Epitaph (Dystopian / Post-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy War RP)

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  1. Epitaph

    A futuristic science fantasy dystopian / post-apocalyptic war RP conceived by myself and @DBZ7.



    The year is 2310, and in this Earth, a mysterious cataclysm known as the "Millennial Renewal" that supposedly occurred around 400 years ago brought about devastation, significantly reducing the human population and forcing them to live in fear and servility to the cause of the event, a demon named Zagan, as well as the race of demons that had mysteriously appeared after the cataclysm. Though only a select few are aware of the finer details of the event, people are at least aware of the general gist; whatever Zagan did back then, it was powerful enough to bring darkness to humans all over the world.

    Though humanity has attempted to fight back many a time throughout the years, one thing was lost over time. The one thing that was more valuable than their own life; their will. And so, Zagan, who continues to rule to this day, ruled over the world with an iron fist without any worry of effective rebellion.

    Or so he believed.

    From the shadows rises another rebellion. An organization known as the Liberators, comprised of both humans and sympathetic demons who wish to co-exist peacefully rather than rule over the humans, has begun to come to power slowly but steadily, and stands as the final line of humanity's hope.

    Armed with only the bare minimal supplies, carrying the last remaining willpower of humanity on the shoulders, a war will be raged between the Liberators and Zagan's forces.

    And nothing would ever be the same again.

    With the discovery of a new power that can be harnessed by the Liberators looming over, perhaps the will of humanity hasn't been eradicated just yet.

    - - -


    Generally, the RP will be based primarily in either the Liberators Base, which consist mostly of reinforced underground caverns, or the cities under Zagan's rule, usually for missions and such. Though the background info has been provided already, exploring the world will enable you to learn more about the little established lore if you so desire.

    By default, your character will generally be a private or a recruit, for a lack of better title, in the Liberators, though if you really wanna, you can request to have your character have a higher rank such as lieutenant, captain, etc., though you'll have to really convince me and the co-GM. Alternatively, you can also decide to have your character work under Zagan, though we'll probably decide to keep that number to a minimum.

    Additional info on what the technology will be like will be elaborated upon later, and can be discussed more in-depth later on.

    As for the deal with the demon characters, the following is a set of guidelines concerning their physiology, abilities, and other differences from humans.

    Demon Guidelines (open)
    After their rise in the wake of the mysterious cataclysm, the creatures named Demons are beings that possess inborn power succeeding the common human. However, they do have their inherited drawbacks. These include, but are not restricted to:

    - The Demons' innate will to follow no one but the strongest, yet to be the strongest. The paradoxical way of thinking prevents the Demons from coming together as a unified group to start a movement, unless a figure arose with a power so unquestionably superior, no one would question him or her.

    - Smaller population. Death by child birth is far more common in Demon women than humans, and this fear and drawback of reproduction just cuts down on their numbers when compared to humans.

    - They possess a shorter lifespan than humans by roughly twenty years, but in turn, they remain in their physical prime for a longer time than humans.

    - Increased weakness to diseases and poisons is a major contributing factor to Demon death rates.

    There are multiple types of Demons each with different advantages and disadvantages, as seen below.

    Heats: Abilities with fire-based attacks are the strongest of their race. Tendency to shorter tempers and higher strength and defense. Typically the slowest of their race. Depend on hot weather, humidity being an extra bonus, to be comfortable and use their abilities to the fullest.

    Blurs: Abilities with lightning-based attacks are the best of their race. Walking definitions of glass cannons with average attack power, these variants can be taken down easily. To compensate, they are easily the fastest of their race and can even outdo the speed of animals like the cheetah with enough training.

    Dews: The rarest of all demons, these have the potential to control all types of water: ice, water, and the air. Thriving on colder temperatures, Dews are also more susceptible to the weather than any other variant. Only slightly stronger than Blurs in terms of strength, Dews rely almost solely on their power of water.

    Roaches: The most balanced in terms of power, defense, and speed, Roaches stick out due to their tenacity. Their rate of regeneration is better than all races. Their bodies can therefore take the most punishment and are the easiest to morph and shape shift. However, this variant is the most susceptible to poisons and illness, as the body puts more emphasis on the healing rather than its immune system. Rates of infections from wounds are the lowest of all the races, however.

    Eyes: The weakest out of all variants in every aspect but intellect, this rare type of Demon possesses memory, creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship unrivaled by all except fellow Eyes. However that are the most eccentric, being the most susceptible to inborn or to develop personality or mental disorders. Usually characterized by their spiral pupils.

    Demons are also capable of regeneration, but are not invulnerable. Healing takes up energy and the more intensive the healing, the more energy is sapped. However, wounds healed are immediately cleaned by the body against infectious bacteria. Listed are some info on their healing factors:

    - Healing wounds such as tears, cuts, bruises, or open wounds take up very little energy, while healing wounds such as broken bones may leave a demon sapped of energy for a half hour.

    - Reattaching limbs take up a bit more, but nothing to worry over.

    - Regrowing limbs take up enough energy to leave a Demon exhausted for an hour

    - Regenerating vital organs like the heart, lungs, eyes, or spinal cord is very intensive but possible, but only when the injures are less than severe. Destroyed vitals are impossible to heal or regrow, and like with humans, a damaged brain is practically irreversible. It is also impossible to regrow a detached head.

    If you have any questions about any other details I might have neglected to mention, as I'm sure there are a few here and there that I missed, don't be afraid to ask!

    - - -

    Character Sheet

    Name: Self-explanatory. You can include nicknames / codenames if you'd like, though it's not required.

    Age: Humans and demons generally age the same, though it should be noted that demons stay in their physical prime for a longer time, but have a generally shorter lifespan.

    Appearance: If you choose to just post a picture, you can just post the picture at the top of the CS for convenience, though if you would rather do a written description only, or a description alongside the picture to clarify any details that the picture does not show, do be sure to write it down here. Both realistic and anime pictures will be accepted.

    Species: Is your character a human or demon? We'll also allow a few some-odd cyborgs here and there as well, defined as people with a substantial amount of cybernetic enhancements.

    Affiliation: Liberators or Zagan?

    Personality: What is your character generally like? What are some things they like and dislike?

    Class: What's your character's special class in the Liberators? Can range from foot soldier to engineer, demolitions, scout, information officer / spy, strategist, medic, and whatever else you'd like to think of. Additionally, if your character is a demon, what is their type?

    Enhancements: Does your character have any cybernetic enhancements, like say, a cybernetic arm that provides superhuman strength, an eye that provides better accuracy, or something like that? If so, list 'em here.

    Skills / Equipment: What skills (CQC, demolitions, marksmanship, stealth, strategy, etc.) does your character possess? If your character is a demon,

    Weaknesses: What are your characters' shortcomings, whether as a person or soldier?

    History: Self-explanatory. How did your character come to be recruited by the Liberators / Zagan? What was their life like before joining? 'Course, if you wanna remain the mysterious type, I suppose you can put something like "will be revealed later" or some jazz like that.

    The final CS may be a little different if / when I make the real sign-ups, depending on if we get any other ideas.

    - - -

    Example CS


    Normal Appearance (open)


    Mary Harper


    24 years old


    Stands at 5'6, has a decently wide scar running down her back.






    On the surface, Mary is a calculated, serious-minded, sometimes reticent, and collected individual. Typically, it's rare to see her crack a smile, but conversely, it is also rather difficult to get a rise out of her. That is not to say she has no emotions, but rather, she has firm control over them, deciding to temporarily discard any emotion that she would deem a distraction from the cause; her ultimate goal of overthrowing the tyrannical Zagan and securing the peaceful co-existence of humans and demons throughout. And though she may be quite young (despite looking older than she is), her determination and passion has impressed those of all ages.

    Meticulous and methodical, Mary is a cautious young woman who attempts to think of contingency plans that is ideal to her, thinking of every scenario to compensate for any situation where things might not go as planned. A person who goes through the finer details often to make sure she knows everything she can,

    However, at heart, despite how jaded she might have become due to her childhood and decision to wage war on Zagan, just like some of those she works with, she is still human. Though she dislikes expressing it, believing that such a display is to display weakness, Mary is a genuinely caring and kind person deep down, free of prejudice and judges a person primarily by the nature of their character.


    Leader / Commander



    Skills / Equipment

    As far as capabilities go, Mary is nothing to scoff at. Like a sort of jack of all trades, she is skilled in a wide variety of attributes such as hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, strategizing, stealth, demolitions, the works. Though it might not be too hard to surpass her in one field if one were to try hard enough, Mary still has the advantage of her other attributes on-hand. As a result of these skills, Mary is, in general, physically quite fit, perhaps bolstered by the fact that she is in her physical prime.

    She is also a fast reader and learner, which is... self-explanatory.

    On most given days, Mary usually arms herself with a small sidearm, and carries a locket with a picture of an unidentified man in it. Due to the grainy and worn-out quality of the picture, it is assumed that the picture is older than Mary herself, making the man's identity just a little more mysterious to those who would spot it.

    As for during missions, her equipment depends on the type of mission, sometimes carrying a backpack of explosives, a stealth pack, etc., but consistently she usually carries an extra weapon on her, usually either an automatic rifle or shotgun. In her office, on her desk, she also has a picture of herself and the second-in-command of the Liberators, a close friend.


    Due to being something of a jack of all trades, as mentioned above, while she is capable in the fields that she is aware of, others are quite capable of outclassing her if one such field might happen to be their specialty.

    She's also a little on the healthy side of workaholic, and at times, can come off as a little stuck-up.


    It is known that she is the founder of the Liberators, the latest rebellion to rise up against Zagan, and that she saved the life of the girl who would become her second-in-command, resulting in them forging a close relationship with each other.

    However, publicly, not much else is known about her.

    - - -

    So, what do you guys think? Sound like something you would be up for?​
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  2. I'm in. Hit me up whenever the official thread is up *already looking for a face claim
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  3. This seems like it could be fun, so I'm in, have my interest.
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  4. Welp, I'm interested as well! >.<
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  5. Half way through skills and equipment and I just realized I know nothing about the tech in this RP.

    Any specifics, weapons, or advancements that we should know about beforehand? (or can we be futuristcally creative with it all)
  6. Interested in playing a demon. Will wait for OoC.
  7. Count me in.
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  8. What alignment were you thinking of joining? For the Liberators or under Zagan's Empire?
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  9. Zagan, he sounds like a cool guy.
  10. In that case it would depend on your rank, but access to the most modern weapons (Those that are similar to our own with a selection of futuristic guns, armor, bombs, etc) will be much more easily accessable. However, due to story events, movement is restricted within the city with rare exceptions. Default race will be Demon. Some enhancements are available but not as advanced as those of Liberators. They are, however, much more common.
  11. Bump 'cause why not.

    Hopefully I'll be getting around to making the sign-ups thread soon, but we'll see
  12. So is it only going to be demons and humans or are there going to be other creatures that could get dragged into the war possibly, as they have been in hiding for so long.
  13. Yeah, it'll only be demons and humans involved in the RP, with a few cyborgs here and there on the side as well if you feel so inclined.
  14. Could there be a demon who takes on the form of a dragon if at all possible?
  15. The closest you can get would be wings for flight or going into the risky berserker mode that gives Demons a more- well- demonic appearance, although still humanoid. So no, no dragons.
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