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  1. So I was driving to school...and yeah.
    I think I scared him cause I kept trying to inch closer to get a better pic with my car.

  2. I laughed, and Gibs groaned. XD
  3. *squints at licence plate* The word is out, Theory lives in Virginia or one of the surrounding states.
  4. Haha, close Mr. Dead :P Well, not really XD
    I'm much further south but I guess they were visiting, I see a lot of random state plates around here
  5. Vegeta: "His powerlevel is, it's it's 1006" puts scouter down disappoitned.
    Nappa: "is that all let's do this." gets powned by Goku "Vegeta how is this possible!"
    Vageta: "Oh sorry i had it on backwards its over 9k" crushs scouter
    Nappa: grunt and almost dies.

    Anyone seen this?
  6. That really is epic :D Some license plates can be really amusing...That one's much more fun than mine/my dad's. Ours is nifty in a way though, because without the numbers in it, it's a palindrome~! :D
  7. hahaha nice