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  1. Jeanine Matthews pulled her glasses off of her face, pinching the bridge of her nose as she did. The lastest responses from the new simulations. There was still a small percent of the population that weren't responding to them, but why? Her anger flared for a moment before she was able to chill it. Everything had a solution, all she had to do was find it!

    With deft fingers, she flicked on her laptop and scrolled through the results from the simulations, pushing her glasses back up the bridge of her nose. She ignored the blond hair that curled into her face or the disheveled way that her clothes laid on her. She never really cared, but she did know she needed to go and get some soda if she wanted to get through the night without falling asleep at the pc as she normally did.
  2. Maya, or Abigail Brennen as she was known before her choosing ceremony, jumped onto the train and glanced around the empty car. She was headed to see the person she cared about most, Jeanine. It had been a long and grueling day. It had been four years since she had chose Dauntless. She'd always thought she would choose to remain in Erudite, but the results of her aptitude test had changed everything. She was different, a bad kind of different. Everything had calmed down as time passed though. Maya hardly thought about it now. Her secret had not been found out, and her fears of someone discovering it had disappeared some time ago. Though, they were slowly returning.

    She'd now arrived and knew exactly what Jeanine would be doing. She was well aware of Jeanine's latest project and knew it was very unlikely she'd be taking a break. She also knew that if she planned to work through the night, Jeanine would need a soda. So, she picked up one before going to see Jeanine. Maya strolled into the room and sat the soda on Jeanine's desk. "Still haven't found the problem yet?" Maya asked, running her thin fingers through her jet black hair.
  3. Jeanine didn't look up from the screen when she heard someone come in, there were only a handful of people who could get into this room, and a lower number of people that would be coming to see her at this hour. When she heard the glass bottle touch her desk though, she looked up, arching a slim eyebrow before she recognized who it was that had come in.

    "Abigail." she said, in her own weird way of greeting. She never called any of the transfers by what they had renamed themselves, she saw it as ignorant to ignore their true names, the names they had been born with. She shook her head, scowling at the screen for a moment longer before leaning back in her chair and pulling off her glasses. She didn't really need them, the lens was only a clear plastic, but they helped keep her mind focused, just as it did for the many other Erudite that wore them.

    "I'm not grasping what it is that's not sticking with the program. It works perfectly on most of the population, but the select few..." her voice trailed off as she leaned her head back and ran her hands through her hair. Very gew people saw her like this, flustered. People weren't supposed to see her like this but she trusted a few enough to let them see her. "Sorry I'm rambling." she said, although her voice didn't sound completely apologetic.
  4. The mere mention of her given name caused her irritation. It reminded her of who she thought she was before she found out the truth. Jeanine was the only person she allowed to continue calling her that. If anyone else addressed her in such a way, it wouldn't end well. Maya, of course, had never mentioned her reasoning for disliking her given name as much as she did. She couldn't.

    Maya was silent for a moment. There was only one possible explanation she could think of, but she wouldn't dare mention it. There was nothing else that she could think of that would make someone stand out from the rest in the way that these results were showing.

    "I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough." She leaned against Jeanine's desk in a casual manner. If Maya's guess was correct, Jeanine solving the problem would only create them for her. Maya didn't need anyone to have any more reasons to show negative interest in her kind, especially Jeanine.
  5. Jeanine pinched the bridge of her nose for a second before she looked back at Maya. "How are things in Dauntless? Any more of the intitates getting sick from the fear simulations?" she asked, remembering that the last batch had made a few of the newer Dauntless sick to the stomach. She leaned forward and grabbed the bottle of soda, popping the lid on it easily only because she had designed the bottles so they were easier to open. As entertaining as it had been when she was a child to watch some of the adults struggle with it, she didn't like it when it was her turn to struggle with it.
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