Epic roleplays you like to brag about!

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So this week a few friends and I are going to be continuing/restarting an old epic/mass roleplay. It was one of the few that actually finished, and the result was so spectacular, it even has an official site on the server for it, and some girl had tried to steal it and sell it as her own work on some self-publish book site. e.e; hurr. The original roleplay was started back in 2002 and we're STILL fangirling over it. XD It was freaking awesome. That's the mark of a badass story!

ANYWAYS... What are some EPICLY WIN roleplays YOU have participated in? What roleplays do you hope will become brag worthy in the near future?


Do I have to say it? I mean come on, what RP have Weavel and I been discussing about for the past couple years?
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