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INTEREST CHECK Equipment and Inventory in RP

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Freudhersch, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Now, I just finished playing and RPG game- and I noticed an interesting idea. What if- equipment and inventory was applied into a role play, as in each character has a equipped weapon, armor, accessory and whatnot. It would be an interesting way to introduce how the character is dressed our what they bring along with them. Currently I got a roster of characters who have their equipment and armor/clothing. Here is an example of my idea, Paul Steele, one of my created characters, is a young rugby player who is stoic and unflinching, his equipment is:

    Sports Cleats: ATK + 17
    Basic cleats that provide grip upon grass and dirt.

    Rugby Kit: DEF + 20
    Standard uniform of a rugby player, tight fitting and sleek- perfect for avoiding contact.

    And so on- reply if you think this is worth working on :wink:

    EDIT* And of course, each character have their own unique "ultimate equipment"

    Paul's Ultimate Equipment:

    Championship: ATK + 240 Increase knock back rate
    Cleats that give the wearer ultimate grip and control- it is said to gift the wearer with the speed of the wind.

    Victory: DEF + 175 SPD + 30 Reduce Critical Damage
    Kit that endured through the harshest conditions yet still retain it's original condition- rumored to belong to a captain who lead his team to victory against all odds.