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  1. Welcome! Okay, lets see how this go's.

    I have an EPIC idea in mind for an RP. Its just like GOT but a little different. Basically, the Kingdom of Teregarde is on the verge of civil war, and with the old king sickly and likely to die, the 13 sons the king will leave behind, and no heir yet named, chaos will inevitably follow... or not, depending on if you can stop it.

    Beyond the political plots, the evil Overlord of the Great Darkness has returned from the dead, after the 2000 Year War between him and the extinct Elves, to wreak havoc on the world once more.

    And little does mankind know that the Elves are not yet extinct. After the brutal creature that was Man was born from the ashes of the 2000 Year War, they completely annihilated their Elven overlords, and carving out their own kingdom. The Elves fled for their lives as they became an endangered species.

    Thats when they found Paradise.

    And that's all I'm saying for now. Tell me what you think :)
  2. Hmmmm... I love it.
  3. I LOVE it. but I'm going away for a week so if I see this still open for people, I will DEFINITELY join.
  4. I'd love to join in on this.
  5. It will be open for quite awhile so no need to worry. And glad to see everyone likes it :) and if you have any questions just message me
  6. I definitely like this, though I do not know what GOT is, I'm more than happy to join in :)
  7. Its Game of Thrones, and glad to hear it! The sign up thread will be up within the weekend :)
  8. Well I'll just have to get swept up in all the fun eh? :P
  9. So. I have a strong urge to play a Queen type character.
  10. Hahah... because I don't have a game of thrones signature or anything... Yeah count me in.
  11. You got the part :)

    Everyone, the signup thread will be up within the weekend, sorry about the delay