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  1. Eralion
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    Where they live: Norwood, Hadar, Bantr, Cyngi, Eridani and Rondanae City
    Skin- varieties from white to dark brown
    Hair- blonde, brown, black and auburn
    Eyes- blue, brown, green and hazel
    Height-Men: 5’0 to 6’0 Women: 5’0-5’7
    Weight-Men:150-210lbs Women: 110-190lbs
    Clothing- linen cloth, cotton, silk and metal piercings

    • Human Info:
    Humans don’t possess any magical gifts, but the contribute much to the population by farming, fishing, trading and selling other goods. Humans are adept builders and inventors, often trying to sell their wares in shops or on street corners.
    Humans make up a good percentage of the population and to some like the Za are considered “roaches” or “rats”.
    Many humans felt the Adari were unfair to control Fleuryn with their magic and cowards for never coming out of Asharatoth; even though they physically couldn’t.
    Some blame the humans for their ignorance, saying the leader of the traitors was human, though was never proven.
    Humans will do anything to survive, another reason why they are not liked by the Za.

    Where they live: Voss, Voidfog, Grief Claw, Sombercall, Mercy’s Touch, Nyobi, Daggerfin, Oakscale and Rondanae City
    Skin- varieties from tanned to dark brown
    Hair- brown and black
    Eyes- brown, green and hazel
    Height-Men: 5’9 to 6’5 Women: 5’7-6’2
    Weight-Men:190-270lbs Women: 165-200lbs
    Clothing- linen cloth, leather, cotton, silk and metal piercings
    Special features- pointed ears and sharpened canines

    • Sahrian Info:
    The Sahrians are a very tellurian race. Meaning, they hold strong bonds to the planet and its creatures. Sahrians have two lifestyles, one of Herbalism and the other of Druidism.
    Herbalists are considered normal, having no physical connection to nature and being unable to transform. For those not following the path of druidism, they concentrate on combat training, cooking, leather working, and training beasts for battle.
    Druids live together in tribes, secluded from others to learn their craft properly. Oakscale and Daggerfin are islands used by druid tribes to train and create a closer bond with nature.
    The Sahrians worked along with the Adari and Za to protect Fleuryn from the revolt, aiding them with their Druid fighters.

    Where they Live: Zalam, Cyngi, Eridani and Rondanae City
    Skin- varieties from tanned to dark brown
    Hair- brown and black
    Eyes- brown, green and hazel
    Height-Men: 6’0 to 6’5 Women: 5’7-6’2
    Weight-Men:1200-1400lbs Women: 1200-1400lbs
    Clothing- linen cloth, leather, cotton, and metal piercings
    Special features- centaur bodies (half man half horse)

    • Za Info
    The Za are a strong centaur people living in the Land of Dying Sands. Their home is the city of Zalam, an oasis in the harsh desert. The Za have a very strong sense of pride in their city, believing that Zalam is an extension of their own being.
    “The Za and Zalam are one” Is their favorite motto.
    Sometimes their pride is mistaken for arrogance, and for that reason the Humans and the Za do not get along. The Za look upon Humans as lesser creatures and the Humans seem to desire to domesticate the Za for work.
    The Za are very strong willed and determined, some of them searching for work elsewhere if not desiring a life of bloodshed.
    The Za have a formidable army and fought for the Adari during the revolt, happy to defend their home against traitors.
    They remain loyal to the Adari, feeling their magic is a blessing to Zalam and therefore to themselves.

    Where they Live: Winterspring, Netuevi and Rondanae City
    Skin- white
    Hair- blonde
    Eyes- grey and blue variants
    Height-Men: 5’7 to 6’3 Women: 5’4-5’10
    Weight-Men:150-220lbs Women: 100-140lbs
    Clothing- linen cloth, cotton, silk
    Special features- Smooth creamy skin and a skinny frame

    • Aluvian info
    The Aluvians are a very peaceful race and harbor a great responsibility. As the Aluvians grow and develop their magic, they have a possibility to ascend to a greater form-The Adari.
    Aluvians by nature absorb magical energies and need to be in tune with their magical gift to absorb enough. This is the only way they can become Adari.
    If the Aluvian does not ascend they live their life without change, but never have the honor of seeing Asharatoth. Because they absorb magic, they are the only race forbidden to enter Asharatoth for fear they will disturb the magical energies emitted by the Adari.
    The Aluvians live in Winterspring and Netuevi but those wishing to ascend faster will go live in Rondanae City; to be close to the influence of Cerulian’s Orb.

    Where they Live: Asharatoth City within Cerulian’s Orb
    Skin- grey and white variants
    Hair- black
    Eyes- black or grey
    Height-Men: 5’7 to 6’5 Women: 5’4-5’7
    Weight-Men:170-220lbs Women: 100-140lbs
    Clothing- Linen cloth, cotton, silk
    Special features- high cheekbones and large eyes

    • Adari info
    The Adari are the ascended form of the Aluvians, living only in Asharatoth. The Adari are very powerful and take the protection of Fleuryn very seriously. They emit magical energy through Cerulian’s Orb; feeding the planet.
    The Adari are very secretive, but only have the best intentions. Using their powers they protect and heal the land.
    During the revolt the Adari made the final decision to banish the traitors and the land they used as a meeting place.
    Because of their importance, Adari cannot travel from Asharatoth. They must remain inside Cerulian’s Orb at all times.

    The Traitors Info:
    The traitors were conspiring to bring down the Adari- destroying Cerulian’s Orb and removing their magical influence from the world. This would ultimately kill the Adari and Aluvians. A cavalcade of races meeting together and plotting together against the Adari and against magic.

    • The revolt info:
    The Adari, having the all knowing power to seek out the rumored traitors, found their meeting place located between Cyngi and Eridani. As the rebellion became well known and more violent the Adari decided to take matters into their own hands, no longer letting the Humans, Sahrians and Za try and control it.
    The Adari used their power to curse all traitors to a life of disfigurement.
    In addition to the curse, the Adari took one more measure to make sure that no such act would happen again. The Adari used their power to banish the traitors and the land they used as a meeting grounds (which was also tainted in the eyes of the Adari) out into the Aquira Ocean, far away from Fleuryn.

  2. Gods and Myth
    Fleuryn Lore/History:

    Fleuryn is the Goddess of creation, fertility and beauty. She lives for the land and her people, feeding the planet and it’s creatures with her magic. After every child birthed, it is Fleuryn who receives praised. With every changing season, there are festivals to celebrate Fleuryn.

    How others see Fleuryn:
    Adari: Fleuryn is said to be the one gifting the Adari with the power to heal the planet. It is said that she did this because she was no longer capable to do it herself after imprisoning Kollidon and Grygus, who had been fighting over her love and putting the world in an unbalanced state. The Adari believe if they are devoting enough, they can speak with her directly in their dreams.

    Aluvians: They pray to Fleuryn to allow them to one day become Adari and serve her. They believe their natural ability to absorb magic is a way for them to absorb the love of Fleuryn directly. They call the planet Fleuryn out of respect for the Goddess.

    Sahrians: They praise Fleuryn for nature’s gifts and their shape shifting abilities, holding festivals in her name to celebrate their druids.

    Za: The Za believe only in their city and its spirit, but recognize the help presented by the Adari and their worship of Fleuryn.

    Humans: Humans thank Fleuryn for bountiful harvests and hunting.

    Kollidan is the god of love, lust, luck and fate. He is praised for good fortune, happiness and direction in life. When a couple find love and are married, Kollidan receives praise for bringing them together.

    How others see Kollidan:
    Adari: The Adari believe Kollidan is still loyal to Fleuryn even though she imprisoned him away. They praise him for love and fate. They praise Fleuryn for not choosing him as a lover and instead choosing her creations that inhabit her.
    Aluvians: The Aluvians believe Kollidan is still loyal to Fleuryn even though she imprisoned him away. They praise him for love and fate.
    Sahrians: The Sahrians believe greatly Kollidan for his power over fate and the natural flow of things.

    Za: The Za trust Kollidan to lead them in life and give them hope in times of desperation. They believe Kollidan and his brother Grygus built their city before their falling out over their contest for Fleuryn’s love.

    Humans: The Humans pray mostly to Kollidan, believing when hard work pays off, it’s because of him. Fame, fortune, love and luck are all things Humans praise Kollidan for.

    Grygus is the god of natural disaster, mayhem, war, greed, strength and pride. When at war, Grygus is prayed to for strength in battle.

    How others see Grygus:
    Adari: The Adari look down on Grygus, for his jealousy and hatred for his own brother Kollidan. The Adari see Grygus as a shameful being full of self-righteousness and greed. They see his actions degrading to Fleuryn and pride her for turning him away. They praise Fleuryn for not choosing him as a lover and instead choosing her creations that inhabit her.

    Aluvians: The Aluvians look down on Grygus, for his jealousy and hatred for his own brother Kollidan. The Aluvians see Grygus as a shameful being full of self-righteousness and greed. They see his actions degrading to Fleuryn and pride her for turning him away. They praise Fleuryn for not choosing him as a lover and instead choosing her creations that inhabit her.

    Sahrians: The Sahrians respect his strength in battle and praise him for their adeptness in battle

    Za: The Za pray to Grygus when they go into battle. They are strong believers in Grygus because he gives them strength. They believe Grygus and his brother Kallidon built their city before their falling out over their contest for Fleuryn’s love.
    Humans: The Humans blame Grygus for their own imperfections. Whenever harvests are ruined by storms they also blame Grygus. Other races often refer to them as “Children of Grygus” due to their greedy, criminal and unappealing nature.

    Fleuryn Lore/History:
    The beginning- Fleuryn created a world covered in dense forests, mountain ranges and large mouthed streams. Thick foliage and wild beasts roamed the land freely. As time progressed, she became tired of beasts and created the Aluvians and Sahrians out of passion with Kollidan. After creating them, she turned passionately to his brother, Grygus and created the Za and the Humans. Both brothers were happy they contributed to Fleuryn’s creations but burned with jealousy, wanting to father a superior race with Fleuryn to keep the balance of the world.

    The turning point- Kallidon and Grygus created Zalam together in the pure spirit of teamwork and brotherhood. When they were done, Kollidan confessed to his brother his feelings of love for Fleuryn and her creations. Grygus too confessed his feelings and a fight ensued. Neither of them would allow the other to take Fleuryn for their eternal lover. It was that moment that they ceased being brothers and became rivals for the heart of the Goddess. It is said that the spirit of their brotherhood was locked away within Zalam. At every chance they got the brothers would squabble in contest. The brothers fighting caused the world to be unbalanced, causing storms and damage to Fleuryn’s world.

    Aftermath- Fleuryn could no longer take the fighting and entombed both the brothers deep within her world, punishing them for their possessiveness over her. She had mothered two races by both of them and made it clear that she loved only her creations and had no room in her heart for a lover. Putting the brothers away drained her energy, so Fleuryn gifted her first born with the power of ascension. Allowing the Aluvians to become Adari, allowing them to heal and protect the rest of her creation while she lay dormant to regain her strength.

  3. Characters:

    • Ellelunia: (played by Esthalia)
    -Race: Sahrian/Aluvian
    -Age: 23
    -Weight: 150lbs Height: 5’8
    -Skin color: white
    -Eye color: blue
    -Hair: black
    -Body type: Lithe, hourglass, very sensual
    Special features: Due to her regenerative ability, her skin seems to glow in the moonlight.
    -Clothing: black leather armor with gladiator sandals and metal gauntlets, civilian clothing is a blue silk sundress with braided silk crossing the chest and wrapping the ribs.
    -Weapons: Poisons, daggers, bow & arrow, beasts and traps

    Ellelunia’s bio:
    Ellelunia is a tortured young woman born with a genetic difference to the rest of her Sahrian brethren ( later finder out she was born of a Aluvian father). Her mother Prianne sold her to a travelling circus when she was little to pay off her debt and provide a healthy life for her unborn child. She did this only after Ellelunia was promised to be taken care of and educated. The circus caravans were attacked while traveling and Ellelunia was stolen off in the night by slavers who sold her into prostitution. It was at this time that she realized her body’s reconstructive abilities. She was the prized possession of the slavers, being able to be beaten and cut and instantly heal. Their clients could do absolutely anything to her and she would heal immediately. She became known as the “Little Goddess” and was marketed and sold as such to customers. It wasn’t until Morial, a barkeep, saved her by stealing her away. Ellelunia does not like being in a town for longer than she needs to, she would leave Morial’s home and live in a cave with Orion until she felt the need to come home. To make extra money, she would leave a lantern on outside the cave to attract lecherous clients. Ellelunia has since been reconnected with her two sisters Trellisa and Lamira- of whom she never knew existed. Trellisa persuades her to help with her cause and promises that she won’t have to live the life of thievery and self-loathing anymore. Ellelunia is weary of her sisters’ sudden appearance in her life, but she is happy to earn money in the first respectable way she is capable of. Due to her past, Ellelunia is very weary of men and not easily trusting. She loves danger and craves excitement. She is easily angered and very stubborn. Though she hated her life as a sexual slave, Ellelunia tends to fall back into her old ways, hating herself after realizing what she has done. Ellelunia sometimes relapses into her horrific memories as a child and involuntarily causes herself harm. Morial and her panther Orion were the only ones who knew about this until Eralion witnesses it. Ellelunia is confused and interested in Eralion in a way that she has never understood. As much as she tries to make him leave, she knows that she would be melancholy without him and enjoys his company.

    • Eralion: (played by Linarrina)
    - Race: Sahrian
    - Age: 26
    - Weight: 290lbs Height: 6’7
    - Skin color: Tan/Olive
    - Eye color: Hazel
    - Hair: Dark Brown
    - Body type: Muscular, tall, wide, solid
    - Special features- a scar on his right arm where Ellelunia had to remove the poisonous fangs from his flesh. A long scar on his back from training.
    -Clothing: Dark brown leather armor with leather boots and leather gauntlets, civilian clothing is a off white linen shirt and hide pants
    - Weapons: Druid but also adept at trap making and the occasional use of swords or axes.

    Eralion’s Bio: Eralion is a very kind druid who was exiled from his tribe when he realized he could take more than on shape; his druidic gift enabling him to bond with all creatures comparable in size. In his loneliness, Eralion trains himself in solitude until one day he is attacked and caught off guard performing one of his homemade exercises. Ellelunia finds him washed up on the beach.
    Eralion is normally very calm and doesn’t enjoy bloodshed, but if he has something or someone to protect-he becomes a very dangerous opponent. Eralion is the first person to join Ellelunia and develops feelings for her fairly quickly. He is too shy or withdrawn to voice those feelings to her.

    Please fill out this form to add a character, please be conscious of individual race attributes and distinctions :)
    - Race:
    - Age:
    - Weight:
    - Skin color:
    - Eye color:
    - Hair:
    - Body type:
    - Special features-
    - Weapons:
  4. - Race: Sahrian/Human
    - Age: 20
    - Weight: 60kg
    - Skin color: Tan
    - Eye color: Green
    - Hair: Light brown
    - Body type: Small, Somewhat Muscular but otherwise Lanky form
    - Special features- She wears a silver shard on a string with black marks on it. A code of sorts.
    - Clothing: She wears a robe of leather which she had created herself from the leather of the animals she killed in the name of the gods, its hood is normally up in hopes to hide her face. She wears leather sandals and metal gauntlets, a gift from Lazarith before she left. She also carries a satchel that contains her smaller weapons, the sword is held up by the a leather sheath.
    - Weapons: Two daggers, Sword, Throwing knives. rope and traps for fishnets and other purposes

    Biography: Zalethina's parents become married in secret, forbidden to be together because of lack of rank. She was a Sahrian cousin to the princess, he was a Human priest. They lived a happy life up until Zalethina's birth, which led to her mother's death. She was born of a Sahrian mother so she lived in their tribes, learning their skills for six months before spending the other six with her father in praise of the gods.

    In both worlds, she was considered an alien and hid her face almost always. Her canine teeth and pointed ears made her an alien among the humans and her those ears and teeth not being as sharp as the others and her lighter skin tone made her a freak among the others. She wore a hood to hide and continued to do so.

    She learned to be a Druid but also, a warrior as her father sent her to fight in battles, as she was able to take his place in their battles. Her life is no her own, she always knew that. Even when she was sent out on her 18th birthday, she went into a
    hermetical state where she continued her praises, killings, life for the gods and hope for a purpose.
  5. (( That is very good but there are a couple inconsistencies:
    There are no Kings-queens-princesses or princes; only the Adari. There are however Council members, chiefs and jarl's.

    Only full blooded Sahrians are born druids, if they are not druids they are hunters and herbalists. (this is the gift of the gods to the Sahrian people)
    If she has tan skin, she is well within the skin tone of the Sahrians and they would not know the difference. The character I play, ElleLunia is a Sahrian/Aluvian and has white skin and is praised by the Sahrian people for her 'beauty'
    If you can fix those things, that would be great- i have to make sure that the races and classes are consistent and there isn't too much over lapping. Thank you! ))
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