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  1. Caenir ran down the sidewalk, laughing, his friends following quickly behind him. Turning around bravely, his closest friend Iodir picked him up onto his shoulders, allowing him to call back, "Catch us if you can, sorca'in!" he shouted, using the Old Elven curse to further taunt the boys' pursuer. As Iodir put him down, the group continued running, hearing the bedraggled shouts of their favorite police officer, Haedor, behind them, obviously sweating, even from the distance at which Cae saw him.

    In truth, they hadn't really done anything wrong, besides harass the officer enough to the point where he threatened to keep them in the city jail for the night. At the point, they had bolted, everyone still calling back taunts and jeers.

    As soon as they were certain Haedor couldn't catch up to them, they stopped running, still laughing. The sun was beginning to set over Bophen, the old towering shrine in the center of the city, where the sun set behind every summer solstice. There were three other shrines, ones that marked the beginnings of each season, left by the Elven race's ancestors, one for each element. Bophen meant fiery red, symbolizing how hot it got during the summer here.

    "Man," exclaimed Cae, "that was amazing."

    His words were met with the others' own exclamations, reflecting on what had happened that day. As they walked down the sidewalk, they made a terrible racket, probably only bothering old folks and children who went to bed early in the summer. However, they might bug a few others, who wished to enjoy a quiet summer evening before school let back in or the busier days of the winter arrived.
  2. She was new to the town and didn't know where she was going or what was going on. Her name was Alyiz Fonce Sol. Her family moved closed to the school because her father was out defending their home town. Aly is what she went by, her dispassionate eyes shifted from side to side and then she moved forward and muttered under her breath. "Mom... This is a piece of shit town." Of course the mother of Alyiz just placed her hand on her shoulder, and looked at the box that was in Alyiz's arms.

    "Sweetie? I want you to go find some new friends... You know we had to get out of there..." She let out a sigh and took her daughter into her arms, and hugged her tightly against her chest. "Now get out of here, and give me that. When you come back your room will be just as it was back at out home..." She pressed a kiss to Alyiz's forehead and took the box from her arms and headed into her new home. Her dark eyes went towards the street, and then she saw a group of kids running and a police chasing them.

    "So it's that kinda of place..." She whispered in her light voice. Deciding she'd follow in the shadows she did, she picked her pace up, and like the kids at her home town she chased after the police until he stopped and she almost ran into him. "S-sorry..." She rounded him and took off again, maybe this could be her new group of friends, she hoped so... once she finally aught up with the group, she tilted her head, allowing her piercing gaze to cut sharply to them. "What are you guys doing?" She questioned softly.
  3. Immediately as it was certain that the girl was indeed talking to them, some of the rowdier boys made dirty comments and wolf whistles. Cae did no such thing, instead only holding back sniggers and his own comments. He had been taught as a child to always be nice to women, especially girls, and this one was no exception.

    After their chuckles all calmed down, Cae answered with, "We just finished harassing that sorca'in over there," he gestures towards Haedor, who was at least two blocks down the straight street.

    Iordir echoed his sentiment with a, "If he didn't make it so easy, we wouldn't do it..." which brought a second round of chuckles, even garnering one from Cae.

    Cae was tall, but especially slight, with most of his features gained from his three-quarters Wild Elf blood in him. From head to toe, he was a near-stark white color, from his hair to his skin, the only thing differentiating from the paleness being his eyes, which were a more-green-than-brown hazel. While he had received teasing as a child for his unusual complexion, no matter how much time he spent in the sun, most people accepted that he looked like a native to the land, who mostly lived on reservations now. It was unusual to see one off of one of them anymore, since they liked to keep to their own. It wasn't mandatory to remain on the government-issued land, but most Wild Elves lived there.

    "The same question could be asked of you," Cae told her, smiling slightly. "What are you doing?"
  4. Alyiz looked at the boys who had been woofing at her and she arched an eyebrow, clearly giving them , 'Keep-Dreaming-Boys' look. She turned her head towards the other boy who had started to talk to her, she tilted her head.

    "So that's what you do for fun around here?" Aly tilted her head and shrugged her shoulders. Who was she to judge them for having fun, hell if she found that fun she would have done it too. Now that I think of it... I did something similar to that back at home but it was with the old lady who lived across from me...

    Her dark eyes glanced towards the boy who was speaking with her, she eyed him down and nodded her head, her white hair bounced on her shoulders as she crossed her arms just belly her belly.

    "Me?" She tilted her head almost as if she were curious if he was indeed talking to her, but since he was she took a deep breath. "My home, was uhhh well, it's not livable anymore so my mother and I moved here..." She narrowed her eyes. "I don't know if I'll like it here, seems a bit too plain to me..." She looked back at him after looking away. "Would you uhh mind if I hang around you until I make my own friends?"

    That was her number one fear, to have no friends and be a loner, she didn't want that.
  5. Cae pretended that the decision was a most difficult one, making a lot of hmm and ah noises, before finally saying, "Sure...I guess. But you've got to be able to keep up with us." Turning around, he says, "And ignore them. They may be asses, but they mean well." After Iordir drops a comment about how much manners a native has, Cae punches him, not holding back in the slightest, causing the larger boy to double over in pain. "My mother wasn't a native. Shut up, Iordir."

    That promptly ended the conversation, but he still turned to the girl and asked, "What's your name? I'm Cae."

    Around they went, the other boys introducing themselves. "Iordir."





    The six, save for Cae, all looked relatively the same, their ancestors all probably elves who came from the countries across the sea. Each of them had the same dark hair and light-colored eyes, only minor variations in their faces to show any differences. Occasionally, there would be someone in the city who looked different, probably from more southern lands, where their hair would be bleached blonde or reddish colors and they all seemed to have tanned skin. But not in this group. Half the time, those who looked different weren't in the city to settle down.

    "Welcome to Ellavorn," Cae finally said, bending over in a slight bow, his arms thrown at his side in a dramatic display.
  6. Alyiz smiled slightly and shook her head lightly, "I don't think I'll have a problem keeping up with you guys... I mean all you are, is a bunch of boys." She shrugged her shoulders, and crossed her arms over her chest, nodded her head slightly.

    "I'm sure I'll be fine, I mean, I'm kind of used to it, from my girls back at home. They always laughed at me for being very... Shy around guys." She smirked, and then looked to Cae when he introduced himself, then her eyes followed around to fit faces with names.

    "Nice to meet you all, I am Alyiz Fonce Sol. You all may, and I highly recommend you to call me either Aly or Alyiz. I hate when people call me Fonce." She shuddered and then laughed at Cae's silly performance. "So tell me what all do you guys do for fun? I'm sure it's not as crazy as what my girlfriends and I used to do." she laughed, and gave each boy in turn a challenging glance.
  7. Sending a warning glance Iordir's way, telling him not to say anything, Cae said, "Just follow us," and proceeded to run down the street, the rest of the group following him. He led them towards Bophen, intent on getting to the top before the sun set. Once they reached the fence that surrounded the gigantic statue, he used a pocketknife to cut a few of the chain links, making a hole big enough for even Ioridr to fit through.

    Gesturing for Aly to come through as well, he said, "Come on, we haven't much time yet." As soon as she was through, the other guys had already gotten to the ladder that ran up the back of Bophen. Harnion and Daechon were already making their way up, leading the way. Waiting until it was his turn, Cae started going up, following Alfirithor as close as possible.

    The ladder went all the way up to Bophen's shoulder, where another on ran up the side of his face to the top of his head. It took easily five minutes for them to reach the shoulder. Occasionally, Cae would look down to check on Aly, and shout words of encouragement, like, "Don't look down," and, "It'll be easier going down, I promise." When she was near enough, and the rest of the guys were already climbing up the next ladder, he helped Aly up the last few rungs, knowing how high it was, especially for someone who's never been to the top.

    Letting her go first on the next ladder, he followed behind her, looking to the sun to make sure they had enough time to get to the top. Just barely, he decided. "I'll catch you if you fall," he told her, figuring if she fell onto him, he would block the fall with his body.
  8. When Aly was told to follow she did so, and realize they ran pretty fast, but she wouldn't let that get to her. she ran just as fast as the boys, her being the tomboy in her girly world, she was willing to get down a dirty. She went through the hole that he had cut out of the fence, and up the ladders.

    With the next ladder when she was put in front of Cae, she listened to him and bit her tongue from making a sarcastic remark. She just scurried up the ladder, her foot slipping sometimes but she made it, and she looked to the others and smiled. She was... Actually having a lot more fun then she was used to.

    "I'm not some wimpy girl, if I fall and scrap my knee, I'll get up and keep going." She smiled lightly, and placed her hands on her hips. Although sooner or later she knew one of her flaws would be available... Her fear of heights, she just gulped a bit, and looked a bit more pale than she already was.

    She whispered very softly to herself, "Just don't look down..."
  9. On top of Bophen, one could see the entire city, the view going so far as to show the ocean, way out in the east. It was breath-taking. Feeling like he was on the top of the world, Cae looked out past the city, sighing happily. At Aly's remark, he said, "Yeah, but if you fall down this high up, you won't be getting back up." They were easily four hundred feet up, taller than any of the buildings in the city.

    Cae had only been up here once before, and the other guys hadn't ever been up here. Still, Cae was still awe-struck, amazed at being so high up. Placing a reassuring hand on Aly's shoulder, seeing how pale she was, he said, "We made it just in time. See, the sun's about to set." He pointed westward, where the sun was just beginning to set. The sparse clouds above them were painted reds, purples, and oranges, making the sunset even more beautiful than normal.

    "When autumn comes around, we'll go to Amarphen," he turns to point at the greenish statue in the distance. "Maybe spend the night there, too, if we want." He grins, sighing happily. Sitting down on the statue, he looks out to the sunset, grinning. The others had already done so, each of them having the same excited looks on their faces.
  10. Aly turned slowly to look at the scenery and a smile took place upon her lips, she smiled, and without looking down just looked at the sunset. It really was a remarkable thing to see. She slowly turned her head to look at Cae and nodded her head. “Welp, that’s understandable.”

    She smiled, but as they all sat on the statue she didn’t, she looked at Cae’s group, then back to the scenery and just, sat where she stood, her legs folded underneath her, and she looked over the statue that he pointed at and she laughed.

    “I wonder if I’ll still be here…” She murmured under her breath. There was one thing she knew as soon as he dad got here, they would all leave, far away. But something made Aly think on it just a bit more, she wondered if she wanted to go, or if she wanted to stay.

    What if she made some girls here who liked her? What if she met a guy that she liked? It was all confusing but she knew that only time would tell.
  11. Cae was silent as he watched the sun set, smiling softly to himself. Whereas the others were talking and laughing amongst themselves, he was taking in the view. When it finally disappeared behind the far-off mountains, Cae sighed, disappointed that it was all over now. However, he didn't state the obvious, and instead let them stay for as long as possible.

    Eventually, once it was thoroughly dark, the other boys had to leave, leaving Cae and Aly alone. He simply sat there, looking at the spot where the sun had disappeared, a thoughtful look on his face. His mother wasn't expecting him home for another hour or so, and he didn't live too far away, so he decided he would remain for as long as possible.

    After several long minutes, he said, "It's beautiful, isn't it?"
  12. Every single moment after the sunset had vanished within sight she was expecting to see everyone leave, although she didn't feel the need to herself. She was only slightly afraid of going down those ladders, when the boys started to leave she closed her eyes slightly.

    Maybe I'll just chill here for night... nothing wrong with that and mother doesn't care how long I'm out..
    Aly bit her lower lip until Cae's voice broke the silence, almost making her jump, she turned her head to look at him, she hadn't noticed that he didn't leave with the other guys...

    "Oh, sorry I didn't notice you were still here..." She laughed softly and than laid down a bit her arms under her head as she nodded her head, "It's... The most beautiful sight I have ever seen..." She closed her eyes, and smiled. "Thanks for letting me join you guys, really."
  13. He nods. "Yeah." Brushing his hair back, he sighs, before saying, "My dad died here...this exact day five years ago...He fell off," he smiles, though his words aren't funny at all. "He slipped and ended up aaaall the way at the bottom, hardly anything more than a splatter." He sighs, remembering how when he, nearly thirteen, had answered the door to find police at his door. They'd asked to see his mother.

    He remembered how he had eavesdropped on their conversation after being told to go to his bedroom that he had shared with his older brother, Ourelion. Ourelion had stayed with their mother. Cae had listened, silent, as the police told his mother what had happened to his father, even as tears poured from his eyes. Ourelion and his mother were both sobbing, and the police had given them their condolences before telling his mother where his father's body would be when she wanted to see it. Though there wasn't any body to see. They'd barely recovered anything.

    Sighing, Cae feels tears pricking at his eyes, and brushed them away, sighing. "I always thought that Dad was a bastard for coming up here...I think he jumped," he added with a whisper, frowning. "The others don't know it, and I'd prefer you don't tell them, please."
  14. As soon as Aly heard his misfortune, something kick started inside of her, and she got up moved to where he was and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a slight hug. It was only slightly awkward for her. She didn't know why she did it, was it because knew that if her dad died, she'd be heartbroken? She didn't know.

    "I'm..." She didn't even know what to say, she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and bit lightly on it, then she leaned forward and kissed his cheek and murmured. "I'm fine with not telling your guys, if you don't tell anyone that I just kissed you." It was meant to be a joke, though she didn't smile at it.

    "I can't have people thinking I like you..." She murmured softly, although she kept her arms around him, she gently pressed her chin to his shoulder. "You can lean and cry on me if you want, it's not healthy to keep that all bottled up, just for today I'll be the strong one, you can just... cry..." She whispered, and kept her chin on his shoulder.
  15. He was startled when she hugged him, and nearly pushed her away from him, but he was more surprised when she kissed his cheek. When he got over his surprise, he simply nodded, silent when she spoke again. As soon as she finished, however, telling him that it would be okay to cry, he felt an unending wave of sadness washing over him. Unable to wipe away the tears, he placed his arms around her, burying his face into the crook of her neck, heaving great sobs from his core. He hadn't cried since before his father died, when he'd broken his ankle jumping off the roof to his house the week before.

    Holding her close to him, feeling like he would lose himself completely if he didn't have anything to hold onto, he cried, letting the tears fall onto her clothes and staining them a darker color. But in the dark, it was difficult to see, so he didn't mind them. He knew he would regret it later, crying like he was in front of Aly, but right now he couldn't care.

    Still, in between sobs, he stuttered, "D-don't tell Iordir about this...h-he'd tell everyone else..."
  16. It felt so weird having her arms curled around him, and she was getting claustrophobic, she bit her lower lip when she felt his tears staining her shirt, it didn't bother her much she just didn't think he could be this sad, from when she first saw him, he looked like someone who could never feel anything but happiness but now that she learned that he was, she felt bad.

    Aly was also a bit shocked that he had held onto her so tightly, the feeling of his face was still warm on her neck and she shivered only slightly and smiled very gently, running her slightly long nails up his back and back down in a soothing manner. "Shhh, it's okay, I'm here..." She whispered gently, and she continued her caress of his back.

    When he spoke, she smiled lightly. "It's just between us, Cae. All between us, I'll stay here for a long as you need me to, I promise..." Her eyes closed as she whispered that last part to him.
  17. He nodded, and eventually, his sobs ebbed, and he was able to get his crying under control. Brushing away the remainder of the tears on his face, he silently thanked any god there was that it was too dark for her to see the redness of his eyes and the tears that stained his cheeks.

    "...Thank you," he eventually said, letting her go, looking out over the city again. Pulling his knees up to his chest, he wraps his arms around them, sighing. He felt so much like a child now, crying into Aly's shoulder like he had been. Reaching up, he brushes a stray lock of snow-white hair out of his face, his hand shaking slightly as he did so.

    "God...I miss him so much...He was just...gone, out of my life...so quickly..." He trails off, feeling more tears coming to his eyes. Wiping them on the short sleeve of his shirt, he makes sure he doesn't cry again.
  18. Once he finally pulled away, she smiled very gently at him and then looked down at her legs. "You're very welcome. I normally don't do that but, I don't like seeing guys cry so much..." She lifted up her hand to run her fingers through her stark white hair, and she let out a sigh.

    Aly looked over at him a bit and sighed gently; "I can't blame you for being so sad, I know if I lost my father... I would be crushed... Hell having to be away from him for as long as I have, I'm... Not coping very well..." She curled her legs under her and watched him with soft eyes.

    "I can walk you home if you want me to..." She smiled very softly. "I wouldn't mind doing it, and my mom wouldn't care much she's too busy unpacking and stuff like that..." Aly trailed off slowly.
  19. "Sure..." he said, standing up finally. His mother would probably be expecting him soon. Brushing off his clothes, knowing she would make a fuss if Cae had anything on him, he asked, "Do you want to go down the ladder first, or shall I?" He grinned to her, though it was obviously strained.

    About to say more, he was interrupted by the sound of his cellphone making an obnoxious sound in his pocket. Taking it out, he brushed his hair back again, checking who it was. Scratching behind one of his ears absentmindedly, he answered the call, answering it with, "Mother? Yeah. I'm getting home soon, I promise. Ourelion didn't come today? Mother, I swear, he told me he would...Fine. I'll...I'll call him tomorrow. Yes, Mother. Bye." He hangs up, sighing heavily.

    Looking to Aly, he says, "My older brother didn't come to see my dad's grave...Selfish bastard..." he mutters the last part, frowning. Looking back up at her, he says, "We should go. My mother wants me back."
  20. Aly watched Cae and smiled gently as she too stood up, and brushed herself off. Her mother would be curious about her day but this was something she would keep to herself, that would be on her mother's 'Forbid-Aly-To-Do' list, of hanging out with a group of boys.

    "Y-you can go down the ladder first..." She laughed nervously, and then she watched as he answered his phone, and she looked down a bit whispering softly. "I'm sorry to hear that, Cae..." She nodded and pretended to be cold. "Can't wait to go home, it's getting cold out here, although I love it here." She smiled very kindly, almost afraid he'd break down again.