Epics of a Balanced World (Flight Rising/Dragon RP

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Would you be interested in playing as a dragon in a world of dragons?

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  1. In a finite and iridian world, history was on the verge of repeating itself. From out in the unknown, a familiar void threatens the peace and harmony of the world of dragons. The gods knew this day would come, but even they weren't ready for the sudden wave of darkness that pushed down from the heavens. They would not allow this world to be destroyed. Not again. Instead of waging war against the infamous Shade, they combined their powers to surround the world in a magical barrier. The Shade was far more powerful than the first two battles, and it would take all their strength to maintain their shield. They could never take the offensive, for it they did, the barrier would not hold, and the Shade would be allowed to slip through.

    An eternal conflict. A perpetual stalemate.

    Only one hope remained. Or rather, eleven hopes remained. Their precious relics, remnants of a world come and gone, infused with their essence, are the only things on the planet capable of keeping the Shade away other than the gods themselves. Fragments of the legendary Pillar of the World, the barrier that once protected the land from the Shade in ancient times, now in pieces, waiting to be restored. However, each pillar shard is too well hidden; to turn away and reassemble the pillar themselves was to assure annihilation to the world.

    They wouldn't allow it. Not again.

    In a sort of back up plan, the Eleven summoned one dragon from each of their domains--just one--and entrusted to them the future: acquire each pillar fragment, reconstruct the column, and allow the gods the chance at an absolute victory over the infernal void. However, this plan didn't come without a price. A summoning spell was of far less consequence than the magic required for then to release the pillar fragments. It was still of consequence however, and a sliver of the shade was able to slip into the world... a calculated risk on the part of the gods, but could they be underestimating their opponent? What would the Shade do to hinder our heroes? Will the heroes even be successful?

    Their destiny--your destiny--is at hand...

    I had done this RP on a site called Flight Rising, which is basically neopets but actually cool and with dragons. This RP was dear to me, but too many people kept dropping out of it. Eventually the RP died altogether. I had done quite a few things wrong the first time, I'm sure, but I really want to start it up anew and try to make this second run last.

    I was a bit hesitant to put this up because Flight Rising isn't exactly widespread, but I also wanted to do my best to make it accessible and understandable to people who haven't played the game at all. Because of that, I'm opening up this thread to see how many people would be interested in playing.

    In short, the game runs like this:
    • You are a dragon, of a particular breed and of a specific Flight.​
    • A Flight is both a culture and a nation. Dragons born in a particular flight are denizens of a particular god. That god has a region which it calls its domain.​
    • Each god and it's Flight corresponds to a particular element. The elements are: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Light, Shadow, Nature, Plague, and Arcane.​
    • The Shade are an ethereal and destructive collection of monsters made of pure darkness. Their forms are almost never solid and they can range from unfeeling, non-sentient blobs of all-consuming dark matter to draconian doppelgangers capable of rending reality asunder. In short, they are bad news.​
    • The world is full of impressive sights and magical landmarks, but one of the most famous is the Pillar of the World, which protected the world from the Shade in ancient times by holding up a magical barrier. The Pillar now lies in ruins.​
    • Having been summoned by the gods, you and ten other people must go out and find key fragments of the Pillar of the World so that the pillar may be rebuilt to give the gods the chance to fight the Shade off once and for all.​
    • Plot twists of course ensue.​

    Again, since Flight Rising isn't exactly super popular, I would let the characters make up a lot of the setting and stuff as they go on, but I'll be providing the basic lore of the game from the get-go to set the foundation.

    I'll also be asking the players to play two characters, since I think one of the major problems of the last game was that there were too many players and it got really out of hand. I'm looking for 5 players total, give or take an extra.

    Please tell me what you think below and if you are interested.

    -Atman Seijo
  2. I'd be interested in trying it out. Watching.
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  3. Well, I'm happy at least one person was interested so far. Hopefully we'll find a few more?
  4. I would love to play!!

    But I don't wanna juggle two characters at once.

    And also, is this just a world of dragons or are there humanoid races as well?
  5. There are human-esque creatures, like nagas and centaurs, but player characters can only be dragons. There will be several races of dragons for you to choose from, but none that are too human-like.

    Also, doing the math, there would have to be one player who only plays one character.
  6. Not really looking for another fantasy RP at the moment, but I do play FR. c:

    Good luck in your search.
  7. Cool!

    I wasn't asking for the humanoid characters 'cause I wanted to play them, I was just thinking that there could be a cool dynamic in the story if there was.
    Like for instance, one humanoid race could have a civilization that had one of the relics, and considered it to be "holy", and like worshiped it or something, and the dragon would have to like fight them for it, or help them in order to trade for it, like help them with a battle against their enemy or something.

    I'm definitely in for this!!!! I've always wanted to RP a dragon. :D
  8. Possibly. Since I'm only including the very basics of the setting and lore of FR, I was planning on having the players build the world around them through questions and backstories and what not, so maybe if you wanted, you could talk about that humanoid race and we can roll with it.
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