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  1. "Silverfeather," said the elf, looking down at him from the podium, "you are to be jailed indefinitely or until a member of His Lordship's family officially pardons you of your actions. Do you consent, Wild Elf?"

    The accused is silent for several minutes, appearing to be in deep thought, before saying, his voice strained and quiet, "I do. These consequences, I understand there." He sighed, trying to keep the embarrassment from his face. He didn't speak the common elven language very well, and whenever he knew he made a mistake, it would embarrass him greatly.

    One of the town's soldiers forced him to his feet, and Silverfeather let himself be put in shackles. He tried to remember exactly when it was that a Wild Elf of his tribe had been chained by those in the cities. Not since before his father's time. Eying the weapons on everyone's belts warily as he was led out of the building, holding his head up high in an attempt to preserve his pride, he avoided looking at the shackles on his wrist and attached to the collar that had been placed around his neck.

    He was lead to the jail. It wasn't above-ground like most of the jails in the other cities. Instead, it was below the lord's castle. The city had used to be the elven capitol, and the old castle still remained. Though true royalty hadn't lived there in over ten generations, the current lord's family still had traces of royal blood in them.

    The jail was more of a dungeon, really. At this point, it was empty. But when Silverfeather was shoved into the one farthest from the door, it gained one prisoner. The shackles were taken off, but a chain hooked to the wall above a stone bed was attached to the collar, and the member of the She'takl tribe was left standing in a cell, alone, though he could hear the three guards left for him at the end of the hallway.

    He sat on the stone bed, the small window near the ceiling only letting in a bit of sunlight. Setting his head in his hands, he tried to keep from crying, knowing it wouldn't be honorable in the least.
  2. Ara only got a slight glimpse of the prisoner as he was whisked to the dungeon. That seemed to be happening a lot lately. Yet this one seemed to... Interest her somehow. "Father," she asked politely. "Who is this man? He seems different than the others." Ara's father looked at her with anger in his eyes and said, "HE is one who we shall not speak of! That's enough out of you today." Ara wondered who this man was, and made up a nice plan in her mind. She would find out where he was imprisoned, and sneak down there to see the strange and mysterious elf.
    After asking around, Ara found out that he was in one of the deepest cells, what a poor man. She waited until everyone was asleep to go down there undetected and travel to the cell he was in. "Hello," she whispered. "Are you awake?"
  3. Silverfeather hadn't been able to sleep, though he tried once the cell became too dark to see anything. It was from the cold, the hardness of the bed, and the claustrophobic feeling the cell had. However, just as soon as he felt himself drifting off, he heard a soft voice, and immediately sat up, suddenly grateful for the dark, since it meant whoever it was couldn't see him. There was a little light at the end of the hallway, but not much. It was just enough that he could see the bars of the cell and a figure just beyond them.

    Scooting off of the bed, placing his hand on the wall, he slowly and silently walked towards the bars. Once he was in front of the figure, he said, "I am." His light-colored eyes just barely showed through the dark, but in the dim one couldn't see the tattoos that adorned his body. The elves of the city had given him a set of clothes, after taking away the ones he had been wearing, made of animal pelts to keep him warm. However, he hated the feel of the cloth they were made of, and had taken off the shirt, instead using it as a blanket when he had been lying on the bed.

    "You are here to mock me?" he asked, his voice quiet in case the guards were still at the end of the hallway. He wasn't sure, as it was quiet there, but they could just be asleep or going through a quiet spell. Letting his dark hair hang over his eyes, he squinted, trying to see who it was that stood beyond the bars.
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    Ara struggled to see the figure of the elf in the darkness, why can't they at least light a candle or something?! In reply to his question, Ara said in a whisper still, "No. I do not treat even the most dirty theives that manner. I came only to visit. So, who exactly ARE you?" Ara had many questions, but she didn't want to annoy this person. Why has he here? WHat has he done? Where was he from? Why was he so interesting? So many questions that had been held back.
  5. "Silverfeather," he answered immediately, wondering why a girl from the city would want to know what his name was. It didn't really matter, did it? He was just a criminal in the eyes of the rest of them, nothing more. Sighing heavily, he sank against the bars, sliding down them until he was seated on the ground. Leaning his head against the bars, he closed his eyes, waiting to see if she had any more questions. After a moment, he said, "You are here....? Why?" He was truly curious as to her reasoning. Surely, the girl would have been told of the dangerous Wild Elf that had been imprisoned for so called 'unspeakable' deeds. If not, then the elves of the city were stupider than they all looked.

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  6. "Silverfeather," Ara repeated. "That sounds familiar. I told you, I just came to visit, that's all." Ara watched as he sunk with his head on the bars, looking so miserable. "Oh, don't look so glum. If you catch the higher-ups in a good mood, they won't kill you. Just try to be patient and comply with their demmands. Oh, my! A guard is walking this way... Where do I go? Where do I go? Um, be right back..." Ara ran and hid behind the corner of the wall and shut her eyes as the light from the guard's lantern blinded her. Did he hear her? She would be in so much trouble! She slowed her breathing and peeked very slightly around the corner.
  7. He had to smile at her attempts to make him feel better about his situation, even if she couldn't see it in the gloom. "They will not kill me," he almost said, "but I will be here." He didn't get a chance to say those things, though, as she promptly ran off. Watching her leave with mild interest, his gaze was soon drawn to the lantern light of the guard.

    The guard must not have seen him, for he shouted in exclamation, before his eyes finally fell on the Wild Elf who was sitting on the floor in front of him. Giving the guard a cocky wave, he forced a wide grin, before promptly giving him a well-known and vulgar hand sign. This set the guard off, who opened the door to the cell with a ring of keys, forcing Silverfeather to his feet.

    It wasn't long before the first blow hit, the guard shouting curses at the Wild Elf in his language, most of which Silverfeather didn't understand. He was beaten until he couldn't stand, and then he was thrown to the ground, his nose bleeding and bruises forming on his skin where the guard had hit him especially hard.

    Growling softly as he pushed himself to a sitting position, he watched the guard leave, his eyes narrowed venomously. In any normal circumstance, he would have fought back, but he couldn't, not this time. If he did, he would probably receive worse treatment than he was now. Wiping away the blood from his face, he sat back against the bars, his hands clenched at his sides.
  8. Ara flinched as she heard the guard beat and just outright attack the person in the cell. Once the lantern's light faded, Ara ran over and squinted to try and see what had happened. As she kneeled down to the ground, a small amount of blood showed up on her hand. Realizing that this was worse than she thought, Ara looked into the cell and whispered, "Are you okay? What happened? You could get a blood infection!" Ara had always been a little paranoid about the risks after injuries. A few of her cousins had almost died that way, and many others were not as lucky. She never liked pain either, it scared her, resulting in her father always being very overprotective over his daughter. This cut off much of Ara's freedom, as this was the first time she had left her father without permission or an escort. She found it both frightening and exciting at the same time.
  9. "I am fine," he answered simply, though his breathing was slightly more labored. "It is not the worst suffered I have." Wincing as he realized he made a mistake, he hoped she would ignore it. "Infection is the smallest of worries." He grimaced, wrapping his arms around him in an attempt to fend off the cold. Shivering slightly, he sighed, wishing he had a way out of the cell, though he knew it would be difficult to even get fed every day.
  10. Ara noticed his slight mistake but decided to ignore it for his sake. Noticing his shivering, and hearing the sounds of other prisoners, she realized how much suffering the imprisoned elves here went through. Ara took off her red sweater and held it through the bars. She said with a slight smile, "I know it's more of a female coat, but please, take this. As long as the guards do not see it, you should be fine. The fabric shouldn't irritate the wounds too much... I will try to keep you alive here." Ara didn't know what she was saying, Her Father had taught her that the prisoners should be treated like dirt, and that they are inferior to their settlement. Perhaps her father has wrong.
  11. Silverfeather was surprised by her sudden show of kindness. Gingerly taking the jacket through the bars, smiling softly. "Thank you," he said softly. Nodding his appreciation, he pushed his arms through the sleeves, the cloth feeling weird against his skin. After several moments of silence, he asked, "You wish to help me. Why?" Turning towards her, he looks to where he thinks her eyes must be, a frown appearing on his face.
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    "Well," Ara said, struggling to find an answer. "My Father always said that the prisoners should be treated like dirt, or rats, or other things like that. He never let me go anywhere without him or an escort, so I never really saw the world, especially not any bad parts of it! I never realized that every person in here is exactly like us. I do not want to see a fellow one of our race suffer. That's why. Oh, sorry for the whole backstory thing... And, what is yours?" Ara was embarrassed that she just told a stranger that had done something wrong about her life. If she did it, so could he.
  13. He was silent for a few minutes, wondering what all he should say. Finally, he said, "I am the leader of She'takl. It is what I was born for. When I did a wrong, I had to be here." He frowned, knowing that what he said was very nearly a lie, but also knowing that the girl would believe the opposite, that he must have done something heinous to be in the jail in the first place. "That is all," he concluded, frowning in the dark.
  14. Ara found his story hard to believe, as he must have done something MUCH worse to end up here. She chose to believe it for now, protesting wouldn't do much. "Well," she said, not finding the words she needed. "It gets warmer in the morning I hear. So... Um... I suppose I should go back before I am caught. Eh, see you later, then?" Ara was amazed at how much she could lack at conversation. The people she HAS talked to weren't the best either... With that, she again went past the guards and to her room, not being able to sleep for awhile. Ara had a lot to ponder that night.
  15. Silverfeather said nothing as the girl left, thinking her rather interesting but not worth getting his head chopped off for. After he was sure she was gone, he sighed, pulled himself to his feet, and began feeling for the stone bed. Crawling onto it, he used the shirt that the guards had given him earlier as a sort of pillow, resting his head on it. Shifting around so that the jacket the girl had given him wouldn't be too easily seen, he frowned at the ceiling, used to lying down and being able to see the stars. "Gods above," he muttered in his language before attempting to find a comfortable position and fall asleep. It took a while, but eventually, he did drift off, and was left asleep on stone.