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Gotham City. Since everything changed, it went from being just another crime-infested pit of a city to being the capital of New Jersey - and still crime-infested. Only difference now, is some people get paid by the government to add to that infestation. Politicians. People who think that because people punched a piece of paper saying, I think you're right for this job, that gives them the right to do whatever it is they want, as long as their adoring public never finds out about it. Sometimes even after."


"Not that Gotham doesn't still have it's share of trashy, slum-ridden neighborhoods. It does, even with that fancy new monorail zipping all around town like some demented theme park ride. I gotta admit though, a lot harder to dispose of a body via train 'accident' when you have to get 30 feet up in the air to do it. These are the neighborhoods that I cover. For some reason, I, and a select few other people, lucky or not, can remember how things were before. There were no Avengers, no SHIELD, no Daily Bugle or Spiderman. Or... and this is going to sound crazy, but there's these turtle guys who live in the sewers across the river. I swear, I saw one. Wearing a mask. Isn't that rich? As if a little swath of cloth across your face was going to hide you were some sort of mutant half human half turtle. People here, they need answers. Thankfully, I can answer them. Who am I? They call me...


"The Question"

Current Dramatis Personae
Lt. Harvey Bullock GCPD meta human coordinator
Harley Quinn
Lincoln Campbell aka Sparky
Karen aka Voyd
Virgil aka Static
Stephanie Brown aka Heron

Grady Murtaugh aka Corvus

[FONT=Caveat, cursive]This role-play is part of the Epic Crossover story line series. [/FONT]

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Well that wasn't quite the response I expected... Having the hot girl muscle threw my original plan out the window. Still having an electric dude with me in the arcade could have advantages. I decided to take the nice route, for now.

To Virgil, I just nod slightly and give him a subtle thumbs-up to show I understood his 'code word'

"Well, I know that you are one of the mostwell-connected men about town, so I'm quite sure you'll know about a recent arrival in Gotham. I and some of my colleagues are looking into the activities of one Claudine Renko. You wouldn't happen to have any information about her, would you? If you've ever seen her she has a very... striking appearance."

Gands Gands BrokenWings BrokenWings

Karen just smiles and tries to look as innocent as possible in response to Corvus' talking to this "Fish" character