Errare Humanum Est

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  1. "Alright Charles, no need to rush this one, you can't afford to screw this one." Charles told himself as he approached the castle of the King. Inside was his target, a near priceless artifact that would surely make him wealthier beyond his dreams. Only problem was, he had never taken on a job so big before. Sure he had stolen from Nobles and the Higher Ups in society, but this, this was the king. If he screwed this one, he'd lose his head faster than could be cried "Thief!"

    Peeking out from the bush that he was taking cover in, he saw movement in one of the castle's casements, but it quickly disappeared. Taking a deep breath, he darted to a tree, crouching behind the large trunk, his heart pounding like mad
  2. The kingdom was always in top shape. The rebels had disappeared and the king and his family were staying on top. The king had his way and rule. Though rumors were going around about what they were and why all the rebels had disappeared.

    The woman they kept on hand was a bounty hunter. She hunted down any one and snapped necks with out question. She was the thing most humans feared. She was the thing that went bump in the night. She walked around her head snapped as she heard a noise. She sniffed, but didn't smell anything. She kept walking and checking the castle.
  3. Charles was now about twenty yards closer to the castle, and he could feel a pit forming in his stomach. He was nervous as all Hell, but rightly so. About fifty yards ahead, there lay the first part of the castle, two towers that he figured served as lookouts. It didn't seem like it would be easy to get by, but he had to try.

    Charles was still concealed by the thick foliage, and he bided his time until all seemed clear. Dashing out from the bush, he rolled to the side of the left tower, keeping his body pressed against the stone. All that was left now was to scale the castle wall. Then again, that was easier said than done.
  4. She came back around having checked, the entire castle, her head went up and she yawned. Her teeth flashed in the moonlight. Her eye's glinted silver as she looked around. She sniffed the air again."Shut the castle down, there is an intruder." She said. She caught the scent and nods to the others.

    A siren went off and the gates started to roll down,"make sure no one leaves this castle till we clear them. There is a human here and we will find them and kill them ." She said walking by where he was hiding her head turned and she looked in his direction, but kept walking.
  5. Shit, shit , fucking shit! This was not supposed to be happening! How the fuck did they even know he was here?! Charles pressed his body even tighter against the tower, determined not to let fear get the best of him. He was going obtain his target, and he was going to get bloody fucking rich from it. "Yes, that's it Charles, just think about the money" he thought to himself as he tried to figure how to go about all this.

    Taking in a deep breath and slowly letting it out, he decided to just do it, and let the fates decide for him. Charles turned his body around so that his stomach was facing the tower. He reached into his satchel and pulled out the hand spikes that were supposed to help him with this. Putting them on, he reached his hand up and placed the first spike in between two stones, pulling to make sure that he had a secure holding.
    Repeating this process, he finally began to climb the tower.
  6. They walked around the castle knight's metal armor clinked as they walked. The woman snuck about and looked in every nook and cranny. She growled and hissed, she couldn't find anyone or anything." Roll up the gates one by one. We will catch this human if it takes into the morning hours." She said. The alarm cut as quickly as it started. She looked out and up at the aky, the sun would not kill her, just slightly harm her. She frowned as she looked around. Her body staying still.

    She finally moved and nods to them,"Walk the castle, we need to keep the crest tightly secure." She said to the guards and sent them to protect the family jewel that could also show what they were to the world." She paced with a growl
  7. Already, Charles could feel some of his muscles start to ache. This would be by no means easy, although that should have been obvious. Nevertheless, he was determined to do this and make a name for himself as one of the kingdom's greatest thieves.
    Higher and higher he climbed, maneuvering his way around casements and up stone. It wasn't long before he was a dizzying height above the ground, and he constantly kept telling himself not to look down. However, curiosity soon got the best of him and he looked, swallowing hard as he saw just how high he was.

    After a while, he was finally to the point where he could make his way to the main structure of the castle, and with aching arms, he leapt through an unwatched casement and landed inside.
  8. The woman kept an eye out, but saw nothing. She knew there was someone her, but she couldn't find them. it was frustrating her, she went to tell the king and said that they were watching the amulet/crest. She went to walk the castle again. she gave knights orders and kept walking. Her eyes scanned for any sign of the intruder. How was this human illuding her. She decided to go to the dungeon and talk to the one human she had kept alive. She walked down and stepped into the dungeon."Hey human wake up, what would you say to a deal?" she asked him. He looked at her." I do not make deals with the devil." he snapped."yeah suppose I could just feed off you and kill you." she snapped

    He sighed "alright what?" he asked her."Find the human in the castle and I will turn you instead of killing you. You get your freedom."S he said. The man thought about and sighed,"Okay deal." She smirks and nods opening it up for him"well off you go, find him and make sure to bring them to me " she says
  9. Despite the fact that he had made it into the castle, Charles still had no clue where his target was. For all he knew, he could wander around for hours and see nobody, or he could take a few steps and immediately run into a guard. He took in a deep breath and forced his body to move on in search of that which he so desperately wanted to find.

    In cautious preparation, Charles pulled out the dagger from the sheath that he had hanging out his side. He really didn't want to, but if he had to, he would kill to defend himself.
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