Epic Fantasy RP?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Harma, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. I already have an idea for the plot, just waiting on people to see if they are interested.
  2. I might be interested, but I have no idea what "epic fantasy" encompasses... Can you give more detail without spoiling the plot?
  3. Well, basically we create an entire new world, which will take some time, and the races and such in it. Plot-wise, I already have it in my notes. :)
  4. I like the idea of creating whole new races and such. I'm a bit interested :]
  5. I would love to get involved with this, if it's not as incredibly late as it seems. I don't know how much creative help I'll be beforehand, but I would absolutely love being part of a long-term story like this.
  6. Race and world creation is a blast! I have my very own already...and with more than one mind in the concept, I'm sure there's much that can be done! If it is not too late, I, too, would like to join this. I have many races that I cannot use because they do not fit on Kabola....and if I am allowed, I would like to bring them here.​
  7. I'm interested as well. If there is any spaces for another, I'd like to join.

    New worlds and races are great to build and create. I mean anything could happen. Nothing is really limited either :)
  8. I'd be interested as well, if it isn't too late :)
  9. I'm interested.
  10. After 3 weeks I fear I may have noticed this a touch too late, but if not then I'd love to join in on this! ^^
  11. I'll go with what the person above me said: I'd love to join, if it isnt too late :3