erm....Oh Hai!

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Mage Clawhammer

Original poster
Hello everyone, I'm Mage.

That's my name, not my occupation....most days. >.>

I'm certainly not new to this sort of gig, but it's always nice to seek out new frontiers. Find a new setting, as it were, a fresh breath of air. I figured since I keep getting drawn back here, I might as well sign up.

I love fantasy in all forms, supernatural, scifi, steampunk, and just all around interesting stories with characters, plots, and angles that I haven't experienced before. Pretty much up for anything, really. I look forward to browsing everything in more depth, and I hope I can be a very active and productive member of this wonderful community.

Can't wait to get started!


Haha, it would be interesting to see a Mage as a real occupation these days.

Nonetheless, welcome to Iwaku! c:​
I would totally want that as an occupation XD~!

anyway welcome to Iwaku~!
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