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  1. Naomi Hatsuno (open)

    Name: Naomi Hatsuno

    Age: 20

    Nationality: Half Japanese, Half Italian

    Residence: Small apartment in downtown Tokyo.



    Personality: Naomi is a very hardworking female. Most of the time, she is very sweet, cheerful and friendly. She loves working with children, that's why she decided to work on a daycare close to her apartment. She works with kids of ages from 3-5. She loves to read and play outside with the kids. Although, as much as working with children does make her happy what would make her happier is having a family of her own. However, she has not been lucky in her love life. But maybe that's about to change...

    Naomi was watching T.V at her apartment since it was her day off, when she suddenly received a urgent call. It was her best friend and he sounded super desperate. Quickly, she looked for apartment keys, her bag containing her phone, wallet and other important things. Once she found those, she put on her favorite black hoodie and walked out of her apartment.

    Once outside, she rapidly made her way towards her friends house. It was a bit windy, her light brown hair got tossed around by the wind 'He is lucky we are best friends and that he lives close; and he better have a good reason for calling me so urgently.' Closing her hazel eyes she groaned, her friend didn't even give her an explanation. Shaking her head, she started to sprint to her destination since the more she thought, the more worried she got. 'Ugh, I just hope he is okay.' Once she arrived at her best friend's house, she walked up to the front porch and knocked. Crossing her arms in front of her, she waited for her friend to open the door. As the door opened, she couldn't hold it anymore. "Okay, lets see what is so urgent..."
  2. [Character:
    Name: Eric Byron
    Age: 20
    Appearance: He has dark hair and brown eyes and he's fairly tall, but a bit weak looking.
    Personality: He is kind, but more often than not very quiet and serious, which is off-putting to many people. He'd like to have a girlfriend and eventually a family, but most girls find him too serious for their liking and dump him. He enjoys reading and being outside, and hates crowds, which is pretty annoying given where he lives.
    History: He had an extremely normal childhood, and his family moved to Tokyo when he was seven. He met Naomi shortly after that and they became best friends, her being his only very good friend. He is now going to college and does odd jobs to make money.]

    Eric was so glad when she arrived, although it took him a while to struggle over to the door with children hanging onto his legs. He was watching his older sister's two kids, girls ages two and four, and had vastly overestimated his abilities to deal with them, as they'd already made a mess of his home and refused to do anything he suggested they do, while complaining that they were bored. He had then called her for help, since she worked with kids. "Hi.. Can you please help with them? They're kinda wild." He said as he opened the door for her, glancing down at the kids as they looked up at him and made growling sounds in response to being called wild, still refusing to let go of his legs.
  3. Naomi couldn't help but giggle at Eric's situation. The two girl refused to let go of him, even when he called them wild. "First thing first, lets go inside. Second of all, don't tell call them wild. Trust me, it doesn't help." Once inside, she quickly took off her black hoodie and stayed in her white t-shirt and denim shorts. Seeing that the girls were not letting go of Eric, she giggled again. Lowering herself to their height, she gave them a sweet smile. "Would you like to help me bake some cookies? Eric says that my cookies are the best he had ever tasted....Then we could watch a movie, what do you guys think?" Naomi was sure that they would be asleep by then but for now, she would let them think they were in charge of the fun stuff. After her question, she winked at Eric and motioned for him to follow her into the kitchen. "Come on, lets have some fun."
  4. Eric followed her, pulling the two children along. "Okay!" The older of the two said when she offered them cookies and a movie, and the other nodded in agreement. They still didn't let go of Eric, having lots of fun hanging on him and being pulled along as he walked. "Are they going to keep doing this all night?" Eric asked, looking from the kids to her and back again.
  5. "Might as well role with it for now. They'll get tired eventually; besides, they have to detached themselves from you if they want to help me bake..." She gave the girls a warm smile while entering the kitchen. Having been in Eric's kitchen many times, she already knew where to look for the materials they needed. As she started to move around looking for the utensils and ingredients, she kept talking. "Besides, they might be acting a bit more attached since they haven't seen you in such a long time. You have been a bit busy with college and work stuff, so its normal that they feel like holding on to their uncle for a while before he disappears again...right girls?" She did feel like he has been too busy, even herself was starting to miss those times they used to hangout a lot. However, she understood that he was busy since most of the time, she was herself. However, that didn't mean she hadn't miss him this past few weeks.

    After taking out the ingredients, she proceeded to start working on the mixing the batter and pre-heating the oven. Once the batter was mixed, she motioned for the girls to come and help her shape out the cookie dough and to put them in the cooking sheet. The girls did as she asked and started to help her, a smile on each of their faces. Once they were finished placing the cookies in the sheet, she put them in the oven and told them that now, they had to wait.

    Groaning at the prospect of waiting, they decided to ask their uncle for something fun to do while they wait. Going up to him, they attached themselves to Eric's legs again. "Come on Uncle Ric, 'ets play something fun. Maybe she wuld join too. Right, Miss...." Noticing that they didn't know Naomi's name, they stared at her with a curious gaze. The 4 year old tugged at Eric's pants and motioned him to lowered his ear closer to her mouth, so she could whisper something in his ear. "Wats 'er name Uncle Ric?" Naomi being able to hear the girl loud whisper, couldn't help but giggle and smile at the scene in front of her.
  6. Eric nodded, as the children had voiced their dislike of him disappearing, "I know, I've been really busy lately, I'm sorry." He said, standing in the kitchen and watching them. He really did feel bad about being so busy and ignoring everyone lately, but ended up smiling at them. They were cute, all working together to make cookies.
    He sighed when the two girls attached themselves to his legs again, "Alright, what would you like to do?" He asked, looking down at them and bending down to listen when requested, "This's Naomi and she's a very good friend of mine, so I'm sure she'll play with us." He said to the older girl, glancing up at Naomi hopefully.
  7. With a nod to Eric, she decided to get closer to them and lowered herself to their height. "Of course I would play with you. Who wouldn't want to play with such pretty girls, huh?" When the each girl gave her a smile, she couldn't help but return it. "Now, why don't we play some hide and seek until the cookies are ready?" Both of the girls cheered and quickly pointed up to Eric. "Uncle Eric is it!" And not waiting for their Uncle's reply, they each took one of Naomi hands and quickly dragged her out of the kitchen. "Come on! Come on! We know just the p'ace to hide..."

    "Eric! You better start counting..."

    Soon they were all hiding in on Eric's room. She couldn't help but giggle from her place under the bed. However, the older sister Lindsey, who while looking for a place to hide had told her their names, put a finger to her lips as if to tell her to keep quiet. "Shh..." She was inside the closet next to the bed, while the younger sister decided to hide behind one of the curtains covering the windows. Though, she couldn't help as another giggle bubbled up inside her, since Rosie's little feet were peeking out of her hiding place. However, she stopped herself due to hearing footsteps getting closer to the room. She knew that their hiding places were not great but this were children, she just hoped that Eric knew how to play along at least. Sometimes he could be a bit too serious and his imagination would fail him but that was one the things that just made him fun to hangout with. In some situations, his seriousness would be hilarious.

    Hearing the door open, snapped her out of her thoughts, however. And holding back a giggle, she waited for Eric to 'find' them.
  8. Eric didn't argue when he was chosen to be 'it' for hide and seek, and began counting. To be honest, he expected that from the two little girls that always seemed eager for any chance to pick on him. He counted to fifty, then began searching the house, as he figured that had been enough time for them to hid.
    He searched the house systematically, looking through every room before going on to the next. He searched his room last, finding Naomi first because he had learned over the years to always check under beds first when playing hide and seek, "You're it next." He told her as he moved on, finding the younger sister next. It actually took him a while to find the older girl, but he did eventually.
  9. Naomi just smiled at he got out of her hiding place and waited for Eric to find the girls. Once he found them, she told them to go and hide while she started to count. Also, it was going to be their last game since the cookies would soon be done. The girls quickly dragged their uncle out of the room. "Come on, Uncle Ric! We have to find a place to hide..."

    "1...2...3...4..." She started to count while hearing the girls running around to find a place to hide. After, she finished she went around looking for the girls and Eric as well. "Ready or not, here I come."
  10. Eric followed the children, and quickly convinced them to let him decide where to hide, since it was his house 'of course' he knew all the best places. He hid the younger girl inside a box-shaped seat in his living room, since she was small enough to hide inside the hollow and bottomless piece of furniture. He then hid the older girl in a cupboard under one of the counters in the kitchen, of course after making sure there was nothing in there that could harm her in any way. He found that he was running low on time after that, and just barely managed to squeeze himself into a corner behind a bookcase in his living room before he heard her announce that she was coming to look for them. He kept perfectly still and quiet, waiting to be found, even though he secretly hoped she would find him soon: his hiding spot wasn't exactly comfortable.
  11. Naomi walked around the house, checking inside the different rooms but they weren't there. Finally arriving at the living room, she looked in the small cabinet, behind the doors, inside the closet. Soon, she managed to find Eric, who was hiding behind a bookcase, however she didn't know how did he managed to fit behind it. "Found you Eric!" She giggled at the uncomfortable look he had on his face and shook her head. "How did you manage to fit behind that?" This time she laughed softly. "You should have seen your face. Anyways, I know its kind of cheating but help me look for the girls. The cookies are going to be done soon and I don't want them to burn..." She waited for him to stretched before setting out to find both of the girls.
  12. Eric mumbled something about being flexible in response to her question, stretching and pouting at her a bit for being amused at his uncomfortable expression. "I can get the cookies while you look for them.. The girls will be mad at me if I help you." He said, mostly just wanting to see how long it would take her to find the two little girls, who were doing a very good job of hiding and being very quiet, although what he said was also true; the girls probably would be mad at him for helping her cheat at the game after he had told them where to hide.
  13. "Aw! I bet is because you told them where to hide, right? That's not fair since we were children, you have always been the one to find the best hiding spots." Pouting, she decided to let him take care of the cookies while she kept looking for the girls. Eric left to check on the cookies, and she kept looking in the living room. After some time she finally found Rosie, smiling Naomi told her to go and wait in the kitchen with her uncle. Once she left, Naomi set out to find Lindsey. She looked again around the living room, the rooms and the bathrooms. After not finding her in any of these places, she set out to look for her in the only place left; the kitchen.

    As she entered the kitchen, the smell of freshly baked cookies washed over her and her stomach grumbled softly. But before she could eat any of them, she needed to find Lindsey. Looking around the room, she started to get worried because she couldn't find her but once she looked on one of the cabinets, the girl jumped out right away. "Yay, now 'ets eat some cookies..." Naomi laughed softly at the girls excitement at eating cookies, but let's face it, those cookies smelled delicious.
  14. "Yep! Sorry about that, but it was fun." Eric said, before going to get the cookies out of the oven. He waited the last few minutes for them to be done, then got an oven mitt and took them out of the oven, setting them on top of the stove to cool.
    Once Rosie was found and ran into the kitchen, she asked Eric for milk. He got it for her as well as her sister, putting it in sippy cups their mother had left for them so they wouldn't spill it. "Do you want some milk?" He asked Naomi as he poured his own milk.
  15. Naomi nodded and went to take some cookies for herself. She sat next to Eric and took the glass of milk he served for her. Taking a bite out of her cookie, she couldn't but moan at the chocolaty flavor that soon filled her mouth. However, she quickly noticed what she did and giggle softly. After that, she just kept to eating the cookies; and soon, a nice comfortable silence filled the kitchen only interrupted by the girls asking for more milk or whispering something to each other.

    Once everyone was finished eating, she told Eric she was going to give the girls a bath. And without waiting for a reply she left the kitchen with the girls, leaving the mess in the kitchen for Eric. However, she knew he was used to it since she would make a mess herself when she comes to hangout and he would end up cleaning it after she leaves.

    Smiling to herself, she entered the room the girls where using and help them look for some pajamas. Once she found some, she went to the bathroom and help the girls take a bath. "We are going to watch a movie after this, right Miss Naomi?" That was Lindsey asking and Naomi couldn't help but giggle at the title she received. "Yes Lindsey, though you don't have to be so formal. You can just call me Naomi since I'm a really good friend of your uncle." Lindsey nodded as well as Rosie. Naomi noticed this and smile. It seemed that Rosie was in the, copying-her-sister phase. She found that adorable. "Okay, lets get out so we could watch a movie."

    After the girls were out of the bath and in their pajamas, they hurried down the stairs towards the living room. Once there, they quickly set on looking for a movie to watch. As soon as they decided on a basic Disney movie, she hit play on it. The girls were already settled on the couch and they motioned for her to take the space between them, since they noticed that their uncle was still in the kitchen. Smiling, she took their offer and settled herself between them. "I wonder if Eric is still cleaning...? Though, there was a pretty big mess in there..." Shrugging, she let the girls snuggled closer to her and proceeded to watch the movie with them.
  16. Eric ate his cookies, smiling at them as he occasionally sipped some of his milk. They were all pretty cute, and Naomi was really good at taking care of them and getting them to behave.
    He grumbled in mock displeasure as he was told to clean up the mess from the cookies, while he was actually quite used to cleaning up after people -mostly her- and didn't actually mind. He washed all the dishes and cleaned the counters of crumbs, taking quite a while to do so even though he was quite efficient at doing those things by now.
    Once he was done, he went into the living room to see what they were doing and join in since he had heard them come down the stairs a while ago and figured that meant they were done with their baths.
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  17. Naomi looked at Eric as he entered the living room, however she was not the only one that saw him. Both of the girls turned their head towards him, and Rosie who was at her right, patter the empty spot next to her. Giggling she motioned at Eric ,with a movement of her head, to sit with them at the couch. Once he took the offer, Naomi and the girls went back to watching the movie.


    It took one and half movies to completely tired the girls out. After halfway through the second movie, both Rosie and Lindsey had fallen asleep on Naomi. Once she made sure they were fast asleep, she tugged at Eric's arm to motioned for him to help her carry them towards their room. Once their, she told him in a low voice to place them in their bed, which they both share. As soon as he placed them on their bed and completely forgetting that Eric was still there in the room, watching how caring she was being even though, the girls were not even related to her; Naomi place a kiss on both of their foreheads and covered them with the blanket. After that she smiled at him and nudged him towards the girls, as if to tell him he could give them a good night kiss, too. "Come on, I know you want too..." Naomi said in a playful tone, though it was whispered since she didn't want to wake the girls up.
  18. Eric sat with them and watched the movies, even though they were mostly too childish to interest him any. By the time the girls fell asleep, he was nearly asleep as well, and only woke up completely again when Naomi tugged at his arm.
    He yawned as he helped to carry the kids to their bed, carrying Lindsey and leaving Rosie for her. He set the older girl on the bed first, then stood back to let her set Rosie down. He smiled as he watched her tuck the girls in and give them a kiss goodnight, amazed at how good at this she was. She'd be a really good mother someday, he thought, certainly the kind of person he'd want to mother his own children if he ended up having any.
    Eric stepped forwards when she nudged him, and nodded. While he was usually very serious, he still did love the two little girls. He kissed both of them on the forehead, before standing back up and looking at her. "That was pretty amazing.. How do you get them to listen to you so well?" He asked, whispering to avoid waking the sleeping children.
  19. Naomi shrugged at his question before answering. "When you work with kids most hours of your day, you tend to pick up tips here and there. Though, my Mom once told me that I would be a great mother one day, I remembered that I just laughed and left the room." Naomi's glazed over a bit a the memories of her mother. Two years had already passed since her death, and Naomi would still cry in her room. Those nights she'd feel lonely and would just shut herself in her room and mourn her mother all over again.

    Shaking those thoughts away, she gave Eric a small smile, as they got out of the room. As they walked down the stairs, she told Eric to bring them to her job next time. "You know, next time you could take them to the day-care. Kids love to make new friends, and I know the girls would just love it."
  20. "She was probably right, you're really good with kids, and I bet you'd be even better with your own." Eric said. He knew talking about her mother was still hard for her; it upset him as well, as he had been at her house so much when they were kids that her family, and especially her mother, were like a second family to him. He'd done his best to help her when her mother died, but he knew she still wasn't completely over it.
    "I could, but then I'd never get to spend any time with them. I'm always so busy, the only time I get to spend with them is when I have to watch them, and I do like it, even though I'm sort of clueless and have to call you for help." He said, "Besides, that'd sort of defeat my sister's purpose in getting me to watch them: someone would have to pay for that."
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