erin go bragh and all that rot

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hello all, i know i'm a bit late in posting this so let me fill in all who haven't traded pints with me in the c-box.

my name is marius (rush chairman, damn glad to know me (name the movie for a pint))

i am irish and not afraid to say it

i bash the irish occasionally but its all with mick love

i haven't the guts to try my hand at RP-ing right now but i'm perusing ya'll's RP's (they are awesome btw) to see how it is done so that one day i may ball up and join in one to see how bad i botch it

i hail from the mountainous plains of the great IL.

anything else you want to know, ask. i'm honest.

*taps a pint of Guiness for all the readers*



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Hi there and crazy little avatar thing, neat. Anyway, its nice to see new people here. Everyone is nice and some are a little crazy, but the good kind. Im not on here all the time but I try to be. Just look around and jump right in. Oh and the best place to look for an rp is the

that will help you see what is what and what games to try and join. Im sure others have better infor then I but well thats my 17 cents. ^..^

Karsikan the Berzerker

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Marius, Anne Rice reference maybe? going off of your AIM name, good to know there are still some quality vampire book readers in the midst of all this Twilight heresy.


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Neutral (Scene-aggressive, plot-passive. I do not make a good GM.)
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Vampires, yaoi
Nice ta meet you, Marius. Looking forward to some interesting conversations with you.

Tuxedo Mask

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Well you have been a joy so far hope you join an RP soon! :D
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Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
Moderate to aggressive.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Genre You DON'T Like
I'll try just about anything. I'm not overly into RPs where the prime focus is romance. I'm not too hyped on fan based anime rp either.
Welcome to the site. Don't be afraid to join rps....most of the time other players are very helpful to new rpers.


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Mature, Horror (with rare exceptions)
LOLWAT @ your avatar :)

Welcome to Iwaku
Lemme know if you need anything


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Welcome. You may know me from some random chatter in the cbox although we've never spoken directly to each other, or at least not a time I can recollect. So I here by introduce myself to you Marius as Pirogeth the...letter guy.

Writing in the Moonlight,