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  1. A cloaked figure dashes from tree to tree, just barely visible amongst the shadows. The quarter moon having an almost maroon like glow to it, almost everything was still covered in morning dew that made it sparkle. Thin black clouds still hovered in the sky making the stars disappear, every once in a while small flashes of white light would illuminate a small part of the sky for a second before returning to the darkness of the night. In a split second the moonlight hit the cloaked figure, only making the black cloak a bit brighter before the shadows engulfed the figure once more.

    The smooth stones placed in a half circle at the top of the opening to mark one of the secret bases start to come into sight and the figure slows to a walk, the figure goes in without knocking. Coming to a stop at the sight of another figure that faced the other way, the other figure sat in a black, leather, rolling chair with one leg crossing the other "do you have them?" The other figure asks taping the end of the pencil on a desk in anticipation. "Yes sir" The figure says reaching in the cloak pocket to pull a handful of papers out. Setting them on the desk the figure looks at the other figure "Do you need anything else?" The figure asks with a bit of bordem in his eyes "no, you can go Lionel" the other figure said picking up the stack that Lionel set down on the desk.

    "Yes sir, call me anytime Zane" Lionel says disappearing into the shadows. A dog and a bird emerge from the shadows, the bird lands on Zane's outstretched arm and the dog lays by the end of the desk. Zane lowers his arm to his desk, the bird quickly lands on the desk. Zane opens the side of the small carrier with his white gloves, a small rolled up paper fell out.

    The bird is small and white, it has a cross on its right side. The dog is dark gray with some white outlines, two metal rings on the dog's left paw connect to a small chain that is sometimes used to hold a metal carrier and the dog has a pair of blue square earrings. Closing the carrier he waits while the bird flys to a nearby cage hanging from the roof, the dog gets up and puts her left paw on the desk. Zane picks up the small chain dangling from her paw and opens the side of the metal carrier that had a bit of dried mud on it, another rolled up paper came out and rolled into the other on his desk.

    Closing the metal carrier, he grabs the papers and sticks them neatly into a metal briefcase before disappearing into the shadows with the briefcase.~
    There are a few simple rules..
    1. 3 or more detailed paragraphs, whether it's just describing what's around you or you..
    2. No godmoding
    3. Have fun!
    4. Don't post in the RP If you have not been accepted by me and only me.
    5. Don't post ooc (out of character posts) in the RP!
    *there is no cs since most of the time you'll be describing your character
    *I just want 1.whether your interested or not and a example of your best RPing skills.. ^^^
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