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  1. Rumors had been flying through the halls of the sith academy that a certain powerful and influential sith lord had been searching for an apprentice, so it was understandable that when the sith himself, Darth Cinereus, stepped off the landing pad and into the academy, there was an unusual number of acolytes in the entry way, trying to look normal.

    Darth Cinereus ignored the acolytes as he strode purposefully towards his destination. His face was obscured by a hood and his dark robes swished against the floor. Several turns later, he found himself in the office of Overseer Ryloth. The overseer quickly stood and bowed when the sith entered. "My lord, the acolytes you asked for are finishing their last trial. They will be along in a moment."

    "How many survived?" Cinereus asked.

    "Two of the five since their last trial, my lord." Cinereus nodded at the response. The acolytes undergoing these trials were hand picked by him. He personally went through their files and choose the ones that showed the most promise and devised the trials they had been sent on. Cinereus wanted a good apprentice. He wanted an apprentice who would rain terror upon his enemies. He wanted an apprentice who would one day kill him and take his title. He crossed his arms and moved to a corner of the room to wait.
  2. Alesani smirked as she stood above her rival, the last survivor of the trials she had faced. It was her or him and there was obviously no competition here. She wasn't about to die, she had survived entirely too much to show any mercy whatsoever to this man. In all she had been smart, and made all the right choices in the trials set before her by the Sith lord and the candidate wasn't going to let him down. It was Darth Cinereus, one of the very reason she had turned from the light. This woman had a short temper and blood lust that could not be fullfilled in the light. Her Icy eyes flashed with a dark and sinister light as she Ended the man's life.

    Her body shivered as she was the only that remained. It felt glorious. From the beginning she was the only female applicant chosen and knew he expected her to die, but she could be stubborn and no matter what it had cost her, no matter what it would cost her Alesani refused to die. She emerged from the chamber holsering her weapon and made her way down the hall to the Overseer Ryloth's office. She saw the door was open and was told to come here should she survive the trials. Her head held high she was confident as she strode in and stood before him. There was silence for sometime as she noticed a preasence in the room besides the overseer and glancing over out of the corner of her eye she saw him and so boldly instead of adressing the overseer as she should she bowed respectfully to him and spoke.

    "I am the only that remains my lord...the rest...were WEAK." she said, some venom on the last word. She hated how easily they had fallen in the trials and wasn't too sure just why he had picked them. Her long black hair was tied back Her icy blue eyes looked towards the ground she waited to see what would occur next.
  3. "You insolent child!" Overseer Ryloth snarled before Cinereus could reply. "You do not directly address a lord of the Sith unless he address you." The overseer raised his hand and was about to send a stream of force lightning at the woman when Cinereus stopped him with a slight gesture.

    "I want her unharmed," he said in a smooth voice. Turning to the woman in question, he took a moment to study her from beneath the shadow of his hood. She was a pretty thing, he supposed, with her dark hair and icy blue eyes, but that did not explain how she had succeeded when he had expected her to fail. He probed at her with the Force, and found his answer. Emotions rolled off her in almost palpable waves. The hate, the anger, it was almost intoxicating to sense all the sheer passion emanating from her. Oh if he could teach her to harness that, she would be unstoppable. "You are bold," he stated, and indeed she was, breaking decorum and implying that his judgement was flawed in choosing the other acolytes, but that boldness could be used. He paused and considered her for another moment. "Tell me, acolyte, what would you do for power?"
  4. There was no spark of fear as the Overseer Ryloth Raised his hand to smite her. She had every confidence in what would happen next. She was the Acolyte that had been expected to fail and here she was, standing here with hardly a scratch to her perfect complexion. Granted there was some buises but they were hidden away underneath her clothing and she thought nothing of them. Pain wasn't of concequence to her if it meant getting just what she wanted. She couldn't help but smirk a bit in confidence as the Sith lord stopped him from attacking her. She listened to his words and then took another bold move by looking up. He was hidden away by his hood but she wished she could look him directly in the eye. Doing this seemed very distrespectful but decided from the start she was going to put herself out there, the true self she had hidden away because of the light. Now standing here before this celebrated Sith Lord her body trembled with excitement. She was confident in her abilities but one would be a fool to pass up being apprenticed to a Dark Lord such as Darth Cinerus. The woman spoke, her boldness showing, no fear in her eyes and her voice calm. A spark of darkness and fight in her gaze.

    "My lord...If we are not bold...then what are we to be? There is no room for being a coward. Fear is a choice that makes one's body and mind weak..." she trailed off. "I would do anything that is required for power. I have no problems making choices others would fear making. There are no hold, no bars when it comes to getting the power one desires...no one can get in the way of progess but one's self my lord...that is my answer. I wouldn't let anything stop me...I'd sooner die. And that isn't something I'm going to be doing for a very long time..."

    She bowed again and waited for his response.
  5. Cinereus met the acolyte's fearless gaze from under his hood. She had much faith in her own power, faith to the point of arrogance even. That would have to be tempered out of her if she were to survive among the sith. Self confidence was good, arrogance got you killed.

    He listened to her response to his question, and he found himself almost nodding, but caught himself. He was not speaking with a fellow lord. He was speaking to an acolyte. When the acolyte finished talking, he paused for a moment before responding. "Indeed, if we are not bold, then what are we to be..." he mused almost philosophically.

    Taking a more serious tone, he addressed the acolyte again. "I think we will get along quite well, apprentice," he said with a wolffish grin.
  6. Alesani was working on her impatience but found it difficult often desiring results right away but knew she should be patient so she forced herself to be patient. After she finished speaking she waited as there seemed to be a pause that lasted forever. Or at least in her mind. But relaxed once again when he spoke, musing off of something she had said. Her heart raced a bit and she felt pride in herself. As he took on a more serious tone she put a damper on some of the pride and arrogance, she didn't want to be thought of as a fool. But when he spoke she couldn't help but to grin more. She was confident this would be the result, and was very pleased at the time being, the Dark lord seemed to be as well. Her gaze low at the time being she glanced up and saw his wolfish grin. His presance was intoxicating, oh how she had longed for this day.

    "I will push myself to exceed your expectations My lord...the honor is mine. I am very privileged to be the apprentice of one of the Greatest Dark Lord's of our time...teach me. I am ready...I am willing." She spoke, calmly then raised her gaze. She wished she could see under that hood, to know who this honored Dark Lord really was.
  7. Cinereus smirked slightly at the acolyte's- no, his apprentice's superfluous praise. "I look forward to testing your limits, apprentice," he said with a promise of something darker in his tone. Unclipping a spare lightsaber from his belt, he regarded it fondly. "This was my lightsaber when I was an apprentice, and now it shall be yours. Use it to tear screams from the throats of your enemies." With one last glance at the lightsaber, he tossed it at the woman. "Be at the shuttle pad at eight tomorrow morning. If you're late, you'll find your own ride to Dromund Kaas. Any questions or requests?" He was curious what she would ask, or if she would ask anything at all.
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  8. His tone of voice as he spoke to her made her shiver with pleasure. There was a promise there she caught, a promise that she had longed to have someone give her. A promise of continuing her journey on the dark side, a promise that would continue to feed her blood lust. Alesani watched intently as he removed a light saber from his belt and held it in his hand. It was clear just how fond of this particular weapon he was. When he said it was to be hers she was beyond excited and caught it with one hand held out in front of her; she grasped it tightly and felt a power surge through her body. The acolyte had done it, she was going to be an apprentice to a man who had been like an idol to her. A human on the dark side of the force with more power than she could imagine and as his apprentice it was all within her grasp. The woman nodded at his instructions and smirked wider, a devious light dancing in her striking eyes.

    "Just one My lord..." she said and wasn't afraid to ask this but more so anxious to know the response. "How long before I get to tear into my enemy with this fine weapon...and hear their screams?"

    She knew it was a bold move but there was no use going back now after she had been so daring with her responses and questions. After she recieved her answer she bowed respectfully and waited to be dismissed before going back to her quarters. The next morning she rose and arrived at the shuttle pad early, not daring to be late and make a mockery of this opprtunity she had worked so long and hard for. The apprentice was determined to exceed his expectations.
  9. Cinereus chuckled at the woman's eagerness. "Cruel, cruel child, you will get your chance soon." He dismissed her with a slight wave of his hand. As she left the room, he found himself following the lithe movements of her body. She had the natural grace of a warrior. He tore his eyes away from his departing apprentice, and turned his attention to the overseer still in the room. "You have done well," he said with a slight nod. The overseer bowed in response.

    "You honor me, my lord." Cinereus nodded again then swept out of the room. He made his way to the upper levels of the academy where his temporary quarters were located. In the privacy of the room, he pulled off his hood and ran a hand through his hair. He had found himself a new apprentice. With a sigh, he threw himself on the bed. It was time to go back to Dromund Kaas.

    The next morning Cinereus made his way to the landing pad and found his apprentice already there. He greeted her with a slight nod. "Good morning, apprentice. I see you made it on time."
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  10. The new apprentice had truthfully spent most of the night in restless anticipation. She had waited for so long to hold one of these in her hands. In her room she had carefully opened it and admired the piercing red glow of the Saber. She couldn't wait to use it and reassured her anxious self with her master's words. Soon, she would get to use it soon enough. After than she tucked it away and slept but this morning it hung at her hip as she waited on the shuttle pad. The lithe woman looked up from the ground in time to see her master approach and greet her with a slight nod. Giving him a bow she looked up at him as he spoke.

    "Yes A good Morning to you to my lord..." she said. "I Arrived early wouldn't want to squander an privilege such as this..I am anxious to learn."

    It was clear her confidence still remained, that fearlessness in her eyes as she waited further instruction, standing firm. Usually she Had her long black hair pulled back but today it hung about her shoulders and down to the center of her back in pure black ebony streams. She didn't quite know what to expect today but as so anxious to prove herself all this holding back was painful at times but was a nessary evil for right now.
  11. Cinereus let his eyes, once again hidden by his hood, skim over the from of his apprentice. He noted the lightsaber she had already clipped to her belt, and spent more time than he'd like to admit admiring the fall of her hair across her shoulders. He felt some amusement at the words she spoke. She was either truly eager to please, or she was already plotting his demise. Then again, the two weren't always mutually exclusive.

    He walked towards his personal shuttle waiting on the landing pad without checking to see if his apprentice would follow, and began speaking in a business like tone. "We will be going to Dromund Kaas. The trip will take a day. Once there, we will be embroiled in the lovely, deadly mess known as Sith politics. From here on out, you are my apprentice, your actions reflect on me, and I expect you to represent me well, because if you don't," Cinereus paused to flash a cruel smirk over his shoulder at the woman, "I will kill you." With those words lingering in the air, he stepped into his shuttle.

    Once he was inside and out of the heat of the oppressive Korriban sun, Cinereus pulled off his hood, revealing light brown hair swept to the side and eyes turned an unnatural golden hue from use of the dark side.
  12. She followed him as he started towards his shuttle. Listening intently she noted their location of where they would being going and nodded. But as he spoke of the politics she held her firm expression. This was the part she was least looking forwards to, Politics. But again she reminded herself that it would get her where she ultimately wanted to be. Alesani would bite her tongue literally if needed to keep from speaking out of turn or misrepresenting her master. The icy eyed woman didn't want to die and didn't plan on it so she would represent her master how he should be with the utmost of her abilities. As he flashed that cruel smile at her she shivered but it wasn't in fear. The appretice wasn't quite sure what it was but she liked it, very much. Following him into the shuttle, once they were both securely out of the blazing sun she watched as he pulled back his hood revealing swept light brown hair. But as she saw his unnatural golden eyes she was impressed. He was younger than she had guessed he was and much more handsome. Alesani during the trip was doing as she was told but made an concious effort to not stare at him. But it was difficult to not at least seal a glance every now and then. Knowing Politics is what awaited them she reminded herself to be on her best behavior here. Her future depended on it, her life depended on it in fact.
  13. Cinereus wasn't very inclined to start a conversation with his apprentice during the trip, and she stayed mostly silent as well. As the shuttle neared Dromund Kaas, he found his mood getting darker. The mired web of sith politics was a vital part of the Empire, and as a sith, participation in it's twisted games were necessary, but that didn't mean Cinereus had to like it. He pressed his lips into a thin line as he thought of all the problems he had left behind during his trip to Korriban that he would have to now deal with.

    Darth Vivatris, his rival, was gaining power much too quickly after the 'mysterious' deaths of two of his allies. Lord Kali'ash, an up and coming sith lord, had his eyes on some of Cinereus's holdings on Oricon, and to top it all off, he seemed to have gained the interest of Darth Morphia, a member of the Dark Council. He wasn't sure what Darth Morphia wanted with him, but the interest of a Dark Council member was seldom good. Cinereus sighed and ran a hand through his hair. No rest for the wicked.

    When the shuttle touched down at the Dromund Kaas space port, Cinereus was immediately up and out of his seat. "Welcome to Dromund Kaas, my dear apprentice," he said with fake cheer. "Due to the great wisdom of our forebearers who built all the infastructure on this lovely planet, a fifty kilometer strip of jungle separate this space port and Kaas city. In those fifty kilometers of jungle live large numbers of viscious wild life, rebelling slaves, and other nasty things that would like you dead. Of course we could just take a speeder to the city and avoid all that nasty stuff, but where would the fun in that be?" He grinned darkly at his apprentice. "Ready your saber apprentice, you'll hear screams of your foes by the end of today."
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  14. The apprentice noticed the entire ride that something was on the mind of her Master. She assumed it was the politics he spoke of, the Sith politics. Knowing it was important it just seemed like a lot of commotion to her. Lot's of complicated connections. But she was willing to do this and looked forwards to see how he master dealt with this. But as they took the rest of the trip in silence and then landed at the space port she rose from her seat after the dark lord did. As he spoke to her about the jungle and their fore bearer's building the port and City that far apart her hand went to her hip where her light saber hung. Her heart started to race in imagining the thrill of kill again and again. Slaying any creature that found itself in their way. But a frown of disappointment crossed her face when he talked about the safe and faster route to the city. She had no right to complain and didn't have a say but she preferred the long route, the route that included some violence along the way. So when he turned and gave her dark grin she gave him one as well, she was very excited. Killing was a thrill to her and so anticipated this trip through the jungle. Unclipping her saber from her hip she held it tightly in her hands, them trembling with anticipation. She was all to eager to prove herself but she wouldn't be stupid, she would play this smart.

    "I can't wait Master...When do we get started...?" she asked. Ready for just about anything, she would follow him into the jungle.
  15. "So eager my young apprentice?" Cinereus asked with a hint of amusement. "We still have a spaceport to walk through." With that, he stepped off the shuttle and into the crowded interior of the Dromund Kaas space port. The crowd immediately parted in front of him, some stumbling over eachother to get out of his way, still the space port was a big place and it was at least five minutes before the duo reached the exit of the space port. Stepping out into the humid air of the Dromund Kaas atmosphere, Cinereus took a big breath and smiled sardonically. "Back to the heart of the Empire."

    On his left, there was an area of metal paved ground lined with speeders and speeder bikes. He ignored those. In front of him, there was a well worn road leading through the jungle. He ignored that too. Instead, he struck off at an angle, aiming towards a part of the jungle that was still untouched by imperial expansion. He stood at the edge of the jungle, just before the first trees, ignoring the strange look he received from another sith passing through, and waited for his apprentice to catch up. Once she did, he would gesture to the jungle with a mocking flourish and say, "Ladies first." After all, he wasn't the one who needed to prove himself.
  16. She saw how he was amused with her anxiousness to fight and didn't mind it at all. The apprentice wanted him to know she was willing and very ready to put up a fight if needed and not only that. But to see how much she loved to fight. The spilling of innocent or guilty blood did not matter to her just as long as she was the one causing the spilling. Noting how the crowd scrambled to get out of his way she couldn't wait to hold that power one day and perhaps see him in fight sometime. It would be a sight to behold. There was reason he had risen to the rank of Darth. Reason enough for his reputation. She was getting impatient as they finally reached the outside and much to her pleasure he master didn't pick the well worn path or the speeders. She didn't seem to notice the other sith who looked at them strangly for heading right into the heart of the jungle, the untamed part yet that had not been captured as part of reconstruction. As gestured her into the jungle she stepped inside and stayed relaxed but aware of every sound, every movement.

    As they worked their way through the jungle she was getting used to her saber very quickly. Her movements were quick and lithe, effortless, and she seemed to think through her every movement as she mercilessly slayed every beast and slave that disrupted their journey through the Jungle. It was clear how much of a natural she was, and how much she was enjoying this spilling of blood as her body shook in pure ecstasy. For the time being she didn't want this to end. She stayed composed but secret wished for more. If she had stayed with those Jedi they would have never allowed her to do this. Only the dark side of the force could fullfill her deepest, darkest desires and only her master could teach her how to harness this to become a great sith lord.
  17. Cinereus followed behind in the path of blood and destruction carved out by his apprentice, occasionally calling out directions and killing anything that escaped her blade. She was a natural, acheiving the synchronization between body and lightsaber much faster than the average apprentice. He sensed the pleasure she felt from all the lives she took, paving a path of bodies through the jungle. Such passion, he had see anything like it since he bloodied his first training saber with the blood of a rival acolyte.

    He studied her movements, watching for any reoccuring flaws that would need special attention to be corrected, but found none. She made mistakes, yes, but nothing that more general practice and real life experience wouldn't fix. Alesani was truly a rare find, yet martial prowess did not make a sith.

    When they made it out of the jungle, covered in blood and death, they were met by a very surprised group of guards at the front gates of Dromund Kaas. Cinereus pulled up his hood and ignored them, heading towards the taxi pad that would take them into the city. As he walked, he posed a question to his apprentice. "Tell me, my dear apprentice, what does it mean to be a sith?"
  18. She could feel his eyes on her back, watching her every move. The apprentice moved forwards with confidence but knew that she had room for improvement. He would occasionally call out directions to her and she moved accordingly. All the way through the jungle she felt her master follow her and watch her every move. Alesani didn't recognize how much blood she was covered with until she met the gaze of the very surprised guards then looked down at her own clothing. She didn't mind but it had never occurred to her just how soaked with it she was. Snapping back to attention as he pulled his hood down once again and kept walking she followed him and kept up. But as he asked his question she went silent for a few moments. All she really knew was that she sided with them, they fed her desires and gave her what she wanted so after pondering for a moment she spoke once again.

    "A sith is...Self-fullfillment. Be anything we want to be with no reguard to the light or darkness. To have power than transcends all others...because to become self fullfilled one needs power and control, to gain it through any means nessary...realizing our goals without letting anyone, or anything stand in the way..." she said and trailed off. She didn't know if she was right or wrong but that was how she understood it. Following him along to the taxi pad she waited for some sort of response. Tensing up a bit she felt as if she might have said something wrong. It was making her on edge. She knew her combat skills exceeded her elequence and made a mental note to improve on that so she could represent her master. Knowing if she screwed anything up he would kill her, without hesitation.
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  19. Cinereus thought over her answer as he slid open the door to a waiting taxi. He would wait until Alesani got in as well, before ordering the droid driver to take them to the penthouse he kept in Dromund Kaas. The answer that she gave wasn't the worst he had heard by any means, it offered in interesting perspective, going a level deeper than most acolytes would answer. Most acolytes would have said that being a sith meant power, but his apprentice saw that the driving force behind the need for power was self-fulfillment, and that it could be expressed through different venues. What was also interesting was her proposed disregard for the boundries of light and dark. He agreed, but that was a view one should not express publicly within the Sith Empire.

    He slid his eyes over to his appretice, appraising her blood soaked form for a moment. She looked quite lovely with her hair wild and her clothes stained red, not to mention the sweet stench of lightssaber burned flesh that still clung to her skin. He blinked a few times to focus back on the words he was going to say. "An eloquent answer, apprentice, but now for your first lesson in sith politics, which part of those views you just expressed do you not speak of in public, and why?"
  20. The apprentice climbed into the taxi after her master and she looked out the window of the taxi. She heard him order the droid driver to drive to a penthouse. Blinking in surprise she hid it. It shouldn't have been a surprise. But she had gone from living in a small tiny house with her mother and then to academy to academy. But now here she was with her master, training to become a Sith, a Dark Lord. One day she would kill her master and take his place. Looking back over her master was looking over her blood soaked form and how he ran his unnatural but amazing golden eyes over her form. She wondered if she had done something wrong or said something wrong. But when he spoke a weight came off her chest. Relieved she still listened to him and knew exactly what he was speaking of. Having been asked this question before she was punished for it but still her opinion non the less. Being stubborn this was her way.

    "My opinion of there being no reguard to the light and the dark in terms of power...and gaining power. And I shouldn't share it in public because of where we are..." she said. "Probably should share that spesific opinion aloud with anyone but you Master..." she said and wondered how what was to come next.
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