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  1. Eralion
    Map: [​IMG]


    Where they live: Norwood, Hadar, Bantr, Cyngi, Eridani and Rondanae City
    Skin- varieties from white to dark brown
    Hair- blonde, brown, black and auburn
    Eyes- blue, brown, green and hazel
    Height-Men: 5’0 to 6’0 Women: 5’0-5’7
    Weight-Men:150-210lbs Women: 110-190lbs
    Clothing- linen cloth, cotton, silk and metal piercings

    • [*=center]Human Info:

    Humans don’t possess any magical gifts, but the contribute much to the population by farming, fishing, trading and selling other goods. Humans are adept builders and inventors, often trying to sell their wares in shops or on street corners.
    Humans make up a good percentage of the population and to some like the Za are considered “roaches” or “rats”.
    Many humans felt the Adari were unfair to control Fleuryn with their magic and cowards for never coming out of Asharatoth; even though they physically couldn’t.
    Some blame the humans for their ignorance, saying the leader of the traitors was human, though was never proven.
    Humans will do anything to survive, another reason why they are not liked by the Za.

    Where they live: Voss, Voidfog, Grief Claw, Sombercall, Mercy’s Touch, Nyobi, Daggerfin, Oakscale and Rondanae City
    Skin- varieties from tanned to dark brown
    Hair- brown and black
    Eyes- brown, green and hazel
    Height-Men: 5’9 to 6’5 Women: 5’7-6’2
    Weight-Men:190-270lbs Women: 165-200lbs
    Clothing- linen cloth, leather, cotton, silk and metal piercings
    Special features- pointed ears and sharpened canines

    • [*=center]Sahrian Info:

    The Sahrians are a very tellurian race. Meaning, they hold strong bonds to the planet and its creatures. Sahrians have two lifestyles, one of Herbalism and the other of Druidism.
    Herbalists are considered normal, having no physical connection to nature and being unable to transform. For those not following the path of druidism, they concentrate on combat training, cooking, leather working, and training beasts for battle.
    Druids live together in tribes, secluded from others to learn their craft properly. Oakscale and Daggerfin are islands used by druid tribes to train and create a closer bond with nature.
    The Sahrians worked along with the Adari and Za to protect Fleuryn from the revolt, aiding them with their Druid fighters.

    Where they Live: Zalam, Cyngi, Eridani and Rondanae City
    Skin- varieties from tanned to dark brown
    Hair- brown and black
    Eyes- brown, green and hazel
    Height-Men: 6’0 to 6’5 Women: 5’7-6’2
    Weight-Men:1200-1400lbs Women: 1200-1400lbs
    Clothing- linen cloth, leather, cotton, and metal piercings
    Special features- centaur bodies (half man half horse)

    • [*=center]Za Info

    The Za are a strong centaur people living in the Land of Dying Sands. Their home is the city of Zalam, an oasis in the harsh desert. The Za have a very strong sense of pride in their city, believing that Zalam is an extension of their own being.
    “The Za and Zalam are one” Is their favorite motto.
    Sometimes their pride is mistaken for arrogance, and for that reason the Humans and the Za do not get along. The Za look upon Humans as lesser creatures and the Humans seem to desire to domesticate the Za for work.
    The Za are very strong willed and determined, some of them searching for work elsewhere if not desiring a life of bloodshed.
    The Za have a formidable army and fought for the Adari during the revolt, happy to defend their home against traitors.
    They remain loyal to the Adari, feeling their magic is a blessing to Zalam and therefore to themselves.

    Where they Live: Winterspring, Netuevi and Rondanae City
    Skin- white
    Hair- blonde
    Eyes- grey and blue variants
    Height-Men: 5’7 to 6’3 Women: 5’4-5’10
    Weight-Men:150-220lbs Women: 100-140lbs
    Clothing- linen cloth, cotton, silk
    Special features- Smooth creamy skin and a skinny frame

    • [*=center]Aluvian info

    The Aluvians are a very peaceful race and harbor a great responsibility. As the Aluvians grow and develop their magic, they have a possibility to ascend to a greater form-The Adari.
    Aluvians by nature absorb magical energies and need to be in tune with their magical gift to absorb enough. This is the only way they can become Adari.
    If the Aluvian does not ascend they live their life without change, but never have the honor of seeing Asharatoth. Because they absorb magic, they are the only race forbidden to enter Asharatoth for fear they will disturb the magical energies emitted by the Adari.
    The Aluvians live in Winterspring and Netuevi but those wishing to ascend faster will go live in Rondanae City; to be close to the influence of Cerulian’s Orb.

    Where they Live: Asharatoth City within Cerulian’s Orb
    Skin- grey and white variants
    Hair- black
    Eyes- black or grey
    Height-Men: 5’7 to 6’5 Women: 5’4-5’7
    Weight-Men:170-220lbs Women: 100-140lbs
    Clothing- Linen cloth, cotton, silk
    Special features- high cheekbones and large eyes

    • [*=center]Adari info

    The Adari are the ascended form of the Aluvians, living only in Asharatoth. The Adari are very powerful and take the protection of Fleuryn very seriously. They emit magical energy through Cerulian’s Orb; feeding the planet.
    The Adari are very secretive, but only have the best intentions. Using their powers they protect and heal the land.
    During the revolt the Adari made the final decision to banish the traitors and the land they used as a meeting place.
    Because of their importance, Adari cannot travel from Asharatoth. They must remain inside Cerulian’s Orb at all times.

    The Traitors Info:
    The traitors were conspiring to bring down the Adari- destroying Cerulian’s Orb and removing their magical influence from the world. This would ultimately kill the Adari and Aluvians. A cavalcade of races meeting together and plotting together against the Adari and against magic.

    • [*=center]The revolt info:

    The Adari, having the all knowing power to seek out the rumored traitors, found their meeting place located between Cyngi and Eridani. As the rebellion became well known and more violent the Adari decided to take matters into their own hands, no longer letting the Humans, Sahrians and Za try and control it.
    The Adari used their power to curse all traitors to a life of disfigurement.
    In addition to the curse, the Adari took one more measure to make sure that no such act would happen again. The Adari used their power to banish the traitors and the land they used as a meeting grounds (which was also tainted in the eyes of the Adari) out into the Aquira Ocean, far away from Fleuryn.
    Gods and Myth
    Fleuryn Lore/History:

    Fleuryn is the Goddess of creation, fertility and beauty. She lives for the land and her people, feeding the planet and it’s creatures with her magic. After every child birthed, it is Fleuryn who receives praised. With every changing season, there are festivals to celebrate Fleuryn.

    How others see Fleuryn:
    Adari: Fleuryn is said to be the one gifting the Adari with the power to heal the planet. It is said that she did this because she was no longer capable to do it herself after imprisoning Kollidon and Grygus, who had been fighting over her love and putting the world in an unbalanced state. The Adari believe if they are devoting enough, they can speak with her directly in their dreams.

    Aluvians: They pray to Fleuryn to allow them to one day become Adari and serve her. They believe their natural ability to absorb magic is a way for them to absorb the love of Fleuryn directly. They call the planet Fleuryn out of respect for the Goddess.

    Sahrians: They praise Fleuryn for nature’s gifts and their shape shifting abilities, holding festivals in her name to celebrate their druids.

    Za: The Za believe only in their city and its spirit, but recognize the help presented by the Adari and their worship of Fleuryn.

    Humans: Humans thank Fleuryn for bountiful harvests and hunting.

    Kollidan is the god of love, lust, luck and fate. He is praised for good fortune, happiness and direction in life. When a couple find love and are married, Kollidan receives praise for bringing them together.

    How others see Kollidan:
    Adari: The Adari believe Kollidan is still loyal to Fleuryn even though she imprisoned him away. They praise him for love and fate. They praise Fleuryn for not choosing him as a lover and instead choosing her creations that inhabit her.
    Aluvians: The Aluvians believe Kollidan is still loyal to Fleuryn even though she imprisoned him away. They praise him for love and fate.
    Sahrians: The Sahrians believe greatly Kollidan for his power over fate and the natural flow of things.

    Za: The Za trust Kollidan to lead them in life and give them hope in times of desperation. They believe Kollidan and his brother Grygus built their city before their falling out over their contest for Fleuryn’s love.

    Humans: The Humans pray mostly to Kollidan, believing when hard work pays off, it’s because of him. Fame, fortune, love and luck are all things Humans praise Kollidan for.

    Grygus is the god of natural disaster, mayhem, war, greed, strength and pride. When at war, Grygus is prayed to for strength in battle.

    How others see Grygus:
    Adari: The Adari look down on Grygus, for his jealousy and hatred for his own brother Kollidan. The Adari see Grygus as a shameful being full of self-righteousness and greed. They see his actions degrading to Fleuryn and pride her for turning him away. They praise Fleuryn for not choosing him as a lover and instead choosing her creations that inhabit her.

    Aluvians: The Aluvians look down on Grygus, for his jealousy and hatred for his own brother Kollidan. The Aluvians see Grygus as a shameful being full of self-righteousness and greed. They see his actions degrading to Fleuryn and pride her for turning him away. They praise Fleuryn for not choosing him as a lover and instead choosing her creations that inhabit her.

    Sahrians: The Sahrians respect his strength in battle and praise him for their adeptness in battle

    Za: The Za pray to Grygus when they go into battle. They are strong believers in Grygus because he gives them strength. They believe Grygus and his brother Kallidon built their city before their falling out over their contest for Fleuryn’s love.
    Humans: The Humans blame Grygus for their own imperfections. Whenever harvests are ruined by storms they also blame Grygus. Other races often refer to them as “Children of Grygus” due to their greedy, criminal and unappealing nature.

    Fleuryn Lore/History:
    The beginning- Fleuryn created a world covered in dense forests, mountain ranges and large mouthed streams. Thick foliage and wild beasts roamed the land freely. As time progressed, she became tired of beasts and created the Aluvians and Sahrians out of passion with Kollidan. After creating them, she turned passionately to his brother, Grygus and created the Za and the Humans. Both brothers were happy they contributed to Fleuryn’s creations but burned with jealousy, wanting to father a superior race with Fleuryn to keep the balance of the world.

    The turning point- Kallidon and Grygus created Zalam together in the pure spirit of teamwork and brotherhood. When they were done, Kollidan confessed to his brother his feelings of love for Fleuryn and her creations. Grygus too confessed his feelings and a fight ensued. Neither of them would allow the other to take Fleuryn for their eternal lover. It was that moment that they ceased being brothers and became rivals for the heart of the Goddess. It is said that the spirit of their brotherhood was locked away within Zalam. At every chance they got the brothers would squabble in contest. The brothers fighting caused the world to be unbalanced, causing storms and damage to Fleuryn’s world.

    Aftermath- Fleuryn could no longer take the fighting and entombed both the brothers deep within her world, punishing them for their possessiveness over her. She had mothered two races by both of them and made it clear that she loved only her creations and had no room in her heart for a lover. Putting the brothers away drained her energy, so Fleuryn gifted her first born with the power of ascension. Allowing the Aluvians to become Adari, allowing them to heal and protect the rest of her creation while she lay dormant to regain her strength.

  2. Characters:

    • Ellelunia: (played by Esthalia)

    -Race: Sahrian/Aluvian
    -Age: 23
    -Weight: 150lbs Height: 5’8
    -Skin color: white
    -Eye color: blue
    -Hair: black
    -Body type: Lithe, hourglass, very sensual
    Special features: Due to her regenerative ability, her skin seems to glow in the moonlight.
    -Clothing: black leather armor with gladiator sandals and metal gauntlets, civilian clothing is a blue silk sundress with braided silk crossing the chest and wrapping the ribs.
    -Weapons: Poisons, daggers, bow & arrow, beasts and traps

    Ellelunia’s bio:
    Ellelunia is a tortured young woman born with a genetic difference to the rest of her Sahrian brethren ( later finder out she was born of a Aluvian father). Her mother Prianne sold her to a travelling circus when she was little to pay off her debt and provide a healthy life for her unborn child. She did this only after Ellelunia was promised to be taken care of and educated. The circus caravans were attacked while traveling and Ellelunia was stolen off in the night by slavers who sold her into prostitution. It was at this time that she realized her body’s reconstructive abilities. She was the prized possession of the slavers, being able to be beaten and cut and instantly heal. Their clients could do absolutely anything to her and she would heal immediately. She became known as the “Little Goddess” and was marketed and sold as such to customers. It wasn’t until Morial, a barkeep, saved her by stealing her away. Ellelunia does not like being in a town for longer than she needs to, she would leave Morial’s home and live in a cave with Orion until she felt the need to come home. To make extra money, she would leave a lantern on outside the cave to attract lecherous clients. Ellelunia has since been reconnected with her two sisters Trellisa and Lamira- of whom she never knew existed. Trellisa persuades her to help with her cause and promises that she won’t have to live the life of thievery and self-loathing anymore. Ellelunia is weary of her sisters’ sudden appearance in her life, but she is happy to earn money in the first respectable way she is capable of. Due to her past, Ellelunia is very weary of men and not easily trusting. She loves danger and craves excitement. She is easily angered and very stubborn. Though she hated her life as a sexual slave, Ellelunia tends to fall back into her old ways, hating herself after realizing what she has done. Ellelunia sometimes relapses into her horrific memories as a child and involuntarily causes herself harm. Morial and her panther Orion were the only ones who knew about this until Eralion witnesses it. Ellelunia is confused and interested in Eralion in a way that she has never understood. As much as she tries to make him leave, she knows that she would be melancholy without him and enjoys his company.

    • Eralion: (played by Linarrina)

    - Race: Sahrian
    - Age: 26
    - Weight: 290lbs Height: 6’7
    - Skin color: Tan/Olive
    - Eye color: Hazel
    - Hair: Dark Brown
    - Body type: Muscular, tall, wide, solid
    - Special features- a scar on his right arm where Ellelunia had to remove the poisonous fangs from his flesh. A long scar on his back from training.
    -Clothing: Dark brown leather armor with leather boots and leather gauntlets, civilian clothing is a off white linen shirt and hide pants
    - Weapons: Druid but also adept at trap making and the occasional use of swords or axes.

    Eralion’s Bio: Eralion is a very kind druid who was exiled from his tribe when he realized he could take more than on shape; his druidic gift enabling him to bond with all creatures comparable in size. In his loneliness, Eralion trains himself in solitude until one day he is attacked and caught off guard performing one of his homemade exercises. Ellelunia finds him washed up on the beach.
    Eralion is normally very calm and doesn’t enjoy bloodshed, but if he has something or someone to protect-he becomes a very dangerous opponent. Eralion is the first person to join Ellelunia and develops feelings for her fairly quickly. He is too shy or withdrawn to voice those feelings to her.
  3. The wind rustled the deep green leaves as is passed through the branches of the giant oaks. The moons purplish glow cast across the ground, transforming simple shadows into unending voids. Small animals skittered around on the forest floor, taking shelter from the upcoming storm. The air was thick as large droplets of rain plummeted from the charcoal sky, hitting the leaves with such a force that tore them from their branches. </SPAN></SPAN>

    She could see the entrance to the cave from twenty feet back, knowing the camouflaged entrance by heart. Her boot heels snapped the fallen twigs as she walked briskly over the ground. The rain soaked through her within seconds, leaving her long black hair plastered to her perfectly shaped face. The long woolen cloak that kept her skin dry sucked in rain water, adding to the weight of the pack held tightly to her body by thick leather straps hugging her shoulders. After reaching the entrance, she lifted a thick layer of vines and moss; entering the darkness of her make-shift home.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Standing in the silence of the cave, her slender fingers drew around the name of the heavy cloak; pulling it from her pale skin. The white surface of her body seemed to glitter in the ambient light entering the cracks of the dense vines covering the entrance. She wiped some water from her black, tight fitting armor, keeping her eyes locked in on the darkness. She took a couple steps towards the deepest part of the cave and clicked her tongue. The woman lowered herself to her knee, dead branches cracking under her weight. From deep within the cave a soft rumbling echoed off the walls.</SPAN></SPAN>

    She stood slowly, her lithe body shifting positions so she was baring most of her weight on one leg, ready to spring into action if need be. The low rumbling continues and she rolled her eyes; dropping her defensive stance. She groaned with impatience and tapped her foot on the moist cave floor.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Orion, uncover the lantern” Her voice was stern. She reached her hands out, running her fingers along the dimpled cave walls. The rumbling faded slowly and the clicking of talons on rock replaced it; growing louder.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Orion…” Her voice matched the volume of the clicking, hoping to hold her authority. Something rubbed against her leg, drawing her attention downward. Her eyes had begun to slowly adjust to the darkness, allowing her to see dim shapes. A long feline figure wrapped around her legs, the tail slowly swishing back and forth. She reached down, letting her fingers wave through the fur of the giant cat at her feet.</SPAN></SPAN>

    The panther looked up at her, it’s eyes much wider than her companions. She pulled her hand from the fur, realizing she had been tricked. The beast’s lips curved up into a playful smile as it sat back on its haunches. The woman took a step back and crossed her arms over her chest giving her head a disappointed shake.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Trellisa, just because you’re my half-sister doesn’t mean you get to intrude whenever you’d like…” Her face flushed a bright pink and she looked away from the cat sitting in front of her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Ellelunia…” The feline cackled a laugh and stood on all fours. Within seconds the beast’s body was engulfed in bright blue flame. She watched in amazement as the fur and skin burned away, revealing a pregnant woman. Finally the ears and face burned away, giving life to an olive skinned Sahrian with short black hair. The bright yellow feline eyes that had been staring at Ellelunia through the darkness were now light brown pools set inside the delicate face of her younger sister Trellisa.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Why don’t you set up at an Inn? It seems much more comfortable than a cave. I think even Orion would agree with me; and he’s a true beast…” Her soft honey smooth voice caught Ellelunia’s ears and she sighed.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You know I don’t like going into towns often. You should have Lamira on recruitments instead” Ellelunia huffed, turning her body and looking at her younger, yet taller sister from over her shoulder. She bore a strong resemblance to their mother, who Ellelunia knew little about. She wouldn’t have known her sisters either if they hadn’t recognized her from their mothers stories and rescued her from being jailed for petty thievery. Like their mother and the rest of their Sahrian race, Trellisa was tall and tanned; well over six feet with deceivingly soft features. Ellelunia barely reached six feet tall and was obviously jealous of the extra inches both her younger sisters had on her. Truth was, they were normal size and Ellelunia was just below average.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Trellisa scowled, her rose colored lips stuck out awkwardly. She waved one hand through the air, as if dismissing her sister’s comments and held the other hand on her pregnant stomach.</SPAN></SPAN>
    “Lamira is a very helpful sister, you should try as hard as she does. Besides…I think you owe us for that little favor we did you” She placed her hands on her hourglass hips and motioned behind her as she snapped the small oil lantern on. Their younger sister Lamira, only nineteen years old, was Trellisa’s private bodyguard and babysitter. Her lack of private life made Ellelunia sick. Actually, the way Druids could all live together in close quarters was what made her sick, working as a single unit and all that was a little too cooperative for her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “How is it that Orion is your only form of social interaction?” She pointed back at a ledge covered in moss and random supplies. Lying atop a flattened straw bed was Ellelunia’s companion Orion. He was sprawled out on his side, his heavy paws dangling over the side of the bed. Orion’s jowls were sagging, exposing his strong teeth and massive canines. From deep within his throat was a muffled snore.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “He’s the only company you’ve had for months Ellelunia…” Trellisa was always suggesting her need for actual Sahrian interaction. “Reconsider you path, please, for Kollidan’s sake” Her eyes were soft and genuinely concerned. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Since when is my life any of your business?” Her sisters’ sudden appearance was very confusing for a woman who led her life in shadows. Ellelunia couldn’t understand what the word family was even supposed to mean. “You act as if you are the older sister…” Ellelunia’s hands balled into fists, pressing tight to her shapely thighs.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “If anyone should be telling anyone what to do, I should be telling you to get your ass out of my cave!” A growl resonated in Ellelunia’s throat as she turned and stamped her foot at her Druid sister. Trellisa laughed and placed a hand on the side of her pregnant belly again.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Perhaps you should find a man?” her question was too serious for Ellelunia to scoff at. She pushed her perfectly molded shoulders back and groaned.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I swear it’s like you don’t even know me!” Ellelunia’s voice echoed through the cave, some loose fragments falling from the ceiling. Despite knowing each other for years, she still felt isolated from her sisters; they were from two different worlds. There were things she would never understand about her sisters’ Druid lives, and things she would never be willing to share about her own.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Orion woke from his slumber with a grunt and looked at the two Sahrian women. He tilted his heavy head and licked his feline lips. The massive panther slunk his way to Ellelunia’s side, his eyes gleaming in the soft glow of the lantern. Ellelunia lowered her hands to Orion’s short dirty coat, running her fingers down his muscular back. He purred loudly and yawned; his long canines glistening.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Orion was all she needed.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You must have a reason to be here, right? You never just stop by to say hello…” Ellelunia looked up at her pregnant sister and scoffed. Trellisa turned her head slowly, scanning over the mossy dips in the cave walls.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You’re on recruiting duty Ellelunia, you have to do your job to keep getting paid…”</SPAN></SPAN>

    Ellelunia rolled her eyes and let out a heavy sigh. Orion sat at her heels and watched as the sisters conversed. The trickling of rain died down and more light began to shine through the dense vines of the entrance way. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Trellisa had been paying her to recruit, trying to keep Ellelunia out of trouble. Ellelunia recognized the problem; it was a little hard for Trellisa to convince her superiors to keep paying someone who didn’t do their job. Ellelunia could respect her sisters’ action in coming to her first. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Thank you…” She hated relying on her younger sibling for means of living, but it was much better than the life she led before.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Trellisa nodded silently to Ellelunia, understanding all that she could have said but didn’t. The cave was illuminated again as Trellisa’s body caught flame again, her skin charring away to reveal dark black fur. Her bones cracked and popped as her body hunched and a long slender tail formed behind her. Though in another form, her pregnant belly remained. Ellelunia watched with on sleek black eyebrow raised. She thought for a moment whether her sister’s unborn child transformed within the womb as well. The thought made her face twist unattractively. Despite being bossy, she knew Trellisa’s warning had good intention. Her kindness made her feel a strangeness she couldn’t define as right or wrong.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Do you need to do that?” Ellelunia sighed in relief when she heard the last of her sisters bones pop into place. Druid transformations were a thing of magic, and were a complete mystery to Ellelunia; it made her nervous. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “It’s completely natural Ellelunia, you’re just angry you can’t do it…” Trellisa’s voice rang in her mind, another strange Druid trick. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’m happy with my bones were they are, thank you” She said with a finger pointed sternly at the entrance of the cave. “I don’t need to transform to be dangerous; little sister” She laughed as her Trellisa padded next to her, slapping her knees with her long black tail.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Just try and be inviting Ellelunia, we really need more dependable fighters and you know I can’t afford to bail you out again if you lose your job…” Ellelunia listened to her sister’s words with understanding, happy to know her sister cared enough to warn her first. Orion meowed a soft goodbye to Trellisa as she slipped through the vines into the wet sparkling trees of the Dire Forest.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Ellelunia couldn’t help but have her own thoughts about her sister. She wanted to tell Trellisa how she truly felt, but didn’t know if they had that relationship yet. She wanted to know how she could be so greedy, having a husband and children when she fought as a high Druid in battle. How could she truly want to protect her people, if she couldn’t even fight due to pregnancy? What if Trellisa was to die on the battlefield; Then what? Leave her children to Lamira to raise as her own? That barely seemed right.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Ellelunia rolled her shoulders back and twisted her body to look at the solitude of her cave. The idea of a warm room with soft sheets drew her interest but she hadn’t been in one of those for months. She took a moment to breathe and look around the place where she had spent the last four months of her life. The cave was deep and cold, the rood covered in moss and spider webs. White mushrooms grew over the sides and floor. She sighed as she stepped over a pile of dead leaves and grabbed her heavy knapsack. She took all the random supplies Orion had been sleeping amongst and packed them up in another knapsack, setting it against the cave wall. Orion pushed one large ear back and twitched the other curiously. His big amber eyes looked into Ellelunia’s as if posing a question.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Don’t rub it in, for all I know Morial won’t even let you inside…” Ellelunia smirked and placed the other pack against the wall; completely stuffed. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Ellelunia only knew of one town that she could feel comfortable in and it wasn’t too far away. Somber Call village was where she was raised until she discovered she could run away for months at a time to escape her own anxieties about domestic living. Morial would always take Ellelunia back. As Ellelunia got herself situated to go to sleep, she held Orion close, breathing in his scent and nuzzling her face in his fur.</SPAN></SPAN>

    She reached up to the lantern that had been tied with heavy rope against the wall and blew out the flame; they would leave first thing in the morning. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Come on Orion, Kollidan has a new path for us” Ellelunia said with a hint of sarcasm, adjusting her knapsack over her shoulder. With an uncertain stare into the forest, she continued to walk; her lithe body disappearing behind the trees. Orion walked quietly behind, the other overstuffed pack tied to his back.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Damn it Kollidan” She spat as she continued, turning in the direction of the closest road. Somber Call, Morial’s home, was only about a half days walk from where she was now; Orion’s nails tapping on the hard gray stone of the path as they finally breached the thick trees.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Ellelunia would love to blame her sister her sisters for the changes in her life, but she believed in fate as much as the others of her race and she knew Kollidan was the God to blame.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Ellelunia rolled her shoulders to relieve some of the pain from the heavy pack. She brushed some dirt off her soft, tightly fitting leather pants and picked some leaves out of the matching leather bodice. The grooming kept her busy as they strode along, adjusting the leather straps on her chest, arms and stomach. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Looks like I’m going to need an upgrade Orion” She spoke softly to her feline companion. “This armor won’t hold up much longer…” Orion seemed to smile, his lips curling over his massive fangs. She smiled back and looked up to measure the distance to town in her mind.</SPAN></SPAN>

    From behind them, a man on a horse came galloping forward, slowing his pace when he caught up with the traveling woman. She attempted not to look his way, but when his horse drew closer she turned her head out of curiosity. The man was staring directly at her; no surprise.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Can I help you?” The words came out with just the amount of irritation that she intended. “It’s not polite to stare”</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I apologize, but I could not help myself!” The man shook his head from side to side and blinked. “From a distance, I thought the goddess Fleuryn had been sent down to bless my eyes”</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I assure you I am no Goddess” Ellelunia didn’t wait for him to say any more. She took in a sharp breath and continued walking, the man trotting along next to her, still keeping his distance. He took off his shiny metal helmet and patted the stead with a strong thud.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Ellelunia eyed his horse with jealousy, the dark brown stead walking strongly despite the heavy Sahrian on its back. It’s hooves made a loud clatter against the path as it walked. Certainly that horse could carry her and her possessions… </SPAN></SPAN>

    “I have never seen a woman such as you…” The man looked forward, finally paying attention to where he was steering his horse. Ellelunia took the moment to look him over. He had deep cinnamon skin and dark brown hair. His eyes locked with hers and he refused to release them. A deep scar across his forehead caught Ellelunia’s attention and she managed to break their eye contact.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Your skin is incredibly light; it reflects the sun’s rays with a beautiful glimmer…” the man’s voice was obviously full of adoration, like all men before him. “And your eyes are the purest of waters; please tell me where in you came from!” Ellelunia tucked some of her long silken hair behind her small pointed ear and kept walking, the tips of the buildings coming into view on the horizon.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I am not different than any woman…Leave me be” Her voice was dry, trying to fight the urge to steal his horse and get away. He trotted the horse in front of her; stopping her stride. Orion growled deep within his throat and took a step back. Ellelunia groaned and pushed her shoulders back, the urge growing within agitation he caused her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “What do you want Sahrian?” His eyes roamed up and down her body, taking in every inch as if she were comprised of the rarest treasures. He looked over her full breasts, traveling down to glance at the tight leather pants and how they formed around her thighs. The man swallowed hard, opening and closing his palms nervously. Ellelunia looked down at Orion and clicked her tongue. The large cat took another step back, leaning back on his back legs. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Ellelunia walked up to him, reading his mind. She moved her body just the way he wanted her to; slow and alluring. She knew what he wanted and what he was thinking. The man stuck a finger in the collar of his armor, pulling on it uncomfortably to release some excess heat.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “my feet are quite tired…” Ellelunia began, making sure he kept his eyes on her. She shifted her weight to her hip, pointing it outward. The man dismounted like she knew he would, setting his helmet on the saddle and leaning against the large stead.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I would love to escort you to town, perhaps to the Inn if you desire…” He smiled lecherously and continued. “I have never seen anyone so captivating, what race are you?” He bowed and blushed deeply as Ellelunia got closer, pushing her chest to his. He swallowed hard, taking in a sharp gasp of breath.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Does my appearance startle you?” Ellelunia tilted her head to the side. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Slightly, your skin and eyes resemble a human, but your beauty exceeds anything they could ever hope to create” He placed a hand on her shoulder. His thumb going lightly over her exposed collar bone. She reached up slowly, slipping a small needle from a slit in her leather stomach strap.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Ellelunia concealed the needle within her palm, raising her hand up behind his head, gently caressing his hairline with her fingertips. She got up on her tiptoes-her short stature making it hard to keep eye to eye with him. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Does it please you?” She puckered her lips lustfully and lowered them to his neck, breathing gently over his skin, her hot moist air making his skin shiver. His breath was quick against the side of her face as he leaned forward, lowering his hand from her shoulder to her breast.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “V-very M-much” He choked out, pressing his lips to hers as she lifted her from his neck. He kissed her with so much lustful force that she cursed at him from the safety of her mind. She could admit, the kiss was good, but she wanted to make it to Grief Claw before sundown and he was more aggravating than useful. Ellelunia pulled away from him with a slight smirk, on the brink of laughter with her hands still bracing his neck.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Thanks” She said in between bouts of confusing laughter. The man raised a thick eyebrow, opening his mouth in question. Adrenaline excited her, her heart pumping strongly in her chest.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “What do you mean…” Ellelunia interrupted his inquiry with the painful stab of the needle, pushing it into his skin until nothing but the flat base was even with his flesh. He screamed as his hands were unable to find the small intrusion. Ellelunia jumped back and smiled wickedly, pointing to Orion who now had the reins of the horse in his mouth. He pulled the horse to her as the man struggled. Ellelunia patted the loyal cat and smiled at the man, who had dropped to his knees; the poison in the needle taking effect.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “For the horse…” She finished her sentence as she took a big step up into the stirrups of the saddle, rubbing it’s sides gently.</SPAN></SPAN>

    The man’s face was blank but his eyes reflected his horror. Ellelunia saluted him, winking and rearing the horse up on its back legs. She tossed the man’s helmet onto the ground and watched as his eyes rolled back into his head and his body fell forward; kicking up a cloud of dust from the hard stone path. </SPAN></SPAN>

    When the dust settled, Ellelunia and Orion were both heading full speed into town.</SPAN></SPAN>
  4. The water stained bucket clashed against the sides of the well located in the center of Grief Claw; a homely town. Orion stood with his heavy paws gripping the sides of the stone fixture; his head lowered curiously inside. The sun was beating down from directly overhead, the rays shimmering off Orion’s thick coat. As the bucket got closer and closer, Orion tried to reach it, entering his paws into the well and making needing gestures by opening and closing his feline fingers. The bucket fell slightly as Orion released the rope to bite higher up, pulling it close to himself; his powerful jaw holding the rope tightly without snapping it.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Ellelunia was standing outside a building respectfully called ‘the Silver Top Tavern’ for its silver foil pattern scattered across the roof. Her eyes washed over the wooden construction of the outside, her aquamarine eyes flowing between ornate carvings in the wood with remembrance. Turning her body away from the building for a moment, she finished tying her stolen horse and looked for Orion, who had abandoned his seated position where Ellelunia had told him to wait. </SPAN></SPAN>
    A crowed of Sahrian villagers were surrounding Orion, all making noise and trying to peek over one another for a better view of the cat. Orion had his head inside the bucket, lapping up the water with his long slender tongue. The bucked swiveled and tipped, inches from spilling its contents over the ground. The villagers seemed amused and happy to give him food scraps. Ellelunia rolled her eyes at her outgoing companion and slipped inside the tavern.</SPAN></SPAN>
    As Ellelunia turned her curious eyes away from the commotion outside, she opened the door, listening to the reminiscent sound of the entry bell as she walked inside. The tavern was wide and filled with many wooden tables and chairs. The bar to the back of the building was long and worn from years of passing ale to happy patrons. Ellelunia was caught off guard when a familiar heavy set woman seemed to spring out of nowhere. In reflex, Ellelunia took a step back, her back slamming into the doorway.</SPAN>
    “Praise Kollidan, he’s brought my girl home!” The stocky woman began clapping her hands together. “I never thought I would see you again Ellelunia!” A sly smirk crept across her face and she raised an eyebrow curiously.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “It’s nice to see you Morial…” Ellelunia sighed and reached forward, gently placing a hand out to squeeze the elderly woman’s shoulder. Morial laughed and pulled Ellelunia in for a warm hug. When she pulled away she crossed her arms loosely over her heavy chest.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You’re my blessing from Fleuryn; truly!” Morial’s smile was a joyous one, stretching wide and creating cavernous dimples in her pudgy cheeks.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I have been secluding myself…forgive me” Ellelunia smiled and dropped her hands comfortable at her sides. Morial turned her head back and began slowly walking, her graying hair was held tightly to her scalp in a bun that sat at the top of her head. Ellelunia distinctly remembered her having more chocolate curls before she left; perhaps that was her fault. </SPAN></SPAN>
    Morial motioned over her shoulder, beckoning Ellelunia to follow. Taking one last quick glance at Orion through the tall windows at the front of the tavern, she was assured he was fine; two young girls patted his sides and giggled as he licked their palms.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Where have you been?” Morial’s voice was mixed with the concern of a mother and the inquiry of a friend. She unlatched the flat horizontal door of the bar and tuned her full figured body sideways to fit through the opening. Morial used a small scrap of cloth to wipe down a glass mug before filling it with bitter smelling mead. Ellelunia smiled and accepted the drink as it was pushed her way. </SPAN></SPAN>
    She took a seat, setting her feet on the foot rest at the bottom of the bar and slinging her knapsack on the stool next to her. She put the drink to her lips and tilted her head back, letting the liquid happily cool her throat. Ellelunia’s long black hair swished over her shoulders as she moved, like a river of ink as it flowed down her back. She hit the cup hard against the counter and smirked, wiping the side of her mouth with her wrist.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’ve been living in a cave, nothing too interesting…” She chuckled and let out a heavy sigh as she swirled the empty cup around on the bar. Morial’s eyes went wide, a small group of crow’s feet gathering at the corners of her eyes.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You’ve been living in a cave?!” Her motherly concern made Ellelunia smile. “Why have you isolated yourself? It’s never good to be alone…” Morial snatched up the cup from the bar and turned around to refill it from the tapped barrel behind her, this time with a thicker, darker brew. She set it in front of Ellelunia and watched her take a swig, her eyes lighting up with the rich taste.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Should-a-came here, you know!” She quickly covered up a dribble of liquid as it splashed up on the bar. Morial looked up at Ellelunia and wrinkled her brow as they locked eyes.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I would-a taken care of you; like I did before…” Ellelunia reached out, removing her hand from her drink and placing it above Morial’s withered fingers.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You’re not my mother; please do not feel obligated to shelter me. I thank you for the past, I just…” She went silent for a moment, spurts of memories passing though her mind. Ellelunia blinked her large blue eyes and watched as her mind played her memories and isolated them into one solid stream.</SPAN></SPAN>
    The room was dark and the air smelt of burned wood and a displaced flowery scent. The building she was being led to was abandoned months before though she was taken there often. Within the darkness of the corner in the empty room, a tall shadowy figure strode outward. The floor creaked under his bulk, making a high pitched whine that scared her. Ellelunia watched from within her mind as her teenage self was pushed forward, closer to the shade that was only feet away from her small frame. </SPAN></SPAN>
    The door behind her shut; the lock clicking into place with a fatal twist. As the man got closer she could see his eyes burning her from beneath a thin veil of blackness. He grinned and exposed a bright, fanged smile- like all the other Sahrian men she had ever been with. Ellelunia’s petite body shook as he placed a calloused hand on her shoulder and neck.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’ve waited for this moment to come little goddess” His voice turned into a feral grown as he began greedily tugging at her opalescent dress that made her absent eyes glow like a sapphire flame dying in the night air.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Ellelunia quickly snapped her eyes open and placed a hand over the side of her neck were she remember the man biting down hard enough to draw blood. No matter what happened, whatever horrible thing they did it her; she never scarred.</SPAN></SPAN>
    The touch of Morial’s hand against her face made Ellelunia jump in shock. She cast her head down and whispered an apology into the air only loud enough for Morial to hear.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You have nothing to apologize for my dear. I know how your past haunts you…” The elderly woman smiled and motioned to the stairs.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “As long as you’re here, the room will be free. No daughter-a-mine is going to live in a cave!” She huffed, her head cocking to one side with a matriarch-like attitude. </SPAN></SPAN>
    The rich smell of bread and stew wafted over Ellelunia as she ate and spoke with Morial. It had been months since she ate this god. Morial’s cooking was the closest thing to love she could recognize. Ellelunia slid her hand off the counter when she had her fill, watching Morial return to cleaning dishes and cups. She couldn’t help but trust Morial; she was the only person to ever show her kindness.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I want to tell you something…” Ellelunia began. Morial’s pointed Sahrian ears perked when she took notice to her daughter’s seriousness. She stopped washing and gave her the full attention she deserved. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “I wanted to come back… I just felt like I should have been able to take care of myself. In my stubbornness, I turned to my old ways…I’m so sorry.” Ellelunia held her head low, feeling ashamed. </SPAN></SPAN>
    Her hair was shorter than and she wanted nothing but solitude. She found out quickly that life on her own was difficult and she had not developed the survival skills she needed. She turned to selling herself at night; men only finding her only by the dim light of her lantern. Their encounters had been nothing but business to her, so used to disconnecting her mind and body while the deed was done. The heavy bags of money she had received were still weighing down her pack to this day. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Everything takes time my dear…” Morial consoled her. “I know how much you hate yourself for what you’ve done, but you can’t blame yourself for relapsing back to the only way you’ve ever known…It will take time…” Her words made Ellelunia’s eyes water. If only she knew how hard it was for her to stop lighting the lantern at night, to turn down all that money and work for her sister doing something she had never done before. Ellelunia was confused, but she believed Morial and ever piece of advice she had ever given her. She knew deep down she should never have left; this time she wouldn’t.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “There’s someone I would like you to me Mori” Ellelunia’s mood changed completely and she hopped off the barstool, letting out a sharp whistle. Seconds later Orion came bounding through the entrance to the tavern and stopping at Ellelunia’s feet. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “His name is Orion…” She watched Morial for a reaction, knowing how much honoring her husband’s name would mean to her. It meant a lot to Ellelunia too, knowing the man sacrificed his life for hers. Morial had told her many brave stories about her husband, but none braver than Ellelunia’s rescue.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Morial found Ellelunia being carted into town to be sold nightly to men who wanted to ‘feel the touch of a true goddess’. Her big brown eyes had seen Ellelunia being escorted to her next job, the absence of emotion and spirit within the girls face made the kind Sahrian woman cry. She had seen women in Ellelunia’s place before, but none of them made her sob like Ellelunia did. Morial forced her husband to purchase Ellelunia for a night and when she was escorted and they were alone they would smuggle her out. </SPAN></SPAN>
    One week later, Ellelunia was still hidden in a trick room underneath a storage closet floor. When her ‘owners’ cane looking for her, the searched the Silver Top from ceiling to basement. The tavern was completely torn apart in their rage but Ellelunia was safe. It would have all worked out if they hadn’t killed Morial’s husband because he was the last person to purchase her…</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Fleuryn bless you child! Ya-named him well, look how strong and handsome he is!” Morial wriggled her way out from behind the bar and knelt to the ground, pulling up her apron. The bell rang again as someone walked in the door. Morial lifted her head and called out with joy; her bun bouncing atop her head.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Look here Sven; we’ve got another Orion, Ellelunia brought him home!” Morial ran her hardworking fingers through Orion’s fur, massaging his ears and listening to him purr.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Nice to see you’ve returned girl, Morial’s been driving us sick with her stories. It’s a good thing her bread and ale are so good, or she might be talking to herself!” He chuckled deep within his narrow chest and sat down at the table he always used. Ellelunia remembered his bead and how thick and dark it was. Time had passed and though it was still thick, it was graying in the roots.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Ellelunia bowed her head, her hair falling over her chest in long wispy strands. When she looked toward Morial, she noticed the old woman was already behind the bar, fixing Sven his usual dinner. She laughed off his comment with a content smile.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I was just missing her! Can’t tell me you didn’t miss her too Sven!” Morial flung the drying cloth over her shoulder and giggled. It wasn’t a secret that Morial couldn’t birth a child of her own, now she was too old, but she had Ellelunia and she loved her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Okay then” Sven put his hands over his head excitedly. “Then make the drinks strong tonight! It’s a celebration!” He laughed again, his face raising and his long beard swaying under his pointed chin. Morial scoffed at him, knowing the old man would use any excuse to drink until he fell asleep at his table.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Ellelunia dear, why don’t you go rest your eyes, it’s been a long day for-ya-hasn’t it?” Ellelunia couldn’t agree more. She nodded her head made her way to the stairs, instructing Orion to remain with Morial.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Behave for Morial, ok?” She patted her companion on the head as he padded back to Sven, already begging for food that wasn’t there. Morial walked over to Sven in small strides and gently set his drink on the lacquer finished table with a patter. Sven waved after Ellelunia, his hand moving through the air as if he were spell casting. </SPAN></SPAN>
    As Ellelunia rested her eyes in the safety and comfort of her soft cotton sheets, Orion sat beside the small round table where Sven and Morial chatted, their voices low and whispery.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Sven, you think she’ll be alright, don’t you?” Morial’s eyes jumped from Orion to the elderly man across from her. Sven sipped from his drink and puckered his lips when the strong mixture of alcohol hit him. He watched Morial’s partially frightened eyes and sighed.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Fleuryn’s blessed the girl; do you not see the uniqueness in her?” He reached his hand down and patted Orion’s side. When he looked back up, Morial’s eyes were burning. After a moment she cupped her hands together, leaning forward and diverting her gaze to the rafters.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I just feel like Kollidan is toying with her in some way…” Her voice trailed off as her hands washed over her aging features, reaching up to massage her temples. Sven se his cup down and wiped his hands on his long leather coat.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Remember her situation my dear, she thinks of herself as an outcast she’s been mistreated because of her physical being” he cleared his throat, watching as Morial’s eyes watered over.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “She feels out of place because of her identity, I’ve heard her sisters are gifted by the gods as well…Trellisa is more beast than Sahrian! Her veins are filled with a thick feral blood and Lamira’s senses are superb! She hears twigs snap from miles away…” He reached out and shook Morial’s shoulder.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “She will do just fine; our only wish for her should be to somehow relieve that hatred that is held up within her heart. Her body might never scar Morial, but her soul bares more injury than a beaten corpse” Sven’s tone changed, his teeth gritting together. Morial nodded slowly, understand completely. She stood, walking back to the back room to retrieve his dinner, which was done warming in the brick oven.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Up in her room, Ellelunia was waking up, cracking her bones and stretching her muscles. She walked down the stairs dressed in her common attire. She felt comfortable in the long silk dress that Morial gifted her one year for her birthday. It was one of her first presents she had ever received and she was happy Morial had saved it in the armoire of her room. It was obvious that Morial hadn’t rented that room to anyone either, it looked exactly how it did when she left.</SPAN></SPAN>
    The dress was light blue, with a silver braiding that wrapped around her neck, down between her breasts and encircled her ribcage. The dress just graced the floor, her beaded sandals peeking out from under its length.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Ellelunia walked down the stairs, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She had just enough time to walk the beach before nightfall. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Welcome back to the living child, care for a drink?” Morial smiled sweetly but Ellelunia declined, walking toward the exit. Orion lifted his head but his attention was stolen when Sven dropped a piece of chicken to the floor on accident.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “If you don’t mind, I want to go walk the beach before nightfall…I’ll be back” Morial nodded and Ellelunia slipped out into town.</SPAN></SPAN>
    By the time she reached the beach, the sun had turned a deep yellow to prepare for sunset. It was the perfect time to visit the ocean and watch the colors of nightfall reflecting in the waves. Ellelunia bent to pick up shells along the sand, rubbing her fingers along the metallic insides as she spoke to herself.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Change is not as easy as Kollidan seems to believe…” She threw a shell into the gentle incoming waves. It hit like a knife splicing through the water. She sighed and watched her feet as she walked through the moist sand. “Like sending my sister to me now is going to change my existence…”</SPAN></SPAN>
    A sudden moan in the distance made Ellelunia’s ears perk up. Her spine went straight and she searched her surroundings for anyone nearby. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Hello…” She said slowly and cautiously, waiting for a response. When nothing happened she continued walking, noticing a large formation of rocks up ahead. There was a strange pile of what looked like brown moss near the rocks as she walked closer. When the pile suddenly moved, she jumped.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “What in the name of…” Her curiosity brought her closer, watching the bulk writhe and roll and the moaning getting louder. When she was but feet from the mass she noticed large best like paws and a long brown and tan muzzle. Lying in the damp sand, being pulled by the tide was an injured bear. </SPAN></SPAN>
    Blood drenched the sand, streaming back into the ocean and disappearing into the blue. Ellelunia was quickly at the bear’s side. Its eyes were closed and she could tell it was losing too much blood. She had nursed a couple creatures back to life before but a bear would by far be the biggest. She grabbed the bear by the skin around the neck and pulled as hard as she could. The bear growled low in its throat but was obviously too weak to put up any resistance against her. Moving the beast was exhausting, the sand sinking around her feet every time she pulled. Sweat beaded on her skin as she used all her might to tug the bear to safety. Water soaked her dress but she didn’t care, tending to the animal without a second thought.</SPAN></SPAN>
    After getting its body out of the water as much as she could, Ellelunia worker her hands over the deep gashed on its sides and limbs. She quickly scanned the sand for another shell and broke it in half. When the bear’s eyes began to open, Ellelunia moved her body to the other side, getting out of its line of vision. She used the broken shell to pip out a few teeth that were stuck inside the bleeding gashes, the bear growling in pain. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Don’t worry, its better with these out; I promise” she smoothed her hands over its coat and sighed “I don’t know how you managed this…” With the removal of the last visible tooth the bear began to wake, stirring the sand around it.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Don’t, you’re too injured…” Ellelunia calmed her voice, trying to stay as soothing as possible. She turned again to check the beach for anything to apply to the cuts when from the corner of her eye she saw the fur begin to disappear from the back of the beast. The bears massive paw swung backward as it rolled over, groaning in discomfort.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Ellelunia was thrown backward, rolling over herself and landing in the sand. She was sprawled out face up, holding her head she heard the familiar bone snapping sound of a Druid changing forms. Her head throbbed and her vision spun around, causing her eyes to close and pushing her into an unconscious sleep.</SPAN></SPAN>
  5. The sky was changing with the coming of nightfall; deep orange clouds sped past Ellelunia and the man who had been a beast just moments before. Both of them were facing up in the gritty sand; unconscious. When Ellelunia’s eyes flashed open, her hands went to her face instinctively, running over her features nervously. She leaned upwards, propping herself on her elbows. She looked down at her feet and wiggled her toes, looking over her damp sand encrusted dress with disappointment. The druid grunted and rolled to his side, his long black hair sticking to his sweat drenched face.</SPAN>
    The tide was coming closer, running over the man’s strong muscular legs. His skin was a deep tan, which in the diminishing sunlight glowed bronze. Ellelunia took her time standing, her eyes not taken off him. Her knees shook and buckled inward causing her to weave for a moment. After gaining her balance she began inching herself closer to the sleeping druid.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Dammit” she cursed loudly. Ellelunia looked over his wounds, a couple of them still bleeding heavily. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “I might as well finish what I started. You better be a humble man!” She was agitated, grinding her teeth together as she positioned some moist seaweed over the open wounds. Her eyes watched him cautiously in case he woke up.</SPAN></SPAN>
    She knew all too well how strong druids were and how destructive they could be when angered of confused. As she applied one of the last bandages, Ellelunia watched as his eyes began to tighten and his face twisted up into a snarl. Jumping quickly over to safety, she ran her slender fingers through her hair, watching him turn his head from side to side. From what she could tell the guy was all alone, unless he was abandoned. By looking at him Ellelunia couldn’t think of a woman who would want to leave his body behind.</SPAN></SPAN>
    His dark black hair matched her own and his skin seemed soft compared to the other druids Ellelunia had met; not that the people she met were to use as comparison for good standards. She shook her head, blushing to herself. She felt anxious to leave, not seeing any reason to linger.</SPAN></SPAN>
  6. Shaking his head and slowly opening his eyes he saw the form of a woman that seemed to be walking away from him. Glancing at his arms and the bandages and seaweed wrapped around them he came to the quick conclusion that she had tried to heal him. Feeling dizzy, woozy even, he was confused and unsure about where he was or what he was doing there. He felt sand underneith him and moved a hand to a position that would help push him up to a sitting position. As he moved he could feel his heart beating extra hard. 'What the hell happened ....' He tried to remember what went on before waking up on a beach to be healed by a random passerby.

    "Miss! Miss, please, wait!" He reached out to her, groaning in pain as he tried to speak to the mysterious healer, slowly attempting to stand up. All his pains coming forth and showing themselves, he let a low growl escape his lips. His legs could not hold him up, no matter how hard he tried, he nearly crumbled back to the ground from the pain pulsing through his veins. A loud 'umph' came from his mouth as he fell back to his hands, now kneeling on the sandy beach with his hands placed on the ground in front of him. He let out a roar and made himself stand up on his feet, swaying from whatever was making him woozy.

    "Thank you." He spoke to the woman, with a hand out like he was reaching for her, the hand quickly switching to recover his balance.
  7. Ellelunia watched from the distance, clicking her tongue gently against the roof of her mouth. A breeze sent a shiver down her spine, goose bumps covering her white skin. The druid looked up at her, his eyes almost black in the darkness of the night. The uncomfortable stance he was taking made Ellelunia uneasy but she stepped closer and closer.

    “Turn around” She demanded, still gripping the broken shell. Ellelunia was in close enough range, she realized that his eyes were brown, like the massive trunk of the trees she lived amongst. He had to look down at her due to her petite stature and Ellelunia grumbled under her breath at his gifted height. She was supposed to be taller, like the other women of her race, but she fell only a couple inches below average. When the man didn’t move quickly enough, she lost her temper, throwing her hands in the air.

    “Do you want me to help or not druid?” She let out an aggravated snort and crossed her hands over her chest. The druid must not have been hurting that bad because he took a good look at Ellelunia body as her damp silk dress clung to her every curve. When she caught on she didn’t hesitate to smack him on the injured arm.

    “Don’t look at me like that druid. Not if you know's good for you!” She clenched her teeth and hissed her warning. His eyes faced front and he knelt down to give her full access to the wound.<o:p></o:p>
    She inserted the shell into the long deep tear shaped gash on the back of his arm. The sharp gasp he withdrew made her smirk and she stopped her movements.<o:p></o:p>

    “You’re going to mess me up...”

    His handsomeness caught her off guard causing her to become sloth-like, slowly reaching her index finger across his skin. She shook her head, convincing herself this was not the time for her imagination to run wild. Ellelunia inserted her finger into the wound, feeling around the sharp object that was embedded within his flesh.
  8. Eralion groaned with pain as she poked and prodded him, pulling out small, very sharp, teeth. He supposed he deserved the way she yelled at him, but how could she not know how beautiful she was? Surely she did, with the way she carried herself and how tight her silk dress was, she had to know. Looking up at the sky and trying to ignore the pain she was creating. At one point he thought he might faint, he swayed with the feel of the pain, almost drunken-like. Finally it seemed the woman was done, and the pain was easing up quite a bit. Druids were not known for their regenative powers, so he was sure there must have been some type of venom inside his blood stream. When he looked down he saw there was blood almost pooling around his feet. 'I must have done something out of control to be bleeding this much.' As he had that thought he remembered what happened. A scuffle, bear, sharp toothed fish. It was blurry but it was definitely there.

    "Thank you, again. You have done more than I could ever have hoped for and you don't even know my name." He spoke to the woman as he turned around, looking quickly up from his feet to her eyes. 'Beautiful. Eyes as blue as the sky and as deep as the oceans.' The thought swirled through his mind as he looked into her eyes.

    "My name is Eralion." Holding his large, muscular hand out for a shake as he spoke, even though her blue eyes were captivating him so it seemed he was in a trance. He could not break the stare.
  9. Ellelunia laughed to herself as he looked away from her sultry display. She kept her vision narrowed on his body, watching the way his muscles twitched and pulled as he shifted his weight in the sand.

    "I have no need for your name..." This man not only looked different, but he was acting far too humble to be a druid. She cursed within her mind at the comment she had made about him, thinking of what Morial had told her in the past. <o:p></o:p>
    ‘Kollidan knows our best fate…’ the kind woman would have said. She let her bright blue eyes cut through the darkness of the night and over his bronze skin.<o:p></o:p>
    Ellelunia twisted on her heels, keeping her eyes on him from over her shoulder. Her voice was smooth and alluring; she couldn't help but try and draw him in.<o:p></o:p>
    Ellelunia rolled her eyes dramatically and watched him stumble, wondering if the Razor Snap tooth carried any venom. If he was poisoned, it would take a while for it to affect him. From in the distance came a familiar call, a feline roar on the night wind. Ellelunia turned, her hair fanning out with the force of her movements. Orion was bounding down the beach, nose so close to the ground that it was flicking bits of sand over his face and ears. When he got her in his sights, he looked backwards and then took off sprinting toward her, his large paws making soft prints in the gritty sand.<o:p></o:p>
    Ellelunia laughed and knelt down, reaching out to the beast. Orion purred and rubbed against her, looking back over his shoulder to see Morial making her way slowly from the direction in which he came. Ellelunia sighed and looked at the druid, knowing there was no way to hide him from Morial’s sights. The elderly woman was close enough to see that someone else was with Ellelunia, when she realized it was a man; she picked up her speed. The last time she had stumbled upon Ellelunia and a man, she had to cover her eyes and turn her back.<o:p></o:p>

    “Her name is Morial, just bow and say hello when she comes near." Ellelunia's voice was empty of emotion though she had just been praising Orion for finding her. She gave him a pat him on the back and waved to Morial.

    "She will do everything in her power to take you back to town with us, so just be a good druid and say no, got it?" Ellelunia had a fake smile plastered as best she could on her face, running a hand through her long ink river hair.

    "Well Ellelunia, he’s a bit tall for you, don't you think?" Morial laughed a deep matriarch-like laugh and smiled at him.
    Ellelunia blushed crimson, gawking at Morial. "It's not like that at all! The idiot almost died, I just bandaged his wounds!" She held up the Razor Snap tooth, and scoffed. "He somehow got deep enough in the water to run into these!" Ellelunia realized she sounded like a tattling child and crossed her arms over her chest, grumbling under her breath. <o:p></o:p>
    Ellelunia looked irritated, her cheeks still full of fresh blood that pulsed so loud she could have sworn Morial could hear it. The face she was giving her pushed her to believe it even more. The elderly woman stepped past Ellelunia, making her way slowly to Eralion, looking him up and down.<o:p></o:p>

    “A fine young man you are, very big, not too common in your type…” Her voice became a whisper and she leaned in toward him as if sharing an ancient secret.

    “You’re a druid right? I can tell by the way she resents you…” Morial winked, her wrinkled face glowing with honesty. She pointed a crooked finger toward Ellelunia, who had refused to turn toward them.
  10. When the woman spoke to him he just nodded his head, even though she wasn't looking at him. He put a hand out to the cat hoping it would come over. Being a druid helped him when it came to making friends with animals. The cat did come to him once the woman turned to Morial, rubbing against his thick, bronze legs and purring loudly. Eralion pet the cats head and whispered to him. "You're a beautiful cat, just like your mother, or owner. Much nicer though." He ended with a quiet giggle, figuring the cat wouldn't know exactly what he said but may get the gist, seeing as how he seemed to be very smart.

    As Morial spoke he learned the name of the woman who saved him. Ellelunia. A beautiful name fitting perfectly with the beautiful woman. He gave Morial a crooked smile.

    "Yes, I am a druid and I am in fact around six foot and six or seven inches tall, which is a bit tall for druids, you are correct. My name is Eralion, it is a pleasure to meet you Morial." He held out his hand to shake and Morial wrapped his large form in a hug as big as she could, her hands barely reaching around his massive torso.

    "Oh Eralion, what a wonderful name." She said whistfully. "Believe me, the pleasure is all mine." Morial winked and giggled at the giant druid, letting go of him and continuing to look. Eralion laughed a hearty, booming laugh from the depths of his belly.

    "You are quite the woman Morial! And I would like to thank you for giving me the name of the mysterious woman who saved me. I am in your debt Ellelunia." Turning to Ellelunia as he spoke, he attempted to bow to her, only to unbalance himself and nearly stumble over. "My apologies, there must be venom still in my body from the Razor Snap fish, it continues to make me dizzy." He flushed with embarassment.
  11. Orions lips curled as if he understood Eralion clearly, a sly smile breaching his fanged mouth.<o:p></o:p>

    “Child, please, let me see to your wounds. Ellelunia did a fine job patching you up, but-ya-need real bandages; not seaweed” Oddly enough, excitement was the predominant emotion surging through the air as Morial smiled and attempted to tug him along.

    “I don’t think that is a good idea…He could be a madman for all we know!” Ellelunia held her arms directed out toward the sky as if pleading. “We don’t have room anyway!”

    “Don’t be a fool! There is a spare bedroom for you right next to Ellelunia’s!” Morial lowered her voice again, pretending to look over his arms for wounds.

    “The girl has a lot of hate in her; it will do her some good seeing that not all men are the same”. The cheerfulness of her voice didn’t match the context of the statement, making it uncomfortable. When she was satisfied with her reasoning, she tugged on his arm again, her tight hair bun bouncing atop her head as she walked.
    Ellelunia groaned and clicked her tongue as she started walking. She didn’t bother looking back at Morial or the druid as they limped along the beach; she didn’t care. She wanted the day to be over, and to wake up with the man gone. Nothing threatened her more than druids, and to have one sleeping in the room across the hall was ridiculous. She shook her head and kept her glance forward. <o:p></o:p>
    If the Gods thought she was just going to accept this druid into her life with open arms; they were mistaken.<o:p></o:p>
  12. Eralion smirked as Morial spoke to him, tugging him along, while Ellelunia was trying to keep Morial from letting him stay.

    "I do not have to stay with you Morial. Ellelunia is right, I could be a madman." He winked at Morial as he spoke and gave her a smile. "I'm sure there will be some other wonderful, cute, sweet, nice woman who will let me stay with her and bandage me up." Walking along the beach wasn't as easy as he expected and he leaned a bit too heavily on Morial's shoulder.

    "Easy child! I am but an old woman, I can't hold up the likes of you!" Her smile and giggle giving away that even though he was heavy, she did not mind having his body pressed against hers. "And don't be ridiculous Eralion, you do not have any of the traits of a madman. You are staying with us and letting me take care of you and that is that!" Her tone finalizing anything that Eralion and, especially, Ellelunia, could say about it.

    When they made it to the tavern/Inn that Morial ran, Ellelunia arriving far ahead of Eralion and Morial, he was exhausted.

    "I think the venom is wearing on me Morial, forgive me, but I must sleep. You said there was a bedroom?" His eyes were slowly blinking, trying to stay open but every blink was slower and slower.

    "Of course dear, come with me." Morial ushered Eralion up a short flight of stairs that took them to a hallway with doors on either side. She brought him to the very first door on the left, the door across from it shut tightly. 'That must be Elleluina's room, I wonder if her cat sleeps with her.' He was having random thoughts now, the venom bringing on confusion. "Sit down now. You need to be cleaned off completely but we can save that for tomorrow. Relax and rest while I clean you up." Eralion's thoughts were everywhere and his vision was swimming. He laid his head on the pillow, his back on the bed and his feet hanging off the end, being his hight was a bit more than most bed makers measured for. He let Morial work as he drifted off to an uneasy sleep.


    Eralion's hazel eyes slowly opened to the morning light. His head ached as he looked around the room. 'Where am i?' He thought to himself, completely forgetting anything that had happened. As he gained conciousness he remembered the sweet woman who had helped him and he looked to his limbs, they were covered in bandages and salve. 'Thank Kollidan for her, or I could be dead from the look of all these bandages.' Then he remembered Ellelunia, the beautiful woman who had begun his treatment. Suddenly he realized when she began he was still in his bear form, for her remembered the painful transition from bear to human form. 'Thats why she helped me. Because I was a bear.' As these thoughts crossed his mind his stomach rumbled. He couldn't remember the last time he had eaten.
  13. “You’re at the Silver Top Tavern in Somber Call…” Ellelunia’s venomously smooth voice flowed from the far corner of the room, judging by the confused, twisted look on his face; she figured he was looking for answers. Ellelunia sat propped back in a hand carved chair that matched a small table. She was wearing her common clothes, the same silk dress from the night they met.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You’ve been sleeping for a couple days…” Her voice fell flat as she refused to make eye contact with him. She ran her fingers through her hair, letting it fall wistfully over her dress, which was dull in comparison to her shiny hair. Ellelunia grabbed an apple out of the wicker basket that sat on the floor by her feet. It was filled to the brim with fruit and baked goods. She rolled the ruby red apple around between her hands and smiled.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You were poisoned. The fish you got attacked by were Razor Fins. They have a pretty potent bite. If you had been a foot shorter…you might have slipped into a coma… Who knows what we would have done with you then…” The thick sarcasm in her voice was palpable and the sneering expression didn’t help in comforting him. She stood up, taking a bite out of the apple and winking her long black lashes at him.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “You probably shouldn’t eat anything…I heard that if you eat anything after being poisoned by those fish your intestines will fall right out of your body; if you know what I mean” Ellelunia took another bite of the apple and stood up, hearing Morial call her from the kitchen. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’ll leave it here though, if you want to test that theory…”She gave Eralion a quick finger waggle and stepped out of the room. </SPAN></SPAN>
  14. "I like the woman more and more..." he said, slightly entertained, but obviously still groggy.

    “She’s testing me…” he said to himself in a quiet tone.

    After a couple moments Eralion slowly descended the stairs, his pointed ears perking up when he heard Morial’s familiar voice. He reached the threshold of the kitchen and leaned against the door frame. Eralion was smirking as he held out the basket towards Ellelunia, mostly empty.

    "I took my chances…”he said, setting the basket on the counter and nodding hello to Morial.
    "I want to thank you for your hospitality." Eralion spoke with a soft, genuine smile on his face as he held out a hand - perhaps not as far as usual, but he still held it out respectfully all the same.

    Morial’s eyes went wide with happiness when she saw the tall man enter her kitchen, but his words and the way Ellelunia rolled her eyes made her uneasy. Morial put her hands on her hips and looked directly at Ellelunia.

    “What did you do to this poor man?”

    Eralion made sure to return the wink that Ellelunia had given him earlier as he picked up an apple from the tray and took a big bite out of it, lurching forward a bit as some of the juice ran down his chin. Eralion raised his hand and wiped away the dripping juice, smiling timidly at Morial as he chewed the big bite.

    "Really ma'am... I appreciate your hospitality." He said once he had emptied his mouth, walking over to a wooden chair and taking a seat, the not-so-long venture from his room to the kitchen obviously had made him a little weary.

    "It’s not the first time someone had played a prank on me. You learn to realize when someone is toying with you after a while…” he had a slightly happy tone to his voice as he smiled at Morial.<o:p></o:p>
  15. When Ellelunia reached the kitchen, Morial was busy kneading dough and prepping it for the oven. She looked like she always did; her hair up in its normal wiggly bun with an apron tied tightly around her heavy set frame. Ellelunia couldn’t help but love how homely she was, always soft and inviting.</SPAN>
    “Did you bring him the food- did he eat anything?” She left Ellelunia little time to answer. Ellelunia watched as Morial flipped the bread over and began pounding it with her tightly clenched fists. She took another bite from the apple and smiled.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “He ate everything…a real glutton if you ask me” Ellelunia smirked to herself, finding the false information she had given the druid to be extremely funny. Morial stopped cooking and turned to look at Ellelunia, puffs of flour covering her skin. If there was anything she knew about this girl, it was when she was lying.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “What did you do to the poor man?” Morial’s all-knowing eyes glared at Ellelunia, reflecting disappointment.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Nothing” Ellelunia defended herself quickly, holding her hand up and smiling. </SPAN></SPAN>
    Morial sighed a bit and went back to her bread, tossing some more flour onto the dough.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Well I hope you didn’t do anything bad to him, he didn’t-do-anything to deserve it…”</SPAN></SPAN>

    After a momement Eralion came down the stairs-getting Ellelunia in trouble with her surrogate mother.
    “I did nothing but tell him a rumor, that’s all…” Ellelunia crossed her arms over her chest and sighed, realizing her fun was over.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Why would you try to fill his mind with such nonsense?” Morial’s mouth was open in disbelief as she rubbed her temples with her flour covered fingers.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I apologize, Ellelunia thinks it was a fitting joke to play, she hasn’t the best people skills....” Morial’s words hit Ellelunia hard, making her cringe. She threw the rest of her apple into the fire and walked silently out of the kitchen, leaving Eralion and Morial to their conversation.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “She’s got two modes with people she doesn’t know. And unfortunately, both of those modes are extreme.” Morial sighed and took a seat across the table from Eralion. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “I wish her situation had been different, but she is too strong willed for her own good. Her nerves of steel and heart of stone” The sadness rimmed the elderly woman’s eyes in the form of tears as she repeated Sven’s words. She brushed them away with her dusted hands, stifling a smile.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’m hoping she will eventually warm up to you, if you choose to stay in town that is…My rooms are always open.” She stood up and began working again.</SPAN></SPAN>
    When she was back at the baking table, she turned to the kitchen door and sighed, knowing exactly where Ellelunia would be headed.</SPAN></SPAN>
  16. In the kitchen Eralion watched closely as Morial placed the bread in the large wood burning oven. 'This woman accepts me without question...' he thought to himself as he silently appreciated the fact. 'My own mother doesn't even give me that courtesy.'</SPAN>
    "I don't know your motives, ma'am, but if you would like me to stay; I will” he spoke quietly, closing his eyes for a moment and bowing his head. When Eralion raised his head he glanced around, already trying to take in his surroundings.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "I have no place else to go, perhaps I can be of some service in your tavern, or around the town..." Eralion was hopeful.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “If you want to stay boy, then stay…”</SPAN></SPAN>

    He looked up to her as she placed another loaf in the oven, turning his head to the side a bit to hide the fact that he was concerned.
    "Even if Ellelunia doesn't want me here?”
    Morial laughed with a motherly feel, patting her hands on her apron. A cloud of flour puffed into the air and she swatted it away with a flick of her boney wrists.</SPAN></SPAN>
    “Ellelunia has no say in who I accept into my home, dear. I just hope you can show her kindness while you’re here. She needs to understand that not all people are the same…” Morial smiled, lifting her gaze from her worktable to Eralion’s face.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “The girl needs compassion and care. If I’m right about you, you’re the one who can show her.”</SPAN></SPAN>

    Eralion’s eyes narrowed has he watched Morial work, one corner of his mouth curling up into a smile as he listened. Despite feeling otherwise, Eralion knew that this was not the type of woman that could be argued with so he simply nodded.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "I would be happy to stay then, Morial." he said genuinely, using her name for the first time instead of the formality.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "I can be quite handy around town too, if you have things that need doing..." he said quietly, keeping his eye on the main room through the doorway. </SPAN></SPAN>Morial shot him a quick smile and clapped her hands together.

    “I’m not going to argue the help if you’re up to the challenge!” Her chipper voice followed her as she walked out of the kitchen, opening a closet and reaching inside. She turned to face Eralion who was slowly following her out of the door and held out a leather pack. Morial fumbled her hands back into the pockets of her apron. She slowly pulled out a long, slender envelope sketched with majestic cursive. The front read: ELLELUNIA in all capital letters. The bottom left corner held a small gold leaf paw print engulfed in flame. Morial held the letter up to Eralion, waving it in front of him

    "Give this to her when you find her."
    Eralion took the letter from Morial and held it up, his eyes following the loops in her name before falling on the small insignia.

    "I will pass along the message." 
  17. The leaves rustled around her head as she found her footing over the large, elegant branches of the ancient tree. She sat down and looked out over the town, the beautiful sky stretching over what looked to be a toy village. Ellelunia rested her head against the sturdy tree, feeling the wind blow through her hair.<o:p></o:p>

    “She expects me to accept him without question…” She scoffed, crossing her arms defensively and closing her eyes.

    “He’s just a bumbling idiot!” Ellelunia leaned forward, placing her hands next to one another on the branch for support. She was letting her legs dangle, enjoying the suspended in air feeling it gave her. Her mind was racing, it throbbed and she felt like she might get sick.
    As much as she didn’t want anything to do with the druid who abruptly came into her life, she was curious and it scared her. Not once has she ever been interested in a male druid. Her sisters were druids, and some women from town were druids, but Ellelunia never held a good record with males. Perhaps that was Kollidan’s plan all along.<o:p></o:p>
  18. It wasn't long before Eralion was deep in the Dire Forest, He tried to run, but his healing wounds kept him from keeping anything more than a brisk pace. His steps were strangely quiet, even over the thick bed of leaves that were underfoot. It wasn’t hard to understand what Morial meant, the tree Ellelunia favored was much larger than the rest and it had a great view of the village.</SPAN></SPAN>

    His ears perked and he closed his eyes for a moment, raising his nose to the sky and taking in a long drawn breath. “There you are...” he whispered to himself as he continued on. Eralion found Ellelunia too intriguing to avoid, so he continued to follow her scent, which wasn’t necessary, but it too was too good to ignore.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Ahh..." he said quietly as he reached the base of the ancient looking tree. Eralion tilted his head up and smiled, even though he couldn't see her through the thick branches, he knew she could see him.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "C'mon now, Morial has given me this letter for you..." he said just loud enough for her to hear as he held up the envelope. He eyed the branches curiously, noticing Ellelunia’s common dress and pack hanging from a low branch just within reach. Eralion checked around the base of the tree cautiously, afraid he was going to witness something he didn’t feel ready for. The only other soul around was Orion, her panther companion. The cat stirred from his sunbathing place on an exposed root, looking up to Eralion with curious feline eyes.</SPAN></SPAN>
  19. Ellelunia looked down, digging her nails into the bark of the ancient tree. Her hair covered half of her face as she looked down to him, the long silken strands waving gently in the cross breeze that rattled the bright green leaves around her body. Ellelunia shifted her weight to better feel the flowing air, sitting with her legs dangling over the side near Eralion.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “Morial told you were I’d be?” Her voice was aggravated. She watched as Eralion shrugged and put his hands on this waist. He turned his head upward, leaning from side to side, trying to get a good look through the thick branches and heavy leaves to see her. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “I’m not naked, if that’s what you’re craning your neck to see…” Ellelunia laughed with a hint of annoyance, gracefully jumping from branch to branch until she landed steadily on the ground in front of Eralion. She stood up straight and ran a finger down her body, slowly, only stopping to remove a couple leaves that had gotten snagged in the bottom of her bodice. Surprisingly to Eralion she was wearing a set of tightly fitting black leather armor. She reached up and gathered her belongings, folding and placing her dress inside her pack.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Orion walked behind Ellelunia, his tail wrapping around her legs protectively. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Well I guess I’m lucky you were the one to find me, and not another man, perhaps one with a more aggressive attitude…” </SPAN></SPAN>
  20. “Perhaps…”He turned back, a hint of blush still in his cheeks. He leaned his large body in closer to hers, hoping to show her he wasn’t as reserved as she thought. Instead of touching her, like she might have though he would, Eralion held out the piece of paper towards her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "I know you said it wasn't any of my business, but…” he began, glancing over his shoulder at her for a moment, his pony tail trailing with a passing breeze.

    "Ellelunia is a very fitting name…" Eralion continued on, ducking under a low branch. He didn’t know what he was trying to accomplish. He had never formally courted a woman and he was no were near ready to ruin whatever relationship they might have blooming; if any. Ellelunia captivated his mind like a crush from his childhood and oddly enough, she seemed equally as disinterested.

    "A beautiful name for a beautiful woman." he said quietly, forcing himself to keep pace and not look back in an attempt to hide the sincerity of his statement which spread across his face in the form of flushed cheeks. </SPAN>