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  1. "You shouldn't go in there. They've got someone else. They'll just find out where you live, too. They say that's what happened to another girl that used to go here..." Some stranger was standing outside the door to the girls' bathroom, and Lauren REALLY needed to go, but she could hear the sounds of fighting in the bathroom. "...no one ever heard from her again." Lauren didn't believe in most of the local folktales and urban legends, and this one was no different. 'They' were probably just the bullies spreading rumors, and the girl probably just moved, or transferred to another school. However, bullies were bullies, and she was an easy target, being new to the public school system, and having only lived in the area for a couple years, half of it in the streets downtown. "No, really, don't go in there, Lawrence." The stranger used her name! Her old name! Not even her friends knew her birth name! And this person wasn't in any of her classes, nor did she recall seeing them before...and for some reason, she couldn't even tell if it was a boy or a girl, even though they'd spoken to her directly. "You've been warned."

    The stranger walked away, but turned around as if they'd never been facing the other way to begin with after a few steps. "Or are you just going to make them ignore you?" The stranger laughed and was suddenly right next to her with his/her chin resting on his/her hands resting on Lauren's shoulder. "I'm different, like you. In my circle, the ones who really know me call me Cheshire. You can call me that, too. Tonight." And just as suddenly as Cheshire appeared, she (he?) was gone again. Lauren was at first still confused, then remembered why she was here. She could wait the fight out in one of the stalls, hopefully, if she slipped by the bullies and whoever they tormented. If she could hold it long enough.

    She succeeded in getting past them, as the girl they were torturing was against the wall, giving Lauren plenty of room to simply walk by. She hid in one of the stalls and started recording what was going on from under the door on her phone, trying her best to convert her bladder into steel, and not succeeding (at all). They weren't there much longer, and the other girl hid in the stall next to hers. After finishing her initial goal of emptying her bladder (which was apparently also unnoticeable), Lauren did her best to calm the other girl and clean her up. Afterward, they both went to the office to report what happened, with Lauren showing the video evidence while the nurse was checking the other girl out.

    The rest of the school day was uneventful, thankfully. And for the majority of the rest of the day, the same was true. Until the sun set. A knock. But where was it? Lauren thought it sounded like the door, but that's not where it came from. Another. This time it was definitely coming from her wall. And before she could react, another, right behind her. But this time...was it a voice? It sounded almost like someone was-- And there was Cheshire, hands and chin on Lauren's shoulder like before.
  2. Vexin was walking home after school, Bloody and ragged. Group of 12 goons from the school jumped right before he left the gym to go home. Dumb asses got him pretty good but the poor fools picked the wrong person to jump. Vexin was poor and support his drunk mother through underground street fighting. 107 wins and 14 losses. Its didn't make much but enough to scrape by each month and keep a roof over his and his mom's head. Anyways took a bit cause there were 12 of them and only 1 of him but eventually fought his way out and left his assailants bloodied and broken, Maybe even 1 or 2 dead. Ether way he didn't know nor did he care other than fact he looted their cripple bodies and got $304 and some change.

    His mom became a drunk after his useless father left when he was 8. After the little money they had ran dry a few months later he started street fighting for money to support him and his mom. Even if the she did nothing and spent her time drinking and crying he loved his mother and tried his best for her. None of the schools he went to or the other civilians or local thugs knew of him. only the underground fighting society knew of reputation as the 'Demon Fighter'. That was his ring name he fought every weekend 2-3 fights a night at $200 for winning and nothing for losing.

    He was halfway Home when a group of 8 idiot street thugs decide to step in his way. He already knew this was going to go so launched forward to deal the first blow like a savage barbarian before any one could say a word.........
  3. "So, you're new here?" Cheshire whispered into Lauren's ear. "I'm not." She let go. She looked a lot more feminine than before, especially in the tight clothes she was wearing. She was soon in the middle of the room. She didn't walk there, she was just kind of there, and Lauren couldn't help thinking that she always had been there. "I do almost the same thing you do, by the way. It's weird. First time I met anyone who could do something similar."

    Lauren had to agree. It wasn't like she had anything to compare herself to other than Cheshire, but finding someone else who could do something so unnatural at all was still a shock. It wasn't like this was widespread, to the best of her knowledge. She kind of liked it that way. "How did you know where I live?" The question jumped to her right before she said it. It was probably more important than anything else right now to her.

    The other girl was soon back on her shoulder. "I followed you. Obviously."
  4. Those thugs had about $1400 on them. 'Not much but it will last a bit and give me some time to heal' he thought as approached his house. he had small limp due to his broken leg he got back there. He popped back into place alright but still had a little trouble keeping balance when he put weight on it. 'I defiantly wont be able to fight well with this leg' he thought grumpily. It wasn't pain that bothered him, His high tolerance for it made the injury practically painless. it was the fact he done broke that leg 34 times now and not sure how many more popping back into place would fix it. He walked inside his house and closed and locked the door behind him. He kept quite for his mom was passed out on the couch. 'i think its about time i find another profession but what?' he thought has grabbed a blanket and placed over his mom to keep her warm. Plus finding a less lethal career may help with her recovery but with his low patients for moron's its going to be hard not pounding heads in the ground, but if he would try but he needed a proper job.

    'Maybe that burger place could hire me part time' he pondered as walked in the bathroom and undressed to shower. 'I'll go and see tomorrow but for now need to clean up and rest' he thought as he turned the shower on and bathed in the hot water.....
  5. The next morning, after what turned into the most awkward sleepover ever, Cheshire was gone. The two had talked about many things, some of which were almost as creepy as getting followed home by someone who can teleport in and out, and disappear for no other reason than her own entertainment. Lauren woke up the next morning surprisingly well-rested despite having gone to bed only a few hours earlier. She also felt like she was forgetting something. The irony of that was not lost on her, though.

    When she first got to her homeroom in school, Cheshire was sitting on her desk, being ignored the same way she was. Not on the seat, but on the desk itself. She could always sit in a different seat and get the usual "Oh, I didn't see you there!" when someone sits on her, but the creepy-androgynous-girl-laden desk was the one she preferred. It was also the one she chose to sit in after much internal debate. Thankfully, Cheshire said nothing while sitting there the entire time.
  6. He limped to school and into his new homeroom. The school was changed his scheduled cause of yesterdays fight he suppose and he took 1 of the 2 empty seats that were on ether side of a girl that looked 'lonely' he assumed. He sat to their right not wanting to sit near the window. He took a minute to sit down cause his right leg was still unstable from being broken yesterday and he was trying to go easy on it and let it heal. When finally got sat down in his chair he leaned back and relaxed with a sigh of relief. He may had a insanely high tolerance to pain but his injuries still annoyingly throbbed at him if he wasn't relaxing. He closed his eye while he waited on the bell not really noticing or caring who the girls on ether side of him were doing.
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  7. Lauren turned to look at the guy who sat next to her. He wasn't normally in here, and it wasn't like people introduced themselves to the class in homeroom. She'd seen him around before, sure, but that didn't mean anything. She didn't know where she saw him around. She wondered when she'd see the girl she saved, or did her best to protect anyway, in the bathroom. She'd never really seen her before. But that point didn't seem to matter so much at the moment; he looked like he had taken the same beating that girl had. And it's not like Cheshire was saying anything to her.

    "Are you new? Or just transfer from...somewhere?" Already, she sounded like an idiot to herself. She really wasn't used to small talk and introductions. The only person who'd gotten that close to her other than her parents was an artist she'd stayed with for a while. Everyone else saw her maybe once or twice, and usually only a passing glance. "Like...another homeroom, I mean?" Nice save. "I'm..." She was about to introduce herself, but realize it hardly mattered; he wasn't likely to remember her name anyway. She had that effect on people. She decided to do so anyway. "I'm Lauren."
  8. He herd the lady to his right speak to him. "Transferred home room. and don't be shy. i may be rugged but i don't bite unless your looking for a fight but that's another story" he said with a slight smile. Not everyday some 1 tries to talk to him so he thought he would make the most of it. "Anyways i'm Vexin, you may call me Vex. Nice to meat your aquatince." he says offering his hand out to shake hands. He was always been polite and quite a gentleman but never really had that much of opportunity to be 1 cause he spent most of his time ether fighting or alone resting and healing. He was sorta happy at the thought of possible making a new friend. "How you doing this morning?"
  9. "Vexin? Kind of a weird name. Suppose it's better than a completely generic common one, though." She shrugged. She didn't blame people for forgetting her name. No one forgets a name with both a V and an X in it. Regardless, she made no attempt to take his hand. "You're okay, though, right? Did you, like, walk into the middle of group of angry legless people beating each other with prosthetics?" Yeah, not the least bit awkward at all. "I'm fine, by the way. Just...bothered by something. And if you don't know what that something is, I'm not going to say it because it's something really weird. Well...someone really weird, technically."
  10. Withdrawing his hand "I wished it was that was true miss lauren" he laughed at the joke. "though if you must know these injuries or atleast half them are the reason for my transfer. After school yesterday i got jumped after gym so they changed my schedule in fear what i might do next time me and the group ran into each other cause i knocked all 12 of them on their asses. took getting beaten a bit to do so but i prevailed." he chuckled. "Well nothing wrong with weird. I have my own strangeness. Anyways i'm not a mind reader so tell me what is bothering you? Need a few skulls to be cracked?" he offered. he didn't mind offering due to the fact the girl caught his attention and he was starting to like her. No idea why but she was intriguing in a way he cant yet put his finger on. "also can you look at my schedule? i don't know where half the classes are." he ask politely.
  11. Cheshire flinched at the mention of cracking skulls, but still said nothing. Lauren said it for her: "I don't think skull cracking will be necessary, or even a good idea." She waved it off nonchalantly, but it did bother her. There seemed to be a lot of fighting in this school. Not that she really had a lot of experience in the ways of high schools. She'd only been in this school for a month, and the last time she'd been in school was 3rd grade. "Are there always this many fights here? Or is it not normal to have 12 guys jump another guy, and like five girls jump a girl in the bathroom in the same day? Was I just not paying attention this whole month?"
  12. "Sorry didn't mean to scare you or disturb you and no its not normal. there is like 2-3 fights in school every month, and not that i promote violence i'm just...... accustom to it?" he carefully said not sure if those were the right words. He didn't want to scare the girl or disturb her more by letting her know he was a underground street fighter. Not that he cared really he just didn't want to ruin a chance at making a potential friend. He was tired of being lonely so he thought of changing the subject real fast might help "So any ways forget that, you have any hobbies?" he asked hoping she just drop the violence topic. Every 1 he tried to trust to know that fact about him ether stop talking to him, try to kill him, or gotten themselves hurt or killed for trying to reveal the underground fights to the public, and he didn't want any this to happen with her.
  13. Lauren raised a corner of her mouth in a sort of half-smile. "Already said I wasn't scared or disturbed. Just curious. Like I said, I've only been in this school a month." She stretched as best she could, quite obviously avoiding touching Cheshire, despite the fact that apparently only she could see her making faces on the desk. "And...I haven't exactly..." she tried to think of a way of avoiding bringing up her former homelessness. "I haven't really had a lot of time to come up with hobbies." That would have to work. It sounded unsuspicious, at least to her. "My parents like this one show. Game something. It's got this guy in it that's pretty awesome. Name is...Baelish? Something like that. I guess watching that counts."
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