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    Boy and Girl are a pair of siblings who know of nothing before they were experimented on at Experiment Island, a secluded isle that very few beings know of. These experimentations performed upon them have granted them both a wide range of powers: Boy, ice and its correspondants; Girl, fire and its correspondants. Despite this they do have lackings... Lackings in the memory department, thanks to the "gracious" scientists. When they escape from their opressive lives, the pair are forced to rely upon one another to control their powers, regain their memories, and escape the island. But is it even possible?

    ((So, I think I included everything that we discussed in that pathetic excuse for a summary. xD If we think of anything else, I'll edit it in. Anyway, I'll let you post your charrie first so that I can work around him. cx *dances around* Can't wait for this!))
  2. Loud screams echoed off of the pristine white walls. If you didn't know any better you would think they were torturing something, but no, torture wasn't in their job description. Torture was saved for the other side of the island. The scientists on this side were merely creators, they were kind in their own eyes, like parents. However, the boy they were experimenting on didn't think so.

    The boy they were experimenting on was strapped to a table, he had light brown hair and blue eyes. His rounded face was contorted with pain. There were three scientists standing over him, they were injecting him with all kinds of liquids, all over his torso. They weren't relenting, syringe after syringe of what felt like liquid fire. Luckily the boy wouldn't have to deal with it too long as the pain made him pass out.

    The boy woke up a few days later, he had an IV in his arm, sustaining him with what looked like apple sauce. He looked around the room. It was hospital white and on the other side there was someone else in another bed. He ripped off the covers of the bed he was on and tried to stand, however his legs felt like jelly and all he managed to do was make a loud racket as he fell and brought his IV with him.
  3. There are places that should just be avoided, that much she knew. And this... This is most certainly one of those places; there is no doubt about it. There is no room for thought in the girl's mind; she doesn't even try to organize her brain, a brain that feels like it has been turned to absolute mush as a result of terror, apprehension, and pure adrenaline. A series of masked adults surrond the table she had been laid upon, while a series of three others restrain her fighting self as they struggle to secure straps over her arms and legs and tigten them adequately. "Let me go, Bastards!" the girl spits, lashing out with all of her strength. "This is a disgrace!"

    None of the scientists pay her any mind, causing her to kick and yell even more, cursing at the top of her lungs without a care in the world. One turns toward her with a syringe filled with a clearish liquid of some sort, his eyes showing not anger, but merely frustration. "Hold still!" he demands, desperation and a tad of whininess coating his voice thickly. "Do you want the needle to break off in your arm?" The girl merely glares at him with her hazel eyes, continuing her struggles. Finally, one of the women grabs at her arm, holding it down. "Do it now!" she tells the man with the syringe. "I can only hold her so long."

    As soon as the liquid is released into her bloodstream, the girl begins to find it harder to move. She keeps kicking and screaming, long auburn hair flying all over the place, but her lashes grow weaker and her words slur terribly, to the point that there is absolutely no chance for comprehension by anyone at all. Her eyelids grow heavy, and she struggles to continue her heated resistance. But the fluid that had been injected into her veins takes hold and she loses conciousness.

    ~* A Few Days Later *~

    Whiteness. That's all there is to be seen after her bout of blackness. Ugh... It's all too much! Where's the color? For this world cannot be real. If it is real, well, then she's got to admit that she's incredibly pissed at the scarcity and bareness of it all. It's enough to drive a person mad!

    A sudden crash pulls her out of her senseless anger, and she sits up abruptly. A little ways away is another bed with messy white sheets and a boy sprawn on the floor with his own IV. Supressing the urge to laugh out loud at his predicament, she addresses him with a tinge of humor in her voice. "Having fun down there?"
  4. The boy muttered something under his breath. Finding a bit of strength he began to pull himself up on his bed. The sheets went down with him, making him a pile of Iv, sheets, and pain. "Fine, no I'm not having fun, I can't even walk!" He snapped. "Can't you help me up?" He asked. His mind raced, wondering who in the world this girl was and how he could get up.
  5. Shaking her head in wordless -- yet in all intents and purposes, unmasked -- amusement, the girl removes her own IV and gets to her feet slowly, carefully testing her stiff limbs with her hands grasping the headboard. Not very surprisingly, she wobbles a bit at first, but somehow manages to stay on her feet, grasping her bed like a lifeline. She stays in one place for a minute or so, allowing herself to regain at least some feel in her legs, before laboring over to the boy. Bracing herself against his headboard, she extends her hand toward him without hesitation. "Here. Up you get!"
  6. The boy grabbed her hand gently. She felt very warm, and his hands were freezing cold. He pulled himself up, grabbing onto her arm at different points the whole way up. He finally got to the point where he could stand beside his bed. By the time he had made it to full standing, he had broken into a sweat. "Wh-who are you?" He said, finally looking up at the girl.
  7. The girl returns his grasp firmly, not caring much to let him fall and gain an enemy consequently. She keeps a hand on his arm lighty until he finds his balance, when she removes her hand slowly and steadily, eying him warily as she does so. When it is apparent that he's not going to collapse again -- at least, not anytime soon -- she allows herself to relax a bit, even while watching him carefully just to be sure. At his question, she smiles a smile that does not spread to her eyes. "I'm..." she frowns, trying to recall her own name. Nothing comes to mind. "I'm..." she starts again. Still nothing. Not even a clue. Face coated with confusion, she furrows her brow. "I don't know who I am," she says finally, looking at her roommate quizzically. "In fact, I can't remember much of anything at all."
  8. The boy sighed. "Well, that's a shame. I was hoping you could tell me some stuff too. Well I'm..." He got quite the headache trying to remember his name. "Uh." He blinked rapidly. "I can't...I don't..." He tapped his head and sat on the edge of the bed. "I can't remember...Well, I guess I will call you Girl." He decided on his new friend's name. "So Girl, I have no clue where we are, do you know?" He asked her. "Anything about this place?" He looked around. "Is this our home?" He propped his knee up and put his elbow on it, grabbing his chin he began to murmur to himself in thought.
  9. The girl laughs in spite of herself at the boy's declaration. She supposes that he could've called her worse things, and at least this title is true. All the same, his own obvious lack of memory disappoints her, though she's unsure why this is so, or what she had wished he would know. For now, however, she decides that it would just be best to answer his questions to the best of her ability, though admittedly, she knows that this is not saying much, considering her own lack of persona and memories. "I'm not sure," she says slowly, looking around the place with analytical eyes. "I might not know much about myself or my past, but I know things. It looks like a hospital. If this is our home, it is a very odd hime, indeed." Her hand raises to her cheek as a sudden thought penetrates into her mind. "If this is a hospital, why are we here? Maybe it has something to do with our memory loss...?"
  10. The boy nodded. "That makes a lot of sense to me!" He stood up from his bed. "Well, I for one do not want to stay in this hospital. I say we leave!" He hated hospitals, he didn't know how he knew that, but he knew he was afraid of needles. He stood with his wobbly legs and began to walk towards the only door he saw. He leaned heavily on the wall and yanked on the door. It slammed against the inside of the door lock, it was locked shut. He began to shake it violently. "Let me out!"
  11. The girl rolls her eyes at her companion's display. "You can't just leave a hospital without permission," she points out, voice dripping in raw exasperation. (How could he not know this stuff? Sure, he might not know who he is and the like, but he should at the very least know this, she thinks with slight annoyance.) "It's not like I want to be here either, but I think we're probably going to have to wait until the doctors come back from wherever they went. We're probably not even supposed to be out of bed, yet, you know," she points out with slight smugness. She's not being cruel -- not really. Or at least she doesn't think so. She's just being honest, if not a little tactless for the boy's perspective.
  12. The boy hit the the door, then turned to her and hissed. "Oh just shut it, won't you? If we were in a hospital we wouldn't be locked up. This is a prison." He hissed at her. He began to stumble towards her. "And I know I didn't do anything wrong, so you must be why we're here! What did you do?" He asked her, trying to shove her, but losing his footing and falling into his bed.
  13. Scowling, the girl glares at her companion fiercely. How dare he accuse her of such awful things? Face growing red with anger, she crosses her arms defieantly, not looking away. "What did I do? How do you know that I did anything? How do you know that you didn't do it? You don't remember anything, you said. Or is that a lie you're using to cover up your crimes, hm?" The corner of her mouth twitches as a sense of superiority washes over her. "If we are in prison, it's because of you, no questions about it!" She sniffs the air, an odd scent filling the room. Out of the corner of her eye she sees a red flash. Is that... fire? Looking around for the source, she realizes that it's her hair. But how did that happen? In a bout of panic, she turns on the water faucet in the corner of the room, sticking her head under the cool flow before arising to glare at the boy. "You set my hair on fire," she says angrily. "I don't know how you did it, but you're the only one here. You are the reason we're in this place!" She moves to clutch at his collar, surprised by her own strength after being in a coma of some sort. "What the Hell did you do?"
  14. "I didn't do anything! Get off of me!" He shouted. The water suddenly burst from the faucet. It shot towards the back of her head quickly and harshly, it seemed to grow in strength as it smacked her in the back of the head. "What the?! You're a freak! What are you doing!" He shouted and tried to push to get away from the woman he was now scared of.
  15. "I'm not doing anything!" the girl literally screams in frustration. What did he take her for?! She's no fool, she can't be cheated into believing that she's someone -- something -- that she's not like this. Consumed with fury, she shoves him back onto the bed, letting out a little scream as flames engulf her entire body, starting from the feet and working their way up. "What is this?" she demands, fear consuming her soul the same way the flames consume her body. Her eyes don't leave the boy. "Insanity!" she screams. "This cannot be happening!" For thoough the flames surrond her, she feels no pain at all. They do not seperate from her body or cause anything else to catch and burn. It's almost as though... They're a part of her. But that's preposterous! Isn't it?
  16. The boy covers his face. "You're a monster! Get away!" He thrusts his hands out. A cloud of ice started jettisoning from them and towards her. He didn't see, he had his eyes closed. "Leave me alone!" The ice pumped out harder. It was a cloud that would freeze what it touched.
  17. Mind growing fuzzier with each passing second, the girl staggers back admist the icy cloud. "I'm the monster? I have no clue what's happening! And besides, what you're doing isn't much better than what I'm doing!" The flames seem to heighten with her emotions, fueled by the adrenaline of her pounding heart, the heaving breaths that fill and empty her lungs in less than a second. Her drenched hair had dried out when the flames consumes her, but spasms consume her being. "I don't... Why..." she lets out a gasping sigh, tucking her head over her knees as her inexplicable spasms continue. Slowly, the flames begin to die down.
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