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  1. Dig deep for your inner poet and lets write some poetry together. Make the rhyme a two part sentence about yourself :D


    ~Don't let me catch you insulting others.

    ~DO NOT use profanity as a Rhyming word, be more creative than that.

    ~Respect yourself and others.

    ~nothing too personal about yourself please, lets keep this fun for everyone.

    ~ and have Fun ^_^

    Fijoli The Epic has too much to say, alas not enough hours does she have in the day.
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  2. I hope I'm doing this right...

    CrimsonMaiden likes to have many characters to portray, careful of the simplicity of her array.
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  3. It made me giggle but it doesn't ryhme with itself, like in my sentence Say to day, You can try again :D
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  4. Quiet One doesn't like to play.
    Quiet One wishes you would all go away.
    It takes very little to ruin Quiet One's day.
    Just make him hear what you have to say.

    Is that how you play, or did I get carried away? What do you say, yay or nay?
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  5. Minibit's a pokemaster
    She trains all through the day
    To become stronger, better, faster
    And claim the crown one day
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  6. Crazy is Fijoli, shh, that what she told me :D
  7. Fijoli likes to make us rhyme.
    She thinks it is Iwaku's time
    To make our words ring and chime
    With a merry tune.

    Fijoli likes to make our voices ring.
    Write words that love to sing.
    Just about anything
    Rhythmic will make her swoon.

    So 'round Fijoli don't be a mime.
    Make your words sing and rhyme.
    And master how you keep your time.
    She'll go over the moon.

    I'm sorry. I'm just showing off now.
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