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  1. Fijo's First Let's play attempt/practicing video editing
    Just sharing for the lulz.

    Montas is a scary Horror Experience centered around atmosphere in early access, so I also curse a bit.
    The video has been moved to a new channel.


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  2. You have a pretty voice.
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  3. Nice! I'd tune in for more.
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  4. Well you're just adorbs.

    Keep it up Taaj. v2
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  5. Adorable girl with adorable voice plays Horror games...It can't get any better :3
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  6. Dem bugs tho
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  7. The game so far? Ambiance and glitches. XD
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  8. Hella Glitches.
  9. I updated my youtube and fixed things...and stuff.

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  10. You sound nice and seem to be having fun, which makes it fun to watch you! The lighting was a bit distracting though, you may want to do a camera check for that before you record, and some info on the game you were playing would have been helpful in the beginning. I'll totally sub you though :3
  11. Lol "Not today you manhole thing" xD