Escape from Alcatraz.

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  1. Just a few things to read before you jump in:​

    • You don't need to know any exact history of Alcatraz to join the RP, as long as you know how to RP in a prison and have some interest in crime roleplays.
    • Your character does not have to be a factual inmate from Alcatraz it can be any type of prisoner as well as guards if you'd like. If you know anything about Alcatraz and want to play as an actual inmate that was really there, Al Capone, Birdman, Machine Gun Kelly, etc, feel free to.
    • Some actual events that took place at Alcatraz may be incorporated but for the most part we will be making our own storyline so you can sort of think of it as an alternate timeline RP. It'll mostly take place in the 40's.

      It was an average morning on Alcatraz Island, the waves were crashing against the rocks and it was a foggy, grey day like it naturally was this time of year. The peaceful morning environment was interrupted by the sounds of a booming alarm. It signaled that it was morning. That was followed by the headcount, the guards wanted everybody to have their cells swept and presentable and to be standing ready for role-call, you'd definitely want to be awake and ready or you were bound to have a bad morning. After that you'd go to breakfast if you chose to, nobody was particularly in a chatty mood at this hour. After much lingering around all inmates would go to their scheduled working spots, some went to the docks where they were well watched by guards while they worked. Some would go to the steam factories to press metal and some, if they were well enough behaved got to work in the cafeterias or get some recreational time, while the worst of the inmates had to scrub the latrines and work in the hospital ward along with other undesirable jobs. These were the hours where the prisoners got to be the most "social" and that was never necessarily a good thing. Gangs and mobs would use this time to do business, which consisted from drug trafficking all the way to hiring guards to torment inmates they didn't like, it was a huge economy during this hour.

      Though on this morning several prisoners were yapping about one in particular. He went by the name Rory. He was a scrawny young man, definitely no older than twenty. He had scruffy dark brown hair that was groomed whenever it could be but that was a restricted art here in Alcatraz. He had a healing black eye that came from some goon a few weeks ago who had an argument with him in the cafeteria. He'd been in Alcatraz for about two years. He came in as a weakling and really he still was. His beatings and abuse by guards had slowed down recently though ever since he helped out a few of the mob guys by taking the blame for some contraband, which gave him an extra year on his sentence but also gave him subtle protection. The mob hadn't asked him to do anything else since then but he knew when they needed him he'd have no choice but to listen. They had helped him so he had no choice but to help them when they needed him. Anyways, he was a casual prisoner, was never into excitement and was never talked about too much. He had survived by keeping it casual. No extreme attachments to people and no dirty business. That all changed last week. He had the capabilities to do something in Alcatraz, nobody knew what that was until recently but now rumors were spreading. This Rory kid had something that others wanted to know but few people would approach him to ask. Right now he was in the library, thankful that he had some time to read for once which was restricted for good behavior only. He sat in his prison uniform, nobody had asked him about this big plan of his yet and he knew eventually someone would come along. He was expecting it.

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  2. Westley woke up to the distinct Alcatraz alarm that everyone in the prison woke up to, Westley rubbed his short, puffy orange hair that stuck out in all directions. He quickly wiped his eyes, threw off his thick, lint covered wool blanket and ran out of his cell. Under the alarms, the man in the cell next to me tried to get my attention.
    "Psst, Westley!" He seemed very intent
    "What is it?"
    "Have you heard bout' that kid Rory? He says he has something for any prisoner who wants to go talk to him, you should go see him. He's supposed to be in the library today after work hour is over."
    That sparked Westleys curiosity, and he instantly wanted to go see who Rory was, and what he was offering, so he planned to go meet Rory in the library when his job was over.

    Westley wiped his brow of sweat after working in the steam room building license plates and went to go check and see if Rory was in the library like the prisoner next to Westleys cell mentioned. Westley pushed open the double doors that led to the library, and peaked his head in slightly to see if Rory was anywhere to be seen, and there he was sitting in a stiff wooden chair against a bookshelf with his face firmly planted into a book. Westley shot through the doors, and pulled up a chair across from Rory.
    "Hey, Rory."
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  3. Rory heard his name and started to lower the book he was reading to see who it was. He didn't recognize this guy at all so he thought the rumors must be getting out, which was actually something he wanted. Instead of going out and telling every prisoner what was going on he decided to let the news out in little whispers here and there and see who would come to him. So far this was the only person who had approached him, he assumed everyone else either didn't believe him or didn't have the time.
    "Do I know you?" He asks, putting the book down completely. The instant suspicion in his voice was only normal. It wasn't often a prisoner didn't you know approached you unless they wanted to shake you or needed something, no one ever reached out for friendship. He had never seen Westley before, probably because they were always in different cell blocks but he had an idea as to why he was here. He stared at him with a tired and anxious gaze, his eyes a mossy dark green color. He lacked sleep and it was now visible how paranoid he was.
  4. "No, I don't think you do, but I've heard about you. I hear you have something to offer everyone, that's the rumor goin' around at least." I lowered my voice to make sure that the guards wouldn't take any interest in our conversation, or even notice us for that matter.
    For some reason imagining what Rory could have been offering made Westely's mind go wild with ideas on what was going on, he had to find out what Rory was offering. The look of content, and concern was obvious in his body motions. He was leaning in with his chin rested on his palm.
  5. Rory chuckled a little, folding his arms.
    "That's what they're saying? I have something to offer them?" He asks, still sounding skittish as ever.
    "I never said I have something to offer it's just.." He does the same as him, looking around to see if any of the guards that were regularly in the library had their ears open. They didn't.
    "It's just I'm trying to find the right people.. trustworthy people who are interested in.. er.. a special sort of mission I guess you could call it." He says, pretty much whispering at this point. He was never very confident, especially when it came to "business" if that's what you'd call it but now he had to put some of his timidness aside if this was ever going to work.
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  6. "I guess you could said I'm pretty trustworthy, I'm not a rat if that's what your trying to say."
    Westley crossed his arms like Rory did, and gave him an intense stare.
  7. Rory gave a bit of a thankful smile, seeing that this guy must at least know a little bit about bending the rules here. Most people did. He didn't know much about his background yet though, that made him hesitant. That and the fact that the two of them had just met but he thought that'd be the same with pretty much anyone who came forward for this, being complete strangers and all, it's not like he had a wide array of friends in the prison, if he had any he wouldn't of needed complete strangers for this.
    "What's your name huh?" He asked as casually as he could, leaning over the table so his whispers could be more audible.
  8. Westley leaned forward as well to try and keep the conversation just between the two.
    "I'm Westley, but to be honest with ya' Rory, I'm really just curious about what's going on here, and what this mission is about."
    Westley's curiosity about 'The Mission' was obviously showing now.
  9. Rory was about to speak when suddenly a few of the guards interrupted them.
    "Library time is over mutts." One says, yanking Rory's book off the table and tossing it onto one of the book carts. "Line up." The irritable guard told them.
    Rory frowned in annoyance, knowing that they weren't going to have a very distinct one on one conversation right now. He thought quickly, knowing he wouldn't be able to say much to Westley before the guards got hostile.
    "Westley. I changed my mind, I actually am offering something. Tell any trustworthy, tough, and hardworking prisoner you know of that Rory Patson is offering an amazing reward for anyone looking to do a little work. Get the word out and tell them where to meet me. Cafeteria at breakfast tomorrow, make sure you spr--" Rory was interrupted as a guard grabbed his arm and yanked him off the chair roughly.
    "Did I say this was chat time? Move it!" The guard barked at him before giving him a shove towards the exit of the library. "You too, get back to your cell." He said to Westley as well. Rory walked out without any resistance, thinking he had made the right decision in getting Westley to spread the word about his offer. After all, he was going to need a lot of people on his side.
  10. (That's a good time to stop for tonight, if anyone else is interested in continuing tomorrow just read what was going on and have your character go to the cafeteria the following day to meet with Rory, will take it from there. Night Lucky. :P )
  11. Westley walked into the large concrete room that was only lit by the morning light coming from the surrounding bars. What an amazing place to eat a meal, Westley thought to himself before he scanned the room closely looking for Rory. There he was, eating at a circular table all alone with his ruffled up brown hair. Westley speed walked over to him, ignoring everyone who tried to get his attention on the way, or anyone who was in the way. Westley was now standing above the metal table, Rory was eating mashed potatoes with a soupy gravy mix drowning it in his tray. I ignored the disgusting food, and sat down at the cold, metal bench across from Rory.
    "Hello again."
    Westley was trying to remain as casual as possible.
  12. Rory had been expecting Westley to show up, he was almost starting to think that he wasn't going to show but thankfully he was here. This is the first time he had noticed him in the cafeteria before, now that it was such an important matter he didn't know how he could of missed him. He looked at him for a moment, gazing to the other available seats at the table, looking like he expected more people to come.

    "Are you the only one who wanted to come? None of your friends were up for the offer?" He asks, sounding desperate. "Cmon, this is a once and a life time chance here and no one else wants in on it? You've gotta be kidding me." He says, scooting the tray of slop away from himself, he didn't have any appetite left.