Epic Zombie Mayhem of Doom and Stuff (also known as Z-Day)

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    This a discussion thread for a roleplay between Sora_Sigunda and I. We are interested in hearing your suggestions for plot ideas before and during the roleplay.

    The basics: there is a small grouping of survivors living in a previously government-owned farm once used for genetic testing on plants. The farm is set on a cliff with a river at the bottom running along a huge city.

    The Characters:
    Molly Matthews- 22 f (a medic, married and pregnant).
    Sean Matthews- 30 m (a lawyer, married to Molly).
    Father Joseph McMarsh- 50 m (a priest).
    Jennifer Sterling- 36 f (a massage therapist).
    Kyler Sterling- 12 m (Jennifer’s son).
    Michael Johnston- 40 m (an ex-cop, Jennifer’s boyfriend).
    Talon Jacobsen- 17 m (a high-school track star, has a crush on Himiko).
    Justine Cross- 10 f (a young girl, Bobby’s cousin).
    Kelly Cross- 19 f (A cosmetologist, married).
    Bobby Cross- 19 m (a mechanic, Kelly’s husband).
    Himiko- 18 f (Sora’s character, more on her later.)
    Ferris Baumann- 25 m (a marine, more on him later).

    Rumor has reached them of a survivor’s colony. Molly, who recently developed a sort of anti-virus from the saliva of Basco (Himiko’s bear), sends Himiko, Ferris, Talon, and Bobby to offer them the anti-virus.

    Any input is appreciated and welcome. Thank you. :D Also, feel free to read along.
  2. I'm in, I'll be the marine :D
  3. Sorry, the marine is my character. Also, this roleplay is not accepting characters, just suggestions.
  4. Awwww D:

    Ok, at least i can contribute. :3

    How about a secret deception among them?
  5. Himiko
    Female Age:18 Height: 5'2'' Weight: 85lbs.
    Hair: Long, Black and in pig tails Eyes: Dark Brown Body type: Athletic/ Like a gymnast
    Clothing: Tight t-shirts and jeans which she tucks into her knee high cons.
    Personality: Bubbly and easily excitable, some what eccentric, nice to most everyone
    Bio: She is originally part of a travailing circus, where she did the tight rope and preformed with bears. She ran away from the circus a year before Z-Day, because she disliked the way Basco's mother was treated.
    Strengths: Small and acrobatic, she can fit into small places, like air ducts, to get into buildings; She can run on power lines/ telephone wires.
    Weaknesses: Small; She can't lift very much.
    Weapons: Bow and arrow, throwing knives (for emergencies only), trench spikes, rope (used with grappling hook)

    Basco- (travels with Himiko)
    Male Age: about 3
    Basco is a grizzly bear that Himiko raised after his mother died early in the Apocalypse. He is well trained and almost never seen without Himiko around. He wears a spiked collar around his neck.
  6. Hm... Perhaps Talon, being the angsty love-struck teen he is, is swayed by a corrupt member of the colony that they seek?

    Ferris Baumann: m 25 April 7
    Height- 6'3" Weight- 210lbs. Body Type- muscular/athletic
    Hair- white blonde Eyes- deep blue Clothing- tee-shirts, cargo pants, combat boots
    Personality- Seems very gruff at first, but is really a huge teddy bear. He knows when to be serious, but likes to tease the others a lot.
    Bio- Lived a fairly average life pre- Z-Day. He was a wrestler in high-school, joined the marines right after graduation, and had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan when Z-Day hit. His squad succumbed one-by-one, and he had been alone for a year when he met Himiko and the others.
    Strengths- combat skills and strength
    Weaknesses- he's huge, and therefore not very stealthy.
    Weapons- Tons of guns and some sharp hunting knives.
  7. That sounds great, and maybe someone turns on the group entirely?
  8. Yeah, that's what I was thinking with Talon. For example, the survivor's colony wants the resources that our group has, but without the extra mouths to feed. So they promise Talon a place in their colony, where his strengths will be utilized, and a place for Himiko (so they can be together), if he will betray his group and lead them to the farm.
  9. Thats a great idea!
  10. Someone should be a carrier. Immune, but contagious. Could get close to someone else and turn them. If you think it sounds familiar, it's a twist from.. Ah.. I think 28 Weeks Later. I just liked that one. It's all OBBY I LURV YEW all smoochin' and stuff, then the other person is all OMG I LURV YEW TOO BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN I JUST REALLY WANT BRAINS -omnomnomsurvivors-.
  11. That would be frackin hilarious. We might have to figure out a way to work that in. *shifty ninja eyes*