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The agents file in and take a seat, some seem to be discussing if moon girl should be here. Eventuly they decided she would be useful in the investigation. " ok agents please take a seat" he looks to moon girl and says " please sit down as well we could use your help with a data search". "While searching for the missing data diamond we found a disturbing lead on a lab tech's terminal the name Arnim Zola. A swiss biochemist working for hydra, he was captured by captain rogers towards the end of world war two. Like many nazi scientists he was recruited by the space program". He stopped a bit to let this sink in. "Later due to his age and a fatel illness he had his memories and knowledge saved in the best technology they had in the 70's. So basicly a warehouse of servers" . If this is news to you,
It is to me as well. Apparently we now have need to know, this is top secret so no one with out need to know is to be told. This means family or any members of eureka." He looked to the sheriff and moon girl. "Any questions" he asked as they were given files on Arnim Zola.

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"Ok were splitting in two groups one will be moon girl? " He looks too her " you will help on a data search on the main system. We nee to know if anything involving zola we missed is there." He looks to shigi and says " you will protect her as she does this you ability to adapt to any combat situation makes you a more then capable bodyguard". He looks to the sheriff and says " you and agent bob will check out the robotics wing of the facility. It doesn't take asuper genus to figure they may try to put him in a robotic frame. Being a resident here you will get less hassle when investigating the r&d lab. The rest will be split as need between the two assignments". He waited a bit before adding " unless you have a specialty suited for a particular team of course. If so ask now and we'll see you put were your beast suited."
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