Epic Reading: It has Wolves and Owls.

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    Okay? Okay. By request of @Diana (blame her), an epic reading of this amazing tale (Audio) (Log) written by the future Tolkiens and Asimovs of our generation of scholars, dignitaries, and brilliant political thinkers.

    "Am the SHIT, at war games!"

    -Chat Admin renamed to "Almighty God".
    -Attempted a transliteral reading (no corrections to text, pronounce phonetically if spelled incorrectly)... It was borderline impossible, and not as humorous as it sounded like it would be when done for over twenty minutes. Decided to switch to interpretive reading, which turned out far better.
    -Narrate-Script Reading: [Name] "Text" [Name] "Text" [Name] "Text" is the pattern, in case that was hard to pick up on.
    Done for @Diana ... You are welcome. Dot Dot Dot. Dot Dot Dot. Dot Dot Dot. THE PAIN~!
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  2. Good god.

    I submit my vocals for future projects.
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  3. MURUGU ISN'T AN OWL! ;__;

    I think.... >>;;
  4. I think reading that chat log gave me a brain aneurysm.....

    Seriously....what the f....

    Never mind. I don't want to know. I'm going to go inject bleach into my brain and hope that it erases my memory of the past few minutes I just spent reading that.
  5. Don't read. It spoils the fun. Let bravos dramatic retelling pull you into a.... visceral experience.
  6. I tried listening. I listened for about a minute, but I was laughing way too hard to be able to hear it. @_@
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  8. I consider this a modern masterpiece I will have you know. I am buying the rights for a movie script as we speak.
  9. Make sure to include at least two references to the original script and the New York Times will call it "the greatest [expletive] of all time."
  10. I love all of the times Brovo almost lost it. 8D
  11. In before "HAVE SAFE WOLFSEX, USE A BIRD".

    This is a thing of beauty.
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  12. *Tears of joy?*
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  13. Either my ears are bleeding or screaming for joy.

    After a while I couldn't take it, either part of me died laughing or just died.

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