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Would this role play interest you?

  1. Yes it seems like a really cool idea

  2. no I would never even consider a role play like this

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  1. So I have an idea after reading Throne of Glass. I don't want to do the plot but I want to do the world Erilea. The main plot will take place in the country Ardalan which is ruled by an evil tyrant who wants to conquer all of Erilea but most likely, the characters will travel around the map to different countries. The plot will be similar to the book but not quite. So every year Ardalan holds an assassin competition and the winner gets the title of Ardalan's Assassin. The assassin is feared throughout the land. Some competitors are even killed in these competitions but usually the proctor stops the battle before that happens. After the competition is over, it will kind of be a free for all type role play where the characters can do whatever. They can stay with each other and get to know each other or they can seperate and never speak to each other again and get to know other people. Just so you know, I'm pretty lax so I won't be too strict. I just want you guys to have fun. So what do you think guys?
  2. My main problem is Idk if I should do 18+ but Im afraid over time, it will slowly become 18+. Especially with gra p hic violence and explicit content and language.
  3. If you believe that the roleplay will slowly become 18+ over time, I would personally put it down as 18+ just to be on the safe side. But, if you plan to regulate such things, depending on how detailed you hope for everything to be, you have the option of taking the 18+ tag off. Otherwise, personally, I'd put it down as 18+. I think it all really depends on how you envision the scenes as a whole, how "alive" you want the roleplay to be in terms of being descriptive with the blood bath, graphic violence, or whatever else you were planning on. (:
  4. Yah. I was leaning more towards 18+ anyways but thank you
  5. This sounds like a cool role play- but I've never even heard of the book. xD. Would this be something that I could participate in without having read the book or am I just out of my league?

    Either way... Looks cool!
  6. You dont need to have read the book. Its based on the world, not the plot :)
  7. tentatively interested~
  8. Hahah. Once I get at least 10 votes(its a large world so I will need a lot of people), I will start building the world. Im using the outline of Erilea from the book but I will be adding or getting rid of a few things. :)