.