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  1. Hello ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between. I am feeling rather ambitious and am on the hunt for a potential writing partner. I have had a few ideas rattling around in my head and want to work with a few or hear some other ideas. I am pretty flexible with plots and the creation of a storyline, so long as the partner pitches in too. This is a good transition into the few requirements I have for partners.

    1)Sorry, no anime physics or characters.
    2) Must be able to add something to the story and not be fully passive. I write well and can provide a response if the partner provides a nice response and takes control very once in a while.
    3) Posts must average at least four/five paragraphs or more. I like lengthy replies and can manage to dish out this amount as well.
    4) Must be able to respond at least a few times a week and ideally at least one post a day.
    5)No god modded characters and such. Characters should have more detail than a generic personality and some random picture that you came across the internet.
    6) Must be a decent writer:adept, intermediate, advanced or even above though I am only in the intermediate/advanced range.
    7) Has to be alright with LGBT themes since I prefer to avoid heterosexual couples. If I am really interested in an idea that has a heterosexual couple, I'll think about it.

    That is all I can think of for now in regards to requirements. Now for the more interesting part, ideas. As for plot, I tend to stick to fantasy type adventures and such. I do not have a set plot as of now since I usually wait to formulate ideas through PM when someone takes an interest. I do have some pairings in mind though.

    (* means that this is the role i would like to play)

    -Mermaid* and Sailor(or pirate)
    -Werewolf* and Vampire
    -Dragon and Dragon
    -demon and angel*
    -demon and human*
    -vampire and human(or elf)*
    -werewolf* and human(or elf)
    -assassin, pirate, other criminals and victim*
    These are just a few and if you think of others, I am open to suggestions.

    Well, that is all I have to write for now, but if you PM me I can offer more information or answer questions. I will only accept one or two partners that meet the requirements that I have explained. Contact me via PM if you are interested. Thank you for reading. :3
  2. I'm interested in vampirexhuman fxf if you want to do that!
  3. Sounds good. So long as you meet the requirements that I have set up, feel free to PM me so we can start talking details.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.