Equifax Hack - Over Half of American Adults may have hacked credit score info

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  1. Posted on Discord, but not everyone goes there. So I'm making the rounds notifying people that this is a thing that's happened.

    If you live in America I highly advise following the steps detailed.
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  2. I just heard, that's pretty terrifying. Hope y'all get through this allright.
  3. Welp, guess I'm finding some clever way to bring this up around my dad tomorrow to see if he's aware...yikes.
  4. This doesn't just go for the US. supposedly goes for UK and Canada too.
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  5. Do I even have a credit score?
    σ( ̄、 ̄〃)

  6. Wow. You mean they're finally realizing a series of nine numbers ISN'T a good method of identifying a person securely? Imagine that.

    Also... I sat for ten minutes staring at the video link, wondering if I should bother watcing cause Gwazi posted it and I assumed it was a joke lol.
  7. I've 'locked' my credit for a number of years now, meaning that new credit can only be approved by unlocking my credit scores with the use of a personalized pin number. It costs me about 15/mo. for all three bureaus, which sucks, but for moments like these... I'm always really glad for it. ^_^
  8. There's a site here where you can check to see if you were impacted by the hack. I've already checked mine and thankfully, everything was fine. I'd suggest you guys check your stuff too, just in case. Doesn't hurt to try. :)

    Getting Started
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  9. Yeah, this is totally something I needed right now.
  10. I've heard iffy things about whether or not it's working right:

    This whole thing is such a nightmare.
    It's recommended that people get Fraud Alert set up to try to keep on top of credit information should you be compromised, like this:
    TransUnion - Online Fraud Alert - Log In (this is just one of the three bureaus)
  11. That's weird. I never got any recommendations from it and neither have my grandparents. Sad to hear there's been some trouble with it.
  12. God I fucking hope not.
  13. Yeah. And it's a paper card with no photo identification or any fancy method to prevent counterfeiting. My permanent resident card though has holographic images and all kinds of anti-counterfeiting measures. I FEEL SO SAFE. :O

    It's an antiquated system. We have the technology. We can make it stronger, faster, smarter. Okay maybe not smarter, this is the government we're talking about. In fact, probably none of that. Maybe just not a piece of paper with 9 numbers and a name though ;o
  14. bro my credit so bad I don't think anyone wants to steal that.
    pls take my student loans it's fine shh in eight years you'll be able to take a small loan maybe
  15. They can hack me all they want. I have no score. I'm about as close to off the grid as a person can get. Though, if someone was going in to hack scores, i might have one now. No telling. No reputable institution would give anyone credit using my numbers though, so waste of time to hack my info.

    Good luck everyone though, and @Nav...brilliant protection.
  16. They have a thing where people can check if their info was stolen. On the bright side, there's nothing on any of my kids. On the downside, my information and my hubby's might have been, which sucks, because we were going to try to buy a house next year....
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