Erotica Zombie Drama

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  1. My picture really had me thinking that even though I don't like zombies, I thought a nice erotica roleplay also based on surviving from zombies would be cool to roleplay! Just understand, this is like... the first time I have ever roleplayed with zombie survival. I can't even imagine what it'd be like to roleplay as a zombie as my character would be running away from them. Do they really say, "Brains... Brains... Brains... I want to eat brains!" Haha, I really don't know but this is the outline of the roleplay.

    1. There will be BDSM (bondage).
    2. I'd like the man to be dominant and my partner to play him.
    3. My character will be 26 and since there's age difference, your character would be five years older.
    4. My character and yours are trying to escape from- GUESS WHAT? Zombies!!
    5. After my character experienced a strange and horrific situation with these zombies, she gets saved by you.
    6. We are humans. NOT zombies.
    7. This is erotica, this is romantic suspense. Emotion is the main focal point. It is not just about the sex.
    8. Your character is part of some top security zombie clearing organization. They plan to diminish zombies.
    9. The events will be played out in a Los Angeles Zombie Apocalyptic setting.
    So, there it is so far! Any questions? Just ask down below!
  2. Hello! I would be interested in this RP? Would you care to discuss or perhaps the spot was already filled? Cheers.
  3. Sorry to say, but your inability to write proper grammar and punctuation, as well as fulfill the writing expectations I want from my partner does not fulfill my needs. Thank you for the interest, though.
  4. I am interested, sister, if you care to have me. I know I have yet to role-play with you, since we never got around to your other idea, or you lost interest in it. I'm still not sure on that one; anyway, I happen to love apocalyptic role-plays that work with zombies and other topics like that. Though I feel like I'm hogging you are something, so feel free to say no.
  5. I apologize for my lack of not posting that thread yet. I really am. *bows deeply* That roleplay was supposed to be in one x one, right?

    Other than that, yay! Yes, you can totally roleplay this with me!
  6. Yep, and, it's totally fine!

    I'm glad! I've been deprived of role-play, here lately, hehe. I'm on a roll tonight! Making my characters for Endless Nights right now and stuffs!
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