Epic News: Nazi Alien Regime

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  1. I am afraid I must change my views on the news. This world gets stranger exponentially by the day. ~ShivaBeach

    Ok, Here we go Critical thinkers, try this on for size. According to this Website Article;

    Snowden, This guy right here, blew the whistle


    On A Nazi Alien Shadow government run by Aliens called The "Tall Whites"

    Iranian press: Snowden docs prove aliens who built Nazi subs also control U.S. foreign policy

    So then, These guys started freaking out


    "According to Fars, Russia's Federal Security Service put all of this information into a report that somehow slipped into the clutches of conspiracy theory website Whatdoesitmean.com." ~ UPI

    "After losing WWII the aliens apparently opted to become the secret force behind the United States government and have made President Obama their tool. For those who were wondering, the Nazi aliens are based at a stronghold in Nevada." ~UPI

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/Blog/20...liens-since-1945/2511389648768/#ixzz2qaLAWWB4

    I had to check this Website out for myself so here is the link for those of you who are interested.


    So, WTF does it mean?... This means we have a Well known Whistle Blower supposedly transferring said "proof" around the internet about a strange Conspiracy that dates back to the 1930's on through today. That has their hands in one of the strongest Governmental presences on the entire earth.

    I am eager to see what everyone else thinks of this and if true or false I still have to report this Epic finding and still consider it news of some kind., if anything, be it inspirational. I always remain skeptical for the "truth" and when bringing the news to others, always have my resources there.

    How do I feel? I am not too sure, the topic of Aliens has been an ongoing anomaly for me the past few years, Ancient Aliens and what not. As well as all the strange stuff from 2011-2012. Even if this is not true, Its still a crazy thing to think about when considering the elements involved politically and nearly mythologic.

    Do you believe in Aliens?
    What do you think about this Odd Conspiracy?
    Have you ever seen something you couldn't explain?
    Do you even know who Sowden is?
    (It's ok if you don't lol)

    Tell me about it :)

    I am Fijoli and this is Epic news for Epic people, Be safe, Be Aware, and Most importantly BE HAPPY.

    Fijoli wants you.jpg

    Fijoli wishes you an Epic Day
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  2. So, who in the world is going to come and liberate us from these traitorous Nazi submarine-building aliens? >;P
  3. @Alan , I have no a clue, but I am starting to think I should have named the thread something else XD.

    I would assume that another form of alien would come to save us from this evil one...If I am going to believe in Aliens I mid-as-well believe that they are like humans...theres the bad guys and the good guys.
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  4. ... Wow ... I like the way you think Fjioli ... It would be like a real life Mass Effect, you have the Salarians and the Vorcha ... Salarians good (unless you're a Krogan :S) Vorcha bad ...
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