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  1. This is the lore/ history for the rp i just started. I'm not sure who would be interested, but here is the link to the actual page:

    It's a lot of information to look at, so if you want to go there and read it over, let me know what you think and if you want to join :)

    Fleuryn Lore/History:

    The beginning-
    Fleuryn created a world covered in dense forests, mountain ranges and large mouthed streams. Thick foliage and wild beasts roamed the land freely. As time progressed, she became tired of beasts and created the Aluvians and Sahrians out of passion with Kollidan. After creating them, she turned passionately to his brother, Grygus and created the Za and the Humans. Both brothers were happy they contributed to Fleuryn’s creations but burned with jealousy, wanting to father a superior race with Fleuryn to keep the balance of the world.​

    The turning point-
    Kollidan and Grygus created Zalam together in the pure spirit of teamwork and brotherhood. When they were done, Kollidan confessed to his brother his feelings of love for Fleuryn and her creations. Grygus too confessed his feelings and a fight ensued. Neither of them would allow the other to take Fleuryn for their eternal lover. It was that moment that they ceased being brothers and became rivals for the heart of the Goddess. It is said that the spirit of their brotherhood was locked away within Zalam. At every chance they got the brothers would squabble in contest. The brothers fighting caused the world to be unbalanced, causing storms and damage to Fleuryn’s world.​

    Fleuryn could no longer take the fighting and entombed both the brothers deep within her world, punishing them for their possessiveness over her. She had mothered two races by both of them and made it clear that she loved only her creations and had no room in her heart for a lover. Putting the brothers away drained her energy, so Fleuryn gifted her first born with the power of ascension. Allowing the Aluvians to become Adari, allowing them to heal and protect the rest of her creation while she lay dormant to regain her strength.

  2. This does spark my interest. Consider me a part.
  3. Hmm...I like the idea.