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      Utopia what a beautiful name isn't? can't we define such a word?​
      Utopia: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.
      Yes well Utopia was the name given to the place where the newest golden age began. After the Winged War took place Human and Dragons were against each other, after a long and tedious fight that lasted nearly four hundred years humans claimed victory over the beasts by a mass slaughter of the elderly, women, children and eggs called the Great Bloodletting. This encounter with the nest alone was enough to let the Humans to kill almost the rest of the dragon population. For the dragons it was a time of great morning.

      Three male Dragons that lived rounded up two females and one female child and fled across the world to find a place to live and care for themselves without the humans. Their place is called Eden. This would soon be known as the safest place for dragons. Eden, Founded, and only know about by dragons began flourishing with life and Dragons began to have hope again. One by one the founders of Eden began to die, leaving one the "Over Lord" as some would call him he watched out for humans protecting every dragon old and new alike. Humans began to find the rocky shores that hid the in lands so well, humans filled with curiosity, some greed began to explore the land.

      One day Lisa Antonio a girl no more than six or seven was wondering the hills of Eden when she encountered an egg, taking the egg with much difficulty. She brought it back to everyone else proud of her discovery when scientist took the egg it was only a matter of two weeks before a creature broke through the shell much to their surprise it was a dragon, Scientist took interest in raising this dragon finding out it's behaviors what they were like what they didn't know was their was an angry mother was ready to attack. The mother came in for a rescue mission and succeed. Rescuing her child, another war almost broke out but instead the the last and final founder of Eden didn't want war he only wanted tranquility in the world. Sending a young male to go over with a few eggs he had stopped the fighting as the humans were content on raising a young dragon. They liked the idea that they could grow up with a "Tamed" pet that was so exotic. Once the younger male returned from his mission the "Over Lord" casted a spell around the island Dragons can only pass human will enter and telaport to the other side the Humans call it "The Bermuda Triangle"

      This arrangement has lasted the past 100 or so years and it's still to remain until the end of time, there is Eden, a place for Dragon's to prosper and live. Then theirs Utopia, a place for Dragons and humans to Co-Exist and live, but what happens if this Utopia turns into a Dystopia?

      Could a young dragons start a rebellion that others will blindly follow? Will the world stay at a tranquil state, but a Dragon and rider are separated? The story begins when you want it to begin.

      Please Note: Dragons and Riders are to have strong bonds, people can tell if you are a rider or not by the way you hold yourself around other dragons or your own dragon.

      The RP will start late March, Early Spring in the year 2013

      Places to Go:

      -Will be added as story goes on, if you'd like to add a place say the name and purpose in the OOC please-

      Aggressively My Way

      A small coffee shop in Kadence ((A town in Utopia)) that makes all their coffee names something aggressive such as "My In laws are in Town" and "Failed my finial" If your of age they will offer alcohol in your coffee


      A place in [[Where ever your home is]] where you can interact with whom ever is their.​
    • No god-moding/Gary-Sueing/Mary-Sueing
      This one is a given, but I always feel the need to include it.

      • Characters
      To keep this nice and orderly place keep no more than four characters at a time.

      • Killing.
      If you wish to kill a character, send a private message to the character's owner and ask for permission to do so. Even if they have posted somewhere in this thread that they are okay with their characters dying, you should still check with them about it. They may have a plan for their character at that point in time, you never know. Better safe than sorry.

      You may kill off your own character but that doesn't mean that you'll get to make a new one, and have it be accepted. I still have the right of rejection if it doesn't fit the criteria. When you kill off your character
      you will need to Roleplay as another character of yours because once a character's dead, their gone for good.
      Post a quote by your character at the top of your character skeleton to prove that you have read and agree to the rules. You only have to do this once, but it would be neat if you did it for all of them, if you are making multiple characters.

      • Posts
      I know a some people here are advanced and others are not therefore I think it's fare to say that post should at minimum be one sentence and at max a paragraph, why a paragraph? because some people read slowly and a long reply could take them half an hour to respond back

      • It is my job to make sure rules are upheld.
      All though I do appreciate the gesture, I would appreciate if you didn't call people out on rule-breaking. I will not be talking openly about someone's misconduct. Unless I end up having to leave for a period of time and leave you in charge of making sure that rules are followed, please refrain from mentioning any breaks.

      • I reserve the right to reject your character if they do not live up to the standards of the rules.
      If not all the fields are filled out, fail to verify that you have read the rules, or is rife with typos and grammatical errors. If your character isrejected, do not remorse, it doesn't mean that that particular character can never get into the role-play. Just read over the rules again, read over your post, and see if you can find what is wrong and fix it.

      • Romance!
      By all means, Romance is aloud in this roleplay mushy and fluffy stuff is okay but if your like in the bedroom with stickers covering yourself then please place that under a Spoiler, so people have the option to read it Also! please title "Le Sexy Times" Like this:​

      • Use the skeleton provided.
      I have made the character skeletons the way they are for a reason, so any alteration of them or using a skeleton of your own creation is not allowed. You may, however, edit the aesthetics of the skeleton however you like, as long as the fields are all there and filled out.

      • Feel free to update your characters skeleton.
      In fact, I encourage it! As the game progresses, you may update your character sheet so that it better reflects their development. If your character gets some new scars, add that in to their appearance. Did your character get some fancy new toys that do fancy things(Or nothing at all)? Throw that in other. If your character goes through a life changing experience, add to their biography!
    • Please don't ask to join, I'm always welcoming new people! Just take a form and fill it out! Post it on the Thread and wait.


      "Types" of Dragons:

      - Light:

      Light Dragon's are designed for speed and agility. These dragons body's are slick and proportionate to their wing span allowing them to stay in flight longer. The bones are more hollow than normal allowing better altitude. In the Flight or Fight response Flight is their best option, these dragons are skilled in the art of flying but lack in the skill of combat.

      - Leaden
      Leaden Dragons are designed for Strength and Durability. These dragons have large body's with harden scales, their body's are larger than their wing's by their tail links and their bones are heavier and harder to cut through. In the Flight or Fight response Flight is their best option, these dragons are skilled in the art of Combat but lack in the skill of flying.

      * Mandatory
      * Mandatory, Unless...
      Human Form



      *Date of Birth:


      (My preference is a Description but a Picture is fine!)



      Family History

      *Pet Dragon:
      - Username:

      *Favorite Memory: (This is just so I can get a taste for the way you right!)



      Dragon Form


      *Dragon "Type"

      *Date of Birth:


      (This tell us how much life your dragon has no Less than 100 no more than 500, please be reasonable)

      (Include attacks and How many heart's they inflict upon dragons.)
      *Appearance and Egg form: (My preference is a Description but a Picture is fine!)



      *Human Master:
      - Username:

      *Favorite Memory: (This is just so I can get a taste for the way you right! If you have a Human and made a Memory for them, then this is unnecessary unless you want to do this)


      Accepted Characters:

      Human || Link || Dragon

      @The Mernsicle
      August Cassidy Jenkins || Era of Dragons | || Zelda and Seth

      Ravel Wolfe || Era of Dragons | || Midnight

      Elena || Era of Dragons | || Dis Pater

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  1. Name: Ravel Wolfe

    Ethnicity: American White

    Date of Birth: August 8th 2000

    Family: Missing


    Talents: Combat hand to hand sword to sword
    Trust worthy

    Weakness: Cocky
    Hot headed
    Quick to judge
    Takes jobs that are too hard

    Family History (Optional):NA

    Pet Dragon: None so far
    - Username:

    Favorite Memory: His best memory was sitting around a table with his father mother little sister and little brother just having a nice everyday dinner where all three kids includeing Ravel were telling each other what they wanted to do with there lives Ravel wants a honorable living and being able to have a family like the one he did then his brother Raveen wanted to be a warrior a knight that fought for good and protected the innocent similar to what Ravel said his sister Rei wanted to be a healer so that she could help people in pain and make so they don't feel that way ever again.


    Dragon Form

    Name: Midnight

    Dragon "Type":

    Leaden Dragons are designed for Strength and Durability. These dragons have large body's with harden scales, their body's are larger than their wing's by their tail links and their bones are heavier and harder to cut through. In the Flight or Fight response Flight is their best option, these dragons are skilled in the art of Combat but lack in the skill of flying.

    Date of Birth: October 15 1999

    Ability's: Acid breath
    Black scales allows Midnight to blend in at night allowing for ambushs

    Appearance and Egg form:



    Human Master:NA
    - Username:
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  2. I really like the names, but could you fill out the Favorite Memory for your Human please?
  3. There you go a memory and a look at his family that's missing
  4. Thank you very much!
  5. So are your twin dragons paired together
  6. Yes My dragons are paired, if you start to grow a bond with one, it'll be weak you need to grow a bond with the both of them to have them as your dragons.
  7. Can my guy take them as his dragons?
  8. Yeah! of course he can!
  9. Hopefully you can get more players then
  10. You can go to the people asking for group invites and invite some people from there
  11. I have an idea for a gimmick my character could have.

    Two characters - one human, one dragon.
    The human was raised by a dragon, and the accompanying dragon was birthed by aforementioned dragon, essentially making my character pair foster siblings.
  12. I'm sure that would be ok.
  13. That's great! I'll work on my app ASAP.
  14. WIP

    Human Form

    "Ah, there you are."


    Presumed Cacausian

    Date of Birth:
    June 6th 2017

    Her father Pluto and her brother Dis Pater. The identity of her mother was never really brought up.

    Elena is a mere 1.5 metres tall and has short, platinum blonde hair. Her bust is close to nonexistent, essentially flat.

    She is good with the wilderness, being raised in it.
    She is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

    She lacks knowledge on humans, as she has always seen herself as a dragon. This makes her unaware of human limitations.

    Family History (Optional):
    Elena never really knew her real parents. It was unknown how, but the dragon Pluto found her and raised her as a dragon. Since young, she had always believed that she was a dragon, and Pluto, despite a reputation for bravery, never had the heart or courage to tell her that she was adopted.

    Partner Dragon:
    N/A, but is capable of riding Dis Pater

    Favorite Memory:
    Elena sobs and looks into the crystal clear reflection of the water, curling up and sad.

    "Elena, what's the matter?" Dis Pater walks towards her, "you seem pretty upset."

    "I just... I don't know. Dad won't tell me anything I want to know. I just feel that I... don't belong," Elena stares into the lake, "what... am I? Sometimes I feel that I'm ado-"

    Dis Pater glares into Elena's eyes. "Listen Elena, that is the reflection of a dragon. Dragons come in many different shapes and sizes, so there's no reason to say that the reflection you see isn't a dragon. You're my sister and I am your brother. That is what I believe, and I believe you should."

    Elena's tears of worry turned into tears of happiness as she hugged Dis Pater's head...

    Elena does not wear clothes, and dislikes the feeling of them.
    She was raised by dragons and behaves like one.
    She has never seen another human in her life.
    She lives in Eden.

    Dragon Form

    "My name is Dis Pater, and I am from hell!"

    Dis Pater

    Dragon "Type"
    Dis Pater is a Light Dragon.

    Date of Birth:
    August 8th 2012


    As a young Hades Dragon, Dis Pater can launch blue blazes from his mouth, which he dubs 'hellfire'. In addition to being fireproof, he can set himself on fire to defend himself. His dark scales allow him to absorb energy from the sun, as well as absorb flames and flame-based attacks.

    Ember - a red flame that takes out 5 hearts
    Fireball - a white ball of flame that takes out 10 hearts
    Inferno Breath - a blue flame blast that takes out a minimum of 20 hearts at its base power

    Hades Depths - sets the entire battlefield on fire
    Burn Drain - absorbs fire-based abilities and gains health equal to their damage

    Appearance and Egg form:
    Dis Pater is 20 metres in length with a wingspan of 25 metres.
    His egg form is unknown.

    He is an independent young man who knows how to deal with situations even without any form of Master to command him.

    He is overconfident at times.

    Human Partner:

    N/A, but is comfortable with Elena.​
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  15. Another question - do dragons and humans share languages?
  16. Well, I was planing on them sharing a lauanguage unless you would like to help me come up with, Dragon? I guess we would call it that for now.

    Also, sorry for being obvious, but I'm still going to ask Please finish your Skeleton. When you do please tag me in a post.
  17. Alright then. Then I'll have my character understand and speak human. Thank you for said clarification.

    Language barriers are interesting, but I think a lack thereof is just as glorious in a different way.
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