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  1. Chapter: One
    The patter of Ellelunia’s small dirty feet made the corroded wagon creak with age. Piles of heavy, water damaged boxes adding to the chorus of moaning. One of the heavy boxes began to tilt and give way to the pressure of another above it; Prianne grabbed Ellelunia quickly by the forearm and pulled her into a comforting embrace. The boxes came crashing down into the withered floor, snapping a few weak boards in the bottom.
    Prianne held her daughter tightly, calming her by running a hand over her stained blue hood. She cried softly into her mother’s arms, clutching to her pregnant stomach.

    “Keep your filthy hands off my goods, you hear me?!” The voice of a Sahrian man leading the carriage was disturbingly angry. “I’m not helping you for any good of my own!” He yelled violently, as if trying to injure the scared passengers in the back of his caravan. Prianne watched as her daughter tilted her petite dace upward; her large eyes rimmed with soft tears.

    “Mother…” Ellelunia’s voice was a ghost making its way hauntingly to Prianne’s ears. She looked to her daughter, taking in everything she had created. She took her daughters face between her hands, rubbing away her tears with her thumbs. Prianne’s skin was the color of sandstone and instead of resembling her mother, Ellelunia’s was the color of white sand, pure and smooth. Ellelunia’s bright aquamarine eyes shimmered in the cracks of moonlight that broke through the worn panel of the carriage. She tugged gently on her daughter’s hood, hiding her face as best as she could. Prianne whispered an apology over her shoulder through the small opening in the front wall. The driver grumbled some obscenities under his breath.

    “You’re lucky those collectors haven’t caught up with you yet Prianne, you know what will happen to that strange daughter of yours…” His voice was hollow and distant.

    “I know Yelis, that’s why we’re leaving” Her eyes went in and out of focus with the arrival of tears. As her daughter lay sleeping in her arms, she tried her best to wipe her eyes clear.

    “A woman like you should settle down. You’re far too stunning to live a life of poverty…” The driver shifted, his dark skin blending into the night. He slowed the large muscular horses that pulled them and turned his head to the side, looking as if he was just taking in the sights. Yelis’ compliment seemed only to sheath his disgust, as Prianne replied, he snorted in anger.

    “We just need to get away…” She closed her eyes and felt a slight jerk, the back of her head hitting the wagon hard enough to mix her vision. Her daughter remained asleep, exhausted from their long walk from their home on the island of Nyobi to rendezvous with her Yelis, her deceased husbands brother in his home of Somber Call.

    Yelis turned his body around, placing a muscular arm over the splintering seat of the carriage. Prianne rubbed her pregnant stomach and clenched her teeth. She knew if she spoke her mind, she wouldn’t have the ride for much longer. She looked down at her daughter and sighed.

    “The further away the better…”
    Yelis tied the reigns and jumped down off his bench, the wagon lifting without his weight. His tall wide body was quickly at the back, unlocking the doors and stepping heavy-footed inside. He moved the boxes easily, making his way to Prianne. He grabbed her by the front of her dirty linen dress, pulling her up to his angered visage. Prianne’s body shook with fear, her teeth chattering.

    “When exactly are you planning on paying me? It’s not easy carting you through Dire mist forest. I’m not going to wait for us to get to Voss and have you skip town on me Prianne, I know you would.” He hissed through his teeth, not caring if the child was awake to hear him. Prianne wept, trying to pull away from his massive hands.

    “No, I wouldn’t do that…please, Yelis, just get us to Voss and you can have whatever you want. Please…just let me get my daughter into a warm bed” Prianne pleaded with him, but he yanked her hard by fabric of her dress, kissing her brutally on the lips. She whimpered against his skin and fell back against the hard wood of the carriage.

    “I already know what I want…consider it a gift from Kollidan” He snorted and turned his broad shoulders to her; walking out of the wagon and hoisting himself back up onto his bench. Prianne took a long breath and shuddered. She hated the way he used the god of fates name, thinking of what Yelis meant when he said he knew what he wanted. She was prepared to do anything to keep her children safe. She felt she owed her late husband at least that much for his sacrifice.

    Prianne’s husband, the father of her unborn child had died during an attack by a band of thieves. They had come across their secluded forest home and decided to pillage their home for supplies. Her child had just been conceived weeks before the attack and now months later, she was still reliving her husband’s death in her mind. She could remember how strong of a druid he was, shifting into a bear of immense size, protecting their home and family. He wasn’t Ellelunia’s blood father but he treated her just the same; he was such a kind man.

    As Prianne escaped with Ellelunia tied to her back she knew he was killed; hearing the victorious chants of the ruthless thieves. She held her daughter close and tucked her dark brown hair behind her softly pointed ear. After adjusting Ellelunia’s hood over her face, Prianne closed her eyes and gave into the exhaustion that had been plaguing her for days.


    The itchy wool fabric of the red and white blankets tickled Ellelunia’s cheeks as she pulled her head from the warmth within. Almost instantly, she grew worried and inched her way off the bed. She navigated her way in the darkness of night toward the door. She reached up and wrapped her small fingers around the handle, freezing when she heard a deep voice outside the door. Ellelunia gripped her nightgown tightly, looking around the room for a lamp or candle to illuminate the haunting room.

    “Stupid woman, you told me you’d pay me when your daughter was asleep!” Yelis’ voice was exploding from the room across the narrow hall. Ellelunia grasped the handle again, shaking it anxiously as she called out to her mother.

    “Mother, Where are you?” She called out helplessly.

    Prianne couldn’t respond. Yelis’ mouth was over hers with a bruising strength. She pushed against him, but he held her tightly by the wrists and it was futile to struggle with a man twice her size. He knocked Prianne back into the wall of the room as Ellelunia’s small voice grew course as she called out her mother’s name.

    “please Yelis, don’t!” Prianne’s fear filled eyes were narrowed, taking his violent kisses and doing nothing to reciprocate. He groaned in frustration and slapped her hard across the face. Prianne stumbled to the side, knocking over the contents of a small end table. She quickly covered her cheek with her palm and spit a curse under her breath as she tried to leave the room.

    “You’re not leaving this room until you give me what I want, bitch” He grabbed her arm and turned her around, smashing her into the paneled wall. Her palms caught most of the impact, protecting her swollen stomach. Prianne couldn’t speak as he continued on a rant. She fought back tears, her daughter still screaming in the other room.

    “My brother was an idiot to save you, you’re nothing but a little whore and I know it!” He used his thick soled boot to spread her legs and grabbed her hard by the back of the head. Prianne’s short brown hair wrapped between his fingers as he bent her down as much as she could at the waist, sliding her face roughly against the wall.

    “This is the only position fit for you…” He pressed against her hard, bending down and grabbing her breast tightly in his callused palm. Yelis reached her ear easily and bit at the gently point at the top. She groaned and placed a hand on her stomach as if to protect her child. Ellelunia’s voice stopped for a moment, the small girl feeling tired and weak.

    Yelis lifted Prianne’s dress and slipped his hand under, violating her with his fingers.

    “I beg you…please don’t!” Prianne’s voice cracked as her body jolted from the sudden intrusion. She squeezed her eyes closed and bit her lip until it bled trying not to listen as Yelis grunted wildly. Prianne yelled for him to stop but it seemed to only feed his unwanted passion as he dwelled his fingers deeper and deeper inside her. Prianne wept without abandon as Yelis finally withdrew his fingers and for a moment he stood behind her breathing heavily and squeezing her hips possessively.

    “Please, let me go…” Tears rolled down Prianne’s face, dripping from her soft rounded chin to the floor below. Yelis lingered, pressing his weight against her, setting her spine on fire. His hands slid roughly up her body, wrapping around her neck. He entered her swiftly, causing Prianne out in pain.

    Ellelunia’s small frame was curled up against the door, listening to every horrifying noise that came from outside. Yelis’ disgruntled growls and Prianne’s haunting, painful moans filled the air. The poor child’s voice was but a whisper; the pale white skin of her beautiful face was damp with tears. Her small body trembled and her hair fell lifelessly around her slumped shoulders.

    When the noises coming from outside the room got louder, then suddenly stopped she stood up fast, suddenly energized by adrenaline. Ellelunia attacked the door again, this time it opened inward. She fell backward, her mother collapsing on the floor.

    “Mother…” Ellelunia said cautiously as she ran to Prianne’s side, the door slamming shut and locking with a loud thud. Tears were flowing again, streaming down both their faces like small rivers. Prianne scooped up her daughter and soothed her with a solemn lullaby, wetness soaking into the nightgown. Prianne walked painfully to the bed and let her body fall into its comfort. Ellelunia latched to her stomach again, refusing to let go. Prianne wept silently as she watched her child drift off into a deep exhausted sleep; her pitch black hair strewn about the blankets and her bright white skin reflecting the gentle glow of the moon through the single lonely window. Prianne kissed her daughter lightly on the forehead.

    “Gods forgive me”
  2. Chapter: Two
    The bright morning sun shone across Prianne’s face as she lay on the bed. Ellelunia was tucked carefully under her arm, holding close to her ribs. Her swollen stomach seemed to have grown over night, her sixth month of pregnancy coming up in only a few days. She traced a finger across her belly, making figure eights over her thickly woven dress. The deep olive color accented her tanned skin. Her chocolate brown eyes drifted over the ceiling and down the walls to the table in the corner of the room. Sitting in one of the chairs; was Yelis. Prianne’s mouth opened slightly and she lifted herself up onto her elbows. A deep pain shot from her womanhood down to her leg and she closed her eyes. The man sitting so innocently in the corner hurt her badly, but she was desperate not to show it.

    “They’re here Prianne…” His voice was shallow and lacking emotion. Yelis’ wide chest expanded with every breath he took, making him seem bigger. Without waking her daughter, Prianne managed to twist her body so her feet could touch the floor. She stood up with a couple moments of hesitation, another pain shooting through her body. She cringed this time, swearing under her breath. She shuffled her feet, to stifle the pain. Yelis watched her discomfort and laughed maniacally to himself.

    “I have to admit Prianne, seeing you like this gives me much satisfaction…” A laugh came from deep within his chest, rocking the chair backward to touch the wall. He lifted his one leg and dropped his boot heel on the table. The weak wooden legs swayed with his weight; one side lifting off the floor then slamming back down.

    “Just tell me where they are” She spit, growing more and more impatient and agitated. Yelis took out a small dagger and fiddled into the table with it. He smirked and pointed the dagger at the floor.

    “Downstairs… They know you’re here… They know she’s here.” He shrugged his shoulders and put the knife in his other hand. “You might as well give her up. Better life with them, don’t you think?”

    “Why would you tell them were we are!? How could you think my daughter would be better off with street peddlers?!” Prianne scowled at him and raised her voice much louder than intentioned. She held to the desk as she walked closer to Yelis; her face flushed with anger. Yelis stood and walked toward her, his thick, muscular body making the floors creak with every heavy step. She stood still as he approached her and wrapped his arm around her body. He set the tip of his knife against her stomach and smirked devilishly.

    “Is a fugitive mother any better?” He twisted it slightly and watched her reaction. Prianne was breathless and afraid. Not for the dagger pointed at her body, but for the future of her daughter.

    “Make a deal with them” He continued after seeing the disgusted look on her face. She raised a slender black eyebrow at him and shook her head violently. Prianne slapped him hard across the face; his eyes locked on her own.

    Ellelunia stirred in her sleep, calling out for her mother. Prianne turned around quick, Yelis withdrawing his dagger and sliding it into the leather sheath hooked to his belt loop. She walked to her daughter’s side and picked her up. Prianne cooed gently into her daughter’s pointed Sahrian ears.

    Prianne walked quickly to the window and peered out. There were three carriages outside the Inn. Two of them with thick iron cages in the back. She turned to Yelis and pointed outward.

    “How could you sell out my daughter so easily? Have you no heart?” Prianne felt helpless, distraught and alone. A thin layer of sweat covered Prianne’s skin and she swayed a bit, feeing nauseous.

    “You owe a lot of people money, including myself. I’d be lying if is said I didn’t want to be repaid.” He went to the chair covered with Ellelunia’s clothing, grabbing the gentle garments roughly. He threw them to Prianne; who caught them in her free hand.

    “Neither yourself or your daughter are any of my concern, I worry only for my brothers child. I will do what I can to make sure that baby is born and raised the way my brother would have wanted…” Prianne was speechless as she watched Yelis. “I will expect the two of you downstairs, you’re making that deal.” Yelis’ face was hard, his expression set in stone.

    “Where are we going now Mommy?” Ellelunia’s sweet whisper of a voice graced Prianne’s ears. She smoothed over Ellelunia’s shiny black hair and sighed.

    “Come now Ellelunia…”
    After taking her to the washroom and stripping her tiny body of clothing, Prianne set Ellelunia in the warm water. Her small daughter splashed about and made bubbles with her mouth. She giggled like an angel, her high pitched voice breaking the silence from Prianne’s deep thoughts. She tried her best to smile down at her daughter but instead; was reduced to tears. She closed her eyes, turning her head to the side and dropping her hands from her daughter. She jumped slightly when Ellelunia’s tiny wet hand graced the sensitive skin of her melancholy face.

    “Don’t cry Mommy…Uncle Yelis is gonna’ help us go home right?” Prianne found herself forcing a lie onto her daughter.

    “Yes my love, uncle Yelis is helping us the best he can, I promise…” She struggled with a smile and brushed though her daughters wet hair with her fingers. Using his name in that context made her even sicker than her pregnancy ever had.

    After drying Ellelunia off and cleaning up her own appearance; Prianne got the both of them dressed and stood at the top of the stairs. She could hear Yelis and some other men speaking softly to one another. The clashing of thick glass and metal mugs made it difficult to understand them fully. Prianne gripped the wooden stair rail tightly, her sharpened Sahrian nails biting the thick Oakwood.

    “She’s quite possibly the most beautiful child I have ever seen. That sort of beauty will make you far more money than you could possibly imagine.” Yelis’ voice boomed over the others.

    “I have seen the child’s mother before; it does not surprise me that her daughter exceeded her beauty. What of the child’s abnormalities?” Another man’s voice pushed through the loud ambiance of the Inn’s meeting floor.

    “I believe you will need to see her to understand…” Yelis’ voice trailed off, giving in to an awkward silence. Prianne took her daughter down a couple more steps and pressed her face to the wall, leaning only far enough to expose one side of her worried face.

    The man she heard was young, but not as young as she was. His hair was a light brown color, his skin a rich olive and his eyes the color of leaves. The man was handsome but the long scar down his neck and chest made her wince. To his right sat a dark skinned man with black hair and one midnight eye; the other covered with a thick leather patch. To his left, there was a stunning woman within Prianne’s age. Her hair was short and tied into a braid that rested gently against her neck. Her eyes were a rich reflection of autumn, rich brown with flecks of gold and orange rimming her pupil. Prianne swallowed heavily as she looked the woman over. Her skin and hair a dark brown and was been barely dressed; wearing nothing but a tight leather bustier and even tighter leather shorts. A rapier was attached to her knitted belt and a dagger was securely placed on the inside of her thigh. For circus folk, they were well armed.

    “They should be coming down any second, forgive their rudeness…I’m sure they wanted to wash up before coming down.” Yelis’ voice gave away his thinning patience.

    Prianne looked down at Ellelunia, who was looking up at her with her bright blue eyes. She looked forward and took her daughter’s hand in her own, guiding her down the stairs slowly. The visitor’s eyes grew wide as their attention was instantly driven to the small Sahrian girl. Prianne crossed Ellelunia in front of her body and held her close to her legs. The man in the middle stood and bowed his head, catching his green eyes to hers.

    “What a pleasure two see two stunning women in one visit…” The woman to the left rolled her eyes and threw her legs over the arm of her chair; obviously envious of the attention Prianne and Ellelunia were receiving.

    “They’re not that beautiful…” she said just loud enough for those sitting at the table to hear her.
    The man with the Eye patch leaned forward and turned his head to his jealous comrade.

    “You would not know beauty if it bit you in your ass…” He chucked softly and leaned back in his chair. The woman scowled and crossed her arms over her large chest. The man in the middle seemed to ignore them and motioned for Prianne to come closer. Yelis pulled out a chair for Prianne to sit; knowing Ellelunia would sit on her lap. Prianne sighed at Yelis’ show of kindness and sat down, quickly reminded of his true nature by the pain that shot up her back from the night before. The others sat down as she lifted Ellelunia to her lap; setting her on her one knee.

    The way the man joked and laughed at the scantily dressed woman let Prianne’s shoulders relax. Her hands unclasped from her daughter’s thin belly, setting one sweaty palm on her shoulder. Ellelunia let go of the dress and moved her gaze up to her mother’s face. Prianne watched as the middle man followed Ellelunia’s every move, catching her bright aquamarine eyes in his whenever he got the chance.

    “Ms. Prianne….” The middle man started. “We have now witnessed with our own eyes how stunning your daughter is. She has all the physical attributes of a goddess…” He looked Ellelunia over as she sat contently in her mother’s lap, playing with some loose fabric of her dress.

    Prianne scoffed.

    “You see her as a Goddess? You people are truly insane. The way my daughter looks will only cause her torment…” Her eyes flickered with a loathing none of them would ever understand. The man on the end cleared his throat and Yelis began to speak.

    “They would like to make you a deal Prianne…”

    Prianne closed her eyes and placed her daughter on the ground, letting her walk about the room as she wanted. She looked into the eyes of the three Sahrians before her; her eyes glaring.

    “And what might this offer be?” She held her head high, trying to keep her dignity. The man on the end took out a pack and slid his hand inside.

    “We understand that you are very far in dept. With not only your late husband’s family but with other’s as well…” The green-eyed middle man looked into Prianne’s eyes like he could see her very soul. She whimpered lightly, knowing what they were going to say. She tapped her fingers nervously on the cherry-wood table, her nails clicking feverishly.

    “We would like to help you repay that dept. But in order to do that, we would like for your daughter to join-“Prianne cut him off before he could finish.

    “What would you do with her? My daughter is no one’s slave!” Prianne banged her fists against the table, causing the beverages to ripple within their cups and the attention of the bar patrons to shift from their own luscious conversations.

    The woman on the end placed a steady hand on her rapier and sat forward in her chair, obviously a trained guard dog to the middle man.

    “You misunderstand Milady. We wish to take your daughter in under our care. We will tour her beauty throughout the land. You do not understand the precious gem that has come from your womb…” He motioned to the right-hand man. He withdrew his hand from the pack and pulled out a large bag of coin.

    “We have enough gold to get you out of debt and on the right path, as Kollidan would have it. Perhaps you can make a better life for your new child.” The man seemed genuine and Prianne lowered her head. She looked at Ellelunia, who was sitting just close enough to the large fireplace to warm her toes. Her bright skin reflected the amber glow of the strong fire. Prianne turned her head back to them and placed a hand on her stomach, feeling her child move within her.

    “Will my daughter be educated? Taught to love the goddess Fleuryn and protect herself if need be?” Her voice cracked and she felt tears welling up in her eyes. If Prianne did not take the money then they would be constantly on the run. If Ellelunia was ever caught with Prianne she would surely be sold into slavery. Prianne took in a few sharp breaths as she ran over the situations in her mind.

    “We will make sure to teach your daughter the ways of shifting….She will be one of our finest druids.” Prianne scowled and looked up; tears sliding over her cheek bones.

    “My daughter is unable to shift. She shows no signs of a natural connection to Fleuryn at all…” Prianne rested her hand on her head, awaiting laughter from the three visitors. Instead, she felt a hand on her forearm. When she looked up, it was the silent man with the patch.

    “Your daughter will do just fine. I promise you that...” He removed his hand and sat down gingerly next to his leader. He had barely spoken, but his words touched her. She looked to the leader, unknowingly seeking his approval.

    “My friend here cannot shift either, He has learned many ways of communicating with beast-kind.”

    Prianne nodded, looking at the strong man. She looked into his one black eye with interest. He reached behind himself and pulled over a large bow and quiver. He ran his finger along the tail of an arrow and smiled. His lack of words was welcoming to Prianne. She felt satisfied thinking that he could be teaching Ellelunia personally. Purhaps he could teach her more than she ever could do herself. That, she knew, would be worth her pain

    Yelis sat still, waiting for Prianne’s decision, tapping his heavy boot against her chair pieces of dirt falling to the hard wood floor.
    Prianne watched her daughter, her tears drying on her face. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and stifled a curse.

    “I want to have contact with her…”

    The woman leaned forward, trailing her long nails down her mead cup. Her voice was like a poison that slipped gently into Prianne’s veins.

    “I’m afraid that not an option…We can send you letters. But it’s better to have this be a clean break; don’t you think?” The scandalous woman’s lack of sympathy was sickening though through her harsh words, were simple truths.

    Prianne thought it over, taking in ever possibility. She could never keep up with her daughter’s travels. If they were going from town to town, continent to continent; she would never have enough money. Prianne closed her eyes and set her head against the table. Ellelunia was better off forgetting her mother in time, then knowing she was out there never in reach. She felt her heart drop as she took one more glance over at Ellelunia. She took in as much courage as she could and lifted her head from the table.

    “Take her then.”
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