Epiphany Castle

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Professor Crane

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The ruins of the castle had moss creeping up them. It had been a long time since the castle had been used, not since TC had declared he was leaving the forest, and Iwaku, behind.

Six cloaked figures gathered in the main hall of the castle. The six leaders of the tribes were conviening for the first time in 18 years. Bie, Robe, Tur, Grem, Le, and Lin, they had gathered for two reasons, the attacks on the forest, and the rumors of TC's return.

Bie was the first to speak, taking a human form for this meeting. "So, we know what is happening, now the question is, what are we going to do now?"

Robe spoke next. "Our forest is in danger, why is anything else a concern until that is resolved."

Tur spoke after Robe. "But we could use Tyler Crane in this matter, his experience on the battlefield could help reduce our losses."

Next was Gren, He let out a series of growls, as his body could not handle human language.

Le nodded her head at Gren, "indeed, Tyler did leave us, but I would not say he abandoned us. If he has returned we owe it to him to contact him."

Lin ended the conversation, "It seems clear what needs to be done. We have two tasks that need to be done, locate Tyler Crane, and battle what is attacking the forest."

Each then in turn stated what they would do. Bie and Lin would to look for TC, Robe and Gren would help with the assault on the elder spider, Tur and Le would help look after any wounded.

Bie changed to his original form, and flew off, Robe and Gren ran off together, Tur sank into the stone, leaving only Le and Lin.

Le looked at Lin, "Do you think this is a good idea? splitting up when we don't know what we are fighting?"

Lin looked back at Le, "Do you think it would be a good idea to divide us over something so simple?"

Le shook her head and walked away leaving only Lin in the castle. Lin began to move towards the door when the Verschlingen appeared around her. She nodded to them as they all began to leave.

Lin stopped as well as a few around her. The air behind them began to stretch as a person began to step through. James Short appeared out of the distorted air. The Verschlingen surrounded him.

"What are you stranger? And why are you in our forest?" Lin asked.

"My name is James," James replied, "but what I am doing here, I can't tell you." He teleported to the other side of the Verschlingen. "I'll be seeing you." He said and teleported into the forest.