Epiphany of Dreams

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Epiphany of Dreams
Original Concept by: Paorou Sama and Rory​

"There is a window that I can see,
It is always calling to me.
It is bare, not pretty nor painted,
But when you look out,
You can see the beauty,
The beauty at the end.

Forever calling to be free,
Shall the change come to me?
Is it real? Is it real?
At times, it is too much.
However, there's always,
the beauty at the end.

Shall I climb the hills again?
Shall I go see my father's grave,
once more? Will we go together?
I can see the beauty, beyond.
There shall always be beauty
at the end.

What does this poem have to do with anything? Well, almost everything.

People are getting killed.

These murders make no sense in terms of motive and execution. This has left policemen baffled as to what kind of serial killer they're dealing with. Day after day, someone is killed in a strange out-of-this-world fashion, the only thing connecting these murders being that they were done in the middle of the night.

The news sources claim that it is a group of terrorists. Others declare that some Satanic cult is behind these instances. Some argue it is an omen. In the end no one knows or agrees.

A curfew has been put into motion due to the mysterious events happening at night.

However, three nights ago something happened….


A young man was found electrocuted to death. However, autopsies note that he had a pocket full of sleeping pills and that he had been ingesting quite a few of them for past 3 days of his disappearance.....


Enter the main characters, all youths living in the same area called Provere City. Their unifying feature - They've all suffered from the same strange string of dreams lately. Dreams full of outlandish figures flying through the city skies and prowling on the streets, doing who knows what, always ending the same way, with the presence of a woman staring from behind broken glass.


These youth are the key to this entire mystery.

Welcome, brave soul, to the Epiphany of Dreams
You are one of those suffering from strange dreams. That is the only thing special about you. No cat ears, no mutations, no superpowers, no special contacts in the military or special training with exotic weapons. You are a young denizen of this city.

Character Sheet:


Age: Preferably younger than 30.

Super-ego: Your physical appearance. How people see you. Anything people can catch at a glance.

Ego: Your Personality. What people see when they have dealt with you for some time.

Id: Your biography. things you don't tell people or tend to not bring up.

Skills: Name 2 things you are especially good at.

After you are done, I will be supplying your character with a specific dream. This will be important later on
I am taking over Jessica. >:D I just have to adjust my old bio to merge with your bio.

... You weird Alternate Universe Diana freak.. c____c


Name: Jessica "Jez" Ermano
Age: 16
Super-ego: Jessica is tall and thin, with curly cut black hair a reasonable length past her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She's very pretty but she doesn't care. Or rather, complains that she's not pretty like so many teenage girls do for no other reason than to herself herself moan. She doesn't like wearing too much make up, but does favor black eye liner and eye shadow to get that dramatic look. Never, never, EVER wears a dress or skirts. It's pants or nothing. She wears the exact same pair of sneakers every day no matter what she's wearing or the weather.

Ego: Jessica deliberately makes herself out to be the no-friends, loner, black sheep, bad attitude, outcast. She's snarky, rude, often times mean or inappropriate. This is entirely self-inflicted as no one has ever tried to outcast her. On the contrary, people have always found Jessica a captivating person and wish to try and be a part of her life - the feeling has just never been mutual. She has much buried anger, of which she takes out on others by being critical of flaws. However, she never spends time on self reflection.

Id: Jessica's father was a petty-thief, who turned himself in to police and started working for them as an informant. After awhile his former buddies discovered he was feeding info to the cops and broke in to his home. The guy was beat near to death and his wife was killed. Not long after, five year old Jessica was taken by child services and put in to the system. After several failed families, Jessica was placed in the care of her Grandmother. The old woman was not ideal, but it brought more consistency. The reality of Jessica is that she just doesn't know who she is supposed to be and what she believes in. Thus has thrown herself in to the idea of playing this "part", and pretending like she doesn't care. Something that must be obvious to others, because they go out of their way to try and draw her from it. The attention from others makes her uncomfortable, as she just doesn't know how to react to it.

Finding Flaws - Jessica has this knack for knowing when something "isn't right" with... just about anything. A foul note in music, food not tasting quite right, people not ringing true. When not used as a critical weapon, it can be a useful trait.

Composing Music - One of the few things Jessica finds interest in is music. There is always strings of notes running through her head, to the point that she even taps her fingers as if she were pressing the keys of a piano or strings on a guitar, even when she's nowhere near one.
Name: Jacob Baker

Age: 17.


Ego: Jacob is a quiet young man that generally sits alone or in small groups. He is considered a loner by most people that met him. Jacob would disagree with this notation, mostly because he has yet to meet anyone that has sparked his interests. He actually is very passionate about very specific things, and finds that most other things don't really interest him bore him. Jake generally acts laid-back because he claims that his energy is better spent on his pursuit of the arts and competition. Most of his friends note that he is one of the more out-going, hotblooded guys in their art club and in lan parties. Adults around him note that he has a very silent, intense personality that isn't so obvious - most notably, he works hard on his schoolwork when he is told that he is lagging behind. He always excels for that one shining moment.

Id: Jacob is no hero by any stretch of the imagination. Going to a Catholic Middle School, he was the chosen "outsider" and was bullied. However, one day in the 8th Grade, he finally stood up for himself and beat up one of his aggressors. From that day forward, he was left alone but still socially an outsider. Upon graduating, he entered a public school where he found more people he could fit in with. Many have tried to become friends with him but keeps himself somewhat distant from the mainstream of jocks and preps, choosing instead to blend in with the Artist and Actors.

Skills: Jacob is good at putting up fake personalities and accents, making him somewhat of a con artist/actor. He's also a fast runner, and no matter what the track team does he still refuses to join.
Character Sheet:

Name: Elysian "Ellie" Nuit

Age: 20


Ego: Quiet and observational, Ellie seems to be terribly shy, but she's not afraid to speak her mind. Not really all that timid, she simply can't see the point in saying much. She's not overly fond of people, often analyzing their mistakes in her mind. She's only very pleasant when she can see what she determines to be redeeming qualities in someone.

Abused as a small child, Ellie learned the hard way that sometimes, all the words in the world aren't enough to save you. Bitter from the experience, she was taken away when she was ten, sent to live at a foster home. With a natural charisma and the desire to not be kicked out of the house, Ellie managed to keep her brooding and dark feelings inside.

When it finally got to the point of depression, Ellie was sent to a therapist, where she found astonishing peace. Since then, much of the bitter anger has dulled to apathy, though she never lost the quietness.

Natural Speaker: Ellie is wonderful with words and her talent at reading people makes her a fantastic leader, able to inspire emotions in those who hear her.

Agile: Running from people was Ellie's childhood, it goes to figure that she got good at it. Speedy and lithe, she can dart past people with ease.
Character Sheet:

Name: Joshua Palmer

Age: 18


Ego: The kind of person that you either love or hate. He's fun-loving, easily excited person that takes life as it comes. He does what he likes and dresses how he likes and doesn't really care what people think. He's always seen with an energy drink in hand.

Id: Josh was born in a nearby metropolis, but spent his life in Provere City. When he was younger, he was shuttled back and forth between the two locations and got a bit of City life along with suburbia. He's an only child and was used to traveling a lot, so he's pretty good at making friends.

However, he's a con artist. Josh is rather good at it so no one has really know him to be that way. It's actually his premise for going into acting and, later, psychology. Why con someone for free when you can get paid for it?

Currently, he is staying with parents and plans to go to college for acting next year. He is also a caffeine addict.

Fears: Josh is Arachniphobic and afraid of Rejection

Skills: Dancing and Acting (Unknown to most: Con-Artistry)
Name: Seraph Whitaker

Age: 19


Ego: Seraph has always been a quiet girl. She keeps to herself generally and has very few friends, nearly none. On the other side Seraph has a short temmper. When upset she tends to snap at those who push her buttons as well as innocent bystanders. Seraph has trouble opening up to others but after making it past her rough and somewhat harsh exterior one can see that she's a beautiful soul.

Id: Having a poor relationship with her mother, Seraph left her home at the age of 17 and moved to Provere. She supports herself by waitressing at a local restaurant. While chipper towards her customers, Seraph is often thinking of how the next bill will be paid. When not at work Seraph can often be found wandering the streets of Provere at night. She spends the rest of her time at her apartment complex writing about the horrid nightmares she's been having.

Faking a smile: Being a waitress has helped Seraph gain a second worldly composure. No tears, no fears, just smiles. However, her smile scheme isn't perfect just yet. Whenever upset Seraph finds herself sighing and running her hands through her hair in some fashion.

Writing: Since first entering high school Seraph had been a great author. She has a certain love affair with words that allow her to express herself in a way she can't when vocalizing.
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Hopefully I'll be posting later this evening. Am I supposed to interact with other characters as well?
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Name: Ira "Rose" Kimmimaro

Age: 15


Ego: At first, people think that Rose is an egotistical jerk that is consumed with her family's position of power, but is just a front. Rose acts that way towards others to drive them away to protect those she loves dearly. However, when people get close to her, she is as loyal as they come, willing to protect with all her strength. She is usually quiet and reserved, but will say what is on her mind when she deems it important.

The Kimmimaro household is one of the richest families in the country, owning much land and investing in many important stocks. Ira was born into this family, a very traditional family complete with arranged marriages and servants to tend the mansion.

However, these riches did not come from purely stock or land investments. Her father had once been an assassin, paid hefty sums to murder countless people around the world. When she had discovered this knowledge at the age of nine, she was shocked. She didn't know what to do. After a few weeks, she came to terms with the knowledge and decided that, since her father had protected her all this time, it was time for her to protect her father.

Heightened Senses: While Rose is not very strong, she has trained her five senses to detect even the slightest movement, the faintest smell, the whistle of air on her skin, the most indistinct of noises. This is one of her two sole redeeming factors.

Angel Voice: Due to her lack of athleticism, Rose decided to focus on something she could do: singing. She trained long hours and practiced (occasionally) till her throat bled from overuse. Her determination paid off and, combined with her heightened senses, can sing to affect the mood of her nearby environment.
Cel, I'll need you to change a few things. I would prefer no assassins or people from being super rich Japanese families because it is too close to having military contacts, because the characters are supposed to be every day people. Secondly heightened senses are superpowers, again we are everyday people. As of right now I cannot accept the character into the game until changes are made that follow characters that the other RPers have posted.

And as for you Kitti, waking up in the middle of a dream defeats the fact that your character is a part of the mystery behind what all these occurances are. I'll need more details about the character in order for the plot to flow well and that you be a part of it and not be caught doing a great many solo interactions that don't allow for your character to develop.
Once again, I'd like to thank you all for doing a wonderful job with the plot thus far. I am just going to wait for someone else to post and then I'll wrap up Episode 1. Episode 2 will focus on our favorite Goth girl Jessica in the real world.
Not objecting with your logic, that was just for totally confusing me.
I agree this RP is going very well.

It reminds me of a game I play on the ps2. It's called Persona 4. Have any of you played it by chance?
I own it but have yet to play it.

*sigh* looks like you're having me scrap it and come up with something new then.

Just an update on me, life sucks. I'm just wondering how much worse it has to get before it looks up again. Once again, I'm forcing myself onto Iwaku so that I can escape from all the **** in my life.

So pardon me if my posts sound somewhat emo IC. That would be the anger in my life bleeding into the story.

BTW, it's said that samurai of old were able to do as much as I said because they trained their senses.

Going to bed right now so I'll edit my character tomorrow or so.
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