SOLVED Error 507 Insufficient Storage

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Fantasy, sci-fi. Fandoms really but I can do non-fandoms. If it's a non-fandom I tend to stick with a DnD type thing so medieval sci-fi but I so desperately want to try DnD in space... It sounds amazing.
Hi there! This is the first time I'm using the help desk.
For some reason when I try to load the page or go to a chat or the page refreshes itself I keep getting an Error 507 Insufficient Storage. Iwaku is also running really slow for me.

Is it just that there are loads of people online right now? I've closed tabs and restarted my laptop and got nada.
Please help!

Larissa : )
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Hiii! We are currently experiencing some loading and lag issues the past two or three days due to the sudden HUGE influx of people. XD We have our server guy trying to work on it and hopefully it should stop in the next day or so.