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  1. A cloaked figure dashes from tree to tree, just barely visible amongst the shadows. The quarter moon having an almost maroon like glow to it, almost everything was still covered in morning dew that made it sparkle. The thin black clouds still hovered in the sky making the stars disappear, every once in a while small flashes of white light would illuminate a small part of the sky for a second before returning to the darkness of the night.

    In a split second the moonlight hit the cloaked figure, only making the black cloak a bit brighter before the shadows engulfed the figure once more. The smooth stones placed in a half circle at the top of the opening to mark one of the secret bases start to come into sight and the figure slows to a walk, the figure goes in without knocking. Coming to a stop at the sight of another figure that faced the other way, the other figure sat in a black, leather, rolling chair with one leg crossing the other "do you have them?" the other figure asks taping the end of a pencil on a desk in anticipation.

    "yes sir" the figure says reaching in the cloak pocket to pull a handful of papers out. Setting them on the desk the figure looks at the other figure "Do you need anything else?" the figure asks with a bit of bordem in the figures eyes "no... you can go Lionel..." the other figure said picking up the stack that Lionel set down on the desk "yes sir..call me anytime... Zane..." Lionel says disappearing into the shadows.

    A dog and a bird emerge from the shadows, the bird lands on Zane's outstretched arm and the dog lays by the end of the desk. Zane lowers his arm to his desk, the bird quickly lands on the desk. Zane opens the side of a small carrier on the side of the bird with his white gloves, a small rolled up paper fell out. The bird is small and white, it has a cross on its right side. The dog is dark gray with some white outlines, two metal rings on the dog's left paw connect to a small chain that is sometimes used to hold a metal carrier and the dog has a pair of blue square earrings.

    Closing the carrier he waits while the bird flies to a nearby cage hanging from the roof, the dog gets up and puts her left paw on the desk. Zane picks up the small chain dangling from her paw and opens the side of the metal carrier that had a bit of mud on it, another rolled up paper came out and rolled into the other on his desk. Closing the metal carrier, he grabs the papers and sticks them neatly into a metal briefcase before disappearing into the shadows with it.~


    best RP example: (has to be two Detailed paragraphs.. can be combined but prefered not)

    how many characters you're planning on taking on: (as many as you like but if your RPing starts declining in detail, I WILL take one away until your RPing gets better)
    These are just basic rules that you should know by now..
    *Two paragraphs or more (as long as you get most of the grammar right)
    *No godmoding
    *No OOC in the RP
    *Be creative
    *Have fun
    *Ask someone's permission before killing off one of their characters
    *No text talk (I know it's easier for you but it drives me nuts)
    *No sexual interactions (fade to black)
    *Be respectful (even though I didn't follow this rule when I was younger)
    Best RP example: Hersey left, the only thing she ate was a banana but she didn't mind. She never really ate anyways, the only time she ever ate was when she was alone or depressed (which RARELY happens). She didn't mind being roommates with a human, she actually prefered it. I mean who wants to get stuck next to another god? Sure it's cool because you know each other but it would be a bit ackward, anyways all she knows is that she doesn't really like her next class.

    Speach. She doesn't like talking in front of a bunch of strangers, expecially since she knew that they would be waiting for her to make a mistake. Then her father told her something that inspired her 'it doesn't matter if you make a mistake because no one's perfect, ya they're going to be listening. Not for your mistakes but because it's rude not to listen to someone when their talking to you.' He always sounded soo smart when he was telling me something, he would always take my negative and flip it around so that it's positive.

    Smith looked at the school, he was soo dumbfounded by the exterior that he lost all track of time. Snapping back to attention, he realized that it was forth period. "Crap! I'm soo late!" He said mostly to himself, he ran inside. Not giving himself any more time to stare in amazement, he grabbed his room key and papers. Stuffing them in his bag, he speed walked into the hallway.

    He ran into Hersey (his best friend) and almost fell to the ground but on the other hand, she fell like a bolder. He chuckled slightly and lifted her easily off the ground "hey! What period is it?" He asked hurriedly, he's already missed most of the day. He didn't want to miss the last period also, he smiled an apology as she picked up her bag. He saw that her dress revealed alot of her legs and blushed, he didn't want to know why she wore what wore but he hoped tomorrow that she would wear something less revealing.

    How many characters you're planning on taking on: 4

    Current RPers and how many characters they are:
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  2. Well then, time to show how literate I can be ^^
    On a side note the characters stated in the paragraph's are the characters I'll be taking on.

    best RP example:
    Primlin grimaced as the crimson blood splashed onto her dark coat. She hated getting it dirty, but it wasn't all that hard to replace, if she thought about it. The demon she had just killed lay dead on the ground, slowly melting into the soft earth. Her red eyes gleamed in the darkness, almost glowing. Something writhed behind her, and she sighed. It was her tail, and it was that of a scorpion, pumped with the most lethal poison... As was her blood.

    Xilphon peered at her from the bush, ears perked and tail slightly curled. As a werewolf he more commonly took on the form of a neko, and he traveled with this irritable Demon Hunter.
    "P-Primlin is it over yet?" He asked. He had been the one to be attacked by the demon in the first place, but he wasn't much of a fighter. He left that up to Primlin. It was her job, after all, to kill demons.

    "Yeah it is Wolf-Boy..." She muttered, sheathing her sword and turning to the bush as he leaps out again, tail a-wagging. "You know you should've smelled it from a mile away... If you can't even do that much then why do I even keep you around?" She demanded, pinching between her eyes.

    "Sorry Prim..." He muttered, tail curling up again as he looks down and flattens his ears in shame. "You know I was eating and when I eat I don't really smell around me..."

    "Well you should start." She scolded. "Double training time for you, starting tomorrow morning. You need to learn to use your senses or I'll give you back to Yuki." She brushes the blood off her cloak.

    X watched them carefully from a distance. The demon was always trying to kill Primlin to prove his strength, and despite her deep hatred for demons and the fact she's a demon Hunter, she's never once injured him enough so that it'd be life threatening. The male's white hair gleamed in the moonlight and he smiled. This time he would get her.

    (Imma stop there before I write a novel XD)
    how many characters you're planning on taking on: I guess 3. Maybe 5 if I decide to bring in Chi Chi and Alicia, the twp ten year olds that bug the hell out of Primlin. -grins evilly-
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