Era of The Warring Clans (IE)

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  1. Edo/Kami Period


    A time of order in Japan, under the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate, order was slowly returning to Japan. For 100 years, peace rained over Japan. Unfortunately, things changed, history did not go as planned. A young Daimyo, one of the few left, revolted. Under normal circumstances, he would have been crushed, but, with the help of the gods, they were able to win. This man established a knew order in Japan. This man created the "Path of the Gods", or "Pasu no Kami". This usherd in a new era, called the Kami Period.

    By learning The Path of the Gods, Samurai and Ninja alike, are given the ability to utilize a portion of that gods powers. With this new ability through, Daimyo's slowly began to hire many of these students, who were called "Kami Shinpō-sha". They grew powerful enough to overthrow the Shogun, and send Japan right back into an era of war, called The Waring Clans. But this was a war like no other, and this introduced the "Path of the Demon", or "The Demon Way." This gave people the ability to draw from a demons power, change or transform into own, summoning one to fight or binding one into a blade.

    You are a Samurai, or Ninja, hired to fight for a Daimyo, or leading an an army of them. But, with war ravaging Japan, a group called Kukutaru is rising up against them all. They wish to end this all, with war itself. Will you follow them, or will you fight them, what path will you choose.

    Interested? Question!
  2. Sounds interesting. 2 things though more on your use of Japanese more than anything - You use "Pasu" as "path", although english words only came into common use after the second world war. Second, if it were the Path of the Gods, it would be Kami no Pasu. Pasu no Kami means "God of the Path".
  3. I'm probably just gonna get rid of the whole use of Japanese, I think I'm making to many mistakes with it. Thanks for telling me!
  4. I'm learning Japanese myself so the practice is useful :D. Use of the "no" particle is probably one of the easiest things to learn. Just pretend the "no" is an apostrophe S when working out what owns what, so pretend Pasu no Kami means "Pasu's Kami"
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  5. Thanks for the tip, actually planning to take Japanese next year!
  6. Questions :D! So the Kukutaru are out to kill those who follow the God AND Demon path? Basically kill everyone...? Also, with that being said there would be three "groups" to choose from: those who follow the God path, Demon path, and Kukutaru?
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  7. Yes and no. The paths so not dictate sides that you chose. The Demon Way is still experimental, and is shunned by the public, but is not illegal. The god path is loved and praised. Yes there are schools for both Path's, but they do not dived, a Daimyo can chose to hire God and Demon Path users. The Kukutaru are a group of normal humans and Psth users who are tired of all the war. They kill all who oppose them, there targets are the Daimyo, and his hired Samurai and Ninja.
  8. Ok, got it, thanks!
  9. I also forgot to mention the Demon Way does nor directly refer to Western Demons. It refers to Oni, Yokai, and Legendary Creatures. The Demon Way is not inherently evil, but because of what is involved, it is believed to be.
  10. It refers to me huh? Basically what I think he's trying to say is that: In Shinto there are 2 classes of spiritual being - Kami, or gods, and Oni/Yokai, which are thought of as naturally occurring phenomenons of a magical nature. Yokai I believe are simply weaker version of Oni but I'm not entirely sure.
  11. Yes, Oni are a type of Yokai, but much different. Oni are your real monsters, demons, devils, beasts and what not. Yokai are mischievous spirits, phantoms, ghosts, that can be powerful.
  12. Oh OK. The only things I was going on was things said in certain animes, and it's pretty hard to tell what they really mean through the translation process to make the subtitles.
  13. Ya, anime have a history of doing those things.
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